Song Seung Heon and Nam Sang Mi Potentially the Leads for Kim Soo Hyun’s Upcoming Drama

My Heon oppa may be doing two dramas in one year? I is happy about that. While there has been no official confirmation yet, but the mainstream Korean newspapers are reporting that famed screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun (the most esteemed and respected writer in Yeouido) has offered the lead role of her upcoming drama to Song Seung Heon. While Song Seung Heon may be a top star, but getting a Kim Soo Hyun invite is akin to getting selected by Francis Ford Coppola to film Godfather Part II.

The drama is tenatively titled Forget Me Not (after the flower) and will be Kim Soo Hyun’s first weekday drama in years, as her recent dramas have all been weekend family fare. The unconfirmed reports also state that Nam Sang Mi has been offered the leading lady role, which would indicate that she really impressed Kim Soo Hyun when she starred in the last year’s Kim Soo Hyun-penned Life is Beautiful.

Forget Me Not is said to be a very traditional story about love and loss, and won’t be going the cheerful and light-hearted route. It’s about a man who loses the love of his life and raises her child after her death, and how he copes with the loss of such an unforgettable love. So I guess this means expect lots of angsting from my Heon oppa? I hope he takes the offer, because this could very well be another turning point for his acting career.

I thought he was delightful in My Princess, really nailing the role and delivering acting that felt natural and connected with me. But MP was such a light-weight production that if he shows he can handle a Kim Soo Hyun leading man role, it’ll net him the critical validation he’s been lacking his whole career.

As for the pairing with Nam Sang Mi, I’m all for it. In fact, Sang Mi reminds me of Kim Tae Hee‘s brand of earthy sweetness. Casting will apparently be finalized next week, so I’ll bring updates when that happens. Forget Me Slot is slated to follow Warrior Baek Dong Soo on SBS Mon-Tues time slot.

[Credit: Korea daily]


Song Seung Heon and Nam Sang Mi Potentially the Leads for Kim Soo Hyun’s Upcoming Drama — 20 Comments

  1. Oooh I like the pairing. I also love the writer, but…eeeeeeeeeh, this sounds a little too melo for my taste. But hey, who knows. I’ll probably check it out.

    SSH totally suprised me in My Princess. Who knows, maybe he’ll even angst prettily in this new drama? Fingers crossed, chingu!

  2. sounds very interesting …i’m always up for anything with Nam Sang Mi in it though I’m not sure if Song Seung Hoon would be up for more angsting…I think I prefer him in much lighter fare

  3. one more eye candy show. it will be good to see SSH twice this year, and this year is no where to end yet.

    Can we see one more show of YEH of KJH this year?

  4. SSH in Melo? I loved him in My Princess but not so much in Autumn Tale (only watched those two, correct me if I’m wrong).

    Speaking of melo, I read that CSW wants to do a melo after BL, that’d be awesome after seeing him in CH, Athena and BL. I hope CSW will get a great melodrama script, those beautiful expressive eyes of him without doubt going to break my heart in a hundred pieces but I won’t miss it for the world.

    I prefer seeing SSH in romcom.

  5. steady wantid see SSH acting again, he’ll be a role like what ..? , do not wait to wait for his play…^^

  6. Ummm…I know this is really obvious…but darn, is that man HOT. Whew! ~fans self~ Why are there no hot Asian guys at my college??? ~sigh~ I suppose living in a landlocked state not known for cultural diversity has its downsides… it’s one of the Coasts for me for grad school, for sure.

    This sounds interesting. I’ve never seen Heon oppa in his Seasons dramas (not my style), but I did see some of East of Eden and the movie He Was Cool, and of course My Princess. I’d be excited to see him in something a little more serious, and after this fluffy, fun-filled summer, I’ll be ready for something a little more serious, too. Plus, Heon oppa + little kid? Cuteness overload.

  7. OH MY LORD.

    I might just have a heart attack. Two SSH dramas in one year? YES PLEASE.

    He’d be stupid not to take the drama (unless he’s already in contract with something else). And Nam Sang Mi!! I love this girl. She has some amazing acting chops. Here’s my fingers crossed.

  8. i wish this pushes through. i like song seun heon but i’ve only watched snippets of my princess (i know, lame. but med school is eating the life out of me). and i’m a fan of nam sang mi. i even watched sweet spy for her. i will surely watch this even though the genre’s not really to my liking

    I’m waiting for youuu! I am so glad he’s (don’t jinx pwease) somewhat confirmed for another drama. He’s fantabulous.

  10. Awww..I love Nam Sang-mi! SSH, loved him in My Princess.
    BTW, I love your header: pic of JWS, especially the riiiiiiigggghhttt top corner of the page! YUMS! hike ’em a lil’ higher, hon!

  11. OMG!!!! this news alone can cure my LTM withdrawal!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE SSH! TWO dramas in one year is a dream!!!! but a melo drama….i guess i’ll take it over something like East of Eden. hopefully he’ll at least be handsome and clean cut, just like his role as Mr. P in MP.

  12. wow, WBDS will start tom and we already got news about its replacement…and no other than a super duper cool oppa here..*meltingcozSSHinMP*…i hope he will dress as cool as diplomat park…i love NSM in time between wolf and dog, beautiful lady there..

  13. Dear Koala,
    Thanks a lot for posting about this drama. I deeply wish Song Seung Heon really accept this drama for leading role and Koala do the recap of his drama……. it will be truely awesome.

  14. really? wow that would be nice!
    I loved Nam Sang Mi and I really miss seeing her with a good drama again and I think she with Song Seung Heon would be look together.. This would be nice team up!
    I really hope it would happen..

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