Fan-Fiction: When Kang Mu Gyul Met Hwang Tae Kyung

SO. ADORABLE. I spent this afternoon reading, with the world’s silliest grin on my face, a fan-fiction done by a Baidu netizen called Xiao Mao, who postulated what would happen if Kang Mu Gyul were to meet Hwang Tae Kyung and write songs for him to sing. Yup, the what-if story is pretty much as cute as the concept – with the boys not liking each other at first (so arrogant, each thinks of the other), reluctantly accepting each other’s musical talent, moving in with each other to produce an album while poor Mi Nyeo moves in with Mae Ri temporarily, and both couples becoming friends and learning from each other.

The reason I even came across this fan fiction, which Xiao Mao narrated using pictures from both You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night, as well as BTS pictures from both drama, was because my SIL just watched YB after the entire world has pretty much watched it.

She wanted to chat about it with me, so in talking about YB, I realized that I really did love this drama so much until the last few episodes which let me down. But with time, I only remember the wonderful times spent with A.N.Jell.

My love for M3 remained strong from beginning to end. I hope that for those who felt let down by M3’s crazy second half, perhaps time will also temper your disappointment and you will only leave with the sweetest of memories from watching Mu Gyul and Mae Ri’s love story.

Click below if you want to check out the story thread:

[Credit: picture from Baidu Jang Geun Seok bar]


Fan-Fiction: When Kang Mu Gyul Met Hwang Tae Kyung — 29 Comments

    • No, it’s still ongoing. I could do it, but I’m too lazy. πŸ˜›

      I gotz zee President calling me. Perhaps when the story finishes, and I find some free time in an alternate universe, I’ll translate the entire thing. It’s fluffy cuteness, very spare in details but high on the probability meter.

  1. What a special treat! Thanks ockoala for this new post…I’m under the weather but seeing this new post gave me energy. Oh, the creativity of YB and M3 fans is just amazing! πŸ™‚ Will patiently wait for your translation of the fan-fiction story.

    While waiting…HTK meets KMG…In my mind, both are so into their music styles. I think neither will win a music argument; neither will lose either… Go Mineyo meets Maeri ..One can sing, the other can dance…what kind of dance was that again?…it made me laugh so hard. πŸ™‚ Both however transformed their loves (i.e. KMG and HTK) into better persons.
    Thanks again ockoala for brightening our days/evenings.

  2. Well, see why my squee is strong but it feels incomplete? This, fics, squeeing together in one place that makes the fandom experience thorough for me. *sighs*

    I wish I knew Chinese. And yes, the story sounds wonderful. πŸ™‚

  3. I feel that mary Stayed Out All Night is not only the story of MG and MR, also is the story of Guen Suk and Guen Young. Why? After I watched the long time TV show that had young Guen Young and Guen Suk were together and had pinky promise, I felt that someone did want them together, which is similar to the M3 ‘s story. The man with the pink and white t-shirt stared his eyes to then while they were making their promises. Then sundently the wind blew both of them. I may missunderstand because the video was translated in vietnamese language I don’t understand. However, from the guestures, I assumed that there were some barriers between the guy in the show and Guen Suk. I guest that the guy is a famous actor at that time. By the way, 2Guen were very shy. Moon was very shy to look at Guen Suk on his face. She had a very strong reaction to that event. Guen Suk looked more fun that his early reactions in the show. He was pretty quiet more than other guys. I am not sure that it is because he was shy sitting next to her, or he wasn’t know what to say.
    Finally, I always hope that they will be a friend forever-lover, and support each other.
    I love both of them.

  4. how if they are exchange their girlfriend? haha
    HTK with MR and KMG with GMN
    I am sure KMG&GMN’s place will be like a mess, cause they are both sloppy.
    And HTK&MR’s place will be neat. Because they like tidy, especially HTK – mr. clean freak.

  5. “HTK with MR and KMG with GMN”

    Hard to imagine it, but whoever get MR, she will be very stressfull, both KMG and HTK are hard to handle, and both of those guys are hot when they are jealous hahaha

  6. whoaa…JKS must be very lucky to have both MGY & PSY at a time….! imagining these 2 gals (while BTS), trying get this hot sexy boy attention…*daydreaming…
    anyway, why mugyul should make taekyung song? cuz taekyung already pro in creating song…
    how about, they work for the same company, and taekyung see mugyul as his rival? galz were always follow mugyul whenever he go… and taekyung scared he might not be the number 1 and always checking his fansbase….

    • Hey chingu
      Guess that makes two of us. I realised that most of the hottest news are in chinese. kind of wish I studied that long ago… little sigh…

  7. dear most supportive koala
    Can’t help but notice the new header/banner with pretty/sexy YEH. me fan of hers too… thanks..

  8. please translate it to english.. i can’t nderstand chinese.. I already search fanfic about JGS&MGY in english but still have no luck finding them.. i guess there aren’t many of them.. so please2 share if u know where to find fanfic of our geungeun.. i can’t get over JGS&MGY just yet.. ^^

  9. dear Koala,
    im wondering if you have any news about JGS’s pending project for β€œYou’re My Pet” i heard the female lead is confirmed?? is this so true??

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