Best Love Episode 16 Recap

Best Love (The Greatest Love) wraps up today with a giant bow, a farewell flourish, and a parting kiss to all the viewers who were swept up by the story of a top A-list movie star who fell in love with a D-list entertainer. Episode 16 made me happy – a warm, soothing feeling of sincere joy. I don’t think the ending manipulated my emotions, but rather deserved the soft tears of happiness that came naturally.

This feeling of contentment really brushes aside any desire I have to dissect the final plot points or even discuss how the ending could have been better. While not the best ending for a rom-com ever, nor does it push any boundaries, but it was ultimately so very satisfying. I don’t need to look hard for validation with the time spent with BL, it’s a drama that stands well enough on its own.

Episode 16 Recap:

Asked to pick between the two finalists Gu Ae Jung and Jeon Ji Hyun, Jin pauses for a second for dramatic effect, and then says “Gu Ae Jung!” The audience and the hosts all gasp in surprise. Jin confirms that Ae Jung is his ideal woman, but more than that, she is the woman he loves. In fact, they are in love with each other and dating already.

Ae Jung watches this declaration with tears of sadness and joy in her eyes, and finally it’s only a genuine happiness that remains. When asked if she’s Jin’s girlfriend by the patrons of the restaurant, Ae Jung nods her head and says yes, that man is my lover. Okay, this was pretty awesome. Jin – that was a homerun declaration.

Jenny remarks that Dokko Jin sure is cool today doing what he did. Pil Joo looks sad, but appears to accept this is the end of any possibility with Ae Jung. Se Ri smiles brightly and shoots at look at Pil Joo. Se Ri reminds me of Britney from the Chipettes. How can I dislike Britney? I hope she lands Pil Joo, maybe after 3 years of staying true to him and growing up a lot.

Jin asks the public to support them, and confirms Ae Jung had no idea he was going public, and is likely as shocked as everyone else. Ae Hwan and dad are watching the show as well. Dad wonders where Ae Jung is right now and is told that she’s filming at the potato restaurant.

Agent Moon and Jae Seok watch the program. She gives him a hard look and asks if he knew about this beforehand. Jae Seok lowers his head and apologizes. Agent Moon sighs that they are going into battle again, but begins to handle all the media and public scrutiny for Jin. Calls come in immediately and Agent Moon gives Jae Seok the boilerplate message: they started dating not long ago, please allow them to have a beautiful love.

Jin meets up with Ae Jung, wearing the giant red bow again. Ae Jung comes home and this time Jin gets to use the cheesy line “This is Dokko, your present!” So cute. He tells her to take responsibility for him because he’s gone public and can’t take anything back anymore, and then flashes the bling at her.

Ae Jung smiles at the ring and holds up her hand for Jin to slide the ring on her finger. Jin puts the ring on her finger and they tightly clasp hands. Ae Jung says that she is now officially clinging onto him. Jin tells her to never ask him to run away again. Ae Jung hugs him and says not only is she not running away, she’s never letting him go. She leans in and the two of them hug.

Ae Jung shows Jin the picture she took of a field of flowering potato plants she saw in the potato restaurant. Jin says their potato has to flower soon. Ae Jung says their potato has been through alot already, they have to be patient. They look at the ring – Ae Jung says it fits just right, Jin says it looks pretty.

The media explodes with this latest love gossip. Jin explains that his choice of Ae Jung over any of the top A-list actresses is what’s making everyone so curious. Jin wants to take a picture with Ae Jung and post it online for his fans. Sadly, his fans are already posting primarily negative comments about Ae Jung. Jin wants to respond but Ae Jung asks him to be patient.

Agent Moon informs Jin that his current situation is pretty dire. He’s lost 17 CFs already and the only movie role offered is for a script Jin doesn’t want. She mentions how no one will take her calls anymore.

Ae Jung sits around the table at home with her family and Jenny, who admires Ae Jung’s stunning engagement ring. Ae Jung asks her family to be happy for her at least, and they all congratulate her. Her dad nevertheless reminds her that it’s going to be a hard road ahead. Ae Jung understands but says that she is really happy. Ding Dong says happy in the cute way that Jin likes to do it, making everyone laugh.

