Protect the Boss Episode 6 Recap

Protect the Boss rewards those with faith in their dramas, who ask not for immediate gratification or instantaneous exposition. This is a drama where the viewer isn’t straining to figure out what is going to happen, yet remains curious about situations that are clearly presented but not so easy to immediately ascertain it entire purpose. I really appreciate that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a rom-com not rely on any gags or typical plot crutches, instead really driving the plot through meaningful character interactions. While neither set of OTPs make me dying to see them finally get together, because this drama doesn’t thrive on grandiose passion, it instead makes me savor their every moment and linger in their every look.

Episode 6 recap:

Kiss #1 – between Na Yoon and Moo Won – ends when Na Yoon regains her senses and pushes Moo Won away. Na Yoon says she won’t make the same mistake again. She won’t go to Moo Won, at least not right now. Moo Won’s eyes are red-rimmed as he listens to this.

Kiss #2 – between Eun Seol and Ji Heon – ends naturally as Ji Heon pulls away. They look at each other in silence, until a ringing phone startles both of them.

Eun Seol immediately jumps up and strikes a “I’m gonna beat your ass” pose, while Ji Heon gets on his knees and rubs his hands together, apologizing profusely to Eun Seol that he did wrong.

Both of them awkwardly sit down on the sofa. Eun Seol says she’s someone who will forgive if the other person is genuinely repentant, so she will forgive Ji Heon today. He accepts her forgiveness. Ji Heon touches his heart and ask Eun Seol to touch his wrist and hear how fast his heart is beating. He tells her that his heart is beating fast not because of his phobia, but because of No Eun Seol.

He grabs her hand and touches her wrist, pleased to confirm that Eun Seol’s heart is beating faster than normal as well. She gets pissed and twists his arm back, asking how a normal human being who just got kissed wouldn’t have that sort of reaction. She’s angry and shocked, so her heart is beating faster. Ji Heon asks her to just be honest with herself, but she refuses to consider that.

Eun Seol warns him that kissing someone without their permission is like what the pervert did to her on the bus. Ji Heon accepts half of that analogy, but reveals that he normally hates kissing. In fact, he’s lived as clean a life as a monk. So for him to do what he just did, it’s only being the other person is No Eun Seol. Ji Heon smiles and says that’s all. So don’t lump him in with perverts. She says fine.

Ji Heon rubs his arm and tells Eun Seol it still hurts. The Chairman walks up to Ji Heon’s room and hears through the door Ji Heon warning Eun Seol not to get physical with him anymore. His dad loves to beat him up, but doesn’t allow anyone else to touch Ji Heon. The Chairman rushes inside and asks if Eun Seol just beat up Ji Heon right now.

Ji Heon says he didn’t get hit today, Eun Seol just scolded him so Ji Heon was exaggerating. Eun Seol confirms the only time she hit Ji Heon was when he wanted to give up the presentation. The Chairman says fine with that beating, and berates Ji Heon for being such a loser that he gets beaten up by his secretary.

Ji Heon says he gets beaten at home which is why he gets beaten when he goes outside. Eun Seol jumps between them to defuse the situation. The Chairman suddenly asks Eun Seol to perhaps not scold Ji Heon. His Ji Heon is a human being after all. Ji Heon says he’s perfectly fine with being scolded.

Ji Heon walks Eun Seol out, both of them carrying stacks of books. Eun Seol agrees to drive the car home since it’s so late. Ji Heon knocks on the window, telling Eun Seol not to drive so fast late at night, or drive too slow. He watches her car pull away with a smile. Which is when he feels a dangerous presence approach.

It’s Grandma, who grabs Ji Heon by the ear and drags him inside. Grandma asks why he would take her car, and give it to someone who doesn’t even want to drive that car. Ji Heon says he took the smallest car. Grandma says that it’s her favorite car – she likes the color red and it’s small so she doesn’t feel embarrassed to drive it out at her age. She thought long and hard before settling on that car.

Ji Heon tries to placate Grandma but she’s not having it. She confirms that the missing shoe incident was also courtesy of Ji Heon. She can’t believe what the world has come to – her shoes, her car, all taken from her by her grandson to give to a woman. She demands to know if Ji Heon likes his secretary.

Ji Heon asks his Grandma how she figured that out! Grandma reminds him that he’s her grandson, of course she knows. Too bad he’s the heir to the DN Group, so his marriage is not for him to decide, it’s for the entire DN Group to decide. As for Eun Seol, she’s a healthy and spirited young woman, so Ji Heon shouldn’t go bother her because he can’t be with her. That’s not right to Eun Seol.

Ji Heon says no, he wants to bother her. In fact, he wants to spend his entire life bothering only No Eun Seol. Oh god, I love this boy and how deathly open he is about his feelings. He tells Grandma that’s what he wants.

Grandma finds her son watching dramas in the living room, chiding him for watching so late. He says he worked so hard all day, this is his reward. Grandma asks about Ji Heon’s marital prospects, and the Chairman mentions he saw Na Yoon today. Even though he doesn’t much like it, no one can match up to Na Yoon’s background.

Grandma says Ji Heon doesn’t like Na Yoon. The Chairman doesn’t believe that – other than Na Yoon, Ji Heon doesn’t know any other girls. He’s just holding a grudge against Na Yoon for the time being is all. Grandma says her son is sure dense, while the Chairman claims that he’s the most perceptive person in the world. HAHAHAHA.

Grandma asks how the successor training is coming. The Chairman replies that it’s best to quickly have Ji Heon marry Na Yoon, because her mother owns a huge chunk of DN Group stock, and he knows Seok Hee (Moo Won’s mom) is trying to woo her support as well. Grandma asks what if Ji Heon married an ordinary girl from a normal family? The Chairman says that’s ludicrous, but wonders if his mom knows something. Grandma tells him to get some sleep.

Moo Won drives and thinks back to his conversation with Na Yoon in the car. Na Yoon wants Ji Heon because she wants to have a choice, and she wants a man who likes her without any strings attached. She knows Ji Heon is that kind of person (without any ulterior motives), which is why she wants him.

She is very grateful for Moo Won’s feelings, but it’s not enough. Moo Won tells her to go to Ji Heon, to do her best then. Na Yoon tells him not to talk like this is the end between then. If it doesn’t work out with Ji Heon, she knows Moo Won will still take her back, because she has what he needs. I see Na Yoon saying this not to be bitchy or superior about it, but very sad and matter-of-fact.

Moo Won tells her to try then. She’ll fail as quickly as he has failed. Then they’ll see if he will take her back. Na Yoon pouts that he appears to be setting the stage for her grand failure. Moo Won drives while still deep in thought.

Eun Seol is at work thinking about the symptoms of Ji Heon’s phobia – he’s afraid of huge public places or when there are a lot of people around. But it’s not something that will flare up every time, but he does feel fear and want to escape. Eun Seol asks Ji Heon if something traumatic happened to him in the past. He doesn’t answer, but teases that if Eun Seol accepted his heart, it’ll cause a big impact to his psyche for sure.

Eun Seol stops thinking about it, reminding herself that her goal is to become a full time employee and increase her salary. But Eun Seol can’t help up think about the kiss earlier. Moo Won finds her diligently reading at the office and repeating her mantra. He knocks to get her attention, asking if she’ll have a late night snack with him because he doesn’t want to go home and doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

They go have some ramyun. Eun Seol happily says ramyun tastes the best after drinking. Moo Won asks if she wants to drink, but quickly amends it to say he doesn’t want to drink. After last night, it was too embarrassing for him. Eun Seol laughs and says he was quite cute actually. Moo Won thinks this is the first time someone called him cute, usually it’s “oh, so handsome!”

Eun Seol suddenly notices that Moo Won’s makeup is…..but doesn’t finish her sentence. Moo Won thinks it’s something Ji Heon told her. He explains that BB cream is good for public events and what not. Eun Seol asks if he wears BB cream, and Moo Won says….that he doesn’t wear any.

What Eun Seol was really trying to point out was the kiss smudge still around his cheek. When Moo Won tries to explain, she says it doesn’t matter, it’s his own personal life. She’s got a complicated personal life lately as well. They sit and eat their ramyun.

Ji Heon lies in bed and thinks back to when he was a child and was lost at a park, where people stream past him as he cries. Ji Heon starts to have a panic attack in his room. He looks at his Eun Seol cut out and calms down again. He calls her to ask if she got home, driving not too fast or not too slow. She says yes, and he tells her to at least send him a text letting him know.

Suddenly he hears background noise, and then Moo Won’s voice. He starts screaming about where she is and why she’s with Moo Won. He takes the phone from her and tells Ji Heon that he has two meals with Eun Seol after Ji Heon interrupted them last time. This is their second meal, but he welcomes Ji Heon to come interrupt, which will net him four meals with Eun Seol. Ji Heon is pissed but tells him to go ahead and eat, warning Moo Won this is the last meal he gets with Eun Seol.

