Character Descriptions and Plot Outline of Best Love is Revealed

When I cry tears of joy, the tears, it tastes sweet. The character descriptions and plot outline has leaked, and good golly miss molly am I pumped for this drama like you wouldn’t believe. Read on if you have a strong bladder and can contain your excitement. Warning – super spoilers ahead (I’m serious about the extent of the spoilery goodness). But I can’t vouch for the script not changing as filming progresses, since the Hong Sisters absolutely can tweak to their hearts content.

Gong Hyo Jin as Gu Ae Jung (31 years old)

Formerly an idol singer (part of the group Treasure Girls), she finally gets a chance to play the antagonist role. She became an entertainer purely to make a living. She unexpectedly meets Korea’s top star, the #1 most popular actor by audience sentiment, Dokko Jin. She sees his real personality, and spends a night together suffering from his mistreatment.

She gets embroiled in scandal due to this incident. But because the other person involved is Dokko Jin, all the censure is placed squarely on her. She thinks to herself that it’s highly unlikely Dokko Jin will marry her, but it’s also not entirely out of the realm of possibility. A job opportunity takes her on a matchmaking television program called The Discovery of Affection. Surprisingly, a doctor of Oriental medicine (played by Yoon Kye Sang) actually picks her.

She thinks to herself – if she has more opportunities to go on this program, she can make more money. But as she spends more time with the doctor, she thinks that he may be her final lifeline left in this world. If it’s with him, perhaps she can finally quit this unpredictable show business, and settle down to live the life of an ordinary person.

They start to interact more outside of the program, but Dokko Jin comes to flirt with Ae Jung and mess up the situation. Because Dokko Jin is the most popular star in Korea, and Gu Ae Jung is the least popular star in Korea, he is someone she cannot have feelings for and cannot trust, but she finds herself affected.

Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin (35 years old)

Top Star, the #1 most beloved celebrity in Korea. A perfect man, sexy and gentle, he always comes in #1 in audience polls. He’s the most sought after spokesperson for CFs. All of this success is due to his hard work and total control over his image. But the real Dokko Jin is nothing like the public perception of him.

He is like a swan, what appears above the surface is elegant and graceful, but if you look below the surface, you’ll see his legs working hard to keep up the façade. If you peek below the surface, you’ll likely get kicked by him, and he won’t feel sorry about it. He doesn’t even care about kicking anyone, and if you get in his way, he’ll kick you as far as you will go.

When he was young, he had open heart surgery and has a pacemaker inserted. Even though he is healthy, he can’t help but check on his pacemaker to see if it’s working. Because of this experience, he developed this mentality that he’s beaten the odds once, so he wants to make himself as perfect as possible.

To the public, he’s in the perfect celebrity relationship with Kang Se Ri (Yoo In Na’s character). They met a year earlier filming overseas, and was captured by the paparazzi. They went public, but actually broke up once they got back to Korea. To maintain their image and the illusion of a happy couple, they agreed not to let the world know they broke up.

They smile and stay silent when asked about their relationship. Because Dokko Jin is planning a career in Hollywood, they agree to use that as an excuse to announce their break up. Dokko Jin receives an expensive bottle of wine from a Hollywood director, but then is told that he is being cut from the production. In his disappointment, he unexpectedly meets Gu Ae Jung and is comforted. They drink the wine and inexplicably spend the night together.

The most popular star and the least popular star in Korea simply cannot be compared. Dokko Jin is efficiently and calmly dealing with their scandal when he runs into Gu Ae Jung, who is at the studio to participate in the matchmaking variety program. He thinks she’ll embarrass herself, but instead she successfully gets paired up with a handsome doctor of Oriental medicine.


Dokko Jin sees Gu Ae Jung happily go on dates with the doctor for the program, and his emotions start change. Gu Ae Jung tells Dokko Jin to congratulate her – this man is not like Dokko Jin, he is real and can change her life. Dokko Jin thinks back to how happy Ae Jung is when discussing leaving show business and being able to go shopping like an ordinary person, and he’s further affected.