Pil Joo prepares to leave for China and Se Ri tries to use a China CF project to continue stalking him, but he’s still not reciprocating. Se Ri tells Pil Joo that Ae Jung and Jin are getting married soon.

Ae Jung’s popularity has gone up since people are fascinated by her more. A PD tells Ae Hwan that his show has doubled its ratings when Ae Jung was on.

Jin and Ae Jung discuss their reversal in public interest, his has declined while hers as gone up in some sort of morbid fascination. Jin says that Ae Jung needs to be the breadwinner in the family from now on. He whips out a piece of paper and asks her to sign, reminding her that he signed her paper when they first met. Turns out it’s a marriage registration certificate, which Jin has completed already and signed his portion.

Ae Jung smiles and plays coy. Jin reminds her that they have so much to deal with, he wants to marry her first and then handle the other stuff. It wouldn’t be Jin if he didn’t remind her jokingly that it’s an honor to be married to him. He holds Ae Jung’s hand and guides it to sign, congratulating her on becoming Mrs. Dokko Jin.

The public is stunned to know that they are registering the marriage, having assumed they’d just date and eventually break up. People just can’t understand why he’d pick her. Agent Moon asks why he keeps breaking more relationship news? Jin says the more news he breaks, the more the slings and arrows are directed at him.

Agent Moon gets sad that her darling Jin is disliked by even elementary school students these days. She has to break even more bad news to Jin. His Cannes movie role went to Kim Joon Sang (i.e. Kim Nam Gil), and he’s no longer the face of Vitamin Water. Which also went to Kim Joon Sang. ROFL. Oh MBC, you’re just dying for Bidam to get out of the army, aren’t you?

Jenny and Ae Hwan read more negative postings online about Ae Jung and Jin, leading Jenny to consider going to the authorities. Manager Jang, after meeting with the producers of Couple Making, happen to overheard Jae Seok and Jenny discussing a video between Jin and Ae Jung. He leaks the news and makes it sound like it’s a sex tape.

Ae Jung and Jin go to the movies, where they are immediately surrounded by throngs of people taking their pictures and shooting video. Ae Jung thinks they should leave, but Jin stands his ground and hugs Ae Jung and smiles. Later when they are sitting on a bench, they overhear some women loudly discussing that Jin and Ae Jung should stay home instead of coming out to be ridiculed.

Jin gets upset and almost wants to go talk with them, but Ae Jung restrains him and offers to block his ears from the hurtful comments. She asks if he wants her to sing the song for him? She’s never done it for him live before. He smiles and says yes, so Ae Jung leans in and softly sings the song for Jin, coupled with a montage of the journey of their relationship from strangers to lovers. What a lovely moment for them.

Jae Seok informs Agent Moon of the video rumors concerning Jin, letting her know that the video in question is recorded on the CD given to Agent Moon prior to Jin’s surgery. Agent Moon’s eyes light up as she gets an idea.

The public starts manufacturing parodies of what the contents of the video are. Jenny has to break the bad news to Ae Jung that the two most discussed possibilities involved cosplay between Jin and Ae Jung. One where she is Sailor Moon, and another where she is a dominatrix. These fantasy sequences are much too disturbing to even consider, Jin’s ridiculous expressions withstanding.

Ae Jung goes to Jin’s house and finds him sulking because something is about to be revealed that he wanted to be kept secret. Ae Jung tries to cheer him up, giving him a hug to recharge and sitting on his lap to snuggle with him. Turns out Jin is sulking because MBS just re-aired the Couple Making show with Ae Jung and Pil Joo. Ae Jung laughs at his jealously.

Jin saw Ae Jung put on a helmut and do a sexy dance for Pil Joo on the show, and asks her to do it. She says she won’t, and she doesn’t wear helmuts anymore. He asks what about the helmut she signed? He whips out a cap that Ae Jung signed for fan ID DK1974, who was Ae Jung’s #1 fan when she was on Couple Making. Oh Jin, you darling man-boy-robot.