Moo Won hangs up the phone, asking Eun Seol whether she’s close with Ji Heon? They walk outside and Moo Won explains that today it wasn’t his mom that upset him. He asks why Eun Seol isn’t asking to kick that person’s butt on his behalf? Eun Seol laughs that she almost offered to beat up Moo Won’s mom last time.

Moo Won says that he got his heart broken today. He wishes Eun Seol can beat up that person for him, as a comfort to him. Eun Seol asks who would dare break Moo Won’s heart, asking if he wants her to beat up Ice-cream Girl?

Moo Won is surprised she knew it was Na Yoon. Eun Seol says she may not know a lot, but surprisingly she knows thing she shouldn’t know about. Eun Seol asks if this time she should purposely kick a can right into Na Yoon’s face? Moo Won says yes, go ahead and do it. Eun Seol asks if he’s serious, and he says yes. They both laugh.

Moo Won comes home to a nagging mom, who wants to know if he was with Na Yoon. His mom looks like she wants to discuss something so Moo Won preemptively tells her that Eun Seol is the spy he installed next to Ji Heon. So he doesn’t have any personal relationship with her, and nor does Ji Heon. Moo Won tells his mom to let Na Yoon’s mom know this.

Moo Won’s mom thinks back to earlier, when she got an update from the director, who reveals that during the resignation letter incident with Eun Seol, both Cha cousins stood up on her behalf. The director’s sixth sense tells him that Eun Seol is someone of interest to both guys. Back to this present, Moo Won’s mom pretends that she totally bought Moo Won’s excuse. Moo Won’s mom tells him that something exciting will happen soon that will cause the company stock to plummet, so Moo Won needs to get money ready to scoop up more shares.

Eun Seol arrives to pick up a very disgruntled Ji Heon the next morning, who confesses he had a horrible sleepless night. Because of Eun Seol, yesterday he wanted to go to sleep with a flutter of happiness in his heart. Who knew that instead, Eun Seol would dump a pile of poo on his head by hanging out with Moo Won. Eun Seol sighs.

The Chairman walks through the office lobby and runs into Ji Heon and Eun Seol. He compliments Ji Heon on arriving at work on time, but Ji Heon is totally mopey and silent. Eun Seol answers for him and promises to work hard. Ji Heon runs ahead of everyone and gets into the elevator alone, leaving his dad and Eun Seol out of that elevator. Eun Seol makes the excuse that Ji Heon is stressed.

Eun Seol gives Ji Heon his schedule for the day and explains his training involves language lessons. Ji Heon decides to show off his English, explaining he mastered it already and can’t believe Eun Seol wants him to study languages now. “English? What? Ah ha! You gotta be kidding me!”

Eun Seol asks him to repeat what he just said. Ji Heon says Eun Seol’s specialty is betraying her boss by constantly meeting with Cha Moo Won, he’s embarrassed that she went to college for six years and this is all she learned. Eun Seol says she understood most of what he said, and explains she didn’t go to college for six years, she had to stop midway because she couldn’t afford the tuition.

Ji Heon feels bad about what he said and is about to apologize, but Eun Seol just tells him to be prepared this weekend for what she has planned. As Eun Seol walks out, she mutters that Ji Heon’s English pronunciation is the same as her, i.e. they both speak Engrish. Eun Seol walks out and hears Moo Won’s secretary on the phone speaking perfect English. She asks for a favor.

Ji Heon runs into Moo Won and warns the latter not to bother Eun Seol again. Moo Won says no. Ji Heon says Eun Seol is special to him. Moo Won asks if Eun Seol feels the same way as well? Ji Heon says she will soon, because he plans to transform himself into super cool Ji Heon, whether at work or as a man. Moo Won scoffs and says not bloody likely.

During a meeting, Ji Heon starts nodding off in the middle (since he didn’t sleep last night). Moo Won and the Chairman both notice, with the latter trying to speak louder to wake Ji Heon up surreptitiously. Ha, love him as a daddy.

The boys walk out of the meeting, running into Eun Seol who asks how the meeting went. Moo Won says fine for him, but Ji Heon didn’t hear a thing because he fell asleep. Eun Seol worriedly asks what happened and Ji Heon blames her since she caused his sleepless night. The Chairman comes out and yells at Eun Seol to hurry up and go clean. Eun Seol repeats her mantra.

Eun Seol signs up to work as a volunteer at a public speaking workshop, where she listens to the lessons being taught on how to overcome fear. Moo Won meets with his secretary at work, who reveals that Eun Seol asked if the company has lessons for employees to learn a foreign language.

The Chairman is told about some internal issues within the company, and he vows to clean everything up before handing the company over to Ji Heon. His secretary says this will also be a blow to Cha Moo Won as well.

Moo Won’s mom meet with Na Yoon’s mom and reveals that the pervert who Ji Heon beat up actually works at one of Na Yoon’s mom’s companies. She wants the incident made public to embarrass Ji Heon. Moo Won’s mom says Ji Heon won’t marry Na Yoon no matter what, so Na Yoon’s mom has to side with her Moo Won.

Eun Seol is setting up for a management meeting and the Chairman asks if Ji Heon is presenting via video conference again. She says yes, and tells the Chairman that Ji Heon is not prepared to present in person yet. Moo Won starts presenting first, and his project is about internal employee training and increasing talent within the company, which is the exact same presentation Ji Heon has prepared. Ji Heon starts his presentation and says he agrees with what Moo Won just presented. Ji Heon’s ideas for the theme park is getting good feedback, and Moo Won’s mom compliments him.

Later the Chairman asks what’s gotten into her, and she says she’s just complimenting because Ji Heon did well. She asks if he will have his 25th anniversary party at her hotel, and wants to make it a big lavish shindig. The Chairman thanks her for her offer.

Na Yoon’s mom tells Na Yoon that Moo Won’s mom is planning to reveal the Ji Heon violence incident at his dad’s 25th anniversary party. Na Yoon doesn’t want this to happen. Her mom tells her that Ji Heon has another woman already. Na Yoon says she’s already made it clear to Moo Won. Her mom tells her to emulate Hollywood celebs and just date around and enjoy herself instead of being so hung up on Ji Heon. Na Yoon doesn’t care, she just wants her mom to stop Moo Won’s mom from revealing the incident.

Eun Seol thanks Ji Heon, for thinking up that proposal so that she can learn English, but too bad it coincided with Moo Won’s presentation. Ji Heon says Moo Won stole his idea. Suddenly Na Yoon calls and Ji Heon tells Eun Seol not to misunderstand, but Eun Seol makes him answer the phone. They meet and Na Yoon explains she’s here to do Ji Heon a favor so he needs to stop treating her so poorly.

Ji Heon reminds Na Yoon that she was the one who left him. She concedes that, but reminds him how passive he’s always been towards her when they grew up. She’s always the one making the first move. He agrees, which is why he’s making a concerted effort now to change and be more forward. Na Yoon asks if he’s discussing “that woman” with her right now?

Ji Heon apologizes, but he’s not going back to her. Na Yoon says Eun Seol is not interested in Ji Heon, she met face-to-face with her and Eun Seol confirmed that. Ji Heon laughs that his Eun Seol is pretty cool. If it was him, he’d immediately reveal that he met with Na Yoon. Ji Heon hopes this is the last time they have this discussion. He doesn’t want to keep hurting her.

Na Yoon says Eun Seol isn’t good enough for Ji Heon, to which he says that other than having more money and a better education, he’s not much of a catch either. Na Yoon asks if he wants to date Eun Seol, and Ji Heon happily nods and says that is what he plans on doing. Na Yoon walks out and calls Eun Seol.

Na Yoon demands to know why Eun Seol reneged on her promise not to meet with Ji Heon outside of work. Eun Seol apologizes but says she has a valid reason, one which she can’t share. Na Yoon says she has a right to know. Eun Seol apologizes but she can’t explain any further. Na Yoon tries to slap Eun Seol who easily grabs her hand.

Na Yoon says she’s been taking self-defense and twists Eun Seol’s arm behind her back. Eun Seol easily turns it around and bends Na Yoon’s arm backwards. Eun Seol tells Na Yoon to deal with it directly with Ji Heon and stop getting her involved. Moo Won comes out and sees this. Eun Seol releases Na Yoon and walks away.

Na Yoon asks why Moo Won didn’t help and just watch her being abused. Moo Won tells her to be like him, and walk away with her head held high after being rejected. Na Yoon can’t believe Ji Heon would do this to her, since she came to help him. She was planning to stop the media, but now she’ll let it get revealed, so that Ji Heon will come back to her. Moo Won asks “the media?”

Ji Heon finds Eun Seol and asks if she’s jealous he met with Na Yoon. Eun Seol says she doesn’t get jealous, but demands Ji Heon stop that woman from summoning her. Ji Heon starts chirping out loud that he likes No Eun Seol. She tries to make him be quiet, but he grabs her shoulder and says he won’t make the same mistake twice. This time he will be proactive, and keep telling her how he feels.

