Recess: This Hurts My Eyes So Get it Away From Me

Ji Sung’s unfortunate hairstyle in Protect the Boss is just that – unfortunate. What’s worse is that it’s completely unnecessary. Does that hairstyle actually enhance his character’s unique personality traits? Of course not. Ji Sung is owning the role of Cha Ji Heon by his performance skills alone, and actually doing a battle to make sure his broccoli hair doesn’t torpedo his character. I hate it when characters are uglified for no good reason. So share with me some unfortunately stylings that have offended and/or annoyed you over the years. Here are some of mine.

1. Rain’s wardrobe in Full House. UGH. Just barftastic. The stylist for that drama must have been blind. And on acid.

2. Lee Dong Wook’s fur collar coats in My Girl. One reason I could never take his character seriously. Runner up was Jo In Sung’s fur collar coats in What Happened in Bali, which made sense since we were not supposed to take his character seriously.

3. Lee Seung Gi’s hairstyle in Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance. What in the Heavenly father’s hell was that on his head? A nest for pregnant birds?

4. The mushroom cap hairstyle on a female lead – Hwang Jung Eum in Can You Hear my Heart, Gu Hye Sun in Boys Before Flowers, Song Hye Kyo in World’s Within.

5. Ankle length pants paired with loafers without socks. Prime offender was Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste, but plenty of male leads have adopted this offensive trend since then. It. Must. Die. [Just to be clear, ladies can feel free to adopt this trend]

6. Prince Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) and his lacy, flouncy, and very pastel attire in Goong. No prince in any fictional or real kingdom would be caught dead wearing any of what he wore in that drama, aside from his school uniform and formalwear.


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      • Me too.
        I’ll ahve to disagree on the majority of the list:
        LOVEEEE JGS’s VARIOUS ‘DO’s in YAB. My fave is actually the one everyone dislike..the one in the beginning, with the bangs.
        I Liked Hwan’s hair in BL, Ji Heon’s as well.
        I think men who wears ankle length pants are stylish.

      • That’s not ahjumma hair. Those are elegant, soft, curling locks that have their own lustre. It’s a hairstyle any woman would die for… err.. except it’s on a man. =/

        You’re right. That was weird.

    • Agree. Jang Geun Seok is so gorgeous in M3 and I was surprised by his ugly hairstyle in You’re Beautiful. And I hate LMH hairstyle in both Boys Before Flowers and City Hunter.

      • LMH’s hairstyle in Boys Before Flowers was done on purpose because the comic it was based on, the character had curly hair. Which the female lead commented on so he straightened it only to have his heart broken when her pictures of sleeping in the arms of a stranger showed up. I know it wasn’t a good look but there was a reason for it is what I’m trying to say.

  1. huh? I get the references and totally agree with you. And there I was thinking the looks were due to cultural preferences. No offense meant. Just being honest. Maybe you’ll find me thinking melookinggreat but actually looking funny too.

    • There are differently cultural differences. Far too many Korean men where I live wear clothes that I swear are meant for women. I was on a date with a Korean guy, and he showed up with the exact pair of women’s rain boots I own. Needless to say, there wasn’t a second date.

      • hahaha. So you don’t go for the “couples look”? Anyway, bad fashion aside, Korean guys are cute.

  2. I’m sorry but I totally love the bench scene (Full House)….was passing by sorry….I think I’m as stupid as Song Hye Kyo, you’d make me smile if you go buy me KOREAN ice cream LOTTE okay….MELONA yummy! I love that BENCH SCENE DON’T MURDER IT!!!!! 🙁 wahhhhahhhahha!!!! Hormones!!!! 😀

  3. Chae Rim’s eye makeup in Dal Ja’s Spring. Her hair too. I probably started that drama 10 times before I could actually get into it because her styling was SO BAD. Lee Min Ki is a saint and a half for putting up with that hair and makeup because any boyfriend equivalent for me would be a deal breaker.

    While it didn’t bother me at the time, looking back at Lee Min Ho’s BBF hair, I cringe a little. I never thought it looked bad on him, but maybe now that he’s been in a couple of dramas where he looks like a real person…the perm looks dumb. It doesn’t help any that the way it was cut, at certain angles, it looked like a permed mullet. Ewwwwwwww

    • Well, the curly hair never seemed to work out for any HYD incarnation. MatsuJun’s hair just looked messy in the first season of HYD. In the second one, he looked like a poodle. By the time they got to the movie, they had it just about right. Meteor Garden didn’t even try with Jerry Yan…I can’t even picture him with curly hair!

      • Yeah. Maybe it’s a time thing for me. I didn’t think Matsujun’s was TERRIBLE when HYD came out way back when…but looking now….it’s pretty bad. His Kimi wa Petto hair (while not great) was MUCH better than the Domyouji hair, and also curly. Why Japan?