He confesses that he voted for her and got this cap as a prize. He further confesses that he liked her since way back then. They adorably hug, and my heart melted yet again. She promises to wear the cap to go to scenic picnic with him. Jin asks if she ever felt anything for that “anyone” Oriental doctor. He promises not to get upset, so she says “a little……” and Jin starts to restrain himself. Finally he just kisses her on the top of her head.

Ae Jung gets into a car accident on her way to record a show and has minor injuries. Jin hurries to the hospital and finds out Ae Jung is fine, just banged up. He hugs her and tells her that he was so worried he thought his heart would burst. Jenny keeps watch over Ae Jung at the hospital. While browsing online she reads some exceedingly extreme posts. Jin sees it and is furious.

Jin finally gets fed up with the vitriol posted online about Ae Jung and wants to sue the netizens. Jae Seok goes to the cops to deliver a formal complaint. People are brought in for questioning. Agent Moon asks Jin to drop the lawsuit since the people responsible are just housewives and kids and all feel apologetic for their poor behavior. Ae Jung tells him to drop the lawsuit as well, to preserve his nice Jin image. But Jin wants to become the Jin of justice.

Jae Seok arrives and says there is a bigger problem now. The video is leaked online, and it turns out to be a final farewell from Jin. He narrates the video as if he’s died during surgery and didn’t make it, so this video is being played in case the worst happened. He reveals he loves Ae Jung, who has been unfairly reviled and misunderstood. Ae Jung made him a better person, so he asks his fans to love her and take care of her now that he’s gone. The public reception to this video is positive.

Jin comes in to find Ae Jung crying as she finishes watching the video. He tells her that the video was left just in case the worst happened. Since he didn’t die, he doesn’t want her to watch it. She says its proof of how much he loves her. He teases that she should feel honored. They hug each other, Ae Jung smiling and crying at the same time.

Agent Moon is told that the video has been viewed over 100 million times. Agent Moon doesn’t appear surprised, and Jae Seok confirms that Agent Moon is the best image-maker in the industry as she’s pouring gasoline on the fire.

Ae Jung goes dress shopping with Mina, Jenny, and Se Ri as her bridesmaids. Se Ri says that by being Ae Jung’s bridesmaid, it’s saving Ae Jung less negative netizen publicity. Se Ri complains about her bridesmaid dress looking like what they wore as Treasure Girls. Jenny suggests they meet regularly like this.

Se Ri reluctantly agrees, but only if they all acknowledge she is a top star now. But if they concede she was the best of the group, she’ll consider forming another group with them. Mina takes out the clover bread she brought and the four Treasure Girls split it four-ways and each eats a piece. Mina wishes everyone has a piece of happiness they can share.

Pil Joo meets with Ae Jung, noting that she’s not hurt anymore (physically her ankle and metaphorically her heart). She bids a final farewell to Pil Joo as he leaves for China, not to get away, but because he wants to go study there. He thanks her for the trip to the strange land, and one day his feelings will completely go away. He asks Ae Jung to press down on his wrist one final time.

Jin and Ae Jung sit in a bridal shop wearing their wedding attire. The media reports that they are getting married and everyone is curious about Ae Jung’s wedding dress. Jin and Ae Jung make “happy” faces at each other. They then watch all the online videos sent by fans all over the world congratulating Jin and Ae Jung’s marriage.

Time jump! Jin is at a cell phone photoshoot very similar to the one he did with Se Ri, but this time the woman model on his arms is someone else. After the shoot, Jae Seok compliments him on doing well. Jin turns down dinner because he has an important engagement to attend to. We see Jin buying diapers and formula at the supermarket, with everyone gawking at him.

Ae Jung gets a call and leaves for work early. She walks downstairs and sees Jin sleeping on the sofe, with their baby cradled in his arms. OMG baby is soooooo cute. She covers them both up and kisses Jin before she heads out.

