Casting Confirmed For the Saving General Yang with Vic Zhou as 4th Brother and Wu Zun as 6th Brother

Latest news from Weibo states that casting of the Yang’s brothers have been finalized. I posted here about the actors playing one of the seven brothers in the upcoming epic HK/C movie Saving General Yang (一门忠烈之杨家将), but it hadn’t yet been finalized which actor played which brother (with the exception of Wu Zun getting Liu Lang Sixth brother, and Louis Koo getting Da Lang First brother).

In addition to Wu Zun and Louis, the rest of the cast will go like this: Ekin Cheng as Er Lang Second brother, Feng Shao Feng as San Lang Third brother, Vic Zhou as Si Lang Fourth brother (booyah, just like I predicted), Raymond Lam as Wu Lang Fifth brother, and newcomer Fu Xin Bo as Ci Lang Seventh brother.

This is me here crying tears of joy. My Zai Zai as Si Lang? There is a drama god up there who loves me. Below I have character descriptions for those who are not familiar with this folktale. Oh, and the picture above is not the official poster, just fans having fun with photoshop.

1. Da Lang – Both patriotic and tactically brilliant.

2. Er Lang – Thoughtful and precise, a master at the study of stragetic text.

3. San Lang – Impetuous yet always willing to assist others.

4. Si Lang – Handsome yet born with a weaker constitution, has a rebellious personality.

5. Wu Lang – Not interest in war, obsessed with studying martial arts.

6. Liu Lang – Not very talkative, but very concerned with war matters. All the rewards he earns in battle he gives away to his troops, lives very simply.

7. Ci Lang – The most spoiled, happy and outgoing, always looking for interesting and fun things.

Wuxia veteran Adam Cheng will be playing Daddy Yang. Apparently the movie is purely focused on the brothers going to war to save Daddy Yang, so I’m not sure if we’ll get any Yang wives in it. Boo, I do love the love stories in the Yang’s clan. The director for this movie will be HK-director Ronny Yu, who directed The Bride With White Hair with Leslie Cheung and Bridgette Lin, Jet Li‘s Fearless, and even did the Hollywood movie Freddy v. Jason.

Since this movie is about the rescue of Daddy Yang and not the Battle at Golden Beach (where we get the famed saying that 7 brothers went to war and 1 came home), I’m expecting everyone to live and hopefully gimme a sequel or more. There is so much story to tell, and with such a star-studded cast I’m totally fangirling for more already.

[Credit: Baike Baidu Yang’s Clan]


Casting Confirmed For the Saving General Yang with Vic Zhou as 4th Brother and Wu Zun as 6th Brother — 19 Comments

  1. When i first heard about the movie and the star studded cast i couldn’t believe what i was reading. I swear the drama gods probably watched me fan girl over most of the actors in one drama/ movie or another and decided “hey lets blow her mind and have them all in the same movie.” Please let this be as awesome as it sounds.. and even if its not, hey at least we got to see my babies in warrior outfits, being majorly hot!

  2. Is Feng Xiao Feng the same as Feng Shao Feng, as in William Feng?
    If it is…he’s my new found (drama) love-interest!!!! I actually endured a good number of Gong episodes in the past week because of himmmm! He was charismatic. So yay!

  3. lol Vic Zhou (1981) who plays older than Raymond who is 79’er (I liked him in “the four”) who plays older than WuZhun (1978) oh lalala.
    I like Deng Chao as an actor but Louis koo ew !

  4. From the look of the Character types….hmm seems interesting I like the guy obsessed with martial arts….and San Lang character type cool!!!! 😉

    But I’m so into animation these days I’m waiting for Harry Potter and I am number four part two….still loving Bumble Bee in Transformers 3 that Camaro is romantic and funny!!!! I like funny men!!!!

    I wonder if Martial Arts Movie will evolve to animation…Hero of Jet Lee was Animated….the battle in the lake was cool….if only they could do it in many numbers….

  5. OMG!!! I can’t wait. I watched the drama version with Hu Ge and it was amazing! The plot was absolutely beautiful, but emotional to watch. It’s devastating to know that you have six brothers, but only one came back to succeed his father. I don’t know how they’re going to fit everything into one movie and still touch the audience.

  6. It seems that the role of Zai in Yang Movie is very tough and challenging,another breakthrough on Zai’s career,I think Dir. Zhu is right 2012 will be CHOU YU MIN’s year but for me Zai, every year is your year.God Bless You always,we’re here to support you all the way.

  7. I actually love the Chinese series that they did for the 7 yang brothers. Which Chinese actor Alec Su and Korean actress Chae Rim played in. I try looking for the DVD with English sub but they don’t have it . (T^T)

  8. oh dang! This movie is going to cost loads of $$$ for all 7 of the stars!! but I can’t wait!! Plenty of eye candy!!

  9. I hope this series is as good as the one Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi, Peter Ho was. That was so bittersweet but so good so I couldn’t hate it for the ending.

  10. Oh! Koala I could also feel what your felt knowing our ZZ is 4th son. There!s really that drama god who really loved us. I can foresee how the Junkies at AF would cry with so much joy too. I love you Koala. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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