Korean News Outlets Report on Likelihood of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan for Sweet Scandal

Looks like a rumor I heard about last week might actually be a reality. I mentioned that Kang Ji Hwan was rumored to be the male lead for Sweet Scandal, which was the upcoming SBS drama that was likely Yoon Eun Hye‘s next drama vehicle. Those rumors were based on the admins of Sweet Scandal’s Daum Cafe posting a picture of Kang Ji Hwan alongside Yoon Eun Hye on its homepage.

Well, the Korean news outlets are starting to officially report on the negotiations behind the scenes for Kang Ji Hwan to get off the black list and participate for this drama. Similarly, news reports are also pretty much confirming that Sweet Scandal will in fact be headlined by Yoon Eun Hye.

This is just insane that, with five weeks to go before its scheduled premiere on Mon-Tues after Midas, SBS will have (1) not confirmed the leads and (2) not starting shooting the damn drama! A slew of May dramas premiering later than SS have started shooting already, so this freaks me out even more that all the actors involved with SS will be working on a break neck schedule from the get go. I’m also scared by the thought that the writer of SS wrote the horrific Heading to the Ground (with Yun Ho and Go Ara).

However, apparently the scripts for 7 episodes have been completed already, and if based on that information Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan still want to do this drama, I’ll take that as a tentative validation of this story. Luckily, if there are two actors who, by sheer charisma alone, can elevate complete crap scripts, it’s these two right here. I’ve not liked all their dramas, but each time I’ve liked them in it.

Expect to see an official confirmation of the cast of Sweet Scandal in the next few days. If it’s anyone other than Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, I’ll post about it. Otherwise, I’ll update when character and plot starts to be released.

[Credit: Sports Donga news here and here]


Korean News Outlets Report on Likelihood of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan for Sweet Scandal — 17 Comments

  1. Another pairing that makes me want to do pirouttes!!! *twirlsaround* OK I just did. Will May be the month of crack dramas (Best Love) ?? I hope so.. because the past few weeks have me on a KDrama slump and I’m feeling down. I need good news like these!!

  2. They will be a couple too good to be true ! ^^
    “I’ve not liked all their dramas, but each time I’ve liked them in it.” I share the same thought , Exhibition of Fireworks & TK of the Young Lady, were only worth to watch because of them.
    With the tight schedule I’m just afraid that all along SS drama airing, each week we will hear : ” YEY got an IV” ” KJW fainted” , etc … Tight schedule means too tight editing, I just hope that SS won’t turn from a promising-drama to wasted-drama because of that.

  3. Yay! I’m so excited already! 2 of my faves in one drama! May’s gonna be such a wonderful month! Best Love and now Sweet Scandal! So nice to have a comeback of rom-coms this spring! I feel sooooo good already!

  4. Let the kdrama gods take KGH off the black list. Please.

    As for the drama, it’s complete madness that this late tptb still don’t have a sure cast and they haven’t started filming yet. Madness! Why can’t they air Poseidon or What’s up so that Sweet Scandal gets more time to get the details out of the way? If they don’t start shooting soon, they’ll end up live shooting right away adn that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

    And I’m worried aobut the script, too, but…at this point I pretty much gave up on -and I know this sounds pessimistic- good writing. More often than not, scripts are crazy or turn into a mess so I’ll just sit back, have no expectations whatsoever and if I get surprised by a decent script? Well, that’ll be awesome.

    • “Why can’t they air What’s Up or Poseidon so that SS gets more time to get the details out of the way?”

      Exactly! I have a feeling that with that horribly tight schedule and that writer, I’m going to be gnashing my teeth over the utter waste of two of my favorite actors. If it’s one thing I really hate and see way too often, it’s wasting talented actors and directors on absolutely mediocre scripts and crappy studio planning. Studio executives should really start using, I don’t know, their BRAINS?

      Anyway, I’ll be glad to see these two actors back on my screen no matter what. Here’s hoping…

      • IKR. I feel the same. Look, if tptb have a good cast and the script is meh, but I still squee (think Marry me, Mary?), I think I’d be sort of fine. I wouldn’t be happy, but it’d be okay. But if tptb have a great cast and then something like Take care of agasshi happens? I feel cheated. A lot! I’d hate to see it happen again, especially to YEH.

  5. the fact that this drama hasnt even confirmed its cast when its this close to its premiere date makes me even more mad at SBS that it canceled Poseidon and What’s Up…I bet they’ll be thinking abt an extension for Midas like with QoR soon…..that said I’m totally not getting gr8 vibes from this drama and had it not been for YEH (I’m a total fangirl!!) I would be staying far far away from this drama because of the writer and KJH (sorry KJH fans!)…It’s just that the only roles or dramas I’ve seen him drove me nuts…. (I’m looking at you CH and Telecinema movie)…YEH really needs a good drama so this makes me kinda scared because despite her awesomeness I dont think that she’s always picked the best projects

  6. Actually it’s not Heading To The Ground’s headwriter who’ll be the writer for Sweet Scandal, it’s just the assistant writer of Heading To The Ground. During HTG days, she pretty much had a conflict with the main writer cause she didn’t agree with a lot of the stuff on there, but she didn’t have much say back then because she was just starting out.

      • Not a problem:) The headwriter’s name was Kim Sol Ji and her assistant was Kim Ye Rin (who’s supposed to be the writer for this series)

        The drama has two noted directors onboard: Kim Soo-ryong of Green Rose and Kwon Hyuk-chan of Secret Garden.

        ‘Sweet Scandal’ will be produced by Verdi Media, which was the company that was to produce ‘Love Song’ which was supposed to star Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yong Ha, but due to his tragic death, they decided to just let go of the project cause other actors were scared to take his place.

  7. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, one of the actresses that is supposedly in this drama, now called “Lie To Me” tweeted that they had an entire cast reading already and that Yoon Eun Hye was there. Don’t know about Kang Ji Hwan though…

  8. The drama gods must have heard my prayers…cuz this is one OTP, I’ve been hoping for, for the longest time!!! I can just imagine the “chemistry” between YEH & KJH exploding on the small screen!!!
    I’ve seen each & every project of these 2 beautiful actors & I’m pretty sure it’s going to be DAEBAK!!!!

  9. I love Kang Ji Hwan in Hong Gil Dong! 🙂 I’d love to see him back in the small screen. I can see a possible explosive chemistry with Yoon Euh Hye.. I hope the casting for SS be confirmed sooner so the actors won’t be too rushed in filming the drama.

  10. DITTO! luv him in Hong Gil Dong.. He was so so adorable there.. Believe he and YEH will have Xplosive chemistry, most possible.

    IF this works out, at least I have something I can truly look forward to in K-drama.. fingers crossed..

  11. i love lie to me so much i even watched this for so many times,,,, i miss HWANHYE tandem they really have CHEMISTRY….I LOVE kang ji hwan….

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