Jae Seok is promoted at work. Jenny wants Ae Hwan and Jae Seok to keep fighting over her, but they are more rivals at work now. People keep wanting to introduce daughters to Pil Joo. Se Ri runs into him on a hiking trail. She still likes him, and he smiles back at her in the end when she suggests they go eat ramyun.

Ding Dong is trying to teach the baby but is told a ten month baby can’t learn anything yet. Jin and Ae Jung tease each other about yet another news report about them, so they need to do another public outing like a picnic to squash whatever new rumors are out there.

Ae Jung suggests that celebrity couples with lots of children get good publicity. Jin replies they should get started on that right away. Jin and Ae Jung hug and say “recharge” to each other. They turn to look at the camera (us) and waves.

Thoughts of Mine:

Of all the K-dramas I have recapped, Best Love is hands down the most consistent in quality from beginning to end. It doesn’t start off slow and takes a while to find its footing, not does it have a whiz-bang start only to putter to a wheezy ending. It’s solidly good, better in certain sections than others, but nevertheless a very cohesive drama that delivered exactly what it promised. It was a love story set in the entertainment world that felt fresh and funny, meaningful and touching.

I had high expectations for BL because of the scriptwriters and two of my favorite actors (Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin) starring in the same drama together. When I look through my list of favorite actors, one thing that jumps out is that not every coupling works. For example, the thought of Kim Sun Ah with Jang Geun Seok as an OTP gives me the lulzy shakes. Er, no.

When I first heard of Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin being cast in BL, it was a pairing that immediately made me scream out loud and pump my fists in the air. Of all the May dramas, this was the onscreen coupling I would bet money would be the best in terms of acting compatibility and chemistry. In the end, it didn’t quite reach my expectations.

If I haven’t seen pretty much all of their dramas, I might have found their chemistry very good. Except having seen Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won creating all-time unforgettable OTPs with other actors, their chemistry in BL is clearly just not all there. In addition, their acting styles don’t mesh seamlessly with each other. Cha Seung Won’s technical prowess is sometimes jarring against Gong Hyo Jin’s effortless low-key delivery. Sometimes it was like they were being directed completely differently in the same scene.

I stand by my perception Gong Hyo Jin simply had much more natural chemistry with Yoon Kye Sang. No, their characters never made me believe they would or should end up together. But the two actors really sparked with each other in the scenes they shared. Of the four leads, Yoo In Na had the least screen presence and her character the least development. But as a Hong Sisters second female lead she was surprisingly less whiny and annoying than usual. I liked her in the end, but it’s nothing to write home about.

The BL love story had so much potential, and for the most part the Hong Sisters did touch upon a lot of the issues they raised, and dealt with it satisfactorily. I did think the whole heart surgery life-and-death cliffhanger at the end of episode 14 was resolved with a whimper never to be mentioned again. But at least the last episode discussed a bit of what it would be like for a top-star to marry a bottom dwelling celebrity.

While I genuinely enjoyed BL very much, ultimately it’s not a drama I’m going to have a hard time letting go. It’s like that very solid book you read that fills you up just right. I’ll definitely recommend BL easily to anyone looking for a good mature rom-com. But I personally don’t have any urge to go back and re-watch it. However, I think BL may end up being the Hong Sisters drama that holds up best with time.

Some months ago I burned myself by re-watching what was formerly my favorite Hong Sisters drama, My Girl, and ended up thoroughly annoyed with it. I wish I hadn’t ever re-watched it, and always kept the wonderful memory of marathoning that sucker in two days flat and falling madly in love with Lee Da Hae’s Yoo Rin. Re-watches tend to highlight weaknesses in any drama that were glossed over by excitement and newness. I don’t want to dim my memories of how much I enjoyed BL.

With BL ending, it becomes the first of the vaulted May 2011 dramas to close its curtains on its run. BL will likely be the highest rated of all the May dramas, and I have to say that its ratings was well-deserved. As for my beloved Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin, while this is nowhere near my favorite performances or roles from either of them, they were perfectly cast and brought Ae Jung and Jin to life in ways I find hard pressed to imagine anyone else playing them.