Dokko Jin starts to keep showing up around Gu Ae Jung, causing trouble, and then pretending he has no clue what just happened. He realizes that his mind doesn’t comprehend why he is doing this, and he worries perhaps his pacemaker is malfunctioning. His entire life used to be controlled in the palm of his hand, but now little by little it is spiraling out of control.

Like a crazy person, he wants to hold on to this witch-with-a-bad-public-image Gu Ae Jung and take a leap of faith with her, when his pacemaker really does malfunction. But still he cannot let her go from his mind and heart.

My Thoughts:

I…..just…..I have no words. This is going to be so spectacular – with a plot that sounds interesting and done by actors who can act. I’ll take anyone up on their offer to hibernate until May so this drama arrives in what seems like no time at all. If anyone wants to repost the translated descriptions, just ask me first, okay?

[Credit: original Chinese descriptions in Baidu Best Love bar, translated into English by me]


Character Descriptions and Plot Outline of Best Love is Revealed — 36 Comments

  1. *skips skips skips* I like to watch dramas almost spoiler-free, but omg YKS’s dorky glasses fill me with so much glee! \o/

    Also? The Hello tv CSW pic is so hot, omg! *fans self*

    • Sere, baby, sweetie, chingu…..the plot and character outline of Best Love is the best thing I have read/seen of any drama since I started blogging and actually reading up on dramas prior to airing.

      It is so fucking unbelievable I’m in shock this thing is about to get made by the Hong Sisters. My dreams ———-> coming true.

      • OMG, do not tempt me. Whenever I read spoilers -and when I do, I go aaaaaall the way- for some unfathomable reason I get disappointed when I actually watch the drama/show/movie/whatever even if -maybe because?- I was all hyped up about it.

        BUT I trust you and if I couldn’t wait to watch this before, now I’m even more excited. \o/ Look, the last dramas by the Hong sisters went straight to my favorite romcoms and heeeeeee, can’t wait, can’t wait.

  2. GHJ is the reason I want this drama air soon because I’m unfamiliar with the lead actor but turn out the plot is good.hope this drama deliver good plot till the end but since GHJ in this at least a good acting is promising.

  3. i really really hope this becomes my favorite kdrama of all time.

    and with this cast, it looks like a serious competitor.


  4. OH.MY.FREAKING.HELL! ::skips,jumps,and flails:: Oh yeah, you’re falling in love so clearly your pacemaker is malfunctioning….::dies laughing at the thought of CSW clutching his heart and going WHUT!:: starting to light candles and pray to the drama gods ASAP!!!!

  5. Oh my God, this sounds beyond amazing. I wish I hadn’t read it because how will I wait for it now? I want this!!!!

  6. After reading it, I’m sure this cast is better for this plot than the other one… amazing!

    And lol at the part that he and his girlfriend are still faking to be still in a relationship when they eventually broke up… reminds me of Hyun Bin and Song Kyo… Couldn’t help, they hided it until he was going to military… and in this case, he was going to hollywood. LOL XD

  7. As i was reading the character description of Cha Seung Won as Dok Go Jin and all the part of comming on the ranks of number # in public poll’s , I couldnt help but, think of WON BIN!
    OH how perfect it would of been, if he played this role.
    BUT, i know he would never agree to it.
    Now, i am going to forget this… and hopefully remember when all the episodes have aired. So as to prevent myself, from getting a pacemaker. LOL. j/k

    • have you watch CityHall???
      The man is hot and crazy and funny and brilliant
      in the same time. OMG *faint*
      Won Bin is awesome and all but after reading the character of Dok Go Jin
      I prefer Cha Seung-won.

      Thanks Ockoala for this post. Can’t wait.

  8. Like sere I’m totally skipping through most of the paragraphs to stay as spoiler free as possible but the little that I’ve read through sound very promising…..I’m really looking forward to this..I really need an addicting Hong drama now….especially since MGIAG want quite up there for me….It was cute but didn’t quite get there like the previous Hong dramas did…also this pairing is as epic as epic pairings can get!!!!!!

