Picture Spoilers for Episode 7 of Dream High

Well….I did not see this coming, but I don’t feel all that shocked by it. Spoilers for episode 7 of Dream High after the jump, with new pictures about the show case participants that may give some of you a hissy fit. For me? I think it raises the stakes all around for the main characters, and creates more in-depth conflicts. I’m okay with that.

Just because drama narrative-wise I am okay with Jin Gook doing a performance with Baek Hee at the real show case rather than perform with his fellow misfits at the fake show case (which is not to say that Jin Gook can’t end up doing both performances, who knows?) – doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel like I just swallowed a hamster and need to retch when I see Baek Hee getting her way with respect to getting Jin Gook to perform with her.

On the upside, Jin Gook looks none to happy in these pictures above. Who can blame him? He’s dressed like Lady Gaga’s back-up dancer, and Baek Hee is no Lady Gaga. No wonder he looked pained in the video preview before he took off his shirt. Performing with Back-Stabbity (thank you @mookiehyun for coining this nickname) must be exceedingly unpleasant. I *know* he has a good reason for doing this to his fellow members of Team Misfits (and his crush Hye Mi), so I’ll wait to judge the poor boy until I see the whys and hows of his maybe defection to Team Evil. Oh Monday, won’t you come any faster?

[Credit: pictures from Baidu Dream High bar]


Picture Spoilers for Episode 7 of Dream High — 26 Comments

  1. I already ranted about this elsewhere so all I am going to say here is – why is he wearing trashbags instead of pants and the shirt from the original Tron? Well, at least if he does his own version of ’emo walk in traffic’ he won’t be hit as no driver can miss seeing that outfit.

    • Was busy trolling for DH news before heading to your place to chitchat about DH, and before I could do that I saw these pics and had to post.

      Poor JG looks like a reject from So You Think You Can Dance, the early auditions where the complete delusional folks show up to make fools of themselves.

      Who knows why he’s there, but anytime I see him with BH I see red, blood red. Poor Eunjung – I hated her performance and character in Coffee House, and now it’s happening all over again.

      I don’t even follow idols, so I can’t fall back on her real life persona. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl in RL, but whenever I see her face now I have the urge to bitch slap her.

      Damn, the DH crack withdrawal is strong for both of us.

      • I usually agree with you but I actually liked her acting in Coffee House. Had a love/hate relationship with the character (SY was a bit annoying at the beginning but much better after the time jump) but overall she did pretty well in the drama. Also while Baekhee is annoying me to no end these recent episodes, I think Eunjung is doing fine in regards to acting in the drama so I don’t see whats bad about her performance. If anything I think her,Kim Soo Hyun, and possibly IU are the only ones with decent acting chops (KSH being amazing of course) out of the younger set.

        I dunno I think that people hate a character to a point that they cannot see any good in the actual performance but to each their own. So I hope you want to bitch slap the Baekhee character whenever she is on screen and not everytime you see Eunjung, because thats a bit harsh since these are just characters.

        FYI: In real life Eunjung is about 180 of the Baekhee character . She’s really nice in real life and pretty freakin talented in regards to singing, rapping and dancing.

        I may sound like I am Eunjung biased, and in kpop I kinda am but drama-wise I am not so objectively I think she is doing better acting wise than many on this show.

      • I meant that I am not biased in regards to her acting so objectively I think she is doing well if that makes any sense.

      • The weird thing is that I’ve never thought Eunjung was a bad actress in CH or now DH.

        It’s totally me – I just don’t like either of her characters, whether as a good girl in CH or a bad girl in DH. Not liking a character kinda clouds the way I watch Eunjung’s performance. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting is light years better than the other 5 leads, but Eunjung is by far the best amongst the rest.

        I don’t care about Baek Hee’s redemption or her making up with Hye Mi – I care about Baek Hee becoming a character I can relate to and empathsize with. Right now, she’s neither. As a good girl she was a wet noodle, as a bad girl she’s delusional and whiny.

        I would have loved for her to be as mean and bitchy to Hye Mi in her face (because HM deserved it), but she chose to go the fake route, acting all nice and kind in front of the others. I hate that.

        I find HM a total senseless little prat in the beginning, but she was always honest about who she was, even if it made everyone around her dislike her. And now HM’s change isn’t because she wants people to like her, she’s changing because she’s growing as a person.

        If the story wants to redeem BH, it better go that route.

      • @ockoala- Thanks for the clarification, I read what you said completely wrong. I thought you were hating her acting and seeing Eunjung on screen in addition to hating the characters.

        I agree in regards to Baekhee, I was sympathetic when she was genuinely a wet-noodle and was beginning to get revenge but then the fake tears, backhanded methods turned me off. Similar to my dislike for HyeMi at the beginning because of her undying arrogance, yes she was being true to herself but she was still rude and arrogant. But I have been softening up to HM since she is showing genuine change by being around the misfits, not because she wants them to like but because by being around them she is beginning to grow and improve.

