Drunken to Love You Releases Another Preview for Episode 3

Drunken to Love You released another (shorter but different scenes) preview for episode 3. I’ve embedded both previews below, so enjoy the cute. I’m a little exasperated because my very nice request at the beginning of my episode 2 recap for people to stop lifting my DTLY stuff wholesale went unheeded. 

I didn’t want to have to do this, but to the Drunken to Love You Facebook page administrator – PLEASE STOP TAKING ALL MY SCREENCAPS (especially without any credit). I can’t believe I asked you not to in the recap, and then you went ahead and took all the screencaps from said recap. That was a douchey thing to do.

If this happens again, I’ll have no choice but to lock my entire site (posts and pictures) from copying, and you’ll ruin the experience for everyone, since I am quite happy for people to repost my stuff with credit or take pictures here and there. I love sharing, but taking all the screencaps from an entire recap without obtaining my consent pretty much crosses my invisible sharing boundaries. Doing it unwittingly is one thing, and I’ve been guilty of poor netiquette myself when I started blogging because I didn’t know better. Once you’ve been told the proper way to behave, you need to do so. Anyways, sorry about the rant, folks, enjoy the previews!

Latest episode 3 preview:


Episode 3 preview at the end of episode 3:



Drunken to Love You Releases Another Preview for Episode 3 — 38 Comments

  1. Aw.this makes me want to ff to sunday fast.aw doki doki.
    ah so thats happen?I mean if you just put link and credit directly to ur blog that would avoid this matter,but just grab everything means that one lazy person.If I were going to use ur recap probably just translate it into my language,add my own style,screencap.isnt that whats blogging is?write on your own style?take it as inspiration yes but go all the way copy and the heck with other credits thats rude&stealing.I had been that situation in different case so I know how it feels chingu ah but please don’t lock this.I depend on you on DTLY recap,please?

  2. koala dear..i have to admit something..
    i’ve been copying almost all of your jgs picture and take them for my screen saver in laptop,coz he’s too cute..thank u for the photos..and no,i’ll never repost anything without your credit,coz i don’t have any blog..hehe..
    so please dont block your blog..^^
    thank u so much..

    • tiq,

      I hope I won’t be so pissed I’ll lock the site as well. Happy you like the JGS pics I post, and totally cool with you taking them. Thanks for telling me.

    • Confession I copy paste your screencaps too, almost all the Geun-Geun couple pics are in my documents…. cause I change my screensaver everyday to a new picture of them >__< I would be reduced to a puddle of tears if a there was a new picture of Geun-Geun and I couldn't have it as a background T_T
      I would never post anything from you without credit, I hope all this is resolved and you get the credit you deserve!!

  3. awww…i just join this website and feel irritated with people who like to take credit of other people work. for me its very disgusting. please dont lock this site. i love to read your recap. i never send any review but for a urgent matter like this i will.

  4. Hi Koala, I hope you don’t mind I did in the past copy and paste your recaps, but I always put the credits plus the link to go to your page…. but now I find more easy to just post the link and the people who want to know can go here and read 🙂 Thank you for the previews! Can’t wait! ^___^~~

  5. darling Koala why don’t u use watermarks? this should do 2 things : keep away some sites(maybe more popular coz they use other ppl hard work) and help ur blog if unknowingly ppl see ur caps elsewhere (smth like “caps made by koala “or ” caps made at koalasplayground.com” )

    I came here coz I liked ur comms on dangermousie’s LJ

    • It’s such a hassle to watermark. And I don’t mind if people want to use my screencaps. But to lift them ALL and then repost them somewhere else without proper credit just makes me irritated.

      • perhaps you don’t know the beauty of photoshop-batching technique? put all pictures in a folder, and photoshop adds a cute watermark to ALL your pictures, less than 1 minute.

  6. Omg that previewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    This show has officially become my favorite drama right now. Thanks for sharing this 😀

  7. oh dear i hope you don’t lock your blog. I just came across it and depend on it for 49 days episodes recap. I enjoy reading your other posts as well. I find your style of writing to be very engaging.

