Top Actor Lee Seon Kyun’s Elderly Father Passes Away Three Months After His Suicide as K-police Continue to Make Arrests for the Mishandling of His Case

In another sad new development in the Lee Seon Kyun investigation and suicide case, last week his elderly father was revealed to have passed away. It was of natural causes but it’s hard not to imagine the grief he must have been dealing with since Lee Seon Kyun passed away three months ago. There is just so much tragedy in that family right now. As for the fallout from Lee Seon Kyun committing suicide after his investigation was prematurely leaked and salacious details made public, police have formally arrested a senior police officer in the same precinct that was leading the investigation and he turns out to be not in that department but in another department. They even did the perp walk but the officer was allowed to wear a mask and keep his head down. I don’t know if Lee Seon Kyun’s family will find solace that at least the people who contributed to his despair and reputation destruction are being held accountable but this is better than the usual slap on the wrist.

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First Look at Mark Chao and Zhang Zi Feng Filming the C-drama Adaptation of K-drama My Ahjusshi

When it was announced early last year that C-ent was remaking the critically acclaimed K-drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister) I was one of the many who asked “why?” since the OG was still relatively recent and also pretty much perfect. … Continue reading

Police Anti-corruption Division Conducts Raid and Search of Dispatch and Fellow Drug Division for Leak in the Onset of the Lee Seon Kyun Investigation

I’ll seen this movie before and it certainly feels like major ass covering. The Anti-corruption division of a major Seoul police department has done a raid and search of the offices of tabloid Dispatch as well as the drug division … Continue reading

Parasite Director Bong Joon Ho Leads Industry Veterans at Press Conference Demanding Formal Investigation into the Alleged Mishandling of Lee Seon Kyun’s Drug and Blackmail Case

So I don’t think these folks are virtue signaling or trying to look good but I do think the end result will still never feel satisfactory or get justice for the wronged. South Korea top director Bong Joon Ho of … Continue reading