Written Preview for Episode 15 and 16 of Lie to Me

[Koala’s current mood: I feel faint.  I feel confused. Did I just read that? Why? I want to wave my surrender flag. But I (and you all) need to keep the faith.]

WTF!?! Okay, this post might contain expletives. Maybe a lot of it. I never profess to be genteel or polite. I can pound soju with my oppas and swear like a sailor, but since I’ve settled down I’ve been a very restrained Koala. The last time a written preview for a drama made me take out my samurai sword of destruction was once again the infamous M3 episode 15 written preview, which I translated and posted after a 14 hour flight, 1 hour in customs, followed by a 2 hour bus ride, ending with a raging case of the jet lag.

This time I am completely sane and lucid, and I’m not sure what to make of this. I need to calm myself down before I can calm you all down. I guess I ought to repeat the Lie to Me written preview refrain from before – all the previous written previews for this drama have been very random, almost describing one or two discreet scenes, and doesn’t actually reflect the entirety of the actual episodes. So bear that in mind, m’kay. Episode 15 sounds fine, if a little hard to get my mind around. Episode 16 makes me want to stabbity someone.

Written preview for episode 15:

After being fired from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports, Ah Jung is very despondent. Ki Joon comforts her and Ah Jung feels better. [This comforting better happen in BED, writer-nim. Got it?] Ah Jung reminisces about studying so hard at the cram school, the sudden exhiliration she felt when she passed the exam, how hard she’s worked as a civil servant, Ah Jung decides to prepare a petition to be reinstated. Seeing Ah Jung’s determination, her co-workers from the Ministry also help Ah Jung collect the petitions. Her boss reminds everyone how upstanding and hardworking Ah Jung was when she was a civil servant and everyone writes down their support for her.

In front of the Ministry, there is someone with a red cloth around his head and a banner who is protesting. It’s Ki Joon. Ah Jung is heading towards the Ministry and sees him, causing her to freeze…..

Written preview for episode 16:

Getting a check-up at the OB/GYN, (she) holds her belly, still not able to believe the news. It’s nervousness, and worry, and a happiness that words cannot explain. Her lips quiver with a smile. Going home with these complicated feelings, she sees the living room looking like normal, but when she walks into the bedroom, the closet door is open and belongings are gone. A note is left on the bed. [This is clearly So Ran and Jae Bum].

On the other hand, Ah Jung walks outside and sees Ki Joon dressed so dashing in his golfing clothes waiting for her. Missing him and the happiness from seeing him again after one month apart, she wants to run over and embrace him, but not being able to, the painful feeling is reflected clearly on her face. The two of them look out towards the ocean and talk, for some reason giving off the impression of emotional distance. Ki Joon wants to be together, yet he needs to go to work. Ah Jung wants to be together, but still she sends Ki Joon away…..

My Thoughts:

It’s hard to translate when all I see is red when I read these two written previews. I feel like it’s just so much plot and angst, when really we have so little time. I don’t need resolution, I need satisfaction. I saw the word “apart” in the written preview for episode 16 and almost blew a gasket.

I don’t care if it’s one month or one day, writer-nim needs to cut it with the angst and just let our OTP be fraking happy for a good 60 minutes. Please see Best Love if the writer needs a lesson in delivering a perfectly satisfactory emotional ending that is nevertheless completely crammed full of HAPPY. Ah Jung and Ki Joon deserve to be happy, they don’t need to earn it anymore. ARGHHHHHHH KOALA RAGE.

I’ll update my thoughts after I have some time to mull it over. I have to decide if all of that was a clever feint and the actual episode is going to make me weep tears of happiness. For now, this feels like the second mindblowingly painful coming of M3.

At least M3 gave me a fabulous final 10 minutes. LTM, I love you so damn much, if you piss me off, I swear I will tear you a new hole where your behind is. I can handle slipshod execution and haphazard plotting. I can’t handle insane plot developments.

Okay, back for some updated thoughts. I have a feeling that the written preview is the beginning of episode 16, just like the written preview for episode 9 covered only the first 15 minutes of that episodes. I’m not sure why the hell SBS wants to release a written preview that is angsty rather than filled with shiny happy boating and long overdue kissing. Loving LTM is already a very torturous experience, involving an inability to stop thinking about the damn drama All Day Long.

So stringing me along with a final episode preview chock full of words like apart, can’t hug him, emotional distance, makes me exceedingly peeved. At this point, the chances are nil that LTM won’t have a happy ending. But I want more than a happy ending – I want a magnificent, glorious, resplendent ending complete with wedding dress with a fifty-foot train and drunken on champage Ki Joon and Ah Jung ending the drama on their wedding night. Not. Too. Much. To. Ask. At. All.

Curse you evil LTM production team for tormenting me. At this point, I want to fly to Korea and take my beloved HwanHye Ah Jung-Ki Joon away from you people so they can do what they do best – kiss and stare at each other with stars in their eyes.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Lie to Me bar, translated into English by me]


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  1. in order to calm my nerves, i want to take this preview like everyother LTM that it will not be like what the preview is predicting, ala ep 10. But they better not dissappoint me.

    • if this preview is meant to fire up LTM loyal fans and then they have an amazing two episodes, i will forgive the writers. otherwise, i am checking out of LTM Anonymous and asking for the writer’s license or degree or certification to be thrown into the HAN RIVER

      • if the ending really disappointing….we send vicenzo or GI Joe to kill the writer n thrown to HAN RIVER!!

      • LOL… @ nowhere.. that some nerves you show us finally reveal…you go girl!! Yes, trow the writer to Han River!!

  2. I am on the same ship with you, Captain Koala. This is so unreasonable, ridiculous ending! This is about 2 confident ppl who loves each other so much and not like M3 where MG is always not confident enuh to go full fledged in love. I understand M3 concept. But Lie to Me, it’s a rom-com. What the H, that the new writer turn it into a MELODRAMA!!!

    • hahaha. sorry. they say laughter is sometimes a polite response where hidden behind really is rage.

      Melo’s pretty much this whole 2nd half now? *face palm* they have to face the rage of the gazillion international viewers.

      i hope they know what they’re in for.

  3. thank you!!! i’ve been refreshing the page so many times hehe. * hahah so funny with your koala rage, hahah i was laughing like crazy reading your post despite i fell the same way as you regarding the written previews.
    **hopes for the best** 😀

  4. i am so deflated after the preview. i mean wth/f? Separation and emotional distance and not meeting for a month? want to run to in to each other? talk in beach?

    first of all, we are all going crazy here that there are not many kissies from ep8 and the writernim could think of a breaking them up for a month and then show them holding hands in the last episode? I have invested too much in this drama, and agree, the writernim should take a clue from GL, its not worth trying to give a different ending, they would rather give an ending where normal people like me will feel happy.

    • I agree. In fact I was thinking that KJH/YEH could learn from BL how celebrities can fall in love and be open with each other with their affections. Perhaps it’s not that easy as celebrities?

  5. I’m kinda depressed after reading the preview for Ep.15 & 16, it seems like it’s going down the same route as M3 when there’s a change in writer. Can’t the writer just give us a simple and sweet ending?

  6. Well most all of the previous previews were always misleading. My take is prolly the evil aunt has something to do with our otp being apart. Or prolly the bosses at jungie’s work. That in order for her to get her job back she needs to stay away from ki joon and vice versa. It’s ridiculous plot I know but hey from the way the storyline been written lately I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if they even throwing couple of dinosaurs into d storyline

    • ah yes like AJ being sent to Mars for a month. making sure KJ has no way of reaching her at all. Afterall, werent helicopters, yachts at his disposal?

      Ahh yes… now we might have a new category….

      Sci-fi Rom-Com. New genre folks in the making. ^^

  7. We should prepare our angry letter/email just in cased the worst happen…. and send it to the individual or group that are involved in this travesty if we don’t get out happy ending.

  8. ok here’s my take on the previews :

    1) previews do not give true pics of the episodes…they’re just trying to get us agitated over nothing

    2) the part where they looked as if they can’t be “together but want to be” is when ah jung is waiting for her petition to be reviewed so she cannot be “seen” to be around ki joon too much….(my opinion only)

    3) the final episode will be ah jung getting her job back and it’ll end with a wedding of our OTP at their favourite bench and with the cherry blossoms in full bloom!!! hurrayyyyyyyyy!!!

    and finally, i’ll just keep watching the episodes again n again until monday comes!! if the finale sucks, then all of us will have to join forces and do something to the writer n PD!!! hihihi…..

    • “and finally, i’ll just keep watching the episodes again n again until monday comes!! if the finale sucks, then all of us will have to join forces and do something to the writer n PD!!! hihihi…..”