    • masumoto jun has naturally curly hair, and if u read any of the the manga’s either boys before flower or kimi wa petto u would realize that they stayed true to the characters.

    • I thought Chae Rim still looked pretty and pulled the hairstyle off pretty well. But she wore make-up all the time, with that line above her eyes! Even in bed, etc., that kind of annoyed me, because, honestly, who would really do that? XD

      • I think it was based off a manga and that was the look of the main character so they were trying to stay true to it.

    • but it suits her petite size, so so cute.. well, i always love her so pls ignore me 🙂

      but spot on with Le Shin’s wardrobe, gaddd, all those pastels & polka dots..

      • Oh and I think that drama actually brought a fashion wave for cropped cardigans. =/ never owned one, never will.

  4. actually in my opinion jiheon hairstyle is needed to emphasise his character which is “slam dunk” fans…so its not for nothing……

    • well..i liked his style even the tracksuits which i think was suppose to enhance his character’s personality…because he could never understand wat was wrong with the tracksuits… i think the idea was that to Hyun-Bin character (who was very materialistic) it didn’t matter how the suits looked like…after all they were hand stitched and probably costed a lot… so in his mind how can somethng that cost so much not be good…and he regraded the people who didn’t quite get this as ignorant people who wouldn’t understand….

      or it could have been a running gag…either way when i saw him in those clothes i thought yup thats him being him.

    • Whattttt? His wardrobe is sooooo effing stylish (the tracksuits doesnt count ’cause its for the humor). His collection of cardigans and suits are the shiettt! He’s one of the best dressed K-Hero, EVER.

  5. I despised Bong Woori – Hwang Jung Eum’s hairstyle and fashion in Can You Hear My Heart.
    OMG. There were times when I was watching and all I was thinking about is “When are they going to give her a makeover?” She wore the most horrid sweatshirts, and her mushroom cut wasn’t even cute. (I liked the red bag though.) Then there was a makeover scene and the only thing they did to her hair was part it in a different section.

    Oh and I also couldn’t stand Gyuwon/Shinhye’s ankle long skirts in Heartstrings. *shudders*

    • Bong Woo ri’s haircut was the worst offender. They never changed her hair. All the guys changed their hair, but not Woo ri. They didn’t even have to make it a makeover, just a hairstyle change would have been good. I think the few times she wore headbands it helped.

    • I totally agree with you, I was praying for a makeover every week and the long skirts she’s in collage and its hot let her show some skin (and I dont mean that in a perverted way).

    • I hated. Hated. HATED with a passion Gyuwon’s wardrobe in Heartstrings. I just went on a rant about it the other day.

      I’m finding, that stylists in these dramas work on the far ends of the spectrum. They never go to the middle and it drives me bonkers.

  6. Argh you just made my day…this post is so funny. I didn’t like the “bra” lady in Full House either. ugh and I agree Rain’s wardrobe in Full House wasn’t exactly easy to look at.

    Side note, may be the fur coats made them warmer? xP

  7. I think your opinion just a view from East Asian style and I totally disagree about that. From what i see when i saw the poster and promotion picture, JH’s hair has represented “childish” mode of the man. In many western movie, this style represented most of “mocked” people who always have good/innocent personality. So it’s really picture who JH should be.

    I think lots of J-style/K-style fan around the world have problaly lost normal sense (which i say neat and straight) of fashion and it’s really bothering me ever since. No offense, but someday you can be confuse if you see man as woman style, not just a view, but also a personality of man and it’s not good. Still this thing is what special of J/K style.

    • “I think your opinion just a view from East Asian style and I totally disagree about that.”

      Except, dramas are by definition marketed towards their domestic audiences (they’re not really intended for international viewing, no matter how much we love them), so it only makes sense to look at them from an East Asian style.

      And sometimes, bad fashion is just bad fashion.

  8. Lee Yeon Hee’s hairstyle in Paradise Ranch… that’s the one I hated the most. I marvel at how I got to watching the drama to its end despite the hideous crop of mane she had. Ugggghhh!

    • Yes me too – I agree. I disliked her hairstyle and her wardrobe… I think she’s much prettier than that… why made her look so yuck, there are ways to make her just plain normal without going the route they went. Drove me crazy (aside from the bad acting).

      • She was prettier in East of Eden. There was a scene there where she was in a nice black and white polka-dotted top or dress (I can’t remember) and she paired it with emerald green ballet flats as she was being whisked off by her leading man in a motorcycle. Since the time I’ve watched that scene, I’ve been looking for a nice pair of emerald green ballet flats!:D

  9. Kim Heung Soo in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (Taming of the Heir) playing Ohn Dal’s stepbrother had such horrible fashion sense (or at least, his stylist had), my sides split from laughing so much whenever he appeared on screen 😀

    • lollllsss so true thank you for reminding me! it was always suit with scarf (with image of skull on it, mind you) dangling from his neck to waist and to finish it off his stylist gave him a belt, just to not let the scarf to wander youknow. what a ‘brilliant’ idea! Plus because he was making all tgose serious, tormented faces it was double funny, yeah!

