Written Preview for Episode 12 of Spy Myung Wol

Let’s keep this comments section just about discussing the drama Spy Myung Wol, and not the drama surrounding Spy Myung Wol, okay? The written preview for episode 12 confirms that the story will go forward from where Kang Woo’s big declaration left off. I think this upcoming episode will be tons of fun for shippers of the OTP, because it’s high time we got something different from Kang Woo other than his usual push and pull with Myung Wol.

Written preview for episode 12:

At his showcase, Kang Woo reveals the truth about his real background and confesses his love for Myung Wol. Henceforth, Kang Woo and Myung Wol endure whatever slings and arrows befall their entertainment career and proceed to happily date like ordinary couples do for the time being.

In Ah cannot stand watching this and bides her time to interfere. Choi Ryu worries about Myung Wol, and finds himself conflicted. Choi Ryu unexpectedly finds out through In Ah that Kang Woo has the final book of the Four Books. Choi Ryu orders Myung Wol to steal the book from Kang Woo.

[Written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 12 of Spy Myung Wol — 39 Comments

  1. Oh snap Aunite K,
    There is gonna be some rumblee in the jungle when all cards are laid out. I want everyone to be happy except In Ah (she can go jump off a cliff or get stranded on a deserted island) ok back to happy thoughts. YAY Im glad SMW is finally moving in a good direction, cant wait to see the episode.
    Later Mates, off to play double dutch 😀

  2. Woah, finally a move forward!! I can’t wait to see it. But of course, we should expect for more angst and less cute on the upcoming episodes. >.<

    I love the picture you used. They're sooo cute together!

  3. While I dropped the live watching awhile ago, I still follow recaps and I’m glad to see some change in KW. The character seriously was driving me crazy cause it was really hard to like him. Spy MW- fighting!

  4. I thought that my love for kdrama is seasonal and over but I guess I’m hooked. I like SMW, I like it because of Eric. I don’t know why but he have this charm, even if his being a jerk I find it cute and interesting. It’s my first time to watch him in a drama. Now, let the date begin, finally no more push and pull, it’s pretty tiring to watch the pairing go on circles love you and hate you. In this drama I tormented with the OTP, I feel like I wanted MW with CR or her handler/boss, they look good together and I love the little sweet moments with them, although MW loves KW and what she feels for CR is friendship but CR loves MW. As much as I want MW and KW to be together, I also want MW and CR to runaway together and build a new life somewhere away from korea. As for IA the obsessive spoiled brat heiress I feel like she’s not part of drama at all. All through out the drama I see her complain, obsessed, etc… I haven’t seen a solid performance from her in which I could hate her as villain of the story. The way she antagonize MW is so high school, I think she can do better than that (writers can do better than that). I find IA funny and predictable. I’m glad that SMW will continue where they left off. Fingers cross that everything will be ok. Who ever MW end up with KW or CR I’m ok with it.

  5. This drama is just a big disappointment. It has no direction to it whatsoever, and while I don’t expect for K-dramas to be too logical, at least I expect them to make some sense, which this drama lacks. *Sight*

  6. Am I the only one who thought that Ryu already knew that Kang Woo had the book? After all, he’s the one who tried to steal it from him in the first place.

    • Nope, I thought so too…don’t Myung Wol and Kang Woo look too cute in their couple shirts? If Kang Woo loses his financial backing in SK, he can go to NK with Myung Wol to act..they want him!

    • I thought so, too. But then, i checked ep 1 again, and Kang woo was wearing a mask at that so Ryu must’ve not recognise him. That makes sense now.

  7. Golly, there seems to be like nothing going on with the smiles of the leading characters. I really smiled after seeing the preview for episode 12. Really can’t wait for monday right now! Im so excited! Wiee.

    • Me too. 🙂 I can’t wait for episode 12 to erase all the memories of last week. I believe in the actors and think now that Choi Ryu sees Myung Wol has conquered Kang Woo, CR’s jealous streak is going to come out and come between MW’s love for KW and her loyalty to her country. Oh gosh!

  8. Hmm, that’s more or less what I predicted would happen. I’m looking forward to seeing some cute OTP scenes before they get hit by the inevitable angst yet again (not that I don’t love the angst, but I love the OTP being cute and happy together too).

    Thank you for continuing to share the previews for this drama. I really appreciate it.

  9. is this photo from the time after the ‘issues’ or before? the photo is the best from what i see till now:D and couple shirts, love it!

  10. I don’t get it. Like mentioned above, doesn’t Ryu already know Kang Woo has the book? So does Myung Wol, but I guess she’s forgotten her initial reason to go to S. Korea–which was to steal the book in order to make up for botching Ryu’s attempt.

    And then, she basically got a non-confirmation confirmation from Ryu that the other mission involves getting that book.

    • I wondered the same thing…continuity fail much? Ah well, I’m loving the rest of the drama – the wackiness! the humor! ERIC! – so I’m glad they worked out the conflicts this past week and are back to filming. Can’t wait to figure out what the books actually mean!

    • At first I wondered about that as well, but thinking back to the first episode, Ryu probably didn’t know Kang Woo was the person he tried to steal the book from. At that point Ryu only knew of Kang Woo as the person whose concert the general’s daughter wanted to see. He had no reason to think twice about KW beyond that, no reason to expect he would be at the secret auction, and no reason to recognize him behind a mask. Myung Wol, on the other hand, knew it was Kang Woo because she followed him there, but apparently Ryu never asked her what she was doing at the auction (serious communication fail there). And thinking about the second episode in this light, Ryu seemed genuinely not to know why Myung Wol entered the South, but didn’t think it important enough to press her to explain.

  11. (I wonder how long the flight from Seoul to LA is ) * 2 .

    Wonder how it would be for Eric to resume shooting a drama after all the drama that happened. Am anxious to see how this all shapes up and how the spy ends with.

    It would be double cheating if she steals the book from Kang woo.

  12. Protect the Boss Episode 6 Recap: *smile*

    Written Preview for Episode 12 of Spy Myung Wol: *bigger smile*

    Didn’t mean to compare protect the boss from spy myung wol… I just love these two kdramas… and Im glad that spy myung wol is back… Love the couple shirts… =)

  13. Ah. Episode 11 left me with an awkward feeling. >_<.
    It seems like things are heating up for ep.12….
    But I think so far this drama has done all it can do.
    I love Eric and I really respect Yeseul, but this drama has yet to
    do them any good. I think this drama just doesn't know it's self. It started off comedic,
    now it's becoming way too dramatic. I know it's reaching it's climax so
    it's suppose to bring things up a bit…but suddenly it feels like I'm watching
    a melodramatic drama that is totally different from the easy-light hearted feeling in beginning when it first started.

  14. thanks koala for preview.
    I’m glad hys back,read the preview we will see the development of relationships and Myung wol and Kang woo,and the future we will see a more exciting conflict about the mystery of 4 books,and also the death of his father Kang woo are associated with it.see ep 11 Kang woo’s father is being pursued in the chase and accidentally killed,What might woo kang’s father was also an eye of the north,if he means Kang woo north as well and then there is no longer a barrier to their relationship,and a happy ending,he he that’s my opinion…^^
    can not wait for monday.
    although many are like and not like the play I’ll keep watching this drama until the end because I just love this drama,we would have liked the taste of each if a drama.
    SMW team despite what happened a few ep in the future you must give the best for fans
    SMW fighting ..
    although in his own country less get a response I believe in this world there are many who love this drama…^^

  15. thanx for the preview.as i read dis, i can’t wait to watch the next episode ASAP!!i think it become more exciting after KW fall in love with MY.they’re cute together.fighting!!!

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