They keep walking, and Ji Heon continues his charm attack. He says objectively speaking he’s not sure, but subjectively speaking Eun Seol sure is pretty. She gets goosebumps from his words and warns him to cut it out. Turns out the director overhead this. And Moo Won sees him, and asks the director if he’s planning to report this to his mom now.

Moo Won sits in his office and thinks back to what Na Yoon said – to reveal Ji Heon’s two violence incidents, which will mean Ji Heon’s reputation will get shredded for the foreseeable future. Moo Won calls Eun Seol over and offers to transfer her to a better job in the company. She declines, wanting to see her first job to its rightful conclusion.

Eun Seol asks if she can keep this offer, and if one day she needs to accept it, can she still do it? Moo Won says that was what he was going to offer. She thanks him for being such a supportive boss. Moo Won asks her if next time she’ll still go out and play with him, like they did before. She smiles and says of course.

Grandma talks with the dog, apologizing for accusing him of being the shoe thief. She asks the dog if perhaps she ought to come clean and reveal she’s really Ji Heon’s grandmother. Grandma stands up and the heat makes her wobble. Eun Seol arrives and forcibly puts Grandma on her back and piggybacks her into the house.

Eun Seol puts Grandma on the sofe while the maid gets some water. Ji Heon comes running down asking if granny is okay. Eun Seol chides him for making the family help work outside in such hot weather at her old age. Ji Heon plays along while Grandma makes faces at him to not reveal her true identity.

Suddenly the Chairman walks out and asks his mom what’s going on. Grandma covers her face with her hands and Eun Seol asks if this person is really his mother? The Chairman makes the introduction – Eun Seol’s secretary – his mom. Grandma sits up reluctantly while Eun Seol apologizes, though she thinks Grandma was also in the wrong. The Chairman asks if his mom did something wrong to Eun Seol? Ji Heon calls Eun Seol away while Grandma gets pissed at her son.

The Chairman orders an internal audit investigation to begin in an effort to clean up the company. Moo Won’s mom is preparing for the story to go live and make it as sensationalized as possible. Moo Won overhears this, especially the part about making sure the secretary’s involvement is mentioned.

Eun Seol drags Ji Heon out jogging. He complains that jogging makes him feel like he’s having an attack. Eun Seol shows him that her heart is as beating as fast as his after the jog, and she has no phobia. So people’s hearts naturally beat fast when doing certain activities. Suddenly she realizes his heart beat went up, and he says it’s because they are having skinship right now (touching each other’s wrist). Eun Seol quickly releases him and keeps jogging.

Eun Seol makes Ji Heon put on sunglasses and start singing and performing loudly at the park. People start to congregate to watch him sing and dance, while she peeks at him from behind a tree. Then she hands him the presentation which he failed to give and tells him to read it in public now. Folks start to disperse and Ji Heon has an attack and says he can’t continue. She tells him that he did well.

Moo Won sits and thinks about the upcoming scandal and how it will involve Eun Seol. The Chairman’s secretary rushes to deliver to him the upcoming news with Ji Heon’s violence incident.

Ji Heon drives Eun Seol home and says he was really touched today. And he wants to work harder. Eun Seol tells him to remember that subjectively she’s not pretty or cute or any of that. Ji Heon says objectively or subjectively, she’s a pretty special girl.

Moo Won watches Ji Heon drive off and then he goes to speak with Eun Seol. Moo Won says he’s not as wonderful as Eun Seol thinks, which is when suddenly the phone rings. Eun Seol is excited and says she’s headed over there right now. She goes to the police station where we discover that Myung Ran has found the same pervert in action again and dragged him to the cops.

The police want to reward Myung Ran for catching three perps for them now. Moo Won sits in the police station and waits for her. Eun Seol introduces them, and Myung Ran asks if he is Moo Won God?

The Chairman meets with Moo Won’s mom and asks her to cancel the news. She asks him to cancel his anniversary celebration. They both agree. The Chairman ends up giving his anniversary speech to a gymnasium filled with bored kids as part of his community service that day. Later he puts on a costume and performs on stage for the kids afterwards. I can’t get enough of the Chairman’s community service antics.

The news reports that the Chairman cancelled his anniversary celebration and ended up spending the day doing community service. This garners him great press. Grandma also applauds what he did, but the Chairman honestly confesses this was because of Seok Hee. Ji Heon pops up and tells his dad to just make it up by having an even more lavish 30th anniversary celebration.The Chairman yells at Ji Heon for being the cause of this yet again.

Moo Won chides his mom for orchestrating this incident. He reveals that Eun Seol has confirmed that the pervert really was groping women, so if the news came out, it would only make his mom look bad (and make it seem like Ji Heon was heroic for hitting that pervert). His mom asks why Moo Won is taking Eun Seol’s side, is it because she’s in his heart. Moo Won says that the only thing he knows for certain is that he feels shame, and he learned it from that woman.

Na Yoon and her mom read the newspaper and wonder why there is no news about Ji Heon beating the pervert up. Eun Seol gets a call and goes to meet Na Yoon’s mom.

Eun Seol asks why Na Yoon’s mom is treating her this way – she is neither Moo Won nor Ji Heon’s mom. Moo Won’s mom sits down with her, and Eun Seol tells her that she seriously does not want to get involved with a second generation chaebol son and be controlled by them.

Finally Eun Seol sits down with Grandma, and poor Eun Seol wonders if even Grandma wants to call her out to look down on her. Grandma asks what’s gotten into her, because Grandma called Eun Seol out to apologize for misleading her in the past. Eun Seol sighs and reveals to Grandma that both Na Yoon’s mom and Moo Won’s mom separately called her out to meet not 20 and 40 minutes ago.

Grandma goes home and wonders why Seok Hee wants to meet Eun Seol? Then she realizes it’s because of Moo Won! Grandma goes “oh no, not both grandsons at the same time!” Oh yes, Grandma, your grandsons are going to to battle for love now.

Eun Seol calls Moo Won out to meet with her. Ji Heon asks the other secretaries where Eun Seol went? He asks if Moo Won is in, and is told Moo Won left after getting a call from Eun Seol. Ji Heon starts running around searching for where they could be meeting.

Eun Seol reveals that both moms seem to be under a mistaken assumption. Moo Won asks Eun Seol “what if it’s not a mistaken assumption?” Ji Heon finds them right then and looks at them from outside the window. Moo Won says Eun Seol thinks of him as Moo Won God, right? What if he wants her to lower him down to a human state.

He wants to simply be a man, a man who can get closer to Eun Seol. Her eyes widen as she absorbs the enormity of what he just said. Ji Heon looks at them with hurt in his eyes.

Thoughts of Mine:

Moo Won, Moo Won, Moo Won, as of right now, you just leapfrogged over every single character in the drama in that last scene alone in making me insanely curious as to what the hell is going on in your head and in your heart. While Ji Heon is a one-track mind and one-woman heart, Moo Won appears to genuinely having feelings of different degrees for two woman. I love this development, having Moo Won pursue Eun Seol because he wants to, not for any ulterior purpose.

No, I don’t think at all him liking Eun Seol is to compete with Ji Heon or to get back at Na Yoon. I think Moo Won is an insanely complicated person, and someone who likely confuses himself with the extent of his own issues. Which is why Na Yoon doesn’t want him (for now), sensibly finding Ji Heon a safer bet.

In Chinese, we would call Moo Won a person who has very dark depths (城府很深). Sometimes it has a negative connotation, but mostly means this person is very calculating. I see Moo Won as having that capacity, and almost trying to fight against it now. Because of Eun Seol. She is changing him, just like she is changing Ji Heon. Both Cha boys are finding their deeply rooted personalities fundamentally shifting because of her presence in their lives.

How amazing is this cousin fight for Eun Seol going to be? I don’t know how deeply Moo Won will fall for Eun Seol before conceding her to Ji Heon, but his pursuit of Eun Seol appears predicated on him going with how he feels for once in his life. No, I don’t think he’s pursuing Eun Seol to get her out of Ji Heon’s life so that Na Yoon can win Ji Heon.

This complicated four square doesn’t have a single easy answer at all. None of the four behave in ways that I have ever seen in a K-drama, going instead on being completely forthright with each other. I’m just bowled over by how amazing this drama has turned out to be. Now that Moo Won’s thrown his hat in the Eun Seol ring (for now), I can’t wait to see how even more complicated Eun Seol’s life is going to get.


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  1. YAY!!! I think i’m going to be late again to office coz I want to read ur recap, oh…whatever, I don’t care, thanks Ms. Koala!!! Luv ya!