  10. Hairstyles kill me! Yoon Eun Hye in Lie to Me always looked so dissheveled. Plus she is super pretty with dark hair. And I LUV Kim Sun Ah, but she always seems to have the worse hair in her dramas.

    And why must the heroine’s dress like ajummas? Heeello, Park Shin Hye in You’ve Fallen for Me. Or frumpy? My eye is on you Moon Geun Young, in Mary Stayed Out All Night. Look, in my part of the world that is not bohemian, it’s frumpy. And that’s so sad because she it so cute.

    What about colored pants on men? I’m talking to you Lee Min Ho. I know, I know…Lee Min Ho looks hot in anything, but must every drama he be in make him wear too short, too bright pants?

    Lastly, leather jackets. Could I have hated Cha Seung-won’s jacket in Best Love more? I can think of many more frightful leather jackets, but this one takes the cake.

    • i really agree with you.. i don’t know what’s with Kim Sun Ah’s DO. they are always giving her the worst hairstyle ever…

    • agree with you on LMH’s pants! The leopard print pants are just insane. LMH can rock anything given to him but really… the stylist should just lay off the pastels, bright colours and animal prints. At least limit them to tops only. And get the measurements right for the length of his pants!

  11. Yoon Eun Hye’s ajumma hairstyle at the end of Coffee Prince. Mar the ending for me 🙁

    Yoon Sang Hyun’s hideous hairstyles and wardrobe in Secret Garden.

    Moon Geun Young’s frumpy hairstyle in Mary and also when she cut her hair in Cinderella’s Sister.

    Jang Geun Seok’s current hairstyle, not that it’s bad but I prefer him in short hair.

    • Aw, I liked Yoon Sang Hyun’s styling in Secret Garden. Well, not liked so much as “thought was hilarious” but that was kind of the point, wasn’t it? I’ve definitely seen pictures of K-pop stars wearing similar clothing.

  12. Rock Rock Rock – except long hair wig (and that was made pretty poorly) all the haircuts – haircuts that were made to look pretty when they were fashionable – the stylist of the drama made it like old fashion is worst thing ever – I get it that it is a docudrama and Kim TaeWon wanted to make a statement about it – however dude u loved them once – no matter how pretty No Min Woo is – the nightmare is still vivid – luckily the kid can act

    next Midas – c’mon how can you make me believe that MyeongJun is the owner of the mall if u dress him like u have bipolar fashion taste – sometimes horrific – sometimes ok (sorry No Min Woo you’re my victim today)

    about the mushrooms instead of the haircut –
    Oh My Lady – c’mon Chae Rim
    Baby Face Beauty – Jang Nara – it doesn’t look like a high-schooler like they want us to believe
    Baker King – Lee Young Ah
    Sign – Eom Ji Won
    My Princess Park Ye Jin – in WHI Bali it didn’t look that fugly
    Personal taste – poor Son Ye Jin got the worst reviews of her life clothes+hair
    Invincible Lee Pyung Kang – Kim Heung Soo got a thin belt over his jacket in every scene. Worse sometimes he had a long scarf kept in place by…drums … the same thin belt. When I though it can’t get any worse I found this

    • OMG!
      Why was I drinking coffee when I pulled that pic up?! **choke**
      The boys must have been laughing at each other, reveling in their mutual fashion faux pas! I know 2 stylists that need firing…

  13. I can live with anything the kdrama world throws at me, but #5 MUST DIE AND NEVER COME BACK!!!! Aaarrrgggh

    A nest for pregnant birds?
    *dies laughing*

    Uhm Tae-woong’s outfits in Delightful girl Choon-hyung was as baffling as Rain’s in Full House imho. At times he looked like a pimp, wth, not a sleek CEO! XD At least I could mock Rain’s character for his less than classy taste and that was a major source of entertainment since I pretty much slept through the second half of the drama.

  14. I agree, any females with mushroom hairstyle.. Hate it soo much. I was distracted by Bong Woo Ri throughout the series!!! I think that hairstyle should be nonexistent because male population don’t look good in it either. I don’t know if Geum Jan di falls in this category but i didn’t like her hairstyle in BOF.

    Lee Seung Gi’s hair was unfortunate but didn’t bother me as much.. same with Ji Sung’s. I hated the sight of it but as I began to adore the character I could tolerate it (it still bothers me in some shots).

    Kim Sun Ah’s curly hairstyle doesn’t suit her…AND Chae Rim’s makeup and hairstylist probably hated her when Dal ja’s Spring was filmed.. Awful!

