Video Preview for Episode 14 of Spy Myung Wol

I really applaud the actors of Spy Myung Wol for gamely soldiering on to bring this beleaguered drama to a close. It’s not easy working on a low-rated drama, and I’ve never witnessed a drama encounter such degree of behind-the-scenes turmoil. While I find the writing of SMW continuing to get wackier in the circular logic game, at least the acting of some of the leads are really selling the emotions. I hope fans who love this show love how the story will get resolved (much like how I personally loved Lie to Me and really appreciated how that drama focused on the things I enjoyed the most when all else failed). This should be an interesting week in SMW-land. Will Kang Woo forgive Myung Wol when he finds out the truth? I totally think so, because his falling for her was always predicated on him thinking she was a freak and still loving her anyways. Being a North Korean spy can’t be wackier in his mental logic than being a crazy fangirl. Oh, and, uhm, I’m back (not like it ever appeared that I left).

Video preview for episode 14:


Video Preview for Episode 14 of Spy Myung Wol — 23 Comments

  1. Welcome back~ It really did not seem like u had ever left with all the posting you have been doing. Great job. Hope you had a great vacation~

  2. How many times will Eric change his hair style in this show? Other than the fact that he is constantly kissing the girls when they least expect it and sometimes forcefully. hmmm..

    Just started to watch Que Sera Sera, hopefully Eric has some stellar moments in there. Still in ep1.

  3. \O/ Yay! Koala-unni is back! I hope you had a most wonderful, relaxing vacation. ^_^

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – dark, tormented, angsty Eric is so hot. I think he’s most attractive when he’s self-destructing and brooding (see Que Sera Sera). I’m hoping the next few episodes are so crazy it’s morbidly fascinating. ^_^

  4. Welcome back; even thought, I feel like you were never gone.

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to reading your up-coming Full recaps & your thoughts.

  5. Glad to have you back home!!! Hope you had a restful wonderful time on vacation! Do I dare go back and catch up to the crazy world of Myung Wol???

  6. Auntie K,
    YAY you’re back. I hopthat you enjoyed your much needed vacation.
    In the realm of SMW, so I’m still kindof hoping that this show will end in a good note plus the fact that I so heart Eric awww totally fangirl ( just finished watching Super Rookie and now on Chilwa, he’s such a talented actor and so easy on the eyes 🙂 but I digress I hope that the cast and crew are not being worked to the point of exhaustion.
    I’m super excited for SOAW and PTB sooo cute I heart these two shows.
    I’m building sandcastles, mates so cya later 🙂

  7. Did you really go on vacation? I think you posted more on vacation then you do on a normal week. Okay maybe not more but just as much 🙂

  8. Question: Well,i have no question on the show, coz it is pointless, but here rae some fashion qns
    1. is it okay to dye part of your hair, i think Erics back hair , which he has a layer left, shows his hairs dark color, which i believe is his natural color, i do not dye hair, so fashion question, so is this fashion or do you dye entire hair, even with side burns?
    2. whats with MW hair style? is that her real hair or is it wig?.is it shorter than previous episodes?
    3. while i complain of erics constant hair changing fashion, it is monotonous to see the same hairstyle/wig on her every episode – is that the inthing in korea right now?

  9. wow… koala , didn’t know you were on vacation, love your updates and THANK YOU. hope you enjoy your short vacation. WELCOME…

  10. Yay! You are back. 🙂

    Yes, looking forward to the last couple eps of our wacky spy show.

    Oh, p.s. -really love the french banner on your blog!

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