  2. Ah Thanks for the re-cap! ^O^
    I think Moowon is a very complicated person indeed.
    I think he does like Nayoon, but Eunseol is slowly, but surely getting to him. Probably the main reason why he first liked Nayoon in the first place was because of the cousin rivalry. Now that Eunseol popped up into his life, he starts to question everything.
    Aaaah I love dissecting Moowon’s character, it’s so fun 😉
    I hope Eunseol’s character becomes a revelation in the drama world for more kickass female leading ladies 😉 I’m tired of damsel in distress’.

  3. i love both guys…huhuhu.. but i know in the end eun sol will end up with ji heon for sure. Poor Moo woo. I hope he’s not hurting too much

  4. I called moo won a 4d man!but he’s not least he just want to earn something with his own effort..curious of what happend in the past before na yong leaves..this drama enjoyable and no wonder they become no.1 in the rating.That last look,the sad look on ji hyeon,hmm wonder what will he do,go balastic and confront them,go moping and being brat,go moping and determind to get eun sol even more?oh damn no preview for next week.

  5. YAAAAY! \O/ This drama makes me so happy, on so many levels. I want to find the writer and take him/her to dinner and beg to become his/her drama-writing disciple, because this is the first rom-com premised drama I’ve seen where everyone actually lays their feelings out on the table. Other dramas, take note: despite that, there’s still a story. ~gasp~ I know! Crazy, huh? It can be done.

    I’m excited to see how things are going to develop between Moo-won and Ji-heon. (P.S. Are they supposed to be the same age? From their speech, they seem to be, but the actors are actually quite a few years apart, if I remember correctly.) I want them to come out of this as friends. Actually, I want Moo-won to end up as the successor, and Ji-heon and Eun-seol off living somewhere happily and unpretentiously. But before that, I want this whole successor-training bit to give us lots of excuses to see Eun-seol kicking Ji-heon’s butt and whipping him into shape, and then I want Moo-won to end up as successor. And I want the relationship between Moo-won and Eun-seol to maybe go somewhere, because I want to see Ji-heon step up and earn Eun-seol’s regard. But at the same time, I love watching Eun-seol tell all the mothers that she really has no intention of seducing the cousins, because it’s hilarious to watch them get all flustered by her obvious lack of all the kowtowing they think she should be doing.

    Ah, Eun-seol. I do love you. And I love how Ji-heon loves you and tries so hard in his kindergarten-little-boy way to express that.

    • Very well said, Estel. I have not seen Eun-Seol’s refreshingly smart and daring character in many a k-drama. But so are Ji-heon’s atypical son-of-a-chaebol boss persona and the complicated second lead in Moo-won. Even Na-yoon is, surprise! not a mere two-dimensional cartoonish b*atch! That is why this drama rocks!

      You presented an intriguing plot resolution:
      Actually, I want Moo-won to end up as the successor, and Ji-heon and Eun-seol off living somewhere happily and unpretentiously. But before that, I want this whole successor-training bit to give us lots of excuses to see Eun-seol kicking Ji-heon’s butt and whipping him into shape, and then I want Moo-won to end up as successor.
      I like that.

  6. Thank you for the recap Ms Koala. I finally got caught up on PTB and found that I liked it.
    At first the reason I did not want to watch it was JaeJong cause I did not think he could act. Brother was I wrong. I know he is ‘dark depths'(calculating) but I think he really cares for Eun Seol. Right now I am hoping that develops cause this other girl (Na Yoon)is not worthy of either of them.
    I am enjoying this drama right now so I hope it doesn’t start to get too heavy and stays light. You know like a real romantic comedy.

  7. I loved your entire closing statement/thoughts.

    I too love all the characters-and as far as the males go, I really am taken by Moo Won. He has so many layers. I like that they aren’t making him out to be a villain, and hope they keep it that way. He is the one that picked her after all during the interview, because he was moved by her firm stance, and outspoken sense of justice, all neatly wrapped up in the fun personally we know E to be. 🙂 Plus, back to M-every time he smiles, I’m smiling from ear to ear. He’s just darling.

    When PTB comes on it is just a great hour of fun.

    Thanks again for the recap-I was so happy to see them, as I love reading your thoughts, while recapping. You have a great way of articulating what is going on behind the scenes.

  8. I love this drama!!!! Very straight forward and unpredictable. I love the 4 characters. Even the supporting characters as well. This drama hopefully it will get better and better and the finale will be the best.

  9. Love it. I love how we don’t really know who Eun Seol truly likes yet. And I love how each character has their own flaw and their own problems.

    Just wanted to ask Ockoala, so, you said about Jae’s counterparts acting and how Yoochun was not your come of tea. How do you take Jaejoong’s first act in the drama as Moo Won? Tea or not your tea?

  10. Thank you so much, Ms. Koala. Even though I surely will have English subs soon, still your comments and your insights into the characters are invaluable to me, a non-Korean who just loves k-drama. I never thought Ji Sung could be so playful and innocent after seeing his Royal Family persona. In PTB, he’s like a young child, with no artifice, who goes after what he likes without shame or pretense. Such a change from the usual chaebol sons who are calculating and always acting with ulterior motive, like his cousin Moon Won, who though, thankfully, is changing more and more due to NES’s influence. I’m still not sure whether NES really loves Moon Won, or that she just admires him like an unattainable star in the sky. I wonder what will make her realize what she feels for JH is more than a liking for a boss, and sympathy for his phobia which keeps him from his full potential being developed. Maybe the Grandma will help facilitate a union for her grandson with a girl from an ordinary family after seeing close hand how changed the grandson is and how happy, too. I wonder Na Yoon plays a part in the death of JH’s elder brother? Is this girl playing with three men at the same time, with JH and his brother, and also having sexual relations with Moon Won in the past while she is still in a relationship with JH? What a peculiar girl, and how amoral too!

  11. Once again, thanks a zillion Ockoala-san! I have been lurking around since 2 hours ago and I’m so glad you UP this recap!! Luv ya and really appreciate your time/effort!

    OK I am INSANELY in luv with Ji Heon’s character now…. Ji Sung seems to depict this kid-man with ease and I’m really in luv with his acting right now! I mean, LOOK at how Ji Sung uses his eyes to show his love/concern/anger/sweetness etc to Eun Seol! Ji Sung also has a way with hand-actions and he uses his hands (flapping, waving, finger-pointing etc) to express his wishes/emotions and its just so EASY to understand and makes him such a simple man to love! WHO CARES about his broccoli any more? Who notices his mickey mouse watch and pastel jackets any more? I do but I don’t go HUH? any more!! It just became part and parcel of this person called Ji Heon, with probably some traumatic history that led to his wierdo behaviour! I’m soooooo gonna check out Ji Sung’s other drams like Saved the Last Dance and New Heart!

    Kudos to CKH for continuing to impress me with her thousand-facial-expression Eun Seol! She is also very natural in her interaction with Ji Heon (sometimes a mother, sometimes a secretary, sometimes an elder sister, sometimes a woman and sometimes a fellow classmate who just wants to beat the hell out of a guy in class who is behaving so bizarrely). Yet she is awkward towards Mu Won the GOD. I can totally feel her inner struggle to like Ji Heon yet want to keep her job for as long as she can (yes white-collar is still her dream job). I can also totally see her oggling Mu Won whenever he is near her… I hope to see her handle both guys in very different ways even more from now! Starry-eyed towards Mu Won God and grow-up-boss! towards Ji Heon.
    Episode 6 had me really fumbling for emotional-control of myself coz the pace was fast!

    Mu Won finally gave-in to himself his feelings for Eun Seol and displaying that outright in front of her! Although I still don’t know his agenda and WHY he is allowing himself to feel this way towards Eun Seol (when he obviously wanted Na Yoon back a while ago!), I agree with Ockoala-san that Eun Seol has somehow brought out the “I want to do things based on what I feel and not what I should be any more!” feelings from this all-so-perfect God! Now that he is down from his high high high pedestral, let’s see what Mu Won is capable of, truly! I am hoping to see Mu Won the MAN and not Mu Won the GOD from now! Jae’s expressions are really good here, I must say! His inner struggles, his eyes following Eun Seol unwillingly every time he sees her, his growing resentment towards his own mom for playing a dirty game, his sadness through his eyes. This is good acting Jae! I’m impressed! May the best man win the best woman’s heart! Er, can we see you more in that WHITE v-neck tee please? You looked aboslutely bootilicious in this kind of tees and many of us blame you seriously for making us sleepless just drooling over screencaps of you in it! (er, yes we do notice your tired eyes too Jae! But still you are delicous-looking!)

    Now Na Yoon…….. I don’t know but it looks like she is taking a turn and becoming a little more the “villain” in this episode…. While I totally understand how she feels, being unable to get the man she wants, I still want to see her comical sides and perhaps finally becoming a woman of her own with lesser emotional instability (insanity) haaaa. What’s gonns happen when she knows Mu Won is going after Eun Seol? I sense some dirty-play upcoming together with her mom, that she will try all means to stop Eun Seol who seems to be getting BOTH gorgeous guys in her life! Hmmmmmm, I hope not. I want a second lead that is more helpless and clueless > vicious. But with PtB, I’ll never be able to guess coz its been so unpredictable and fast so far! AND I LUV IT!