While watching BL my interest level rose and dipped from episode to episode, plot development to plot development. In the end, I found BL was just so well constructed that it was a treat just to watch rom-com built so expertly with precision and care. While BL didn’t hit a visceral nerve in my heart (very few dramas do, actually), it nevertheless entertained me from start to finish.


Best Love Episode 16 Recap — 47 Comments

  1. Nice recap, I have yet to watch this drama but I probably will.

    Secret Garden was my crack for a while, I wonder what re-watching it will be like in a few years…

  2. BL is the best May drama indeed! Hooray to CSW and Gong Hyo Jin for bringing life to Dokko Jin and Ae Jung. They are my favorite actors since City hall and Thank you. It was an unforgettable ride, from beginning to end it evoked a lot of emotions while watching the characters grow in love. I also love the OST a lot. It makes me smile and my mood light whenever I play the songs while driving off to work. I hope CSW and GHJ will make more rom com dramas in the near future.

    To you Koala, I thank you for your hard work. I am now officially one of your loyal followers. I know our lives do not revolve around dramas 24 hours a day since we have our family , work and other issues that needs attention but I applaud your dedication to this playground. Awesome site!!! TY!TY!TY! * _ *

  3. Nice ending and make me satisfied, Thank you so much Ms. Koala for your recaps ^^
    BL is so entertaining…. Make me smile, laugh and excited every wed-thur for the last 8 weeks… Salute to writer-nim, PD-nim and all actors !

  4. Thanks Koala!! I really enjoyed reading your recaps/thoughts. It’s a comfort knowing that there are others out there sharing my secrete indulgence since no one around me watches dramas. I thought CSW and GHJ’s chemistry waxed and waned. There were some scenes that were great, while others were flat. Maybe the tight filming schedule took a tole. Nonetheless, I still feel like they are one of my top OTPs just becuase their characters were so distinctive, and it was definitely very entertaining. 🙂

  5. You read my mind, though I perhaps have a little more love for GL… I’m planning to marathon this in a couple of weeks to experience it in its entirety 😉 I loved loved loved this show for its writing – which just really showed the planning that went into plotting/scripting all 16 episodes from the beginning. In a sense, I think everything about GL – the story, the acting, the supporting characters – is a model in how to respect your audience. Sure, there were some crowd-pleasing gag scenes, but I truly appreciate the mature and common-sense way the drama progressed.

  6. very well phrased, koala. i share the same “sentiments” and satisfaction.

    Undeniably, Best Love has a lot of “best” moments fluidly woven , appealing to viewers emotion and intellect.

    Very few writers can achieve that in a rom-com. Hong sisters did.

  7. Thank you!

    Ultimately, BL did not connect with me on any level so I dropped it, but even I have to admit it was very solidly written.

    And awwww about rewatches ruining a magical first time. That is always awful (didn’t happen with My Girl, which I adore through multiple rewatches, but has happened plenty enough with other things, such as my teen emo love Roswell).

  8. This is by far the BEST ENDING EVER! I saw this today without subs 3 times and saw it subbed 2 times as well..I’m about to watch it again with subs.. and I almost choked a tear(every time I watch this scene) at the scene where Jin comes running totally hurt because he though Ae Jung could have died in the accident. Every time I look at that scene I keep thinking she’s such a sweet girl who deserves a very loving man like him. I wish I was as happy as her!

    However, I do agree with you earlier about on paper and on screen he is an interesting and yes REALLY FUNNY guy, but I’m not sure if I’d want to date or marry a guy like him, It might make me crazy at some point.. HAHA. 😀

    Thanks for the recap and now we have to find ourselves searching for another drama to watch since this has ended and packaged to be closed. 🙂

  9. Thank you very much for the recaps! I agree that the treatment of the surgery was a bit of a letdown (and I felt that the drama started running out of gas this week), but on the whole it was a joyous ride and I’m getting off the roller coaster with a smile on my face.

