Aaron Yan Drops New MV and Major Shade on Two Fahrenheit Group Mates

I wonder what made puppy shoot his mouth off like this but one thing for certain is that Aaron Yan isn’t afraid of rattling up controversy by speaking bluntly. Last week Aaron was in Singapore to attend the Golden Awards and that was followed by the release of his new official MV for the single “The Unwanted Love”. The song has been out for awhile since it was used in the drama Fall in Love with Me with Tia Li but now he’s released it with an Aaron-only MV. Thankfully this one doesn’t involved awkward dancing like the last MV he dropped with guest star Puff Guo. Those two need to make out, not dance. The MV for “The Unwanted Love” is all photoshopped with two Aarons in front of the dry Utah desert outcroppings but what makes it work is Aaron’s gorgeous profile and the face-off on top of the ledge plank. Plus the director clearly had a valid reason to get one Aaron topless even if the other was wearing a hideous checkered suit and ought to have been topless as well.

What’s more buzzworthy to the TW-media over topless Aaron is his recent interview where he went Full Monty on revealing the dirt behind the Fahrenheit sorta split as well as his current relationship with his group mates. Aaron revealed that Wu Zun was always the most popular but it wasn’t just Zun who wanted to leave Fahrenheit as Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang also wanted the group to disband. Aaron was very hurt by that because he was the maknae and felt like they didn’t care about what would happen to him if the group split up. Over the years everyone has done well in their individual careers but now Aaron only keeps in touch with Wu Zun who he describes as the only one who treats him like a good friend that he’s gone through career building hardship with. With the other two there is simply courtesy contact when a new project comes out. The open shade on Calvin and Jiro is undeniable but since all four are doing well I suppose no one would think Aaron was knocking others down. I guess Fahrenheit fans can kiss reunion tours or future albums goodbye. Continue reading