      Yes, if the finale sucks, no need to wait for the DVD to come out. Might as well just download free!

  9. koala…i have something good to share with u and everyone here as well…

    Japan Gets Ready For ‘Lie To Me’, Re-broadcasts Yoon Eun Hye Dramas!

    As Japan is getting ready for ‘Lie To Me’, Japan’s LalaTV is airing ‘My Fair Lady’ and Korea’s KBS World TV in Japan is airing the ‘Vineyard Man’ at this time.

    In addition, two major Japanese TV stations will be airing many Yoon Eun Hye dramas.

    Japan’s TBS Station has announced that they will be airing ‘My Fair Lady’ in July, and follow it up with ‘Lie To Me’ in August.

    Last summer, Japan’s Fuji TV had performed ‘Hallyu Alpha’ survey to broadcast 5 most requested K-dramas in Japan, and ‘Goong’ was the most requested K-drama as the ‘Goong’ poster above points it out. Both ‘Goong’ and ‘Coffee Prince’ made it into the top 5 most requested list and was aired to much success last summer.

    But as Japan is getting ready for ‘Lie To Me’, Fuji TV has just finished re-airing ‘Coffee Prince’, and they are now re-airing ‘Goong’ since June 23rd.

    [Source: WhiteRose@DCUNE]

    • Yeah, I’m hoping that means YEH will have to go do an improptu fan meet the same time as KJH… OTP honeymoon in Japan!!! AJA!

    • actually, to get over the stress of waiting for Monday streaming, I rewatch a YEH drama per week when there aren’t much updates coming out yet. 🙂 YEH marathons still get me hooked! Am actually dying to see new BTS clips of the recent episodes! hope they release them soon! these definitely are a must haves for the withdrawal process. 🙂

    • Kang Ji Hwan projects in Japan..

      Hallyu legend 「Be Strong Geum Soon」 airs from Augus 26th on LaLa TV

      Currently airing in Japan

      Kyung Sung Scandal-TBS
      Coffee House & Movie Is A Movie 6/3 -Asia Dramatic TV
      Hong Gil Dong-DATV
      90 Days, Time To Love- Paradise
      One Day, At Somewhere2-Mnet

  10. Cuuteee koala..gumawo…the written previews only describe one or two scenes so we still have faith/hope for many lovey-dovey scenes for wuri OTP(kissy..huggy…boating?wot wot..or wedding?)..so cheer up…

    • hahaha..!! pervert u..~~ just like me.. kikiki

      if the ending is sucks , i will make a petition so that they can make special edition on YT.. and also, fire that writer-nim… muahahaha

  11. thank you koala, you are the best, and yess i totally agree with you that’s the last thing we need is another angst. but I still have hope that there will be a beautiful ending at least in the last 30 minutes

  12. Now that you’ve posted your official translation, koala, I have to say that when I first read the other translations, I yelped in horror at ep16. I then proceeded to go all SHE-HULK on my pillows because I will cry myself into depression if Jungie and Ki Joon don’t have a happy and light ending… heck, I may even swear off/break up with YEH and KJH for a writer potentially causing me real heart break.

    I hope, I hope, I hope that the written previews are somehow making a play on words, and that Ki Joon just has to go to China to start the business there, returns a month later, reunites for a passionate evening with Ah Jung by the beach, and next morning when they wake (causing a little awkwardness for Ah Jung… a little like Take Care of Aghassi), he goes to work…
    but even that won’t be a satisfactory ending because WE WANT FREAKING FIRE WORKS AND A WEDDING AND BABIES!

    How can we get to them??? They’ve got 3 more days to film. Oh PD-nim, bring some sense to your writer! We know you’ve held your power of reason and editing over the senseless writing before. Do it again, PLEASE! For your fandom’s collective sakes!

    • If we can get another airport send-off scene like a previous one, then I’ll cancel the free download and patiently wait for the dvd to be released. Hahaha..

  13. I am so… disappointed. Why is the writer not giving us what we went? I don’t want to see them holding hands or hugging. C’mon we are all adults here and I would like to see some romantic kissing scene! The hugging scenes is like icing w/out the whip cream or cherry on top. I am going on stike if I don’t get my happy ending! Boo to the new writer, that’s if I dont get my happy ending!

  14. OMG! I read the same thing ate YEH site. I keep on refreshing you page Koala for your interpretation and it’s the same… Why are they doing this to us? I mean c’mon writers this two needs to be together! Where is the proposal? The wedding? You gave us so much hope all the sweet scenes! Depriving us (yes I said it depriving) of more intimate moments. Imagine after the 2 kisses the most romantic date ever… We’ve been commenting we want more from them. Was it hard to film a romatic proposal in the cherry blossom lane, if there is no cherry blossom improvise with Christmas lights like KJ did when he wants to cheer AJ. A wedding, in a wedding hall or in one of KJ’s hotel or in the World Hotel itself. Only 2 more episode left! Are you guys ganna leave us hanging. End LTM just like the past Kdrama with a kiss or proposal! LTM can do more than that, with it’s popularity world wide. Don’t disappoint us. End LTM with a blast. Seriously 8 countries already bought the rights of this drama and I’ve read Europe is in talks too. Maybe in Korea it’s not a hit but hey it broke a record millions of view. If your extending this drama with 2 more episodes or making a special I wouldn’t freak out with that “APART” thing. I hope this written preview is not true. I mean they’ve been through a lot. They only need to solve Aj’s problem. Seriosly JB leaving SR in episode 16! LTM is like a comfort food or a temporary escape from the sometimes cold and crazy world, not only LTM but all the other dramas. I’m not a fan of hoax or joke but I wouldn’t mind if the written preview of episode 16 is a joke or hoax. SBS and writers give us something to linger on for a couple of days, months etc… something we can talk about. Finale is important. Please end this series in the best possible way.

    • Lie To Me is very popular on internet videos. It has 10 times more downloads and airing via internet videos as other dramas. As for ratings, I have no idea. But I know that Lie To Me is the most popular drama on Korean internet as well, as far as downloads and internet airing numbers and accounts are considered.

    • Koala thank you for the preview! Maybe you can find a way to write SBS or the writers. It’s never too late to re-shoot KJH and YEH can do it. 🙂

  15. firstly thanks ockoala for the translation.
    so it is a really bad preview then 🙁 i believe you when you said “if you piss me off, I swear I will tear you a new hole where your behind is.”
    i will pray hard that you won’t have to do this ockoala. that the final episode will blow our hearts and minds away! oh please Lord!

    its good it’s almost weekend where i am and i can just re-watch epi 13&14 over and over again just to give me that back up just to survive the impending last 2 episodes.

    this is definitely hard! omo!

    we need to have faith everyone! LTM FIGHTING!!! AJ & KJ FIGHTING!!!

  16. as for one month’s separation, i hope that’s cuz KJ has work in China.
    AJ is unable to run to KJ? errr…….. crowded airport?

    wow! i can think of ways to calm my nerves!

  17. Hi all Liars, chill, let’s have some last faith on the writer to give us as many romantic moments as possible in the last 2 months. They will not try to antagonize their loyal fan base by giving a sad ending. Am really hopeful we’ll see the wedding of our fabulous OTP.
    If not, or no skinship, we ll all hate writer nim. Let’s see.

  18. I absolutely agree with Ockoala to have the writer learned from HongSisters how they laid out the finale for GL/BL within 2 epi’s they showed how DJ smartly cleared all the bad situations and how DJ&AJ share their happy love life.
    As far as I know KJ is smart enough to declare his love to AJ in public to clear the internet scandals but if he’s too dumb to easily be aparted, that’s totally ruin his charactor.
    Also for AJ, she’s not that kind of a person to pull back her love to KJ.
    Is it too difficult to have 10 or 15 minutes of how they fight to have a happy marriage? not with an ackward scene as in the preview.
    It’s more cute to have this finale as a best ending like what HongSister did for BL.

  19. W.T.F.??? I better see a “Best Love/The Greatest Love” type happy ending. Given the roller coaster we all had to ride throughout the last 14 episodes, we are deserving of a happy ending complete with a romantic proposal, beautiful wedding and maybe a time jump with our OTP with a kid or two!

    • GL/BL finale has given fans the best ending.. the writers show how smart they are to lay out more skinship, love and passion throughout the epi also show how the OTP ovecome all the obstacles which come in their ways. With the happy maariage and cute baby..bla bla bla and these are what we want to see in LTM. But with this kinda preview I’m not sure how the writer will go up to that point.
      I also want to stab someone too if it’s not as happy as it should be.
      Anyway, I will be waiting to watch till the end to see if this writer-nim is smart or not
      Shall we all be disappointed or happy?