    I loved the screencap of Jin at the supermarket, LOL!

  10. I haven’t watched episode 16 yet but up to ep. 15, my favorite scene was when GAJ witnessed DKJ’s declaration of his love on the TV show at the end of ep. 15.

    I really liked GHJ’s performance there, and was very much alarmed by the fact that I like this part because GHJ and CSW are separated by a TV screen. It further confirmed my feeling that GHJ and CSW performed very well individually but together somehow, they just don’t click. (or like what you said, “Sometimes it was like they were being directed completely differently in the same scene.” – I have this feeling so often that it adds an absurdly fun element while I watched this drama…)

    I guess the happy ending (spread out in ep. 15 and 16) is more like a treat to the audience… for me, the ending could have be weaved to episode 14 by eliminating some unnecessary sideway plots IMO.

    Am just happy for all the actors and staff that this drama passed the 20% point in rating and they well deserve it. Also glad that they don’t drag on further and make extension to the story (because as i said it could have ended at ep. 14).

    Now I can start my CYHMH marathon run and get prepared for July’s dramas, hehe!

  11. I did not watch this drama, your recaps are good enough for me .I think your comment are awesome..Thank you A koala for all the recaps ..Its just like Dokko jin being re charged by Ae Jung… is your recaps for me.

  12. I’m sad that Best Love has now ended. I found this rom-com to be quite enjoyable and had all the characteristics of a great romantic comedy drama. If they release this on DVD I will definitely considering purchasing it and adding it to my Kdrama collection.

    As for the final episode I loved every cute and tender moment between Ae Jung and Dokko Jin. I felt that as a couple they finally balanced each other out and Ae Jung was finally able to meet Dokko Jin halfway. I also loved Ae Jung’s wedding dress and of course the ring (so gorgeous). The scene with Dokko Jin sleeping with the baby on the couch & shopping for baby supplies was too cute and made him seem like the typical domestic husband…I also push my shopping carts the way he does…LOL! And lastly the baby Dokko was too adorable and the final scene of them saying “happy” Dokko style was a nice way to end a great drama!!

    Can’t wait for the next Hong sister’s drama and the next projects from Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin!!

  13. Thanks for the recap!!!
    I wasn’t interested to this drama at first, but reading your recap for each episode makes me re-think again and yes, this will be a great show to watch.

    Once again, thank you!!! 😉

  14. Thanks koala for this recap.
    I love BL so much!!!! i’m only to sad it ended…. i want more.
    this was a wonderful jorney… and for sure i will rewatch it inmediately!!!!
    Best Hong Sis Drama… Best CWS performance and best character ever… Perfect Finale… Wonderful GHJ adorable Ding Dong… Cuteeeeeee Baby…. It’s all about Loveeeeeee
    i really want to pay homage to CSW’s Dokko Jin for such a hard character to play.. he did it so well it became a real person to me… dearest DJ i love you so much, you are my recharger… i will miss you so much

    and please visit us in
    lets spread the love!!!!!!!!

  15. now i know why lie to me don’t have baby’s in the end they don’t like same ending as BL….but if ONLY MORE ROMANTIC MOMENT it well be much more appreciated ..nice recap koala i like the ending part….

  16. Finished a final yesterday and going to a trip today soo… Thank you so much for recapping so that even though i won’t be able to watch the 2 last episodes now at least I know what happens 😀 Really thx a bunch, really don’t know how to show my appreciation for your hard work!! One thing I regret while going on (well its a short few days trip) is not being able to constantly check your block!! its really fun:D, interesting 😉 and very entertaining :D:D

  17. oh!! drama ending,I think also this drama from the drama that your never want to re-watched because each Ep you feel with emotions first time and it will never back again.
    Thanks Koala So Much,You make A Great Work,I will always Remember BL with your -Thoughts of Mine- its really wonderful and give the great explain to me and I feel that what i am thinking is wroted. ^^ Fighting!!