    (I’m M you say? No no I am S coz I luv to see heartwrenching moments in dramas with the protagonists oozing with heartbreaks and sadness!! I want to feel the PAIN especially in my male leads… Oh heck! Just give me the PAIN quick!)

    Overall, this episode has moved quite far in terms of pushing the 4 leads’ emotions further and exposing all of them in the open. Its already such a giant leap forward in just 6 episodes compared to the usual dramas that we see. What is going to happen in the upcoming 10 more?? I hate waiting but this drama is definitely WORTH the wait!

    Thanks again Ockoala-san! Arigato!

  12. You are awesome! Thank you so much for your super timely recap. I copy/paste it and read it as I watch it without sub. It’s so helpful to have it with. By the way, last night, all the traumatized Japanese girls were tweeting about Moo Won’s kiss scene, literally crying 😉

  13. Hi Koala first time commenting here. First of all thank you for your fast and insightful PtB recaps! They are really enjoyable to read 🙂
    I haven’t watched ep.6 yet so cannot comment on it, however there appears to be a mistake with the Chinese sub’s translation as I have read a Korean fan’s recap of that particular scene… Apparently ES wasn’t trying to tell MW that his makeup was uneven, she just noticed there was traces of lipstick on his lips (from kissing NY earlier) and wanted to tell him that, but was interrupted by an embarrassed MW who thought she was talking about BB cream, which he wasn’t wearing.
    I don’t know Korean but this translation made much more sense, methinks 🙂

    • Ah, I didn’t realize someone already mentioned the correct translation of the “lipstick scene.” =) Yes, she spotted the lipstick trace on his lip and was trying to point it out to him.

      I saw this episode in HD, and the remnant lipstick was visually subtle. In a lower quality video or streaming video, it might not even be visible.

  14. Thank YOU!!!!! 🙂
    aaaaaah…. Ji Heon…..Moo Won…..Ji Heon….Moo Won
    I’m glad that I can clearly see Moo Won in Jaejoong now… He is surrounded by great actors & I feared they will drown him but surprisingly he’s managing to deliver 🙂
    I’m in love with all the characters in the story . SBS finally nailed how RomCom should be directed & written 🙂 It’s like they carefully studied the flaws in Secret Garden & LTM & aim to present viewers w/ a “never been tried” approach …… 🙂 I love PTB 🙂

    • Love triangles aren’t my favorite either, but they are such a staple of rom-coms…what I really dislike though are love triangles between siblings and cousins (especially btw siblings), but in this show I think it works. I felt it was coming, but surprisingly I wasn’t bothered by it at all since the plot moves along so well and everyone is so funny.

      • Yeah I have to grudgingly admit that this time it works here because Ji Heon needs someone to motivate him to a) be a better man b) go after Eun Seol. MW the perfect business executive and man is the best one for the job. 😉

  15. Thank you for the recap!
    I love Moo Won in love, too. He also seems very lonely. The person he should be able to confide in and feel safe with (Omani) is judgmental and overly calculating in matters of her son’s heart.

    He has been saying from the outset that HE wants to choose, that HE wants to marry for love, but nobody wanted to hear it. Neither NY nor his mother are listening to him.

    I like that he is trying to live up to ES’s version of him. She was the first person who did NOT see him as calculating and ruthless. I guess when you are as gorgeous as him, being called “cute” would appeal to him, since it makes him more human, more touchable. It is also what he calls ES all the time. There is something about her that he liked immediately – something he hadn’t seen in anyone, or cared about in anyone before. It was her ability to be herself all the time, not hide anything. That is how he wants to be – free of all the expectations to be perfect. He can get rid of the BB cream with ES.

    Do I think he will win the girl? Don’t forget the Park Shi Hoo affect. It could happen, yet…

    • I did not watch in HD, it’s not very clear to me, so I gotta ask. His skin tone seems more natural in the last scene, right? Maybe finally the make-up crew giving up the effort to suppress his prettiness and throw away that BB cream, just let the man act with all his purty fibre 😛 (I loved how they incorporate “this issue” in the story and make it works) and like Jomo said the fact that he’s too gorgeous and lonely and conflicted makes his character more more interesting. About PSH affect, as much as I loved Moo Won but I’m sure I can’t take broken-heart Ji Heon. MW needs a lesson to learn from his experience of knowing ES while JH needs to get the girl.

    • i think the drama is not headed that way… tho how much i want Jaejoong err Mu Won to get Eun Seol. At the least, I want him to have someone who could love him back and make him more human. The Secretary? Anyone? As much as a love Ji Sung and also a die-hard fan of Jaejoong. Anyone loving I’ll Protect You? So very good song there.

    • omg Park Shi hoo effect….how could they pull that off without 30 episodes or making Ji heon kind of a jerk? If any show could do that, I believe it’s this one. I love Ji heon, but now I love Moo won too. Like Taripandita said “he’s too gorgeous and lonely and conflicted.” Damn always fall for those types…for the record though Eun seol will fall for Ji heon- he’s just so open and sweet.

      That being said I want Moo won to become the heir because he’s worked for it and deserves it. Even once Ji heon resolves some of his issues and gets his act together, Moo won will still have earned that position more so than Ji heon.

  16. I love how Eun Seol actually TELLS people that the two moms called her out and talked to her. Usually in dramas the heroine just sucks it up and doesn’t tell anyone, and just get all depressed about it. It’s refreshing to see that Eun Seol actually does something normal.

  17. Aww My Poor Ji Heon!!!! Walk in there baby,and ask just what the hell is going on here. Heehe. But Moo Won, you sure do surprise me. Though I wonder if ur mom will ruin you in ES’s eyes because you told her ES was your spy. Man, I be loving my Ji Heon, he so sessy. I seriously enjoy this show. Even with the conniving women.

  18. I am hoping atleast in one drama, the second lead whom i adorably love here, gets the leading lady. How unfair is that ? even in Greatest love, thought i loved dokkojin,i really loved the second guy.

  19. Wait I have to say this!!!
    SBS is really hitting the spot for me. This is like one broadcast station I like right now. They gave me Secret Garden, Lie To Me, Scent Of A Woman, and now Protect the boss. I feel good.

  20. Can’t resist the raw so thank you for the recap Ockoala. Finally a heroine who want nothing to do with with a second generation chaebol son. I loved the development with MW character too, I hope ES will have a looong and hard time to be fully aware of her feeling for JH so that MW will have enough time to make all the moves on ES.

  21. Ah, agree that Moo Won isn’t pursuing Eun Sol just to spite his cousin. He is such an interesting character. Although, I am on team Ji Heon. love him and his quirks. Love my Jaejoongie’s acting. Thanks for the recap 😀

  22. Thank you so much for the recap!! I’m so obsessed with this show and with the stressful month I’ve been having, this show is a godsend! You’ve hit on everything I love about the show. And I really like how the show is not forcing me to really hate anyone. Everyone’s so human and childish and Ji Heon and Eun Seol can defend themselves quite nicely.

    And the Chairman in that crazy costume dancing!! I LOLed like crazy! He was pretty good. I wonder if the real actor was doing the dancing or if they had used a double!

    Ji Heon needs to get rid of the bow ties and show off some chest by unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt, like Moo Won does (I had always thought of JaeJoong as preternaturally beautiful, but he looked hot with the open collar)

    I agree with a previous poster that SBS is really on a roll this year!

    • yep love that this drama doesn’t force us or even work its way for us to hate a certain character. yay! even Mu Won’s mom, how can you hate her. she is so typical mom. I love Na Yun’s mom pointing out how badly dressed she was and to changes her hairstyles.

  23. i love this pic from your recap!

    i’m so glad you have these fast quality recaps of this show! i think it’s hilarious that the 2 evil moms are STILL evil mom characters (one is na yon’s mom and the other mom is the mom from secret garden)

    granny…has her hands full. ^_^ (both of her grandsons are falling for the same girl…who has common sense.)

    i watched this first for the main character guy (ji sung) after royal family (he has a stuffed animal in that one…but it has a different meaning there) and before the show went completely dark…he had a LOT of funny moments.

    the chemistry looks good! If this is at epsidoe 6…i’m wondering what’s next? ^_^ bring it on! I wish there were previews for next week! sigh… (decisions decisions decisions…go for the can’t help but calculating cute guy…or the bring the guy upto snuff guy who’s just plain cool ? for some reason it’s a weird mix of secret garden and baby faced beauty….sigh… ^_^)

    thank you agian for the recap!