      • I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that it’s a happy ending. What the heck is wrong with these writers? Haven’t they ever been in love before? Don’t they read fairy tales and know what happy endings are? We watch rom-com dramas for a reason–to escape from reality and delve into a story that will leave us rooting for the OTP to overcome evil/angst/second leads and find ultimate happiness! I want prince charming to sweep Cinderella off her feet and see a huge wedding complete with love declarations and lots of kissing! Especially for this couple. And maybe a peek into the wedding night??? LOL! Is it too much to ask? OK, time to stop thinking about it and go to bed. Good night all!

  20. WTF!?!? What kind a previews are those?? I swear those are probably just gonna be a little scene in the episode but not the whole thing cause really if this drama ends on a sour note then OMG imma be so pissed off.
    My OTP better have a effin’ wedding…I wanna see her FINALLY get married FOR REALS this time, too. Because if they do marry it ties up the lie for good. So really writer-nim would be an idiot if they don’t have a wedding.

  21. LTM is simply about watching two beautiful people falling head over heels in love with each other. I can do without more angst… that was one of the things I love about LTM that the angst wasn’t played out too long and that AJ/KJ are together through it all. So I hope and hope that LTM will remain a most wonderful love story to me.

    • I totally agree with you. KJ not giving in too much with YJ. SH realizing that AJ can’t be his. Aunt not too much of a pain. Stop the angst. It’s not too much to give us more love from our best OTP. LTM should bring us joy, laughter, happiness etc.. not sadness, frustration or anxiety.

  22. well guys sure lie to me well never gone baby’s at the end coz BL already show it to the viewers …but for sure i know we gonna love the ending part…

  23. Thanks koala for the previews. I want to take a wait and see attitude for the last 2 episodes. However it better be worth the wait. We’ll see.

  24. what is this “apart” I read? oh uh…now I don’t want Tuesday to come..:( this makes me so sad…but I’m hoping that it would be another My Princess kind of ending…*sigh

  25. I posted a comment on SBS’s Youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/SBSlie1 I also emailed the same message addressed to the PD.

    우리는 원한다 키스 키스 키스 키스! 결혼식 결혼식 결혼식! 아기 아기 아기
    Translation: We want kissing kissing kissing kissing! Wedding ceremony wedding ceremony wedding ceremony! Baby baby baby!

    I hope the PD will listen to us viewers because I really would like to purchase the DVD of “Lie To Me!”—the only way I’ll buy the DVD is if the ending is “out of this world” happily ever after awesome!

  26. lol at the updated mood gifs. That did bring down the angst. just a little. Can go zzz now.

    😀 alrt. Let’s just say … with a preview like that, it can’t (BETTER NOT) get any worse. So that’s at least a good note to end on. 😛

  27. Thanks Koala. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and keeping faith… LTM better not let us down.
    I still have lots of faith for now.

    Oh my… I need spoiler pictures of them kissing, in bed, KJ on bender knee…!!!
    I’m going mad!

  28. Koala, I’m trying to comfort myself with knowing that this is supposed to be a rom-com, that the PD did have a lovely finale for Secret Garden, and that all the episodes by the new writer were filled with lovely, funny scenes between our OTP.

    The other thing that will make you feel better, rewatch the airport scene from episode 13 and note how YEH broke character and checks in with someone from behind the scenes after KJH holds her hand. She seemed to get all nervous… yeah, if nothing’s going on between these two, I at least find comfort in knowing that KJH gives YEH the (legit) butterflies (and I think he knows it, too).

    (on the link below, it’s at the 10-second mark)

    Knowing how secretive YEH is about her private life, I’ll just wait for the day I hear about their engagement in real life… which is really LTM’s purpose: to show us KJH and YEH dating.

  29. Wow i don’t really like what’s happening on Episode 16, that’s just so fckdup! But i hope they’re really gonna give us a ONE OF A KIND happy ending for the two of them since they deserve it !! i hope they’re just playing with our minds 🙂

  30. hmmmmm read this already at soompi and my first reaction was” WTF!!!! THIS IS PRECISELY WHY I DON’T WANT SPOILERS/PREVIEWS TO FUCK MY MIND”… but after some time I cooled down and realize that I have been reacting precisely the way SBS wanted me to and that is to focus on the word “apart”… and yes, madame koala, i believe we will get our happy ending and it shall be the sweetest one because they would be overcoming this angst… Am quite excited now for the hottest kiss ever… THE ONE that will top the two major ones in the past episodes!!! I just have to follow my instinct to this…

    • hahaha it’s so funny to note that the recap of BL’s final episode did not elicit an uproar such as this. While a small news could bring out a roaring thunder in such a short time… Bwahahahaaaa We Liars are really crazy!!!!

      • Mizweng…thanks for cooling me… I guess you’re right, the word “apart” is one of SBS’s trick …. but still .. i have some worries the ending is not exactly what we’re dreaming of…

      • yup….thats proof LTM fandom gettng bigger n bigger mizweng…the insanity beyond limit n words!!!

      • Maybe SBS is just testing us, see how LTM fandom will react….Are we some kind of social experiment? Do you want to drive us insane? Because it definitely will not work! We are already insane! =)

  31. Dearest Felony … @ Angelito, Leishers, Bo, Nowhere, Mary…. We need to notify Vincenzo STAT!! We need to set a new style for the LTM writer either trow to Han River, eat by fishes etc … just make it for not leaving any traces ..!!

    Shoot!! I really disappointed with preview. ep. 16….

    I’m so agree with Ms. K… I don’t want any separate, not even 1 day!!!! shoot… I have the same rage, Ms. K…..

    • @peipei
      Sweety cool it! I know how you feel but we need to be calm so we can plot the best ever revenge there is in drama land . No need to bother Angelito & his vincenzo (heard he is on R & R) you know what they are doing right now neh?

      I promise you my gadgets will work once activated. No humans required just get the location and the coordinates and WHAM ! (geezz which color must I press @@@@@)

    • thanks Gals…for your support… I’m count on you guys…

      what the hell is Angelito n Vincenzo at this crisis time???? tsk..tsk..tsk…

  32. Been waiting for your views on these two ep spoilers. Your emo outburst just shows how invested you are with LTM. You really carry us all and guided us singlehandedly to be “enlightened” and the ” coolest” players in any playground! Ramblings. . . .

    What I’m trying to say is “I still believe in my fairy godmother” that I will get the ending we wanted! Last time I checked LTM is still a rom com. So am still keeping my fingers crossed till the end.

  33. So the wonderful kevin from soompi posted about news broke out in Korea today about kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye dating. Any scoop abt this fellows hwanhye ah ki addicts?

    • now this is what I call GREAT NEWS… and even if it is NOT TRUE, I rather focus my energy on this and enjoy an awesome weekend while anticipating the LTM finale … hmmmm dreaming about the REAL DATING scenarios of KJH and YEH is much better than taking any “upper” med in the market, doncha think so? tee hee

  34. WTF?! Like that, I’m going to form a mutiny, tie up the writer in a sack, board him into the cargo ship and pay a crew to throw that sack overboard somewhere in the deep ocean of the Caribbean sea!

  35. this LTM better give me a good and happy ending between our OTP……otherwise I would be jumping mad here…..

    Hopefully the actual result is not the same as what the negative impression we got from the written preview….

  36. I think the new writer have a huge crush wif our KHJ…tts y there is no boating or kissing scene since she took over ….i suspect she just jealous on how YEH was kissed by KHJ (as if v r not jealous..hhehehe)..

    anyway…there better a happy ever after ending or else im going to curse tis new writer forever… (just being evil..hehee)

    oh how am i going to survive after next week..????

  37. really really
    why??? whyyyyy???
    this preview soo blur, like I was walking on the mountain when the fog were so thick, like swimming in the dark sea, like falling from top of the cloud.

    but thanks for the update Ms.Koala
    (one week before the superb story ends and the beginning for another great one)

    still hope for extension 🙂

  38. I’ve been driven almost out of my mind by LTM. So, I can be considered as a certifiable nut case. Now, just reading your Ep 15 and 16 previews, Koala, I blew a fuse!

    After going potty over each other so publicly, how can our OTP bear to be apart ? C’mon, new scriptwriter, we need an extremely blissful and hot ending for them! Otherwise, I’ll definitely want to strangle a certain individual with my bare hands!

  39. Thanks koala for the preview and I’m with you!
    LTM writers shouldn’t do this to us! I’m hoping for a happy, memorable and to die for ending. I just hope this preview is just the beginning of something wonderful. What we want is a wedding, a steaming bed scene and a mind blowing kiss! Is that too much to ask for???
    If this (preview) will happen, I’m afraid this is the start of a WAR!
    Warriors prepare your fighter plane and nukes! Somebody needs some beating to do!

