Fahrenheit Dispels Breakup Rumors as All Members Attend the Canon Media Event in Malaysia

The bad news is that all those buckets of tears Fahrenheit fangirls cried a few months ago when news broke that Wu Zun was leaving the group looks to be for naught. The good news is that Wu Zun is not leaving Fahrenheit and the group continues its activities. I think the tears would rather be pointlessly sacrificed in this instance. Fahrenheit was in Malaysia this week as the spokesgroup for the latest Canon point-and-click camera Ixus.

They looked wonderful together, cheerful and relaxed, and confirmed once and for all that Fahrenheit has not disbanded or lost any member(s). Fans can expect group activities, but they didn’t reveal whether a new album was in the works for the near future. As for their appearance at the event – is it my imagination or is Jiro Wang getting hotter and hotter? Don’t believe me, check out the video for the media event below. Fahrenheit is officially three pretty boys and a Calvin. Heh.

Fahrenheit at the Canon media event:

[Credit: Epochtimes news]


Fahrenheit Dispels Breakup Rumors as All Members Attend the Canon Media Event in Malaysia — 19 Comments

  1. Is it just me or does it look like jiro’s had work done? no judgement here either way…he just looks different…

    • No, I think he just looks weird in the pictures coz I was thinking the same thing until I saw the video where he looked more normal.

  2. Can you believe I actually didn’t recognize Jiro until I heard his voice? Clearly this shows you that I’m not familiar with Fahrenheit and its members. I only know JW cos he was in ISWAK/TKA.

    And yes, yes, I’ll watch that drama you recced.

  3. They are hotter this year. Usually I like guys’ hair sweep back but for Jiro, since he has a longish face, he should have some bangs and that’s why he looks different here with his hair all high & combed up. Jiro is just really down to earth and humorous. All 4 are really lovable here.

  4. “is it my imagination or is Jiro Wang getting hotter and hotter?”
    “Fahrenheit is officially three pretty boys and a Calvin.”

    LOL. I was just reading about this on UDN last night, but didn’t see pictures from the event. I think it’s Jiro’s hair. In all the other pics I’ve seen, he has bangs like Aaron and Wu Zun. So now his hair is more like Calvin’s hair.

  5. “Fahrenheit is officially three pretty boys and a Calvin. Heh.”
    Too funny but so true, unfortunately:( He’s so precious tho, boop boop…

    Ultimately, I’m just glad that WZ isn’t trying to pull a Kim Hyun Joong. I like WZ alot(tho I’ve never listened to Fht) but no one should quit their day job. As for Jiro, I do think he did something but whatever it was/is, it’s brilliant! You can’t really tell. When I saw the comment I was scared cause face tinkering is just a mess to me but in this case I’ma believe Jiro may be benefiting from great makeup and lighting 🙂

  6. naa, Jiro didn’t do anything to his face. It’s just the hair and the make reflecting on the lights.

    Well Calvin may not be the prettiest one of them, but at least he is a lot better actor singer than a few of the others.

    My heart goes a little wonky when I see Jiro. I should stop, I am a full grown adult.

  7. They look good, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of Aaron’s curly like-pouf hair, but I feel that he’s starting to look more like a Kpop boy band member compared to the other 3.. My fav is jiro and Wu zun anyways.

    Thanks for posting.. haven’t seen the video yet, will when I’m done with finals! 🙂

  8. Wahaha 3 pretty boys and a calvin wow so blow my top right there, ya all hilarious 😀 I love this crowd than chunzone….this crowd are out of the bubble I like that, well I’m an adult but not full grown ahihihi leave space for growth like I say….hey don’t mock Calvin he’s gifted with charm and articulate among the others, but yeah Chun is looking better love that…all my love sent to these guys!!!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

  9. Fahrenheit is officially three pretty boys and a Calvin.

    LOL IRL, because it’s so true. Poor Calvin.

    That said, Aaron needs to fix that hair, stat. The shaved side thing really isn’t working for him; it makes him look like a chicken. Why, Aaron?

  10. Hahahah! Three pretty boys and a Calvin.

    Lol that was a little mean……………but kinda true HAHAHA! ^^

    I really like all four of them, and Aaron’s so cute!!^^ I’m watching Aaron’s MIT and Gloomy Salad Days now! If you have time, do visit my livejournal for those recaps lol^^

  11. whats wrong with calvin he’s my favorite and jiro usually has bangs thats why he looks different lol love this men lol

  12. It’s his hair, he really hasn’t done any plastic, it’s obvious when he changes his hair back, and i can’t say i like his hair now, but when he guest stared on Sunshine angel… well, he really doesn’t look like he’s almost thirty, more like 22 and fresh out of college. I think it’s people state of mind reflecting on their age, Jiro always acts like he’s still in high school and passionate about absolutely everything he does and does it all so professionally.

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