        My biggest issue with Baekhee is how quick and drastic the change was with no backstory which makes it hard to empathize or relate. I just hope as the story progresses we get to see cracks in that mean exterior and begin to see remnants of the girl she was at the beginning (minus the wet-noodle aspect) and grows as a person. I mean when she is not plotting HyeMi’s demise and is just with other people we see the nice girl she used to be so I know its in there somewhere.

      • I am so irritated by Baekhee, I have no words. So whiny and woe-is-me. I wouldn’t like it even if she was a positive character as opposed to wannabe murderer. Ugh.

        Those outfits – I wonder if to save money Kirin outsources their designs to the blind.

        No idea why JG is performing with her but he better have a good reason or else I am going to be annoyed at him for the rest of the drama.

      • Well! let me be very clear about my knowledge of K Pop. Its been only a week that i am watching 2PM. Why did i start watching??? Everything had to with me falling in love with Jin Gook character. I cannot believe i ignored Taec completely in Cinderella Sister. OMG Jason character was so lame for me in 1’st episode. Now after watching 2PM interview and BTS vid’s, Woo Young in real life is so much fun. I want that piece of him in his character.

        Well, i was trying to add my piece in the debate not raving about 2PM. Coming to my point, I have to say Eun Jung definitely has some weird choice of character. I hate her character in both CH and DH. I end up fast forwarding most of her part. Her acting is OTT whiny and cutesy. I am so sorry to all the fan out there, i am pretty sure she’s amazing in real life. But her choice of character has not made me curious about her Band or Herself. I am no clue which K Pop band she’s from and have no intention of doing either.

        BTW i did watch Miss A MV in Youtube. Well! I prefer my rebellious HM. I have pass my lollipop age. : )

        P.S i am currently following C.N Blue, FT Island, 2PM, 2AM. I am a total new bie in K Pop world. The last K pop i checked out was Shinwa, and i did it for Eirc Mun. Like many others ot few of us, i travel to K pop world after liking some of the band member in a particular drama. So yap, i have to say Eunjung has failed in triggering me to check on her band or herself. And i blame all on her choice of character. Stop choosing whiny character girl, give me some spunk.

  2. See the thing about having idols in a drama is that your kpop biases have conflicts with your drama preferences. On one hand I hate seeing Baekhee get what she wants since she has gone from sympathetic character to full on female-dogness and I hate when the “evil” character gets what they want in kdramas. But on the other hand I have a super soft spot for Eunjung the person and the actress and an even softer spot for Taecyeon and Eunjung as a pair (seriously they look so damn good together and they have a cute friendship) . So drama wise I don’t want him to go to the dark side but I love that whatever this plot twist is it is resulting in him having more scenes with Eunjung. So I am probably one of the few people that really want to see this scene since 2pm and T-ara have never done a collab so its rare to see them perform together. Hopefully he is able to change her back to her old self before the end because I want to see more scenes of them together.

      • Don’t worry I am not offended, when you have idols in a drama this question is actually very relevant. I am watching Baekhee as a character, which I don’t like even though as a person and entertainer I do like Eunjung. But even my like of Eunjung can’t get me to like Baekhee, because lets face it the character is a manipulative two-faced pinkberry. But in regards to Eunjung’s acting I think she is a better actor than the rest of the young cast excluding Kim Soo Hyun whose acting is light years ahead of everyone including Eunjung. Which makes sense because Eunjung was a child actor that became an idol singer unlike many of these idols that went from idol singer to acting. Like I said as a plot point I don’t like seeing Jin Gook and Baekhee together because I hate when the bad girl gets what she wants. But as people I do like seeing Taec and Eunjung on screen together even if I think Jin Gook is too good for Baekhee at this moment if that makes any sense.

  3. I’m with hapacalgirl on this one. I would like more of BH and JG scenes. I’m pretty sure that BH and HM will reconcile with one another later in the drama (maybe).
    Either way, I understand why BH is the way she is but she could’ve use other means to compete fairly with HM and show that she can be just as good.
    However when I first saw the first two episodes, I didn’t really like how HM came off to, imo. But she’s starting to grow on me. I would like her to end up with SD though. hahaha.

    • I’m so torn on who I want to end up with HM – JG or SD.

      I think I change my mind every hour, on the hour. I’m so fickle. 😛

      I can’t approve of BH with any guy in this drama at this point. Her character has become too ugh for me. I’ve actually felt stirrings of sympathy for plenty of evil second female leads in dramas, but BH’s personality and her competitive techniques leave much to be desired.

      I wouldn’t mind if she had a personality transplant later down the line. Then let’s talk about a BH-JG pairing.

