The Full Pictorial From the Nuovo Down Winter 2010 Collection

I’ve been meaning to do a full post about the four-guys-in-combat-gear photoshoot for Nuovo Down, but in the insanity that was M3-addiction, I totally got side-tracked. Better late than never, I say. I did post when it was announced that Chun Jung Myung (PIE), Lee Seon Kyun, Lee Jung Jin, and Jang Geun Seok would be teaming up to model menswear for a sports collection called Nuovo Down. See initial post here, which had some, but not all the pictures since it wasn’t all released back then. I’ve now collected all the pictures for this post.

Turns out the theme of the pictorial was called “Into the Battlefield” (ROFLMHF – I didn’t know puffer jackets doubled as military gear – does the down repel bullets now?). The theme is ridiculously silly, but the pictures are across-the-board fantastic. In fact, the more I look at them all, the more I am certain my favorite pics are from Jang Geun Seok. No bias on my part – I think it’s the gritty androgynous aura he gives off that is so appealing. I like dichotomies.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot.

I have to say that PIE looks exceedingly dour in his pictures, which is why I’m not squeeing over his pictures the way I normally would. I much prefer his photoshoot with his hyung Jang Hyuk for Eider.

I love Lee Seon Kyun’s pictures. No other K-actor can smirk quite like him. A few come close, but coupled with his rumble, The Voice wins the smirktastic crown.

Lee Jung Jin’s pictures are rather middle-of-the-pack for me. It doesn’t make me want to run out and buy the clothes off his back, is what I’m saying. Though my desire to buy the clothes off the other guys’ back is likely for very different reasons aside from wanting to own said clothes.

These pictures were all featured in High Cut magazine, which probably explains the attempt to be highbrow. I really do like this pictorial as a whole, because its less saccharine sweet poses, and more a man-is-manly concept. Which is fine with me. I like my men manly. Unless his name is Jang Geun Seok, at which point I just let that boy be whatever incarnation he wants to be.

I just have to point out – while it looks like Lee Jung Jin was literally rolled in mud, PIE looks like he slept in a dumpster for a night, and Lee Seon Kyun appeared to have wandered in from a wilderness trek, Jang Geun Seok was barely tinted with the black stuff. His face looks vaguely like he had a thin smear of black blusher put on. I can LOL all I want, it suits him perfectly. These four guys are all so varying degrees of hot and pretty rolled into one. 😀

[Credit: all pictures as labeled and/or from the Nuovo Down catalogue]


The Full Pictorial From the Nuovo Down Winter 2010 Collection — 21 Comments

  1. i like my men manly but JGS can be whatever he darn well pleases to be—-Me Too! *whispering (or was it mouthing ‘me too’) and waving like MG of MSOAN after throwing planes at Mary’s window* is it obvious enough I’ve not left Holiday couple cuteness yet?!?!! haha thanks Koala for the slow Friday news day 😉 glad I stopped by to play with the Manly Men and their Into the Battlefield outfits Or without…haha better leave while i’m not in gutter yet 😀 til MP recaps.

  2. JGS has such an interesting relationship with the camera. I think it worships him, actually. Whew! As much as I do like the other guys’ pictures, none of them have the intensity that JGS brings. They look like they’re posing; JGS looks like he’s looking through the lens, the camera, and the picture straight into your soul. Love the third picture, especially.

    • @F1968: I can relate…my hubby was looking thru my phone and asked, “How many pictures do u have of this guy?! And how many do u have of me?…Nope, pics of me and you do not count!”…..I was a little chastised cause the number of pics I had of JGS on my phone clearly outnumbered any personal or family pix, LOL! But in my defense…he’s so purty to look at and just seeing him makes me smile 🙂

  3. JGS pictures leave speechless… as f1968 said, i guess i have more pics of him in my laptop than mine. even if i’m very selective and only keep the pics that i really love, but the thing is i nearly love them all, he always look great!!!
    i also like Lee Seon Kyun very much since CP
    thanks koala
    always thankful to see anything related to jgs, mgy or m3…

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics ockoala… no matter what, JGS looks fav in any picture (although I do think he is a bit thin.. I like my men a bit hunky), looove PIE too. don’t know much about other actors and didn’t feel anything yet… let me check out more of their drama and I will make my opinion ;P

  5. only JGS has the capacity to leave me this breathless.. and gotta agree with you koala, if its JGS he can be whatever he wants.. for others, they got to be manly 🙂

  6. Thanks for posting the pics, ockoala!

    Perhaps I’m immuned to JGS because he does nothing for me. But PIE, what’s wrong baby? Are you still sad about Cinderella’s Sister?

  7. Thanks Thanks Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks very much!!! reading the title of the article I was thinking *JGS be part of it-JGS be part of it* (<—- M3 withdrawal syndrome) and here he is!

    He's such a great actor AND model.

  8. the only ones that appeals me that much and made me drool are JGS and LSK..they portray that certain aura that makes you unable to peel you eyes off them… thanks for the eye candy ockoala…

  9. @Koala: LOL! U summed up my feelings for JGS and men in general when u said u liked ur men manly, unless they’re JGS!

    The androgynous look really, REALLY works for him! I’ve always gone for the rugged manly ones with lean muscles and six packs…but for some reason this beautiful and slender looking man-boy is bringing out the obsessive fangirl in me!

    And yeah, compared to the other 3 guys who looked like they got dirtied up, JGS looks very clean with hardly any dirt at all except for a dark shade of blush on his cheeks LOL! How very amusing! I like all the pix of the guys except I LOVE JGS’s pix the most…but then I’m biased 😉

    I agree with estel’s comment above, I think the camera worships JGS too..he’s just so darn purty! I’m torn between crushing on him and wanting to look as purty as him! I especially love the long hair on him…I didn’t love it when it was just growing out, kinda awkward look back then but now I can’t imagine him cutting his hair!

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