  40. Wahhh (^_^ try to inhale as much oxygen as I can — calm down please). OMG, what happen with the ending…uwaaaa. I bet the previews are only from small scenes in the drama. It should be happy ending!!! Writer-nim, 제발 !!!

  41. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been listening to a really sentimental melo song and it really reflects my mood at the moment.

    Now for LTM: WTH???!!! I just had to say that cause I just feel like venting frustration LOL and it’s pretty safe to do that here. I dropped BL in the middle due to time restraints but I marathon-ed through so I could get the finale. Hong sister’s – hands down to you – perfect & beautiful ending to a wonderful story. LTM writer – why are you doing this to our Ah-Ki couple? How many more tears from Ah Jung do we have to see? No more tears unless they are tears of joy. At the end of ep 14, I kept thinking – “KJ shi… you gotta run faster than that, buddy!” And I don’t think we really care all that much about the SR/JB storyline. They should be supporting our OTP’s line. KJ talks a lot of how to find his way and to “match” up to AJ – use his heart more, not his head? At least, explore how he can do that better.

    I gotta think about this more but I think I will keep my expectations low so I don’t get disappointed. The Ah-Ki couple is on fire… please don’t smother the flames… keep them going strong. And where is my rom-com? 🙂

  42. I was so afraid that it will end badly like in M3(especially episode 15 was my nightmare), oh I just can’t believe!!! 🙁 I want them to be happy in the last two episodes!!!!!

  43. And here I was peacefully going about my weekend plans….

    Friday —– finish my work and other papers. Finish my online project, which has been shelved for 2 weeks now, because of LTM. (Damn! My work gets in the way of LTM…=p)
    Saturday —– relax and chill, it’s raining here til Sunday anyway. Watch LTM previous episodes, relive the Cola and Ice cream Kiss and what not.
    Sunday —- stalk the playground for written preview of LTM.

    So I say to myself, why not take a peek in the playground since I’m already online anyway. Surprise! There’s a preview for LTM, but after reading it I wish I hadn’t. I ask myself what in the world’s going to happen to my weekend now followed by a bunch of #$@%! @##&! %7*@#!
    There’s goes my weekend…..&%#@! /+#$%!

      • Oh since I haven’t seen any comments from Leishers, Madkdr and Angelitocurioso yet, I may need to brace myself. There may be nukes or weapons of mass destruction coming from them. May the the Kdrama Gods help us hehehehe

      • I have mention in my previous post, to get ready in your position if the sucks ending happens… even Bo is ready with her remote gadget… so.. just wait..

      • OMG Peipei and Bo, have you located the target(writer nim)? Are we resorting to biological warfare here?…lol!

      • We must prepare for the attack in this playground n gain strength to attack PD LTM!

      • @ angel : I .. personally.. will located any suspects who attempt to separate my OTP… YJ, Botox Lady, SH, PD-nim, Writer-nim… how dare they’re destroying our dream?? my dream!! *now i sounded like Angelito oredi.. she’s affected me with her insane virus* (thank God.. she’s sleeping now hahahaha)

      • hahaha Peipei you are bitten by the bug that is Angelito, I don’t know if there’s a cure.

        Anyways will wait here and work out, need to flex my muscles for impending raid. Alert me when the others are here and let’s synchronize our watches….hehehe

      • As of 12:30 hours, my plutonium powered computer has been tracking down the location of the enemies via satellite*** once we locked down there will be hells to pay***

        They must be frigging wetting their pants right now huh!

        K? Comrades in arms its just a matter of hours -approx 45 hours to go

      • After a serious talk, and “hot love making” with Vincenzo, I finally get him, to let me play, with some of his things….

        1) There is a serum, that you can paralyze the heart, making look like a heart attack, the cool thing is you can mix in juice, and not leave a smell or taste!! Cool, huh?

        2) There is a satellite tracking device, that can search for anyone in the globe, it searching, for Reaper and Writer-nim’s coordinates right now!

        Miss Koala Unni Ma’am, the troops are gathering together, and we are ready, when you are, Ma’am! When you decide, we will face our biggest battle of all, the elimination of LTM Staff, except our beloved OTP, Pastry Smurf Park Hoon, for Peipei’s sake, and Jedi Park, the others are goona suffer a very, SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH!!!

        *Totally Evil Laughter*

      • there you go Angelito…finally you come out from your secret cave…
        I am sooo ready!!!

  44. Can we send our viki Korean subbers over to SBS to protestMy entire team of Korean subbers from CYHMH are in Korea right now.

    I feel like sic-ing them on the writer!!!

    I don’t care about him ‘comforting’ her in ep 15 unless there are KISSES and more involved.

    I don’t even care if it’s the beginning of ep 16 they are apart.Why the **** are they apart in the 1st place.SHESH. I need some kissing and more after 3 episodes of dating and only ONE peck on the cheek.

    Who writes Hangul and can spam DC on the international fans behalf?

  45. OMG!!! What kind of preview is this for the LAST episode!!! Calm down…breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out…Breathe in…..I can’t calm down!!!
    What do they mean ‘seeing each other after 1 month’? KJ, who has declared openly that he will die if he does not see AJ every day, go without his Ah-Jungie for a whole month!!! Gosh…just can’t grasp the reason for giving us such a preview.

  46. If only the writer could read this thread! We deserve a better ending writer-nim..so you better prepare a great surprise if you don’t want us to ban your future dramas..I’m so damn sad about this previews…BTW, I still thank you Ms. K for the updates..bad or good are still very much appreciated..

  47. this is tormenting…if this drama ends so badly swear half of the worlds population won’t watch k-dramas (there goes the superlatives)..

    please, i did not watch the ending episode of 49 days, so why give the same fate to LTM?????

    they will really ruin everything if they give out some bad ending. AJ and KJ has fought so hard for a love they just want to kill..urgghhhhh….and they are so alive and sizzling. sigh!!!

  48. The updated post is even funnier but I concur…let’s stabbity some folks.

    That better be the first 15 minutes…there’s no room for angst in our love fest…and way to go for AJ not taking that dismissal and just slinking away.

  49. Only thing that I’m gonna say that I miss the old writer, I like him/her better than the new writer, really really really really and really I’m sorry but when episode 11 was aired I suddenly get disappionted like I feel like the flow of the drama and spirit or the atittude of the 2 main characters suddenly change. I started loving lie to me since the first episode that’s why in those times I really hate the haters of lie to me but now I can see like this is not the lie to me that I know put it back! Sorry to disappoint all of you, I’m not trying to hurt someone I just trying pull out all my disappiontment and my recently emotions to lie to me.

  50. The thing that bothers me in the preview is not really the “being apart for a month”, but the “feeling distant”. I have this idea that Ah Jung will be reinstated, but only on the condition that she cuts off her relationship with KJ for a certain amount of time. Though sadly, I believe Ki Joon will go along with it, since she sacrificed so much for him. But then I wonder if being apart for a month is enough to make their relationship become awkward, there must be something else to it.
    I feel sorry for So Ran, hopefully she’ll have her happy ending as well.

  51. I want happy ending !!! We have only 2 more episode left !!! Unless they plan to make it longer …. Happy ending please !!!

  52. what the french!? they expect us to go through this weekend with those measly blurred worded previews. wow.. sbs, you’re cruel. the OTP better have their happy ending and by ‘happy’ we mean lots of kisses, boating scenes and maybe throw a baby or two. is that too hard?

  53. Thanks Koala.
    I am finished with analysis of this drama. For the last episodes, like most of my co-workers who are crazy with the Ah-jung and Ki-joon sweetest love story, we all just want the hottest of kisses and a bed scene. LOL is this still possible? They have been giving each other the tamest of hugs and Ki-joon saying always ” I have trouble, I miss you” when Ah-jung is beside him or “I have to be with you today” and caresses her face with so much love. Ah-jung must know that the man needs more than a hug. All girlfriends know when the boyfriend says these things that his hormone happiness index is 100 percent up. So please writer of Lie to me, how about a final bed scene as gift to international fans of Lie to me. Also writer of Lie to me, do not even try to separate them with a sad ending in the last episodes, I swear I will give a thousand terrorist threat to the writer and PD of lie to me over the internet….Shucks, I must really be crazy… I sorely wish this drama to go on and on…….

  54. Can we have send a petition to SBS before Monday – to give us a good and beautiful romantic ending? Both Ki-joon and Ah Jung fully deserved such ending.

  55. I really don’t want to believe the written previews anymore. which written preview is accurate anyway? it’s all wrong based on the context. so i don’t want to depress myself for the next 3 days of waiting for the finale.