      • Aww I want HM and SD because I don’t want to see the poor naive country bumpkin heartbroken. He is so sweet to HyeMi I swear it will give me diabetes.

      • Eunjung does a good job making her audience dislike BH. But you know, what good is a drama without a evil female lead? And I agree with you on her personality change. We’ll just have to wait and see. Oh how I wish it was Monday. But I’m still enjoying my weekend.

    • I want Jin Gook and Hye Mi. Oh come’on they have history together. I have always had a big thing for first love. And JG is so in love with Hye Mi. They look so adorable together.

      SD, i want him to be K.

  4. i totally love how you stated that “On the upside, Jin Gook looks none to happy in these pictures above. Who can blame him? He’s dressed like Lady Gaga’s back-up dancer, and Baek Hee is no Lady Gaga. No wonder he looked pained in the video preview before he took off his shirt. ” you basically said it all lol

  5. what?! jin gook will be turning over to the dark side?! aish!!!! what will happen to the adorable love triangle? it will become angst filled love triangle? or will it really become a love square?

    well, looking at the stills of jin gook, looks like he was dressed with trash bags! and baek hee as lady gaga?! oh please!!!

    and hye mi and samdong singing together? weeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    i cant wait for episode 7!!!
    monday please come early!!!

  6. I was pretty indifferent towards Baekhee in the beginning, but the conversation she had with her mother in ep4 made me realise (and understand) how much she wanted to break away from being a person who’s always in the shadow of someone else… a person who can never be the best. From that moment on, i really sympathised with her, i wanted her to win and to prove her mother wrong. She’s truly not an evil person, but just lost, misguided and desperate. So as much i despise the things she does, i just can’t fully hate her as a person.

    I actually don’t mind the JG-BH pairing, because i can somehow see the former being a catalyst to latter’s redemption (and not because i want JG to leave HM alone so SD can get his girl *ahem*).

    • I have lost all hope of BH redemption. You don’t target somebody’s head unless you want them dead. And she did attempt to kill HM. BH character is slowing turning psychotic. And i am not very sure i can ever forgive her for hitting SB head. Thank God nothing serious happened……. But we never know, i could be a cause of problem for SB in future, it’s K drama after all.

      • I don’t think Baekhee actually intended to kill anyone, maybe just to inflict harm (which, i know, doesn’t make the situation any better). but you can totaly see how regretful and shaken she was afterwards, so yeh, i think there’s still hope for her.

  7. Jin-gook, Jin-gook, Jin-gook…wae? wae? why?

    As to EunJung, I liked her in CH..& though I like her acting here I don’t like how her character’s turning into a psychotic murderer. =p Well, I’m not completely blaming her (yes, Hye-mi was a complete ass), but most of the blame I’m giving to their teacher, Kyung-jin played by Lee Yoon-ji. I like Yoon-ji as an actress, but I really hate her character the most in DH.

  8. Haven’t watched the episodes yet – been following the story through recaps.

    I’m torn between JG or SD since they both connect with HM. Throughout the recap I root for JG, then as I read on, I switch sides and root for SD. XD

    But, in the end, just as how it played out in Playful Kiss, HM’s attitude, cynicism, coldness, etc. can only be changed through kindness, faith, and sweetness. She needs someone who can show her the ‘other side’ of people, the side that cares for people without expecting anything in return, no manipulation whatsoever.

    Gah. I’m getting cheesy. *shivers*

    I guess I want her to end up with SD. I feel that HM connects with JG because of the similar experiences that they have…but I fear JG will not be able to give her what she needs.

    Guys, we need to clone SD for JG. HA! 😀

  9. I think this is how the drama will end with JG-HM-SD: though SD is the main lead, I don’t think he’s “K” I think it will be JG. And HM and SD give up fame (maybe teach at Kirin) and are together. BH can just shove it, I couldn’t care less. And my adorable couple: PS and Jason? They better end up together. In all honesty, I wish Pil-Sook doesn’t change completely. Though I know Asians and the entire world pretty much emphasize skinny is beautiful rather than health, so her characters change is inevitable. But I think there is such honestly and endearment that there are girls who aren’t a size 2 and are super talented and beautiful. And if she gets the hottie in the end, wouldn’t that be such a self-esteem builder to girls all over the world, right, Show?

  10. I really hate baek hee… I hated her annoying little self from the beginning. I thought she was a fake shadow…

    Dont get me wrong. Its got nothing to do with Eun Jung. Shes amazing IRL and is one amazing performer and singer! im just getting sick how people judge and favor based on them been idols…

    Also, Suzy is quite a good actress if u think about it. Stupid netizens judged her on the very first episode. Without knowing all of her personalty traits. For someone her age and this been her debut shes done a great job

    I also prefer Jin Guk and Hye Mi over Yoon baek hee.. She should end up alone…

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