Recess: Favorite TW-drama Opening Credits

It’s Recess time at the Playground! Which of course means I’m on vacation, this time for two weeks (as opposed to a meager one week last August to Maui). Come sunshine or typhoon, clearly I’ll still be posting since I’m OCD like that, it just won’t be that often. Last time I took a long vacation, I inaugurated Recess posts to generate a discussion topic for folks to run with it and generate fun conversation. This first Recess post will be to share my favorite opening credits from Taiwan dramas. Unlike J-doramas or K-dramas, TW-dramas tend to actually spend time and effort to craft memorable and oftentimes stellar opening credits. It requires blending the perfect opening theme song with a series of creative montages from the drama (either footage or something outside from the actually story) to whet the appetite and engage the interest of the audience. More than anything, a great opening credit becomes something that can be enjoyed as a standalone entertainment piece. Even if you don’t watch TW-dramas, check out the opening credits below and try something new. Then tell me – what are your favorite opening credits from any drama? Continue reading

A Koala Reminisces: 2011 Year End Drama Reviews

Going into this year end review, I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as I was last year. I can’t pinpoint why, other than perhaps I simply wrote so much I wore myself out. All my drama writing in the 365 days … Continue reading

The Leads of All Three Happy Dramas Gather in Shanghai to Film Opening Scene for Happy Michelin Kitchen

Guess who is all together again in Shanghai? The entire lead cast of all three Happy dramas, that’s who! Ming Dao and Annie Chen (Happy and Love Forever), Mike He and Janine Chang (Sunny Happiness), and my boy Li Yi … Continue reading