  15. the worst offender for me is the hair style..what’s w/all this mature men(30 something) sporting the style of 2o worst offender is cha seung woo for christ sake man ur already 41yrs old n u like the Lee Min HO style only shorter and also ryu jin grrrr. he had this stlyle in baby face beauty n now he had this again in thousan kisses??? don’t get me wrong guys I like this men their gorgeous but w/ that hair?? it just turn me off……

    • oh oh… i must agree with almost all the comments… but CSW hairstyle… any of them… i love them all!!! the man look gorgeous in any hairstyle and even if i didn’t like the leather jacket in BL it looks good on him… cause the man can pull anything!!! and what about him being 41 years old… he’s looking way more hotter that he did when he was younger.
      CSW Fighting!!!

      • @ antonia:
        I’m sorry dear, but to me he looks like more the villain not the leading man.. whats w/ the facial hair too good thing he took it off halfway thru best love….

    • yup, despite my love for Dok Go, his drawback in TGL was his hair. I just overlooked it cause I loved the drama and Dok Go so much! The leather jacket is just so-so.

      facial hair or not, CSW looks really cool!

  16. Apparently I’m fairly accepting of whatever kdramas throw at me. I may think it looks a bit fun but I accept it fairly quickly. The only ones I noticed on the list were Rain’s clothes in Full House and the mushroom cuts. Most of the time I just accept it and move on. The only time it has really bothered me is when I’m used to an actor looking a certain way and their hair cut just makes them look ugly till they get a makeover. The one I notice most is Vanness Wu, his hair has varied so much, from super long to shaggy to sleek rocker. It’s hard watching the first half of Autumn’s Concerto and recently Material Queen because I know he can be so much better looking. So excited for the next episode of Material Queen where he will have a nice hair do.

  17. Lee Min Ho in Boys Before flowers, and I second the not so attractive bowl cut on Hwang Jung Eum Can you hear my heart.

    I also would like to include Kim San su haircut in Scent of a woman-both the before, and the after, and Cha Seung Won in Best Love/Greatest Love. Oh, and Han Eun Jung’s hairdo in the majority of Coffee House…

  18. Wow Ms Koala, I miss you. When writing this I thought about those automated radio stations. LOL. I lived in Florida for awhile and the pants thing was very popular. I mean the no socks and loafers so I don’t find it unappealing. What really peeves me is the mini skirts. In a professional environment? I don’t think so. I can almost hear the judge scolding for showing up like a working girl. The hairstyles for men in dramas is also laughable cause I don’t see them in the states. The women with such beautiful silky hair and it always is short. Why? Or maybe I am old.

  19. I don’t mind Ji sung’s hair in PTB. I think he’s one of the few who can sport the ramen/broccoli hair and get away with it.

  20. hmmmmm another interesting topic to ponder upon…things that make me cringe in Kdrama world…
    1. bad hairstyle, color etc….the bowl cut on HJE, Jang Nara…the curly do of Chae Rim in Dalja’s Spring ( including the heavy lidded eyes)…LYH’s messy hairstyle and dull color in Paradise Ranch looked like he hair id full of split ends…the bird’s nest style esp Blue Lan in PS Man (ooops this is Taiwanese drama), CSW in Best Love, Eric in SMW,
    2. the long skirts of PSH in Heartstings, the frumpy look on MGY in M3…the pimpy shirts of Rain in Full House…

    • Yeah Rain has pimpy shirts, it made me question his gender, especially the V neck he wore on the first part in the hotel….then again it was supposed to make react in a lot of ways….anger, disgust, laugh, cry crazy drama….

      • Yes agreed… Rain’s deep V neck lime green sweater he wore in the first part… that just lives (more like scar) in me for enternity… LOL

  21. Waaa… I hated “rain’s wardrobe in full house. It took me around 10 to 12 ep for me too to love him unconditionally 😉
    Jgs wardrobe in msoan was a let down too~~ and wid his hair he looked to feminine for my taste 🙁
    I also hate lee jun ki’s make up stylist in ” my girl “. I seriously thought he was plastic … And had a lot of surgery … It took me 3 yrs to change my mind ~~~ whn I saw iljime and fell in love 🙂

  22. I can tolerate the guys, but not the girls. I can’t watch dramas where the lead actresses have unflattering haircuts/styles, unless there’s a style change a few episodes later, because I focus on how much I hate the haircut instead of actually paying attention to the drama. There are a good number of dramas with bad haircut/styles and outfits – I just can’t remember all the names. I definitely agree with you, mushroom haircuts or bowl shape haircuts (they look bad on young boys, so why would they look good on a woman??) are horrible.

    • I agree with u on that, I think that they try to play down the lead actress beauty but we can see that she is beautiful already or maybe they want to distract us with those hidious haircut. Another thing I noticed its always the poor girl or the girl down her lock that has the most horid haircuts but she has a designer hand bag evert time she goes out.

