Video Preview for Episode 14 of 49 Days

Episode 13 of 49 Days ended without any preview, but luckily SBS released it shortly thereafter. It’s a very juicy one, with an ending that made me squeal with anticipation for hopefully another game-changer in sight. You know, I was really curious about Yi Kyung’s backstory for the longest time, mostly because I didn’t much like Ji Hyun or Nam Gyu Ri‘s performance. But as I grew to like both, and the snails pace with which the writer doled out the Yi Kyung bits, along the way I totally lost interest in her, and now I’m all Ji Kyung all the time. Heh, drama-watching is so weird like that. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Preview for episode 14:


Video Preview for Episode 14 of 49 Days — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness… I think Min-Ho and In-Jung will find out about Ji-Hyun’s soul using Yi-Kyung’s body, oh no, no, no. I hope the writer will decide that there would only be one smart guy in this story (my Kang), not the baddies! This is all so crazy…This story is entirely different from all the other kdramas I’ve watched that I’m pretty amazed. It is just so unpredictable I’m always left hanging…

  2. I’m with u miss,,,, I vote for Yi kung too,,,,,love her caracter
    Can’t wait for this episode tonight,,, but because I can’t understand without Subtittle,,,I need to read yours recaps. so can’t wait until tomorrow ….
    thanks for this preview 🙂

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