  24. I have yet to watch the latest episode, and after reading your recap, I just can’t wait. It sucks that I can’t watch it at viki though, their subbing team kicks ass. I say after dropping the bomb i.e the kisses, they picked up the tempo of the drama quite nicely. I like how this is going. And the characters, who here haven’t mentioned the awesome characters that PTB has introduced?, are just so captivating. I like how we can read Jihun and Eunsol because of their transparent-like characters, but it’s different for Muwon. He’s the dark horse of the drama. And Nayoon, well I haven’t decided how to interpret her character.

  25. Oh drama, how much I love thee?

    I LOVE LOVE drama that’s not following usual plot. PtB’s pace is so fast that I almost had trouble absorbing the storyline lol.

    Ji Heon! God, I love a man who knows his feeling, is not afraid of showing it, AND pursuing it! He didn’t give up easily, and more, he acknowledge that he had done wrong to Na Yoon in the past. Ji Sung also acts really well! I love how he can be puppy-eyed Ji Heon, or crazy-mad Ji Heon. LOL. It’s going to be interesting now that he got the confirmation of Moo Won’s feeling :D.

    Eun Seol. She’s not the usual leading lady who just sucks it up everything, being a silent hero (it’s frustrating to see the story is not moving anywhere just because the leading lady chose to keep everything to herself *pulls hair*), and somehow, magically, by some incidents, get the happiness in the end of the story. Eun Seol is nothing like that. She’s just my dream girl in any dramaland. Can I be her best friend? 😀

    Na Yoon. I almost pitied her when I knew that she fully realized that she too has no choice. It’s either Ji Heon or Moo Won. And idk if she really wants Ji Heon because she REALLY loves him or just because Ji Heon is slightly better than Moo Won. But this chaebol marriage arrangement kinda frustrates me.

    Now, Moo Won. I really don’t know what he’s going to do next. First he kissed Na Yoon, and got his heart broken, and next thing we saw, he’s declaring his interest in Eun Seol. The weird thing is, I totally understand how he went down that way. This square love story is going to be interesting :D.

    PS. And Jae, more v-neck shirt please?

    • Na yoon confuses me. She could be with Moo won if she gave him a chance. I’m ready to see what Ji heon and Na yoon’s relationship was like in the past that she just can’t let go of him now. I also want to know what happened between her and Moo won in the past.

  26. I was wondering why Jaejoong looks different in that first picture. He looks sharper and a bit older. I just figured it out. It’s the hair.

  27. lol did anyone else notice that the dad was in the same character costume as the stuff animals that were in JH’s room? lol hahhahaha so cute. and Jh is usually in sneakers because 1) they allow him to run faster away from Papa’s flying fist, and 2)it symbolize his child like personality – just like a kid. i just love this drama!

    • Yes! The father-son similarities are so cute! Dooly is also the character on JH’s boxers. =D

      I also love it when the father says “MOM!” all the time to his mother. So kid-like. All these boys constrained in grown-up bodies…ah..

      • I love the relationship between the dad and his mom. It’s very loving and realistic in that way. Your parents don’t stop being your parents cause you’re an adult. I loved the scene in the last episode when the dad came home drunk and his mom had to undress him! ahaha, so cute.

      • lol. my favorite scene is when she went into the room where he was watching a drama, and she chided for watching instead of sleeping. and like a kid, he claims he deserves a reward for doing his homework, thus he can watch TV. When she turns off the tv and tells him to sleep, like any child, he turns it back on when she leaves the room. lol

    • Yes that character (the green baby dinosaur) is called Dooly, the Korean animation character that was really popular about 20 years ago.. It’s so classic, that most Koreans still recognize Dooly and holds him dear up until these days.
      The intesting thing is, Dooly is a character that has been separated from his mother dinosaur, accidently lands on earth, runs into a bunch of humans (and some other less-ordinary characters), and learns to cope with the human way of living, though most of the time he comes off as a problem maker. Meanwhile, Dooly constantly misses his mother dinosaur, and the show is basically about Dooly’s quest of searching for his mother.
      So some analogies can be drawn- Jiheon is a kid-like character who doesn’t exactly fit into his environment, who seems quite lonely at times missing the warm, comforting motherly (or parental) love as much as Dooly. I think that’s one of the reasons behind his insecurity, and the reason he is attracted to Eunseol who often acts like a mother.
      Since Dooly is everywhere in this drama, I thought the author tried to use it as a some kind of symbol that reflects Jiheon’s character.

  28. re the makeup.. she was pointing out the the smidge of lipstick left on his lip (from his kiss with nayoon).. not his own makeup.. 😛

  29. on my views..
    i think since childhood, moo woon and ji heon were fighting for being on top in any aspect… since ji heon exceeded, moo won strives to compete. Regarding about love, he tried to still na yun but failed to do so. And now that he knows the feelings of ji heon for eun seol, his aiming to interrupt again.

    • Your guess could be right if this drama would follow the regular pattern for the 2nd lead like in other k-dramas…but PTB doesn’t seem like any of them..idk…MW’character is confusing. People find the character complicated, but IMHO it’s merely due to its lack of futher detailed elaboration on him. Take his kiss with YN for instance…just leaving us without any clue as to what’s going on between them. For some reason I feel it’s its intention to cause viewers’ curiosity…I can’t help but think this way..

      • that’s why this drama is made to be unique…it combines all K-drama stories but in simple way… the’re not giving us too much thoughts but the feelings of excitement…
        i really like their techniques the’re making us curious for us to stick with every episode… and now, i can’t help but think of what would happen next…
        i know you’ll experience same way as what i am now…:)

  30. MW in the main screen cap!! yay!! I haven’t watched this wk’s episode yet but seeing MW kiss one girl and then confess to another is a little weird. But I totally understand him (which is probably weirder lol), that kiss was his last attempt to get NY which she totally crushed and then he was already somewhat interested in ES which he finally voiced out. I love the depth in his character. Jae, I love you!

    OMG! I love JH.. how honest and straight-forward he is. I feel like he is gonna be an awesome boyfriend 🙂

    I am so in for the cousin fighting for love openly!! Exciting battle!! Although I see that MW will have more to lose in the battle but I really wanna see ES fall for the flawed JH!!

    • In this episode, there’s a part where Ji heon chases after Eun seol in the hallway and you can just tell by the way he’s hurrying to be with her and smiling that he’s literally chasing after the girl he likes. So very cute. And then of course he burst out with “Ji heon likes Eun seol!” like he’s accomplished something and he’s so proud of himself! Very endearing. 🙂 makes you smile.

  31. Thanks for the recap.

    Moo Woon makes me remember the second lead (forgot his name) from Coffee Prince. I think he is in love with Na Yoon and will go to her at the end but he is/will be infatuated with Eun Seol to a great extend. I like Ji Heon’s character, he is very different from the lead man we all became so used to, but I find myself more interested in Moo Won’s character. I wish for him to help Ji Heon with his work/phobia or cover for him at some point, because I feel that despite the appearance he still somewhat cares about Ji Heon. Well maybe it’s only my wish 🙂

  32. Thank you for the recap! Looove it!

    Btw, is there any way that I can view this site in mobile version? Bcos I kept getting the desktop version from my blackberry. Usually it’s not like this. I’m getting crossed eyes reading this recap, but I cannot stop!

  33. Detracting from the main topic a bit but – I noticed the hand rubbing gesture when I watched Prosecutor Princess and now here is it again. I thought it’s really cute that when they’re really sorry Koreans would rub their hands together like that. Has this always been in their culture, or is this a recent thing? Because I’ve not seen it previous dramas before…

    • I’ve seen a lot of Korean dramas where they rub their hands when apologizing, I guess it’s common but I’m not sure what it signifies.

  34. i’d watch this drama for Myung Ran alone, like her her when she was cousin Mi Ran is SoS Pharmacy. A good drama is when the side characters are equally good and entertaining..


    First, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! My Jaejoong is falling for Eun Seol! Okay, okay but this episode reveals a lot on how Eun Seol is affecting/changeing Mu Won. I think this is the first time in his life he is doing things due to his feelings. I, too, believe that his confession and feelings for Eun Seol is not in any way instigated by Na Yun’s rejection or by some dark motive to put down and get back at Ji Heon. Rather, for once, he is trying to be led by his feelings. I am loving him for this. He is so lovable for being so affected when he hears that Eun Seol is gonna be involved in the scandal. Yes, Mu Won is complicated and his association with Eun Seol is making him uncomplicated.

    Second, YAY! Six episodes and we got not one but two kissing, continous confessions from Ji Heon and the very awesomatical confession from Mu Won god!

    Betchabygolly, this drama is so awesome, not one single character can be left out and all are so deym interesting! Even Na Yun learning self defense is awesome. But, I would rather Mu Won not be with her in the end coz his breaking my Jaejoong’s heart. 🙂

  36. Maraming salamat, Koala. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your work. Your recap is my reward for the day. I grab a cup of tea, read your recap – my way of relaxing after getting off from an unconventional and hectic schedule. Thanks for sharing your talent/opinion/reaction with us.

