The Most Difficult Video to Find: CTV’s Sunny Happiness Episode 6 Wedding Night

If you guys only knew how difficult this was to find. There were no torrents, no downloads, no streaming video – zip, zilch, nada. Episode 6 of the CTV airing of Sunny Happiness, which so happens to contain the complete uncut wedding night scene, was impossible to find after the episode aired this weekend. Word spread like wildfire that Mainland censored it, so suddenly everyone’s already heightened interest skyrocketed.

Honestly, the censors need to get some perspective, because it was not racy at all (but is probably the hottest thing I’ve seen in awhile). Seeing it made me reminisce about how wonderful an experience it was to watch SH. Nevertheless, I’m hiding the video behind an innocent magazine cover of our beloved OTP Mike He and Janine Chang.

SH Uncut Wedding Night Scene:

Mike He said to the TW-media this past week that when filming the scene, not only was he not excited, he actually “shrank” (his words, not mine), because he was so worried about every move and every little detail that he could hardly be expected to actually enjoy the make-out session. To which Janine Chang groused that clearly she wasn’t sexy enough for Mike then.

What’s even more adorable is that when they filmed the morning after scene, Mike revealed that Janine was really kicking him hard to get him to tumble off the bed, and Janine explained that she didn’t want to redo the scene again so she wanted to make sure she gave him as much help as possible in falling off the bed. It’s these hilarious BTS scenes and/or anecdotes that continuously add to my enjoyment of SH.


The Most Difficult Video to Find: CTV’s Sunny Happiness Episode 6 Wedding Night — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks ockoala for the video! =)

    I agree it’s not racy at all… i do not quite get why they are kicking such a big fuss over it… haha

  2. Thank’s a million Ms. Ockoala!

    I’ve been all over the place looking for this… and I agree that it’s not racy at all it was just to hot, hahaha! Watching this makes me wanna watch the whole drama again… really I still can’t get over my SH addiction… thanks again Ockoala…

  3. OMG! what did i just watch?…i saw open-mouthed-tongue-kissing…in an Asian drama. THAT was hot. I don’t really get why it was censored when the blankets covered them.
    I had no idea how long this scene really was. Why’d they cut so much in the other version?
    Btw what’s “shrank” supposed to mean….WAIT!…yeaa…nvm, don’t want to know.

  4. I think I’ve posted on your blog before but I totally can’t remember under what name. LOL Anyhow – I’m so confused why it’s so difficult to find the episode, let alone the clip. It’s hardly racy at all. I guess I can understand if the target audience is 13 year olds but other than that, I don’t really know what the big deal is. Anyways, I love these 2 very much 🙂

  5. I’m in a situation where I cannot watch that video, but I will when I get the chance.

    But, wow. Only in TW media will you hear an actor give that kind of answer to an interview question about a bed scene.

  6. thanks so much for this. have been wondering why it is not up anywhere. i am still hoping i could find a MU download link or torrent like somewhere for ep 6! i don’t see why it is censored, there’s nothing really racy about it. <3 this show anywayz…

  7. LOL … that’s romantic for you if you see view BTS, or read too much.
    I read somewhere Mike’s comments saying there’s it really wasn’t racy at all because even for French kissing there’s some technique he mastered where the tongue is projected out, but only ‘held there’ in position so it looks like it … but in reality, without actually contacting the girl!

    He’s a pro.

  8. Yayay!!! I’ve missed these two. What with pesky school and all (boo!) I haven’t really had the luxury of rewatching SH like I would like to.

    And haha at Mike’s comment, but then again, if you think about the five million people standing around staring at them half-naked in bed making out…it’s no wonder it wasn’t really enjoyable. But lulz at Mike actually coming out and saying something so direct about it. kkkk ^_^

    Thanks for all the trouble you went to to share this with us, unni! ~proffers nummy eucalyptus leaves~

  9. It’s something you see on US tv all the time but I think in Mainland it’s “racy” because of obvious reason – that Mike He knows how to do kiss scenes. I’ve seen some mainland dramas where the couple does more but it’s so emotionless, & lukewarm at best. But with Mike, it’s like one sees a fin on the sea surface and you know there’s a huge shark underneath; Mike’s kissing leads viewers onto a much steamier scenario. There’s such power that some don’t want their young people to see. BTW, Mike even walks, being angry,…are they going to sensor those? 🙂

  10. Chinese censors are so conservative… this is nothing compared to an American bed scene! They were just making out… but at the 3:40 mark you could clearly see some tongue action from Mike…. hehehehe…

  11. I, too, have been looking all over the place for the CTV version of episode 6 with no luck so far. Thanks so much for this….at least I can see the uncut wedding night scene.

  12. Thanks Koala…you should be working for the CIA, FBI or the Scotland Yard for being so resourceful….hahahahaha…you’ll definitely be an asset…Thanks for this sizzling hot video…=)

  13. ARGH it’s removed and I only got to the wedding scene part now (ep 10) and I want to see the uncut scene so hard and I should vent my rage somewhere else. sorry.

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