    In My Fair Lady, I think Kang Hae Na and Butler Seo got together in Episode 15 ( with an interesting bed scene at the start!) and then broke up in the same episode but got together back again at the end of episode 16. I just wish it will be the same with this one, look all the sad stuff should be in ep 15 and we could live with that, but an open ended psychological decide-on-your-self kind of ending? I don’t think so. With all this hype, and netizens like me who acted like zombies after the Mon-Tues program, who are shipping this OTP and would like to see them date in real life- I just don’t think it’s fair to give us that crap. We faithfully stayed with this drama, I just wish you give us the proper happy ending. You know, with all the frills, kisses, wedding, making out-making love and children running around (like in Secret Garden). I hope you give us closure for all of this, or all of us will end up rehabs. argh. this is so frustrating. I wish they didn’t release that written preview for it actually loses the interest of viewers. 🙁

  56. Thanks capitain…I’m with you folks…my family of liars…I scratch my head and I swear I want to throw bottle or shout like KJ did in ep 13..my frustration is very high while reading ep 16 preview…

    All I need is a VERY H.A.P.P.Y ending..I can’t stand a minutes or day that my HwanHye has to be apart let alone 1 full month???Are you nuts?After alll that they went through..they have to be separated?Are they really testing our patient and love for LTM?Seriously….or may be expect the unexpected??Gonna go mad at someone to release my frustration….may be I get an ice-cream or coke to calm down…n rethink of HwanHye 1st milestone in their relationship…We need to be on strike and complain written all over SBS if they NOT giving us what we want.(not saying have to be fan service like some criticize but come on…a HAPPY ending is needed for this wonderful couple HWANHYE, SBS can you hear me??

  57. why break up , and break alls heart?what is wrong with this writer ,blacl list her ! how can she ruin the whole story like this kind of preview?don’t want everone to be happy?

  58. My point is I don’t want HwanHye to be apart any day and please SBS, let us have a full ep16 of hapiness, don’t torture us nor our OTP..is that too much to ask for??

  59. people can’t get it? from the writer, actors & to the story itself….this drama is still sucks! and remain underdog of all dramas. anyway, younger generations from international fans like LTM very much so no worries at all.

      • I know which fanbase that troll came from they’ve been doing that to dcltm gallery too.

    • It sucks for you cause there so much bitterness in your heart. Lie To Me has great actors and actress and if you cant accept that then I feel sorry for you.

      Let us celebrate Lie To Me fans Lie To Me is getting all the attention internationally. It has been bought in many countries so it made an impact!

      • that’s right. insecure people really can’t accept that DESPITE being believed to be CRAPPY, this show has been given the greatest love from all over the world than those great shows you are referring to.

  60. I kind of checked out from this drama few episodes back but I still kind of check here and there every time an episode comes up. Isn’t this drama finishing up at episode 16? So I guess it will be like another 49 days then?

    • By the way, I LOVE the emoitcons at the start of this blog post. VERY expressive. Let’s hope that it’s a satisfying ending (the drama I mean)

  61. firstly, thank you, ms koala for all these wonderful updates and previews 🙂 i have been surviving on these. YEH and KJH are some of my favourite actors and i really like the chemistry between them.

    and yes, the plot went from bad to worse. the first writer’s had plenty of loopholes but tons of sweetness. this new writer… omg. whoever this writer is should just quit. this drama became which simply bank on ah jung and ki joon’s chemistry to continue. it’s tragic and honestly, at this point in time, i only hope to see more sweet romance between them. nothing else. and ya, ki joon honestly does not appear to be an irrational character to me. that drumming with red sash is just ridiculous. :/


    I am gonna kill someone if they don’t give me a happy ending!! The blood will get to the Han River!!! Hey, LTM “staff” don’t fuck with this Ajhumma’s mind, because you know, ajhummas get the shit done, and I am not afraid of you!!! YOU ARE BEING WARNED!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!!!

    • Oh angelito..finally…we are waiting for you to set up vicenzo team to attack LTM PD if no happy ending…n send the writer to bermuda or throw her to Han river!!!

    • hahaha read below my dear… our happy ending is sealed already!!!!
      so we can now sleep with a smile on our faces…

      • In the 27th episode?? I dont buy it!!!

        11 episode hanging!!!

        Hello?? Where are those?

      • Yup mizweng..I just read that…I’m so happy now…I can’t stop laugh…my customers think I’m crazy siigh******

      • Oh it is a date!!! LOL *giggles*

        Anyway, I don’t buy it!!! I believe when I saw it!!!

        *totally full of rage phase*

      • thank you baby love for the clarification… gosh these Liars are so passionate…no wonder SBS was scared!!!

      • @ angelito : you’re too much time for make out w/ vincenzo, you can’t see it clear… date or number… see…Vincenzo is not good for ur health… LOL

      • @Peipei

        Vincenzo is exactly what I needed, I realize that know!!! He is the most gentle, more caring, best lover ever!!!! LOL And he make one hell of omelets, that are to die for!!!!

        I’m so wishing that Vincenzo is real!!! LOL

      • is Vincenzo not real???….*yea like I didn’t know it* …. u know what Angelito… Park Hoon is real hahahahahahaha … Oh I am so happy wit this…

        hahahahahahahahahah *happily laughing*

      • @Peipei

        The spoiled ice cream is making you sick, Park Hoon isn’t real. The character “Park Hoon” isn’t real, the actor Kwon Se In, who personifies “Park Hoon” is real!!!

        So get a medical examination of your head, you are mixing, reality, with fantasy!!!

        Are you living in Pastry Smurf Fantasia? LOL

        Mhahahahahahahahahahaha *evil laughter*
        Serves you, right!!!!

      • I know Park Hoon is a character.. and his REAL name is Kwon Se In (you see my word in Caps ? REAL)… ha ha… you’re just jealous to me..

        ha.. ha.. ha…..

        I think we’re totally nuts …becoz the written preview ep. 16, huh? I feel down….

      • I know!!! I just have this feeling that something bad is gonna happen, like in Manny, the children escaped, so Manny decide, it is better for everyone if he is GONE…

        Time after that, they found each other at the airport, they are about to get a plane. I cant explain exactly what happened, coz, the episode was raw, so I don’t understand anything!

        Something tell me that maybe I wouldn’t get my happy ending!! That scare the crap out of me!!!

  63. Posted from yeh.net


    With the upcoming finale of the sbs drama Lie To Me, it has been revealed that GAJ and HKJ couple will give us a sweet and intense ice-cream love scene.

    AJ gets accepted back into the tourism ministry office on the 27th episode (which means no angst!)

    “so in order to celebrate AJ’s well earned re-employment back into her government office job at the ministry of culture and tourism, KJ decides to give AJ a surprise ice cream party. AJ is moved by this event and the two happily sit by the table and enjoy their ice cream together which eventually leads to a sweet and intense love scene”

    source: http://www.gooddaysp…099&dn=20110624

    waaah could this be true??^^

    • Oh noooo…good news to all LTM fandom..after ice cream what kind INTENSE LOVE SCENE???.( ̄□ ̄;): OH MY GOD…! I just can’t imagine what it would be!!!! Imagination going wild aarrggghhh#*#*#*****

    • [quote] AJ gets accepted back into the tourism ministry office on the 27th episode (which means no angst!) [/quote]

      Wait, hold your wig!!!
      27th episode?
      Damn, were in 14 right now, waiting for the infamous 15-16 episode, and you are mentioning 27th???
      Did the ice cream, got spoiled or what?
      I don’t understand!!!!
      *confuse, angry, and a killer instinct trying to get loose*

      Don’t play with my mind!!!!

      • oopppsss I clicked on the wrong one..sorrryyyy this is supposed to be address for mizweng..

  64. guyzzzz here’s some spoiler i got from soompi guarantee to make us all jump for joy…credit goes to mariyeh…

    With the upcoming finale of the sbs drama Lie To Me, it has been revealed that GAJ and HKJ couple will give us a sweet and intense ice-cream love scene.

    AJ gets accepted back into the tourism ministry office on the 27th episode (which means no angst!)

    “so in order to celebrate AJ’s well earned re-employment back into her government office job at the ministry of culture and tourism, KJ decides to give AJ a surprise ice cream party. AJ is moved by this event and the two happily sit by the table and enjoy their ice cream together which eventually leads to a sweet and intense love scene”

    source: http://www.gooddaysp…099&dn=20110624

      • bwahahaha you fif have a good night’s sleep, you’re very sharp!!!! guess that was some typo on their part…

      • ur too much, my belly aches laughing @Angelitocurioso. will be missing the LTM bonding at Koala’s playground. I’ve been enjoying every posts. u guys rock !!!! Thanks so much.