  37. I’m so torn. I could easily take Moo won over Ji heon, but then Ji heon is sooo sweet. Can’t pick. This isn’t “second lead syndrome,” this is “which lead syndrome!”

  38. Thanks for the recap.

    I’m loving PTB

    But I don’t remember ever being so far off the main stream on second lead love.

    I just adore Ji-Heon the character (and it doesn’t hurt that Ji Sung was the K-drama actor that started me on the road to this addiction).

    I don’t feel/or get the adoration being heaped on JaeJeong/Moo Won. He’s a rare second male lead in that he isn’t obviously a better person that the male lead. He’s saner not better. I’m wondering if some of the adoration is for the star that JaeJeong is outside of the drama than for his work on this drama. I think he is doing an okay job, but the love that’s going his way seems out of proportion with what I’m seeing on screen.

    Can anyone offer insight on the JaeJeong love. Yes, I know he has a pretty voice.

    • on muwon’s character, i think its because many ppl can feel for his character. he excels in his work, tries to be the perfect son, is nice to the ppl around him, but yet, he is not getting what he deserves. Just because jiheon is the ceo’s son, he gets to inherit the company, i guess this is where many ppl felt for his character? its kinda what most ppl experience in real life where they put their efforts into their work, yet, some other guy who is influential or is some rich man’s son get the credit.

      • A rom-com does not necessarily mean there will gags all around the show…I guess that’s what good about the drama…it actually has a plot..a different and interesting plot with lols in between that compliment it perfectly and are not out of place.

    • I’m not challenging anyone’s love for JaeJeong. Folks have a right to love who they want (unless they are characters in K-drama)

      What I was hoping for in some insight into Jaejeong significance in Korean pop culture.

      is he Justin Bev?? Elvis, Prince, James Brown, Barry Manilow? Who is he and why do folks love him, (Because I don’t think all the love comes from his work in this drama)

      • Hmm, I don’t know if this reply is the answer you’re looking for, but I’ll try, nonetheless.

        Jaejoong does come from a very successful idol group, TVXQ. But ever since the lawsuit between JYJ (the group formed by three of the TVXQ members) and their management, SM Entertainment, the three are basically banned from TV music appearances. It’s not that Jaejoong does have a “significant” part in Korean pop culture, but his fans ARE thirsty for ANY tv appearance of JYJ. It’s like JYJ is the underdog, and fans want them to succeed amidst the hardships that they’re going through.

        The fans are anxious what Jaejoong (as an actor) can bring into the plate. Now, he’s doing some decent acting, and based on choosing PTB, it showed that he was very careful into choosing his first debut drama. I know that there were many drama offers to him, and maybe some of them, he may be the lead character, but he still chose PTB because he knew that the character somehow suited him.

        I guess that Jaejoong is loved by the fans because he has a fun personality based on what is seen when they appear on variety shows before. On the surface, he gives off the impression of a cold and serious person, but when he’s in the variety shows, you can see his jester side. And he’s very truthful to what he feels on his twitter.

        I hope this post provided you with some insight about Jaejoong. 😀

      • First of all, thanks for dear Koala for the fast recap every episode 🙂

        I’m a lurker. One of the reason I tend to not share much opinion about Protect the Boss in public blog or forum is because I’m Jaejoong bias. lol.

        I think JJ did good job from ep 3-6. As a bias fan, I still can see “Jaejooong” in Muwon in the first few episodes, but as of now, I only see Muwon but that’s not really the point you are asking. ^^

        I don’t think he is like Justin Beiber in Korea but Jaejoong was a lead singer in one of the most influential Korean boyband called TVXQ that lead the K-pop wave in Asia from 2004-2009. On July, 2009, 3 out of 5 members of TVXQ, including Jaejoong, filed a lawsuit against their management company, SM Entertainment. Since then, they were blocked from entertainment section in Korean national television. Last year, they formed a new group called JYJ, released 10 Korean songs + 7 English songs already but was able to sing on Korean TV only once last year. So, fans are struggling to see him and his bandmates on TV.

        As the question on his significance in Korean pop culture…People said that in Korea, he is not that popular compared to his two JYJ bandmates, but still, he is very popular compared with other idols. TVXQ old fanbase, which used to have 800,000 official members, was split but a large portion still support JYJ. Most people who became TVXQ fans at their teens have been growing up with them and still support them massively. His support seems to be even more internationally. (He is very popular in Japan with THSK – japanese counterpart of TVXQ, and his solo J-drama last year and the most popular member in China and arguably Thailand.)

        Fans know that this guy is not only a singer. He composed and wrote lyrics. (As you might already know, he wrote lyric for OST of PtB – the sweet love song that played in romantic scene sung by himself.) He was the stage director of JYJ World Tour 2011. He might not be the best in his field yet, but he is fast learner. 🙂

        I happened to read 2 translation of 2 korean male fans who did not know anything about Jaejoong, except he is in idol group called JYJ. They were pleasantly surprised by his acting and seemed to sympatise Muwon character a lot. I guess people just have different view and opinion about the character. Surely, a part of Muwon love is from the bias fans like me. However, I do believe that each character in this drama have their own unique charm that attract and affect differently for each audience.

        I wrote the essay here. Hopefully, I could give you some view on Jaejoong as you would like to know. ^___^

      • @Ladyheart15 and @Tessa.


        You provided the context that gives me some insight into JaeJoeng’s popularity.

        I think he is doing a decent job in PTG, and is holding his own with the veteran actors in the cast, but I couldn’t quite understand the mountains of adoration he was receiving.

        Now I kinda get it.

  39. You’re not alone as to how u feel about JaeJeong’s acting….I believe a lot of people feel the same way but choose not to say it. I even heard some of his fans said the ratings contribute a lot to his fans…oh well then…GOOD. Still I’ll refrain myself from saying something offensive to JJ’s fans. People should really think carefully before they post their opinion.

    • LOL, what’s with the hate? I guess Jaejoong’s acting is pretty decent…the reason why his character Muwon is given attention is because he’s a mystery…no one knows yet whether he is the evil antagonist or not. And tbh, Jaejoong is not a dissapointment….and you can’t deny the fact that this drama got attention because of Jaejoong too but the ratings are good since ALL the characters are putting up a great performance and there’s awesome chemistry btw them….

      If it was just about the “idol” following than Yunho’s and Changmin’s drama would have been a huge hit too…but their ratings were pretty bad due their pathetic acting. So it’s not about seeing Muwon as Jaejoong but people are actually liking his acting (he’s not great, but for a debut he’s putting up a decent performance)

      • Okay, Jaejoong’s the one who makes the drama a hit. See, this is the way JJ’s fan provokes other people. You happy?

      • I never said it’s Jaejoong who makes this a hit….read carefully…I said the ratings are good because “ALL the characters are putting up a great performance and there’s awesome chemistry btw them…”
        but you seem to have some problems understanding my entire comment…I wonder why….?

      • i understand your point, but you have to know not all his fans are like that, it’s just some of them. and we can’t control them all. but most of them love all the actors in this drama, and think they are all great .a lot of them liked Jihun more then Muwon too.
        but i don’t understand why it’s wrong to like Wuwon character more, when it doesn’t have to do with any thing. and being rom-rom doesn’t mean the character doesn’t have any sense in thier past, that will make us like them more.

      • Where did you get that Idea, soompi? Just because some people couldn’t understand a well written article wrote by a male blogger that PtB as of e01-04 indirectly making people sympathize with Muwon more than Jiheon, and made a ruckus saying it was Jaejoong fans who wrote that. It’s definitely not the case. She/they missed the point of the article. It’s not JJ fans who said that and more so, the writer just pointed out that the scriptwriter probably made mistakes in making people sympathize more with Muwon the 2nd lead, it will be harder along the progress of the drama to make people root for the lead actor Jiheon.

        However, in saying so, he indirectly said that Jaejoong was capable enough to make the character real. It doesn’t take anything away from Jisung though.

        So far I enjoy the drama which so many actors/actresses made the characters alive. It’s quite rare for me to stick to one drama, I have to say.

      • I could say the same to you to be honest. Please don’t group all jaejoong fans as the same, it’s not nice to make a stereotype don’t you think? True he’s not an AMAZING actor. Yet. But for me at least, I’m proud that he’s growing in every episodes, and he can only improve from here. Besides why are you so scared of posting an opinion? Unless it’s full outright bashing, a constructive criticism is certainly most welcome just saying. And what’s wrong with people liking one character more than the other though? It’s just a drama nothing too serious there, besides …different strokes for different folks.

        Btw thanks for making the recaps for the episodes miss koala! I really appreciate it =) I’m really loving ptb, oh how I love love love that the characters themselves are the ones who are moving the plot instead of the plot moving the characters, it’s kind of like a j-dorama in that sense for me which is a win (not much of a kdrama fan except for a few).