      • Don’t forget the smartphones, too. I remember everyone in P.S. Man (twdrama) sported iPhones, including the heroine, who was supposed to be thrifty to the point of ridiculousness (her friend makes a point of repeating that heroine’s SO obsessed with saving money that she grows her own beansprouts for vegetables). And yet she has an iPhone…

  23. LOL! The fashions and hairstyes of Kdramas have always cracked me up. It always makes me wonder if the stylists are treated anywhere near the way they are in dramas and are just getting back at their clients. 🙂

    One of the ugliest wardrobes I’ve seen lately Was GHJ in Best Love. Seriously who wears their shoulder pads on the outside of their clothes?

    I also agree on #5 MUST die! While LMH looks great in “flamingo dream” aka pink pants. It’s not a trend I would like to see in the real world. I don’t want to find myself rolling around on a sidewlk one day laughing and pointing! 🙂

  24. i don’t know if it bothered anyone else but i couldn’t stand Tae Kyung hair in you’re beautiful!!!!! that had to be my BIGGEST pet-peeve int that drama!!!

  25. LMH’s pants + no socks bothered me a little but I’m not too terribly upset by it… I just don’t want to see it as a real life trend. That would kill me.

    Ji Sung’s hair doesn’t bother me at all in PTB for some reason. But LSG’s in Shining Inheritance was terrible.

    The thing that bothers me the most is the weird mushroom haircuts on female leads. WHY TORTURE YOUR LEADS AND US VIEWERS?

  26. I definitely agree on what koala stated here “1. Rain’s wardrobe in Full House. UGH. Just barftastic. The stylist for that drama must have been blind. And on acid.”

    Seriously, the drama was great and all but what’s up with his wardrobe. Rain delivered his character fantastically but I had the hardest time watching the drama because I was too distracted with his ugly super low v-necks, colorful shirts, and so forth! Besides that, the drama was quite funny.

  27. i happened to like Ji Sung’s hair in adds an additional charm to his character and it adds this adorableness to him which i find sexy..hehehe..

  28. Great post, so true and funny too!! I agree the trends of furs, mushroom haircuts, flood pants with loafers (although Lee Min Ho can pull it off), and lace pastel shirts (on guys) must be stopped! LOL.

    I absolutely hated Hwang Jung Eum’s hair in Can You Hear My Heart, was it really necessary for her to sport that hideous hairdo? I can’t believe they chopped off her locks and left her looking like that for months, I would not have agreed to that. LOL. Well at least her younger counterpart didn’t have to sport that do for the beginning episodes of the drama.

    And, I actually don’t mind the messy, curly top hair that some actors are trying out. I think Ji Sung’s hair in Protect the Boss is cute, I also liked Cha Seung Won’s messy locks in Best Love as well. 🙂

  29. I absolutely detested Hye-ri’s hairstyle in Prosecutor Princess. A permed mushroom! Heaven forbid… Currently I can’t stand Myung-wol’s hairstyle in MWtS, it’s not THE worst but for some reason it bothers me a lot.

    Agree about Jan-di. I also hated Oska’s hair in SG and does anyone remember the side character from MSOAN? A lot of the time she looked like a prostitute rather than a celebrity. There’s been a lot of awful styling in dramas, to think about it.

  30. I guess I’m going to take an unpopular opinion by saying that I liked Lee Min Ho’s cropped pants/no socks in Personal Taste, and I’ll loop this with all his weird pastel pants in City Hunter. There was just something about the way HE wore it that was RAWR and not off-putting. It became fun, instead of just weird.

    Granted. If a guy I was dating tried to pull it off, I might feel completely different. But with Lee Min Ho, I’ll take it.

  31. Lee Min Ho’s black net/lacy top in City Hunter when he was digging bullet out of his back at the vet and Sae Hee walked in… That just hurts my eye!

  32. You really called this one — those are my favorite worst styles also. hehehe… Although in Full House, pretty much everybody was afflicted with the absolutely worst stylist choices ever. Bra straps anyone? If anybody has seen Oh My Lady — what about her hair and all that damn denim cloth?

  33. I like Ji-Sung broccoli.

    I like it better than the plastered across the forehead side sweep that seems to be the preferred do for men on K-drama of late.

  34. I couldn’t stand Lee Min Ho’s hair in BOF, his hair was one of the two reasons that made me drop the drama. Whenever I see pictures of him with that hair, I turn the page as fast as I can.

    • Omg, I forgot to mention lmh’s hair in bof in my previous comment. But anyway, yes, seriously what the hell was the hairstylist thinking? I know his character’s hair had to be curly but they really couldn’t make it look carelessly tousled and sexy like matsumoto jun’s in HYD? Lmh’s version was all neatly curled and hairsprayed to death that it reminded me of french croissants.