    • hahaha I think SBS was testing our reactions thus they came out first with the first 2 previews and when they got violent reactions and their sites were bombarded with unimaginable expletives, they decided to pacify us with this very juicy tidbit!!! good work SBS!!! you sly fox!!!!

    • Thanks for the update. Can’t access the link for some reason but hey, I’m ecstatic! I won’t be culpable of murder by strangulation – no blood on my hands, yeh!

      So, I’ve burst a blood vessel for nothing. Pondering the unhappy previews further, I suddenly remembered that this is a romantic comedy. I’ve never come across any sad ending rom-com. That thought cheered me up a little.

      Now, with this piece of news of a happy, intense-loving-involving-ice-cream ending, my world has been turned topsy-turvy again. Darn, this has made my day…I mean my night. However, still won’t be able to sleep for I’m on an unprecendented high! Why isn’t it Monday yet ?

  65. if i had known about this.. i would have…

    ” gone down to SBS and burn down all e scripts so they must change e plot.. MUAHHAHAHAHHA” lol

    my heart sank reading this.. oh.. so depressing.

  66. We’re all unhappy by those previews so I SUGGEST TO UNLEASH OUR IMAGINATION and to write a better ending of LTM and perhaps to submit it to the sbs writer,
    MRS O’KOALA can you please open a competition to select the best ending for KJ & AJ made by fans of LTM???????

  67. oh my . . . what a roller coaster ride we’re having. My heart can’t take it. . I’m going with the ice cream surprise party by KJ for AJ. LTM last ep better give me an ice cream smoldering hot kiss !!!!

  68. Couldn’t help but to share this fantastic comic about our hwanhye couple from Baidu! Super fun! Courtesy from soompi princessfiana 😛

    • me too!!! looking forward to cry then laugh and forever remember feeling good when THE END comes on screen on Tuesday….

  69. guys, hold your biological weapon of distraction for writer-nim and PDnim, i have read in YEH soompi thread cr. mariYEH that we will have our long awaited intense love scene between our OTP (intense ice cream love scene). I suppose that will be a prelude to a happy ending right?… 🙂

  70. Folks,

    I think 27th intense love scence is only episode 15, so AJ got her job back and celebrate but we are talking abt ep 16…something fishy going on.I will kill someone if they give us happiness first and then take away from us in ep 16…

    • you are right…..since this drama started of with fake marriage……I really want to see both of them with real marriage at the end of the drama….

      • Thanks Roz for reminding..If I have my weapon, I will switch it on if they are not giving me the SUPER DUPER HAPPY ENDING…All I want is an unique proposed, a wedding and then sending them off to honeymoon in Europe my dear SBS…is that too much to ask for??

    • I see your point. It looks like it would be for ep. 15. Epi 16 is still unclear. Pardon my French, I really don’t give a flying fig for SR/JB. Are we really going to witness another histrionic fit from SR and an equally deranged response from JB? I. REALLY. DO. NOT. CARE.

      We really went through the ringer for this drama, it seems that we are still up against an arsenal of angst. We need our double rainbow across the sky formulaic happy ending! You know what would make this worse? If they would give us an ambiguous ending. Argh…..!

  71. i am also a little worried about the potential ice cream love scene being on ep 15…but being a “rom com”, it just HAS to have a happy ending. i’m just hoping for a very satisfying, warm and fuzzy one

  72. Ok I have been following this blog for months now and refrained from posting on here but right now I am mad how dare they give a crappy preview like this? Yeah I am literally fuming with anger all my hours invested in this drama I want them back … Its simple give me a fairy tale wedding or my hours that isn’t asking for the impossible is it? I want wedding and pregnancy or a baby . FULL STOP

  73. Ok – I was ready to call in the City Hunter on writer- nim but decided to wait till I’d read all the comments. Now while I am all for “intense ice cream love scene” provided it involves some licking and sucking – ahem! – I am concerned about the “apart” business.

    Unless this just means that they can’t bear to be apart on their honeymoon cos the Chen’s want to play golf – I am not willing to accept ANY excuse.
    It will just confirm writer-nim wants to commit professional suicide as in I am NEVER watching any crap this writer writes again – and it’ll help that the writer may nit live long enough to write another drama once the Hit isnpur out!

  74. Aarrgghhhhh!!! I am away fit a few hours of relaxation and I’ve become all tensed and stressed already and all cos if this ridiculous preview.
    But as Koala said – the only redeeming thing is that consistently so far – the previews have been crap and is always out if context – so there is HOPE.

  75. after reading the Major Spoiler released by SBS, I started to wonder what kind of “sweet and intense icecream love scene” will it be from this writer-nim, what class/level will that be, kindergarten or secondary, but I think we all are expecting far more than that, at least it should be university level…
    sorry to be so naughty but I really want it to happen this way…

  76. I skipped the actual written previews because I don’t want to preemptively rage cos if that happens, I might start sharpening my knives and…IDK, steal a katana and start waving it dangerously close to a certain writer-nim.

    BUT…while I was scrolling fast, I read “apart” and “clutching belly” and omg, what? WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????? *shakes mad fist*

    Why can’t we have a nice 2 hours finale where only good things happen? Where Ah-jung and Ki-joon give us more shippy moments and they’re adorable and happy? I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but I want the cheese this time. If we don’t get the wedding, then we get to have something else which is just as sugary and happy. IDK what that would be, but I WANT IT, OKAY? We must have it.

    I really don’t get why the writer wants to inject all this “plot” in the last 2 eps. Makes no sense! It can potentially backfire if they cram too much in just 2 hours.

    • I dont buy it wit those Ice cream sweet n intense love scene… i’d tried so damn hard for not giving so much hope wit myself about the ending… I feel numb 🙁 … I dont want to think.. I give up.. I dont hv any hope 🙁
      *but still searching any spoilers in soompi* hiakakakakakakak…

      jeez..LTM…you make my weekend sucks!!

  77. Cant really w8 for the last 2 episode… thanks koala for feeding us in our addiction…. LTM is like a drug that dose in our love anxietiness… jejejeje Love this drama ever… But i wish it would end happily like the two leads not only getting married but having kids that is sooo cute like their mom and dad….

    • @Angelitocurioso,
      How can u relax with everything in the video was flipped to the other side?? Or is it just me seeing lefthanded KJ/AJ?

  78. More craps in the last 2 episodes? It’s already sucks when I see KJ explosive announcement to the world with victory symbol… It just too ridicolous… I didn’t find it romantic instead it was a crap plot… Now, I have to see KJ wearing a head banner????? my gosh!!! where the hell this idea comes from? For God sake, KJ is an educated man writer-nim!!! How do you think he possibly do such ridiculous things? If I were him, I will use my lobby power to get to the ministry of culture board… not walking around in front my girlfriend office and protesting all alone… stupid writer-nim!!! Please anyone who can speak and write in Korea, please send petition to the DC lie to me change the script… really, those scripts were awful and absurd… just give us more realistic and romantic (I mean hot kiss) scene, would you??? Damn!!! I’m getting more piss-off after I see the written preview… Anyway, thanks mrs beautifully koala for your lovely updates… 🙂

    • i agree with you too…
      I can accept the public love declaration since it is a way to use media to counter the damage caused by against media.
      But I don’t understand this protest outside the Ministry thing…
      There must be other more mature way of proving that AJ was impartial give the business to Gold Resort / World Hotel isn’t it?
      I mean he is the CEO of one of Korea’s largest hotel chain!

    • You’re absolutely right, about the red head banner thingy. Almighty HKJ should be wheelin’ and dealin’ with the big wigs of the ministry.

  79. not sure if this is a legit spoiler.. but this definitely calmed my nerves a bit..
    it sure looks like some major boating is coming our fave OTP’s way come Monday:

    With the upcoming finale of the sbs drama Lie To Me, it has been revealed that GAJ and HKJ couple will give us a sweet and intense ice-cream love scene.

    AJ gets accepted back into the tourism ministry office on the 27th episode (which means no angst!)

    “so in order to celebrate AJ’s well earned re-employment back into her government office job at the ministry of culture and tourism, KJ decides to give AJ a surprise ice cream party. AJ is moved by this event and the two happily sit by the table and enjoy their ice cream together which eventually leads to a sweet and intense love scene”

    credit: to whoever posted it first 🙂

  80. My guess is that AJ got her job back on condition that she breaks off with KJ due to conflict of interest…thanks to YJ’s dad….sob…sob…sob…

    • I kind of hope not cos that would be seriously out of character – after all the sacrifice she made by going to the reporters was with full knowledge that her job was in jeopardy – she reminded KJ any number of times that she kept their relationship a secret cos of the possible fall out!! Still recall the lovely pout he gave!!