    • If you are not in love with Jaejoong’s acting or the character, fine. I think many can accept this point and opinion. He is in no way an acting genius, he is at most, okay…but your dismissal of shiningstar’s comment seemed way off base. What does this drama not being a melodrama have to do with anything? No romance comedy is all happy-hapy-funny-funny. There are obvious conflicts within the plot, and the characters are three-dimensional. There is enough given in subtext to sympathize with Moo Wan’s character. As of right now, he is the most fit heir to the business, but he is overlooked simply because he is not Jiheon. His efforts get a pat on the back, but not the end goal. The girl he apparently had feelings for passes him over to be with the “heir”. There are reasons why viewers could connect with this character and like him. He has not showed an outright evil nature that would imply viewers to dislike him (yet).

      You seem to have a gripe with Jaejoong fans and their “deluded” view of his acting/contribution to the ratings, and the subsequant praise that results. I say that people’s opinions on things like this are subjective. He has a fan following that will stay updated with what he does and will enjoy him. I think you need to try and focus on the drama itself and not the irritating things some fans say. This drama is doing well becuase it is well-written, well-acted, is funny, and has a nice pacing. I think most people will acknowledge the contributions of all the cast and the crew. Enjoy the drama and try not to let certain comments bait you into a reaction. k-pop/k-drama comes with pre-existing fans, they will enjoy and sometimes overpraise who they support.

    • JYJ I’m one of them ^^ fans really like ALL the characters .. and always the raiting is good bcz all of them with the staff of PTB <3 and jj with them !!
      not just Jaejoong who makes this a hit all the characters<3

  40. Koala,many thanks for the recap esp when I can’t view PTB on either viikii, mysoju,dramacrazy…seems they ban sinagporean viewers 🙁 you are my saviour…even though deep down in my heart, something says you are a Singaporean…the way you word meh….haha next time when you come to Singapore, I treat you to Satay,laksa,Lor mee, kway teow to express my thanks for your recaps:)

  41. I never said it’s Jaejoong who makes this a hit….read carefully…I said the ratings are good because “ALL the characters are putting up a great performance and there’s awesome chemistry btw them…”

    but you seem to have some problems understanding my entire comment…I wonder why….?

  42. i love PTB… all casts r great… their cooperation makes this drama more interesting n makes d viewers eager to watch this drama… <3333333
    for d people who seems unsatisfied with muwon or jaejoong, well of course jaejoong is not perfect as jisung bcoz he is still newbie in acting world n he is still learning…
    at least he is not taking his popularity for granted n he is working hard n keep trying to improve his acting… n d drama got higher ratings is because ALL CASTS hardwork… some people seems misunderstood n feel quite uneasy about this but jj fans just sharing d happiness of d successful of d drama n not saying this drama got higher rating bcoz jj… 😀 btw i wish this drama to be more n more successful in d future bcoz all PTB casts deserved it because they work hard on this drama… i love chairman cha, he makes me laugh with every scene, i like muwon mother n grandma… n i love all d four leads… they r amazing…. PTB r d best romcom.. 😀

  43. I love Ji-Heon’s sartorial splendor especially his cute Pointdexter bow-ties. And unlike the most of the web, I like his broccoli hair.

    The mystery i would like to solve is what is he carrying in his collection of backpack. He comes to work in a car so doesn’t really need to lug things over a great distance. Also, the premise of the drama is that he does very little work so it is unlikely he is carrying documents back and forth. So expect for gum and Chapstick, I am curious about what he could possible have in his back pack.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

  44. I think Jaejoong’s doing fine. He’s one of the better idol turn actors out there. Also, not everyone who is rooting for Muwon is a Jaejoong fan just like not everyone who’s rooting for Jiheon is a Jisung fan. Like some people have mentioned, Muwon is a character many people can relate to; he works hard but gets passed over for Jiheon who I view as less competent and not deserving, especially when compared to Muwon. Jiheon just comes across as an overgrown kid to me a lot of the time. Jisung is undeniably an amazing actor, but I feel very little for his character at the moment.

    • Ah, I’ve been seeing this “fanwar” between Ji Sung supporters and JJ supporters in forums. People seem a wee ultrasensitive … I wrote at a forum that I didn’t understand why JJ is so loved for his acting when I found his acting just so-so, and people starting responding why, and then people suddenly started calling the discussion a “fanwar”, which took me by surprise. I thought we were JUST having a discussion, and it was a polite discussion. People disagree during discussions after all.

      And then later someone posted an article entitled “Jaejoong’s Protect the Boss wins in ratings” or something like that, and some folks think that it incites ill feelings because this ISN’T JJ’s show since he’s not the lead. And I thought, well, TECHNICALLY, it’s not wrong to call it that because it is his show too … I thought people are just so sensitive. It’s amusing to see, but at the same time I try to stay out of it because people just aren’t … er … thinking clearly when it comes to JJ sometimes? 😛

      Which is good, I suppose. A show needs such a super loyal fanbase!

      Well, personally I root more for Ji Heon, but I like MW quite a bit too. I’m intrigued by his true intentions, but he loses a few notches in favour points because I think he’s a character than can go dark because he’s hurt or he wants to get his way. I guess I don’t like calculative characters. I hope the glimmer of compassion and conscience that he’s developing thanks to Eun Seol will continue and that he and Ji Heon will be friends one day. But I doubt the road will be straightforward … I think MW will continue to JH’s adversary until something major snaps him out of his selfishness.

      Ji Heon – Ji Sung said in an article that he’s actually a very complex man. I suppose we’re not given an insight into that yet as the writers are focusing on his childish persona. But in this episode, when Eun Seol asks him whether he experienced tragedy in his life, we briefly saw the pain beneath his happy-go-lucky facade … I think Ji Heon is the sort that hides his pain and fear beneath humour. With this facade, people are not tempted to look beneath the surface because they think a) he’s not worth it b) he’s just a himbo. Quite a clever psychological defense mechanism. I think the writers need to reveal more about Ji Heon’s complexity soon so that we can root for him more. In a way that Korean blogger is right – people are rooting for MW a lot because he appears more 3D now than Ji Heon.

  45. I already love Jaejoong’s character! I love all the four leads, And I think that ES and JS are a wonderul characters, plus the actors are sooooo good! But, Muwon is so mysterious, I can’t wait to know if he is the villain or not… Also I found him pitiful! Such a complicated character! As for jaejoong’s acting… mmmm… He is doing a good and respectable job! One of the best idols at acting! He has a long way to travel, but he is young and he has a lot to learn.
    Thanks for the recap! It’s a good recap! I love this drama! I can’t wait for the next episode!

  46. I hope Jae keeps the haircut he has in the last scene, he looks so much better like that.

    It seems Muwon got more screen-time in this episode, I wonder if the writers will keep it that way. As a Jaejoong fan, I would very much like that. I love the lead couple, but I also love the second lead couple, which rarely happens when I watch a drama. My favourite moment in this episode was the chairman dressed up as Dooly, haha! Thank you for the recap Koala:)

  47. Is anyone getting the sense from the Chairman’s interaction with his sister-in-law and Grandma reaction to the Ji-Heon /Mu-won romantic competition that this might the the second generation in which that kind of competition happened?

  48. For me, much better to thank the crew behind the PTB for choosing, managing and directing such good actors & actresses. Specially SBS for providing us such great drama. Thanks to the writer too!!!
    Just please make this drama the best among all K-dramas…

  49. GOSH!! why people arguing so much and made the situation into Jisung’s fans vs Jaejoong’s fans?? why can’t we just let this go and ENJOY THIS AMAZING DRAMA? Ji sung is amazing actor and we all know that from this drama, while Jaejoong is an idol turn to actor..this is not his genuine field while jisung has involved in it in many years..why we can’t give Jaejoong an opportunity for him to explore and show his acting rather than judge his acting? if Ji sung show his best today, I’m sure it’s a PROCESS!! no one can be expert in just one night..if one day Jisung want to try to be a singer like Jaejoong and not a pro in the first, we should not judge him instantly he is not a good singer, while we know that Jaejoong was pro in singing area. Everything need a PROCESS to become PRO. I love Jiheon and Eun Sol’s chemistry, but this drama won’t be so interesting like now if there’s no a contribution of the complicated second lead’s touch’ all the characters in PTB give their efforts and contibution for making this drama reach its high rating! We are not actors/actress..and acting is not appreciate for all this little thing which comes out from this drama..This drama was amazing!!

  50. Yay that I found your site. I was so disppointed that dramabeans wasn’t recapping this. I’m really loving this drama and finding it surprisingly good. I love how this drama doesn’t follow the trajectory of a typical k-drama, too. Like the send female lead isn’t all out evil bi*** or the chabol family, too. I love that the heroine doesn’t cower, too. Thanks for recapping this drama!

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