  35. For me – the champion offender is hands down – LMH’s hair in BBF – it single handedly stopped me from watching BBF despite my LMH love!!!

    I’ve also said before that only Korean men somehow end up wearing bright coloured skinny pants and pastel coloured suits – O! My Darling Kang Ji Hwan – your salmon suit in LTM!!! – I looked no further than at his gorgeous face to get past episode 11!!

    The guys fare pretty well – currently
    Kang Ji Hwan in LTM – fans self!!
    Lee Min Ho in City Hunter – sealed his OMG status!!
    Ji Sung and Jaejoong – I can live with it
    Eric in Spy Myung Wol – he can do no wrong in my eyes – wuri-nun SHINHWA!!!
    Lee Dong Wook – yummy!
    Seung Gi in Gumiho – Puppy!!!! Lub u!!

    However – almost all the leading ladies have been mutilated – be it hair or wardrobe -their stylists are probably so jealous that they get to make out with their gorgeous leading men! I am trying to recall just one leading lady who I thought looked nicely put together with no sabotage in sight – Ummm….
    Shin Min Ah in Gumiho? A tad boring but relatively normal.

    What do you guys think.?

    • Definitely besides your Fan Love you need to be objective!! That is key, despite the love you need to be true to your self, when something is awful IT IS AWFUL! LOL!!!

      Salmon suit… ROFLOL!!! Mhahahhhahahahhhaahaha!!!

    • Best dressed female? Kim Tae Hee in My Princess.
      I thought she was adorable from start to finish – and the shoes were fabulous!

  36. Yup. Totally agree with you about Prince Lee Shin. I’ve rewatched Goong so many times and was always bothered by his attire there, ugh. Every time.

  37. LOL, Miss Koala Unni, even in your vacation you continue to make me laugh!!

    –Que sera, sera = Mushroom top of Han Eun Soo (Jung Yoo Mi) and her clothes! PLEASE!!

    — Summer Scent = The stylist of Yoo Min-Woo (Song Seung-hun) was on chalk powder coz his wardrobe was an eye sore and his hair style… *no comments*

    –Drunken to Love You = Daniel (Huang Hong Sheng) an UFO landed in his head! Common!!

    — It Started With A Kiss = Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) hairstyle was awful, like the last episodes though, LOVE him in the wedding dress! Hilarious!!

    –Protect the Boss — No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) wardrobe is horrendous, I mean, she is a Personal Assistant/Secretary/Life Coach, at least she need to dress the part!! Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung) wardrobe is childish as his personality, I hope that when he starts to take his “I’m-the-heir” part seriously, his wardrobe change! Cha Moo Won (Hero Jaejoong) Impeccable, but I want him to use some color, you know the “little black suit” is a little overrated!!

    On the other hand…

    –Secret Garden = his tracksuits were awful, but I loved them, they were part of his charm, and his craziness!!

    –My Girlfriend is a Gumiho = loved the simplicity of the clothes of Gu Mi Ho (Shin Min Ah)

    –My Lovely Kim Sam Soon = loved the rainbow of color of Hyun Jin-heon (Hyun Bin). One shirt for every mood, I think he never used them twice, and the neon ones, AWESOME!!


    • @ angelito,

      u also loved Hyun Bin’s rainbow shirt in MNIKSS?? me too !! that’s the best shirt ever… I saw ..Jo Hyun Jae wear the same shirt in Only You drama and looks cool too…

      • Yeah the rainbow color shirts were diverse and complex as his character! Indecisive, crazy, totally neon(try to shine so bright just to keep everyone away) and vanguard! LOL It was a mixture of classy/elegant/chic with a modern totally punk twist! LOL That sounds dangerous!!

    • I think most of No Eun Seol’s looks are ok though. She looks really really normal (some of her outfits even look good!) compared to other unfortunate kdrama leads.

    • – Summer Scent = The stylist of Yoo Min-Woo (Song Seung-hun) was on chalk powder coz his wardrobe was an eye sore and his hair style… *no comments*

      Was so waiting for someone to say that.