  18. aw..this is the second best ending that I love…

    first is the 49 days ending…

    actually, i am not really a fan of happy endings like this…i want happy endings like 49 days ending…I know I am weird, but there is this feeling that everything is somehow not realistic..but since I love the pairings, DOK KO and AE JUNG, it id fine with me to have an ending like this…

    I am going to miss this DRAMA…

  19. Thanks Koala! This is one of the best endings EVER! It left me very satisfied knowing for sure that they lived happily ever after. I watched the raw video and cried at the ending even though I couldn’t understand a word hehehe…. 😛 Can’t wait to watch the subbed version.

    I’ll miss BL! Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Great recap to a great drama! Now I can marathon 🙂 Thank you very much Ms. Koala for your recaps – very entertaining, insightful and always well-written.

  21. Oh god, I’m at the airport choking on laughter with that “Britney” comment. I have a HUGE girl crush on Yoo In Na. She’s just so damn cute!

    I agree totally about BL, it was good. It never “lost the plot” and made sense in its own rom-com way. But it didn’t send me over the edge into k-lala-land.

    Also, previous recap you mentioned Jin being an over the top character or some like that, but to me he is believable I got weird friends. And I know someone in real life that is that friggin’ nuts. And old boss of mine. I read Azumanga Daioh last year and died because the girls’ teacher IS my old boss. To.a.tee.

    thank you so much for the recaps, wonderful as always!

    BEST written
    BEST cast
    BEST production
    BEST metaphor
    BEST sound effect/ background music
    BEST director

  23. thanks for the recaps and the wonderful insights.

    overall, i am very satisfied with BEst love and i enjoyed watching it. The ending scene gave me that warm and happy feeling of a loving family.

    Best Love is the best rom com for me and the best of the hong sisters’ creation. I never got bored or skipped any episode of this drama. As to the OTP of CSW and GHJ, we may have different views on it, but i love the pairing because both are brilliant actors, so regardless of their acting style, i agree with others when they say that they are the PERFECT MISMATCHED COUPLE. i just love their characters, i laugh and cried with them, i love how their love story developed. LOVE CONQUERS ALL and OPPOSITES ATTRACT fits DJ and AJ..

    thank you again..will surely miss BL..will surely rewatch it.

  24. Tell me it’s not over. Tell me it’s not over. TELL ME IT’S NOT OVERRRR! Waah. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms after watching a great drama is something I find hardest to deal with. Yeah, I’m a bit exaggerated but still… No more Dingdong? No more Pil-Joo? No more potato metaphors? No more Dokko Jin? No more DOKKO JIN?! The thought makes me cringe. T____T But what can I do, good things never last. I sooo can’t wait to see Cha Seung-won in another rom-com. Though whenever I see him, I still see Son Hyuk. But that doesn’t make me love him less. I am soooo gonna miss you, Best Love. More than I miss my sisters overseas. Hahaha!

  25. I love, love the ending. It wasn’t spectacular but it resolved most of the issues that presented problems so that the OTP can finally live happily ever after. Except for Manager Jang. I would have loved to see him get what he deserved after putting AJ down so many times. But still i get my happy ending so i’m also happy. CSW was awesome with Dingdong and the baby. He was really funny and i enjoyed his portrayal. I think that he has great chemistry with AJ though they may not sizzle the screen but i like them together. I’m gonna miss watching them every week……:(

  26. Ahhhh….I was saving this last episode for a weekend watch and I’ve avoided reading all blogs so that my judgment of it would not be clouded.

    And ockoala, thanks for your speedy reply in Recap 15. I love coming here to read your thoughts and get recommendations on Tdramas too. Next up will be Drunken To Love You.

    As for BL, I totally agree with your thoughts and insights. I stand by my view that Hong Sisters’ dramas are entertaining while they are airing but just not memorable. This series is no exception. Bye bye Best Love.

    And now, for the home stretch of LTM….all I’m asking is a decent to fantastic ending despite the flaws of this series.

  27. thank you so much for the recap. that tv show is still going but i can not help it to know what will be the last episode. thank you for providing the recap. i really love this show. iam 48 yrs old and i feel in love with it.

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