  8. Omg, they did it AGAIN? WTF? *rages on your behalf*

    The watermark sounds like a good idea, but it might be a pain to add it to each and every screencap unless you record an action so you can batch process a bunch of files in one go. If you need help with that, let me know.

    And yes, I know, it’s a PITA. I’ve been writing recaps for the LJ kyungtae comm and…man, it’s really a work of love. Random readers may not realize just how many hours of dedicated work go into each and every recap but I hear you, chingu! *hugs you* If you need to vent more, email me. I’m here for you, okay? Seriously, the nerve of some people! GRRRRRR

    The trailers are soo cute, though.

    • No, I don’t want to comment there, or watermark my caps.

      Hopefully this will do it. Sigh……

      OMG, I want to read your Kyungtae recaps. I have LIB cued up to be my summer vacay drama watch.

      • why not? it’s good promotion for YOUR site. what if they claim they took all/SOME of the screencaps themselves? even if you dont believe them (LOL) they could still say they did.

      • I hope they will respect what you’re doing here from now on. *crosses fingers for you*

        They’re nothing much. They’re SO not like yours. Yours are objective and nice, mine? Not so much. There was me squeeing like an idiot or angsting like an emo teenager and lots and lots of ♥ and keyboard mashing cos I’m classy like that. Heh. The comm (http://kyungtae-bl.livejournal.com/) is friends-locked, but if you have an LJ or an OpenID, you can easily join. 😉

        And btw Lib is cute; I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. There were some storylines that I didn’t particularly like, but overall? It was sweet and poignant. \o/

        FYI, I’m glad we got this project going and I sure learned a lot dos and donts. Omg, if I ever recap another series, I will never, ever transcribe bits of dialogue! No more, I swear! And I’ll make fewer caps, but I couldn’t help myself with Kyung-soo and Tae-sub! ^^’ Oh I should mention we recapped all the episodes, but only the scenes related to KyungTae so, er, they’re not exactly proper reviews? They’re…uh, biased. >_< Before you start thinking I'm silly…well, TOO silly, I can assure you I can restrain myself. Just not with KT, apparently. *hangs head in shame*

      • hahaha this seems to be a remake of THE SOCIAL NETWORK movie!!!! So are we going to sue? Someone’s always ripping other people’s work…. 😀 MESSY!!!!

  9. Hey, fan of you & fan of DTLY ^^

    Advice for that stealing screencap thing – watermark them = basically just put somehwere seenable your name or smthng like that ^^

  10. Please don’t lock your website I enjoy coming here to read your recaps. You’re one of the few bloggers I know that provides recaps on a whole bunch of different drama genres (Kdramas, Twainese dramas, etc.) Also, I enjoy reading your recaps.

    FB person reposting Koala’s info. without permission: please stop, don’t ruin it for all of us.

    Koala: FIGHTING!!! ^_^

    • Aww, I feel cheeried already~

      Don’t worry, locking only means no content (written or pictures) can be copied. The website itself is still open for reading. ^___^

      I prefer not to lock it though, I want people to use my stuff as long as they ask and credit me.

  11. oh.. sorry about what had happened.. i’m on of the admins there.. again, we’re so so sorry.. :(( it’s our first time to handle a page and we’re just not so aware of that.. sorry.. :(( but please don’t lock your site..

    • @ jv

      Thanks for letting me know. I figured it was unwitting, and going forward, as long as you properly identify that you got the screencaps from me, feel free to use at at the DTLY facebook page. 🙂

      I love this drama, and am very happy your team is spreading the DTLY love. I just don’t much appreciate my work being taken without being asked and credited.

      You’ve asked, and you shall receive.

  12. I always come here to read about your opinions on TW dramas cause I enjoy reading them, regardless of whether or not I agree 🙂 Thank you for posting your thoughts!! Glad that the issue has been “resolved” — I agree that all bloggers deserve credit for their work!

  13. Ok…. i was about to explode! because some people stole your work without credit or permision! but well i read about all the things abou sorry…. bla bla bla…….
    u have amazings screencaps! and it could be a TOTALLY WASTE!!
    the crazy love of fans like us! must be spread to the world! hahahahahaha
    koala! love your world keep going!!!

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