  38. another fun post from u during ur vacation?? hahaha… seems u really addict with ur own blog too Mz. K…

    I forgot which wardrobe is really annoy and hurting my eyes becoz too many and some times i didn’t notice or pay attention to it in details…UNLESS…its really hurting my eyes…
    the number one enemy of my eyes is RAIN’s wardrobe in full house…then fur jacket wear by all male actors in all drama (I never thot that’s a good wardrobe…it’s just too much and overboard)…
    JGS’s sleek hair in You’re beautiful, Moon Geun Young’s hair in M3 (too messy… I really wanna cut it short or at least trim it), mushroom hair of Ji Sung in protect the boss and all messy hair in all K-drama…

  39. Ji Hoo’s hairstyle in the first half of BOF, when it was cut, it was tolerable but still not so good ’cause it was too ridiculously blond for me but at least Hyun Joong was pretty…Jan Di just hurt my eye for the whole run of the show

    also, most of Te Kyung’s outfit’s in YB, never fails to make me scratch my head and think what the hell are they letting Jang Geun Seuk wear?

    also, Yoon Eun Hye’s hairstyle in the first part of LTM, I mean YEH is gorgeous but couldn’t they have given her something better?

    last is Park Su Jin in MGIAG…or in pretty much anything she’s in, aside from looking like a pinchy faced little thing, she can’t act

  40. Lee yeonhee’s hair in paradise ranch drove me batty. Geum jandi’s hair was fugly. All outfits of eccentric hallyu star characters like JGS in YAB, Oska in SG, CSW in Best Love. Eric’s wardrobe is slightly better than the previous in spy myungwol but yeah, in general, famous chracters in dramas have such fugly styling.

  41. Kim Tae Hee’s dress in My Princess, all the skirts like a bird cage and tutu skirt. Doesn’t look cute at all with her wrinkle forehead.

  42. Bahahaha!! I totally agree with your Number 1 and 2 though to be fair, those 3 dramas premiered in the same year or the year after. Probably still clinging to the early 2000s style. I remember when Full House came out, my mom thought that Rain was gay because of his weird wardrobe and how he crosses his legs. I had to correct her. “No, mother. That’s how the boys appeal to the girls in Korea.”

    Another thing I can’t stand is the manliner. There’s metro guys which I think is chic and then there’s over the top crazy metro guys that look like Tae Kyung. Seriously. No.

  43. I have developed a tolerance for the fashion disasters in K dramaland. There seems to be an abundance of truly atrocious outfits so it is difficult to singularly point them out. Off the bat I find these ridiculous:

    1. Rich women who pile on the bling (Binnie’s mom in SG). It’s like – look at me I’m so rich! Oh let me add another sparkly just to show you how…
    2. The white suit worn indoors by some male leads. Seriously not cool. I would add pastel or bright colored jackets, they come off looking like pimps. (I love KJH in LTM but I didn’t like some of his suits.)
    3. LMH is a fashion victim – cropped pants, assymetric shirts, black fishnet shirts, loud colored pants and going sockless…hehehe no. Props to him for being daring though…

  44. Errr, I actually liked the wardrobe in Goong. OK, any prince in his right mind wouldn’t wear that but it was very pretty. That, and the fact that the leads changed clothes at almost every change of scenes…wow, the wardrobe budget must’ve been a stylist’s dream come true.

    Love your website, thanks for the hard work.

  45. Kim Sun Ah’s hairstyle and wardrobe in Scent of a Woman… She looks better with longer hair. I guess her shorter do is in keeping with her role – that of a plain, ordinary-looking spinster.As for her wardrobe, I don’t know if you agree with me. I’m bothered at how the stylists dress her up in short shorts in a lot of scenes (though she carries them off well ’cause she has nice long legs). For me, she’s a bit old to be donning this get-up in her role as a forty-ish spinster. Anyway, I just get slightly distracted by this whenever I watch the drama. What distracts me a lot is the handsome Lee Dong Wok! Hahaha! I keep staring at his full lips! 😀

  46. Hairstyles really make it or break it for me so I’m going to complain about them. Jang Geun Seuk’s hair in Marry Me Marry, ugh horrible just horrible couldn’t even get through the drama. That annoying bowl/helmet/mushroom cut that every fcking female lead seems to have. If you’re going to do short do a Han Ji Won please. And annoying curly hair or perms ala KHJ in PK. I liked LSG’s in MGIAG though.

  47. skinny jeans…. Pink skinny jeans to be exact. ala LMH … Does one really want to see legs skinnier than… one’s forearms????

    Borrowing mum’s leopard prints … ala JGS .. please can animal prints be left to animals only ??????

    Shoes (covered, and with heels) sans socks.. eeks. Stay away from me 😛

    Barbie locks ala Seo Woo in Cinderella Sister .. . no adult should wear goldielocks okies? Unless you’re a professional pageant queen.

  48. oh my gosh; im suprised no one has mentioned cute lil Lee Hong Ki’s hairstyle in YAB. the first style made him so adorable… after that… absolute horror. his stylist should be… *pew pew* lol…

  49. I really like Ji Sungs hair in PTB and Hwang jung Eum’s hair in CYHMH totally grew on me, that by the end of the series she was gorgeous…i had a tiny girl crush on her by the end of it, but I guess that was her beauty despite the hair.

    Anyway what i dont understand is Jang Na Ra’s godawful hair in BFB, she looked like a 2 year old not a 25 year old.

