Written Preview for Episode 12 of Best Love

Okay, time to change gears and stop obsessing about a pair of lying liars and turn my attention to a pair of heart-crossed stars lovers. The Hong Sisters have thrown so many little nuggets of cuteness into Best Love that the word “recharge” no longer has a dry battery connotation. Pil Joo is going to be so stewing in frustration when he hears about what Jin did for Ae Jung. Sometimes all the roses in the world can’t equal one punch thrown in righteous indignation.

Written preview for episode 12:

Having a late night picnic at Jin’s house, suddenly a drunk Jae Seok barges in all misty-eyed and stumbling, ruining the mood. Jin is busy trying to shut Jae Seok’s lips and keep an eye on Ae Jung. Ae Jung is increasingly feeling apologetic towards Pil Joo. She finds out that he’s sick and can’t go to work, so she goes to visit him at home.

Pil Joo coincidentally meets up with Jin’s heart surgeron, and has an inkling that Jin’s heart is having problems. On the other hand, Ae Jung is selected as Section TV’s Entertainment Relay pinch-hitting reporter.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Best Love Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 12 of Best Love — 32 Comments

  1. Ia it just a coincidence that one is highly sick heart patient and the other guy is a doctor? Do I sense Pil Joo being the knight in white armor for Jin?

    • That would be good, in the knight-in-shinning-armor-heartbroken-second-lead that save the life of is rival… But Pil-joo isn’t a heart surgeon specialist.

      • uuuuhhh, i don’t think so because pil joo specialises in chinese medicine and is no way a surgeon, but yes i think he will help ^_^

  2. thanks koala!!!! can’t wait for your episode 11 recap!!!
    and yes that one punch is worth 1000 roses!!!!

    “Having a late night picnic at Jin’s house” OMG
    Team Ae Jin Fighting!!!!

    • Love the chosen pic… I loved that scene! Thanks Ockoala!!! AntoniaClamens!!! Cant wait for tomorrow! I dont know if my heart can take it!!! But I’ll roll with it whatever comes what may!

  3. Awesome ! Thanks ! You’re so right “Recharge” doesn’t have the same meaning now. “Ding dong” is a common expression. And I’m thinking of growing potatoes… My heart aches !

    • me too!

      Oh I am thinking about growing potatoes for real (I’m into gardening now). But it is never the same anymore. Since I will always think of Jin now 🙂

  4. I think that Pil Joo is going to tell aj that the jin’s heart does have a problem. So she can convince him to get an operation.

    • Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m thinking too. The girl needs to get clued in so she can convince that stubborn Jin!

      • I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m quite sure he is gonna do it, from the beginning (his surgeon tells him) he planned to do the surgery, but what he expressed means that he doesn’t believe he will survive, he already had his miracle 10 ears ago, he doesn’t want to hold her (catch her, “i can’t i’m broken”) as he may die during the surgery. He doesn’t fell confident about it.

  5. Koala,

    Thanks for the quick preview. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    I loved your site display this week, the “scheduler” was one of my favorite comic (funny) characters. =^.^=

  6. OMG today’s episode, i didnt watch it entirely but peek at some scenes:D

    DJ at AJ’s house was hilarious, and DJ has the situations as AJ:D (remember AJ at DJ’s house for the first time:D) LMAO:D and that cream…OMG DJ what are you doing LOL:D (sorry i just had to share it with somebody:D)

    waiting for tomorrow’s episode, what will it bring to us???

    thanks Koala and happy birthday for your dear blog-sorry your playground:D

      • sorry that i saw your reply late? I had actually downloaded it, so would you able to reach any? i dont know if anywhere streaming the raw 🙁 but if you’re in US or Canada there is dramafever i think? unfortunately i’m not but maybe you can 🙂 (hope it’s not banned to give addressO_o)

  7. Happy Birthday AKP!:D

    I just watched the latest episode and honestly, it was AMAZING. Can’t wait for the recap so I understand what led up to the amazingness! 😀 😀 😀

    Also, Koala, a big congratulations to your Koala babies!

  8. Happy anniversary to AKP! I’m one of your fans and your recaps always help. Nowadays, i’m always lurking in your site to watch out for the latest recaps or previews of my fave Kdrama like BL….thanks OCK! You’re truly awesome. I don’t know how you do the recaps fast what with having to take care of your babies, too. Go, Koala! Fighting!! 🙂

  9. Pil joo !! Leave Ae jung and come to us instead lol. It’s going to be so sad seeing him go through the one sided love story but I think his character will turn into a positive and instead be grateful to Ae jung for opening up his heart to feel love. Anyways Dokko jin is steadily beginning to join my TOP 5 favorite male k-drama heroes, his just love as simple as that.

  10. No words just hihihihi , oh nooooooo!!!!! argh that woman!!!! tsk tsk!!!! 😉 Koala Bear I need a huggie!!!! I’d love to hugs the baby Koalas too!!!! 😉 Love the dress but the store window on this pis too!!!! Oooohhhhh dressss!!!!! 😉

  11. Oh yeahs i really thought that pil joo was gonna be simone wholl lock and match the everything. He is a doctor and jin is a patient obviously there wil be some kind pf help that will be done just like miho and the veterinarian. Heh.

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