  81. So I was online reading the previous LTM post to see what ppl were saying,when I saw that HwanHye Shipper comment that the written preview for ep 15 was out. I was all Essited. And so I was waiting for Koala to translate and post…but i fel asleep waiting–this is what happens when your sleep deprived because of a certain show.
    But Now I see this….
    This…This mockery of a preview. Oh help me
    I swear, i’m FOAMING at the mouth. Apart? Distant? I cant even speak the way I am so angry. I’m sorry Koala, but I dont think I can be calm for ep 16. I dont even know what ep 15 is going to be like. Though I’m not dreading it anymore. It seems kind’ve cool. but who know with this damn writer person. Gosh they sure now how to make me unpleasant.

  82. Realy is true, if it is not a happy end, this is the start of a war. If is like that is jeer, it is not just for all their fans.

    I want a HHAAPPPPYY ending, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Do not make us suffer more

  83. I’m just returning from Greatest Love episode 16 – Why O Why can’t we at least have a full episode on just our OTP doing much of what Dokko Jin and Ae Jung were? Ok granted – they went for the happily married and ever after – and we would not want to plagiarise.

    But what’s so wrong with having our OTP actually being at peace and having some “we” time and recovering from the angst together? Chilling at home drinking some Cola with ice-cream and generally just spending quality time without alcohol!

    Proposing sounds good – whilst the big red bow thing was expected of Dokko JIn – lately, judging by our KJ’s behaviour, I would not put it past him!

    So please drama Gods – please hear our cry – after putting us through so much pain with the plot and rdeeming us with the OTP – please give us one whole episode of our OTP.

  84. someone said on soompi that KJ is throwing an ice cream party for her to cheer her up for gaining her job back and it leads to a love scene

    • High time for that! Ever since the new scriptwriter took over, it seems like love has turned so very sweet and mushy (not that I’m complaining…I love those moments), however, passion has somewhat flown out of the window.

  85. please please happy ending please unforgettable and undeniably surpassing the cola kiss that’s all i want memorable happy ending……..pls don’t disappoint all LTM lovers

  86. first time writing in here

    Just wanted to add that beside missing GAJ & HKJ when LTM ends, I’ll miss all the posts here by you all….. its been a fantastic roller coaster ride

    will there be another drama that can create crazy fans like us???

  87. Ah well – it’s really late now and I need to catch some zzzzzzz. i hope tomorrow we’ll better news – but for now I’m going to bed armed with clips of AJ and KJ so that I can dream happy.

    Good nite chingus – sweet cola dreams.

  88. Let’s keep clam people. Experience tells us that these previews do not necessary tell you anything about the episode itself. Let’s keep calm…

  89. I read in YEH site that episode 15 they will have another kiss. I really wish that the writer is not teasing us. Don’t break them apart! Maybe after KJ proposes he need to go to China for a month then when he comes back they will get married. Please don’t end LTM badly. End it with a best wedding, with dancing, drinking, wedding night and babies. Wrap up the supporting characters life as well like SH opening a gallery and meeting a woman, YJ in Paris finally moving on, SR and JB having a baby and happy, AJ’s dad will get married too, the aunt maybe on a date, Manager Park on a blind dat and our most love and adorable secretary Park Hoon finally watching his melodrama with his girlfriend. End it like the birthday party of AJ and KJ’s baby or a housewarming party announcing AJ is pregnant.I hope the “APART” ment that KJ is on his business trip and they did not break up or anything. No more break ups please. No more angst. This two love birds had enough. LTM FIGHTING!

    • YES! That’s exactly how every drama should end! End it with a best wedding, with dancing, drinking, wedding night and babies. Making sure that all characters are happy and found their inner piece. A perfect happily ever after!

  90. as a withdrawal therapy, i watched KJH’s My GF is an Agent (i’ve seen all YEH’s)… i find so many scenes of KJH hilarious. he is so adorable and so much fun to watch. can’t help thinking YEH (the girl warrior of XMAN) would for sure be great for the role of Su-ji

    • does the chemistry between KJH and his co star in my girlfriend is an agent as same as the chemistry from our OTP (YEH with KJH)….

      • They worked together along time ago (KJH + Kim Ha Neul) in 90 Days Time to Love. It was KJH’s melodrama. So not surprising they’d have good chemistry since they’ve been friends for a long time.

      • yeah but IMHO, not as sizzling and scorchingly (oh is there such a word?) HOT as with YEH… well I’ve always LOVE KJH since I first saw a glimpse of him in Be strong Geum Soon so I kinda marathoned his drama and movies when I saw him again in Coffee House… I think he’s one of the sexiest leading man alive and he has a special way of connecting with his leading ladies. But I have to concede, his connection with YEH is EXCEPTIONAL enough to make me wish they should be dating for REAL… huh, am too old to be wishing this but gosh if I can’t have him then I’ll be happy to hand him to YEH!!! squeeeeeeeee

  91. This is my 1st time leaving any comments on anysites. I just felt that if I don’t leave any comments then I am missing out and not anticipating a big party. I love this drama. I love this site so much. Just like you said that it is 1st thing I check in the morning since I started to watch LTM. I am not korean but I love YEH. I think that she is an awesome actress. I love her all dramas. I love all of your comments which make me laugh and happy. Thank you koala.

  92. I’m trying to stay somewhat spoiler-free by just skimming your posts/pics and enjoying your YEH-KJH love. I’m still back on Ep 8 of LTM. I really really REALLY hope that is see a happy mood from you at the end of the week! I want a happy ending sooooo bad!! I’m so in love with your blog btw. Must bookmark for daily reading.

    • oops I see the final episodes air M/T next wk. Anyway crossing fingers that this works out. Thanks for your awesome recaps!

  93. whoever writes these previews is an a-hole…

    seriously? those are the written previews for the last two episodes? I can’t believe they wrote “apart” , “painful feeling” and “emotional distance” in the same paragraph” as our beloved OTP…gosh, I want to strangle someone

    KJH and YEH staring at each other for 60 minutes sounds like a better prospect than that poor excuse of a preview

  94. I just punched a wall right this second after i read the previews, but it doesn’t hurt because I’m so distracted by my pure RAGE !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW SO FREAKIN MUCH!!! I SWEAR IF THEY END IT BADLY, I WILL GO OFFICIALLY CRAZY!!!!!!!

    • Understandable @KimLuv. Everything is.
      They can not end this show badly, i’m not even thinking about that. What I dont want them to do is try and seperate Ah Jung and Ki Joon for even a second, Much less a month. I Still cant get over that. All I know is, that last sectence in ep 16 preview better be a typo. Or else. OMG…let me not get so angry since I have to leave for my doctors appointment.

  95. Someone once asked where they film the cherry-blossom scene. It’s in Ansan just outside Seoul. See the old interview article below:

    “Lie to Me” releases still-cuts of Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Ji Hwan’s kiss scene
    by VITALSIGN on April 27, 2011 at 5:35 am

    In yet another still-cut series released by SBS’s upcoming drama, “Lie to Me“, fans can get a glimpse of a special kiss scene this time between lead roles Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye.

    The scene pictured below were taken at Ansan, a location known for its beautiful cherry flowers. Kang Ji Hwan explained, “The scene actually takes place in quite the bizarre situation so I thought it’d be awkward to film. Fortunately, the flowers created the appropriate atmosphere for the scene, so we were able to complete it without any troubles. It feels great knowing that we got our emotions down.”

    Yoon Eun Hye added, “I was a bit nervous at first, but I soon became captivated with the beauty of the flowers. It was both a sweet and exciting experience.”

    Producers said, “To film this particular scene, we brought in a 45m crane and over 50 different lighting equipment. We also used a large fan to make the flowers look like they were floating with the wind.”

    Check out the pilot episode on May 9th!
    Source: Allkpop.com, TV daily

  96. Oh my Gosh! I can’t wait till tuesday, because now I don’t care what happens in Episode 15; I need to see 16 like right now and fly to Korea either to kill or hug the writer, is his/her pick.
    Trully though, there’s is absolutely nothing stopping this drama from having a perfect, more than satisfactory ending. The issue with the Chen’s have been resolved plus they love AJ. AJ could always petition to get her job back or find something else ( since I really believe she became a civil servant for JB; but she now loves the job, so petition!(now or after the drama ends, stay with KJ ofcourse). I don’t care much abt the ex’s issue and nothing she does should be able to affect their relationship, unless she turns murderous. I don’t much know what’s holding the Aunt back, but again; it’s high time KJ becomes a little bit selfish and goes for his own happiness.
    And I say, if the writer can’t do a proper ending, KJ and AJ needs to sack him/her and create their own…..they are so good at that!!!