    And another one was kim so yeon in Dr champ…man that was hideous and kim so yeon is one gorgeous woman..only i had to google iris to find out

  50. I concur on all accounts sis, though on a lesser degree for Lee Seung Gi’s hair. Rain’s wardrobe is real topper! I just dropped my jaw looking at his v-neck top on episode 1, gah, didn’t i see my friend(girl) wearing the same exact one. ewww!

    Did anyone noticed how hideous was the prince’s get-up in the end part of the last episode? His pants are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay above his ankle it is almost just below his knees, then his shirt is kinda formal with a leather shoe(i think) without socks. I didn’t mind the flash and pastel wardrobe all throughout the drama but the just part just made me gnash my teeth.

  51. This isn’t rhetorical…I genuinely would like to know when the Bieber cut or the half front Bieber became the hairstyle of choice for kdrama men? It almost forces them to do their scenes with the side eye method because one eye is covered by a patch of hair. I guess I’m too old to appreciate Justin Bieber and think it’s such a waste of electricity to blow dry your hair for hours just to achieve what should be the effortless sweep across the forehead. After a brief hiatus from kdrama, I was so disappointed to see the long front half forehead sweep on most, if not all, the men in my delusional fantasies. It was so in-your-face that I kept muttering, Bieber cut! Leave my loves alone. Did this trend occur before the Biebs phenomenon? Am I faulting him in error? In any case, please make it go away.

  52. Just about every dramas’ ice queen tight dresses and preferebly with wird prints on them. I get that they supposed to look fashinoble, but still it looks just uncomfortable and they always pair that whit skyscraper high heels, which make them walk wirdly. They could easyly look gorgeous wearing something a little more baggy. Though I guess that is what makes them cranky. Who wouldn’t be?

    Also almost every second chebol wardrobe out there. I mean how the hell they can dress in some of those thing that shall go unnamed is just beyond me. With their roles with such high payroll you would espect that in that world they would hire someone just to tell them what looks good and what not, but instead they get stuck whit some outfits that make people wander what the hell were they on that would make them wear that.

    Also really, really and I mean really thight sweatrs on men whit biceps. It looks just…wrong. If they want to show of their body they could easly be topless, I bet many of the watchers wouldn’t mind.

    Specific offenders have mostly been named, but i do want to point one more out (even though she has already been mantioned): Chea Rim in Oh! My lady. I could digest her ahjuma hair, but the dress she wore to that musical premier was just…ugh. And she supposedly bought it just to have somthing pretty? How could that sack look pretty on anyone? And as if the dress wasn’t enough they stuck her with a big pink hairpin in shape of a dog (at least I think it was a dog). I couldn’t even concentrate on that episode because of her look.

  53. omg, the hairstyle that pissed me off to no end was DEFINITELY choon hyang’s hairstyle in delightful girl choon hyang. URGH! soo frustrating, i get that they wanted to make her look younger since she was korea’s ‘barbie doll’ but for gods sakes, that hairstyle was soo unrealistic for a college student.

  54. I think Lee Seunggi should fire his stylist. His hair is terrible these days. I prefer his hairstyle from 2006. I watch 2days1night and the boy is always dressed in grandfather’s clothes! And the colour scheme is also from a grandfather’s wardrobe. He desperately needs to inject some colour into his wardrobe.

  55. haha actually I was fine with woori’s hair in cyhmh. Originally I was rather distracted but then after watching her for awhile I started to think it was cute. In fact when her bangs stopped being straight and became sideswept I even thought it was kind of pretty (but then again everyone tells me my taste is bad).

    Plus also the fact that Seungchul kept on calling her hair a basket helped xP I loved it whenever they kept on joking about these stuff.

  56. I totally have to disagree with you in just one: I LOVE LOVE ♥♥♥♥ SEUNG GI’s hairstyle in Brilliant Legacy, he was so handsome with the “ahjumma hairstyle”

    And Jang Keun Suk first hairstyle in YAB was ugly it made him seen a little….

  57. I like Ji Sung’s hair. It really does go well with his character. I mean, if he walked around with the emo, gorgeous hair from Swallow the Sun there’s no way I’d believe the wackiness of his new persona.

  58. All i’m saying is the worst offender for mushroom top hair has to be Show Luo in Hi, My Sweetheart…. OO
    I actually couldn’t watch it all because his wardrobe either made me want to throw up or punch something….><
    I know it's not a k-drama… but I think it's a perfect example for this post^^
    I actually agree with all of them though 😛 Apart from Gyu won in Heartstrings, some of her outfits were not good but I though a lot of them were cute^^

  59. Cannot help but post another one (i dont know if it has been mentioned)

    Prince Shin’s cropped, three-quarters pastel pants. They were so tight and it just shaped how thin and slender his legs were. He had better legs than half the woman population! That’s just weird, I think.

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