Recess: This Hurts My Eyes So Get it Away From Me

Ji Sung’s unfortunate hairstyle in Protect the Boss is just that – unfortunate. What’s worse is that it’s completely unnecessary. Does that hairstyle actually enhance his character’s unique personality traits? Of course not. Ji Sung is owning the role of Cha Ji Heon by his performance skills alone, and actually doing a battle to make sure his broccoli hair doesn’t torpedo his character. I hate it when characters are uglified for no good reason. So share with me some unfortunately stylings that have offended and/or annoyed you over the years. Here are some of mine.

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A Koala Reminisces: 2010 Year End K-Drama Reviews

2010 heralded the dawn of a new decade. Where’d the last decade go? I could have sworn that I took a brief nap after college, only to wake up with an entire family and a boatload of new responsibilities. On a more drama-centric note, … Continue reading