  97. So now that I’ve pacified myself into believing that our ending will not suck and will be filled with lots of lovely couple scenes for my most favorite OTP ever, I started rewatching the episodes backwards… mainly because I can’t get over the cute dating scenes from 13-14. Also, I’ve already seen ep 1-14 in the normal order every weekend since LTM first aired.

    Thank goodness I have two computer screens! I can do some work while the show plays next to me… except in all scenes b/w KJH and YEH, I become a shipper-zombie.

    My eyes fixate on them, my head automatically tilts to the side, and I end up watching with a wistful/cheesy grin on my face without realizing it.

    Aigooo… I’m so totally head-over-heels for HwanHye. What am I going to do when this show is over???

    • go to LTM addict rehabilitation, we check in together ok!!LOL!!..now I’m watching episode 13-14 again sigghhhh………..

      • haha even though I don’t speak korean, I’ve actually memorized Kang Ji Hwan’s lines from the drunk scene and YEH’s lines from right before she gets ice cream smushed on her face.

      • LOL..no ne go ya???Dang…you should make MV drunk scene…staring U n angelito n send it to SBS youtube sighhhh……..

    • HwanHye, I bet we could have a conversation for hours just on the subject of LTM heheh. But I’ve also been rewatching the eps. gah, I cant get enough. I keep rewatching the office *eye-sex* scene and let me tell you…I aint bored. I dont know how much time I rewatched that. My doctor asked me what i’m doing this weekend and I was like…..Uhhh oh im hanging out with with friends. heheh Psych!! Well maybe for a while. But not too long.

      • Leishers, I could spend hours just dissecting the drunk confession, airport and water fountain scenes! Lol, as a matter of fact, I unknowingly replay them for hours at a time…. Because seeing it once per sitting is not enough.

  98. Been reading comments here…Anxious too for a magnificent finale. Nervously disappointed of the written previews for ep15 and 16. I hope all of us will be given such a surprise for the finale. LTM production, come on don’t waste that awesome chemistry between YEH and KJH that kept viewers watching the drama…Seems like it’s a make or break finale.


    With the upcoming finale of the sbs drama Lie To Me, it has been revealed that GAJ and HKJ couple will give us a sweet and intense ice-cream love scene:)

    AJ gets accepted back into the tourism ministry office on the June 27th episode (which means no angst!) “so in order to celebrate AJ’s well earned re-employment back into her government office job at the ministry of culture and tourism, KJ decides to give AJ a surprise ice cream party. AJ is moved by this event and the two happily sit by the table and enjoy their ice cream together which eventually leads to a sweet and intense love scene”

    CR. mariYEH

  100. I’m praying for more LTM good news today…I slept after listening to LTM OST last night and wake up listening to them as well..I think this would be my way of surviving till the last blast this Tuesday…

  101. Now I am sooo worried that I won´t be able to be at ease for the rest of the weekend! COME ON!!!!!!!! we need epi 15 and 16 full of happiness as pretty much was the greatest love!!!!!!!!
    SBS better make up to us, the loyals LTM fans!!!!!! I have been through enough only cuz we LOVE the OTP!!!!!!!!!
    If they don´t, as my lovely Dokko said: I´LL SUE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  102. i still believe that the production will give our OTP the greatest grand finale that they sooo deserve. if they could spend so much effort and probably big bucks to create the cherry blossom bench into a most romantic scene i’m sure the ending will not be spared. i really think that fans of this show were heard loud and clear by the pd and writer=nim so everyone don’t let your heart be troubled. :):):) cheers …..

    btw miss koala thx very much for all your hard work see you at the grand finale…..let the fireworks begin… :):):)

  103. Hi there! After a loooong restless night – I have convinced myself that the writers and PD would now commit professional suicide and jeopardise their very livelihood by giving us a crappy ending.

    I do believe that SBS will be picketed against and crap plastered, literally, all over and around their building if we get even a hanging ending.
    Seriously, I don’t know what is worse – a crappy ending or a hanging one!!!

    Surely with news that international fans have made it one of the most popular drama ever should count for something right?

    • Heck!! No matter what I say and do – I still have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach!!

      Look – we know LTM has a crap plot – we who watch are not exactly mindless twits who have no idea what a good drama is – unlike what some commentators think – we do know what’s good and what’s not. But we also recognise a fantastic OTP when we see one – and not just deny chemistry just to join the elitist band wagon.

      So why are we filled with anticipation and nervous worry? Well it’s cos our OTP have made it so believable that the crap that happens in and around them, illogical or not doesn’t matter – what matters is how they deal with and get through all the crap!

      We want to see them work through their problems – we want to see them triumph and succeed, we want to see them Happy. It’s like you see a couple you know are meant for each other – but things get in the way – and you’re rooting for them – it’s just that it’s gosh darned public is all!!! With all of us peeking into their lives.

      So to the naysayers – please don’t state the obvious – we are not drama newbies – preference is a choice – whichever part of the drama that hooks us – that’s unique to us – hence birds of a feather flock together at this special playground where we can squeal all we like and we all know what and where and why!

      Chingus of the world unite and pray that the drama Gods have heard all our fervent wishes.

      • Oh Madkdr…

        This “thing” hit you hard!!! You are changing emotions, violently!! I know, coz, I feel the same way too!! I was at work, and my partner, says to me, “what happen, you are in silence”. I was like looking at the freaking horizon, and when I get it, I say, it is weird, huh?

        What I mean, is, this drama, this addiction, this seduction of my emotions, have taking me by surprise and suck the life out of me. I will never be the same… I’m glad, I’m not the only one.

        BTW, I know this isn’t the greatest drama ever, but I LURVE IT, not only because my lovely OTP, but because, the start of it. Everyone was living a lie, and they even want to realize it!! For me that was the thing that hook me!!

        ** Demigod, trying to be a “man”, he couldn’t do it, so he ran away!
        **Reaper, try to be world’s greatest fiance, left his boyfriend alone, and leave for Paris, for 3 years!! Girl, please!!!
        **Civil Servant, despite being a great human being and a professional, lacks of self esteem, and self love
        **Ice Prince, was perfect, but lacks all the expect rum of human emotion
        **Pool Lady + Cheater, try to show a perfect married live, but they live in HELL
        Everything about everyone was a lie!! And how we use lies, to survive, everyday life, it is weird!!!

  104. LTM addiction is running through me now currently watching LTM ep 8. LTM marathon while waiting for Monday whew!!!!

    • Good luck to you!! Join the club!

      We’ve been doing that literally every week since LTM started!! With every new episode – we rewatch raw, partial subbed, subbed – then rewatch to tide us over till the new episode!! LOL!!!

    • AJA! Fighting! 🙂 try to pace yourself because 14 hours of LTM isn’t enough to fill a weekend… What I do is rewind and replay my favorite scenes over and over to look at every detail of YEH and KJH’s acting. Heehee gives me goosebumps just thinking about it 🙂

      • we LTM lovers n die-hard fans of YEH & KJH would kill our time waiting for the next episodes by watching all the episodes over n over again…..replaying the scenes between our beloved OTP countless times……yet, people at SBS cannot get the obvious hint…….sighhhhh……GIVE ALL OF US A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY ENDING!!!!!

  105. Gals, do u all know that our Manager Park is one gREATTT ballad singer! Go to youtube and check it out.

    I just fell in love with her voice!!! She should sing in the LTM ost too!

    • what is the OST andwhat does OTP stand for???!!! oh and I am also a YEH and Lie to me fannnnn wujuuu Fightiiiiinnnng

  106. i can’t seem to read these previews. with the reactions of everyone i don’t think i want to know the previews. oh please just let it be a beautiful and happy ending. i need a “cloud nine” ending. PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. ahhhh,,,so bad, why, why, why??? these 2 lovers need to have happy ending… I think its not realistic enough if they will be apart…In real world, nowadays, everybody is equal, i hope the writer will consider that view!

  108. i just wanna say WOOOW…
    I’ m just realized that i’m not the only one in the world that have gone crazy over this exactly one drama…reading all the comments above, i just start laughing with all your crazy thought about this drama ending…but well i’m almost agree to all of your comment…esp the one that wanna kill the writer if it’s gonna end badly.. i swear to god that i’ll help you do it too…lol
    i also wanna share my thought about the ending…why don’t they make it just like secret garden’s???
    well that’s quite a perfect ending for this year drama, isnt it?
    i guess if they make it that way, i’ll just forget saying that SG is 2011 best drama and start shouting to everyone i know that LTM is this year’s BEST DRAMA ever !!!
    aaarghhh just 7 hours more n i can watch it raw…huuuuh be calllm>>>
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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