  9. ~faints~

    Omo. This is going to be MORE than epic. I love CSW’s character description – he’s going to pull it off with a flair no one else could possibly match. I can’t wait for him and GHJ to have epic, epic chemistry together. Plus, with YIA and YKS rounding out the leading cast, you KNOW that everyone is going to have great chemistry and interesting character dynamics and interactions. Oh May – come quickly!

  10. CSW ,GYJ, YKS + the Hong Sisters= RomCom made in KDrama Heaven!!!
    based from the spoilers…CSW is going to ROCK this role, for sure!!!

  11. Okay, um…I think it sounds a little silly. BUT, I think it will be great because of the Hong Sisters. YAB, which rocked, sounds nuts on paper too!

  12. I am looking forward to this drama with great expectations . I didn’t watch MGIAG because I don’t like fantasy as I can’t believe it but here every thing seems very possible and I saw a picture of the actors reading the script : they were laughing , looking at the script with such a pleasure . I won’t stay in a cave until May because I enjoy Midas and some others .
    Thank you so much for your translation .

  13. The Hong sisters never fail to take our breath away… Come up with the best stories. However, I did not love the end of You are beautiful.. It was nice. Thats all… I have a feeling im gonna love this show in and out…

  14. Ahhh all my dramas are piling up on the shelf so tell me where can I buy time…I’m lagging behind…shucks 🙁 anyway I hope I’ll be burnout free. Lotsa luck to everyone…
    Ciao 🙂

  15. I <3 this!!!
    It sounds awesome, and of course the cast is awesome. I absolutely adore Gong Hyo-Jin and have a crush on Cha Seung Won.
    Why can't it start today! I don't think I have the patience to wait.

  16. Hi Koala,
    this is my first time commenting on your website =)
    I just discovered it some days ago and check out your new posts with pleasure.
    There’s something I would like to ask you in regards of this post: Could I repost it on Viki? If not, it’s ok as well 🙂
    Thanks for your posts full of information, I really appreciate them!
    Love, Gulsan

  17. CSW can do two-face ass with comedic flair like nobody. The meta levels of this could be spectacular if written well enough since CSW & GHJ can certainly bring it but question is which Hong sisters will show up? Zany and funny like MG & YB or tired, boring and humorless like their last outing.

  18. Yayyyyy!!! so excited!!! love this so much!!! it sounds so crazy and promising, with the hong sisters, CSW and GHJ i know i gonna love it!!!
    i don’t know if i can rest still in a cave or in real life until may.. come now may, pretty please
    thank you koala <3

  19. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I LOVEEEE THE HONG SISTERS!!!!!…**jumps fist bumping** helll yeahhhhhhhhhhh May I need you NOW!!!…
    Omg if the plot descriptions are all real..the Hong sisters are about to pull one of the best and funniest dramas all the ingredients are there and I’m sure the Sisters are going to give us one the most funniest entertainment parodies ever!!!!… and the heart pacemaker is going to be major hilarity focal point…. 😀 😀
    Hong sisters are getting better with age, like wine….

  20. OMG this sounds PERFECT! I’m sitting here squealing like a fool!
    I already love CSW, GHJ and YKS with a passion and quite like YIA, so I’m expecting great things! So far the Hong sisters have never let me down.
    Let the good times roll!

  21. Wow! The macho guy with pacemaker? And now he is afraid that the device is malfunctioned because of what? A girl? It’s so funny, and sure it get funnier when it’s written by Hong Sister.

    A lot of good dramas are coming, and I don’t know which one should I watch. Or maybe that is the time like last year, when I watched 4 drama in a week? Sigh…

    And ockoala, could I translate this to my blog? I’ll post it after I get your permission. Thank you.

  22. OMG this makes me frickkin’ more excited xD
    I love Hong Sisters productions. Their dramas are always so on point &frickkin’ hella funny, add Cha whom I adore as an actor is AMAZING.
    Totally love the plot line &it’s definitely a Hong Sister masterpiece 🙂


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