Written and Video Preview for Episode 17 of Spy Myung Wol

I have nothing more to say about Spy Myung Wol. I’m just happy those who are enjoying it are still enjoying it, and the others have moved on to other dramas that speak to them. I’m pretty stunned at how this drama has turned out, and genuinely have no clue how it’s going to resolve everything. That’s the final hook for me, a morbid curiosity with just what the writers intend to wrap this up tomorrow. Just a reminder that tomorrow will be the grand finale, with episodes 17 and 18 airing back-to-back. God, the entire cast and crew must intend to sleep for a week straight after the final scene rolls.

Written preview for episode 17:

Kang Woo takes a bullet for Myung Wol and is brought to the emergency room. Myung Wol remains in a state of shock. Choi Ryu finds the sharpshooter that tried to take out Myung Wol and disposes of him. Myung Wol suspects that the person who tried to kill Kang Woo was Choi Ryu. She goes to the rooftop to lay in wait for Choi Ryu.

On the other hand, Chairman Joo has leaked the spies identity to the NSA and the agents start to surveillance Myung Wol. She senses it and escapes from the hospital to hide out. Myung Wol discovers the truth about the sniper, that it wasn’t Choi Ryu but someone sent from North Korea. She once again feels guilt and gratefulness towards Choi Ryu, and decides once again to return to North Korea with him.

Myung Wol sneaks into the hospital to meet with Kang Woo one final time. She begins to make the final preparations to return to North Korea with Choi Ryu……

Video preview for episode 17:


[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar, translated into English by me]


Written and Video Preview for Episode 17 of Spy Myung Wol — 27 Comments

  1. Thanks for the written and video preview, koala…
    The only reason I watching this drama is because of Jin Wook….
    I hope the drama will have happy ending, especially for Choi Ryu…

  2. I would say that Spy’s gone off the deep end, except for the fact that it passed that point, oh, about 10 episodes ago. At this point, it’s more like it’s floundering weakly in the deep end, after having jumped in, splashed around trying to swim for a while, and finally started getting weaker and weaker.

  3. Reading the recaps and downloading each episode, I’ve not yet watched this series. But HMW’s fickleness, going back and forth between KW and CR, is driving me up the wall. I may never start watching this drama. Nevertheless, thanks for all the recaps – and especially for the updates on the much more intriguing real drama-within-a-reel drama involving HYS, Capt K!

  4. Thanks for the recaps. Yeah, the only reason why I watch this drama is I’m curious as to how the hell are they gonna wrap the story up? It could’ve took off at the 10th ep. My God, after the HYS hullaballoo, the writers seemed to bonk their heads off the wall and lost all the good sense they had after the epic drama-in-drama confession during ep10. Am just glad it’s gonna be over, too bad, the drama had promise. It just f*cked up its premise… yeah. Play of words. Heh.

  5. Ryu deserves so much better than Myung-wol and In-Ah put together.

    Leave the three of them, Ryu. Take the spy parents and go far, far away.

    • hehe.. agree!!.. he deserve better woman than both of them.. i wonder who that lucky girl would be.. Choi ryu just so damn hot!!.. xD

  6. I have a feeling In Ah will probably go back to North Korea with Choi Ryu to be the Hallyu Star, although I don’t know if she’s qualified as one. That way, at least they did not come back empty handed, and it also seems like the romance b/w CR and her is heading that way too.

    • I kinda had the feeling that might happen too just because what exactly is the purpose of SUDDENLY having feelings for the guy within the last like 4 episodes. Of course, with this show, who the fuck knows what will happen!

    • Great comment. This drama/farce has been so entertaining on and off screen. It has been comic relief while I also watched Scent of a Woman. I finally got to see that great smile of Choi Ryu.

  7. MW should go back to North with Ryu. They’ve known each other for so long..and he loved her first. But I have a feeling too that In Ah will end up with Ryu instead.

  8. Im dying to know the ending after my heartbeat goes up and down watched this drama from 1st episode till now. I prefer an happy ending for the 3main cast, ChoiRyu, Kang Woo and Myung Wol. Love is Great!! To all the MYS Crews, “Kamsahamnida” for the good works. Fighting!!

  9. make up your bloody mind MW..hehe..she seems to be in love with both guys and between the two i guess she will end up with Kang Woo because she has slept and felt deep romance with him earlier on the episodes…hehe

  10. MW confused with her truth feeling. Her feeling towards ChoiRyu is more to pity feeling instead of love. ChoiRyu always besides her regardless the situation and she treated him as part of his family after her father died. As for Kang Woo, she truly love him and he’s the 1st person she felt in love. Cant leave the truly love although tried to deny it. Arrgghhh….this drama made me uncomfortable with the ending….hehhehehehe

  11. seriously, through out the drama.. i only focus on ryu and myungwol scene… rather than the opposite side… i dont know why.. it just that not really interesting for me.. maybe bcoz im myungryu shipper?.. gosh.. really wish both of them together..

  12. hahaha i just found it funny that “once again” was repeated twice in the preview… I think it only goes to show that the plot is going on circles… anyway, hope this one ends well so that the cast & crew can have their much deserved rest. come what may! 🙂

  13. I loved this drama from episode 4 – 12 and then I wanted to slap MW from 13 onwards most especially last night. This is my first Eric Mun drama and I totally fell in love with him. Downloading his older drama Que Sera Sera now. Thanks for the preview. ^_^

  14. thnks for the written preview.
    this Korean drama is so unpredictable! moya?! i hope this will really have a happy ending. I was thinking a lot of things would happen while i was watching the part where he was shot. so many scenes that were made up in my mind, whether KG will be paralyzed and won’t be able to walk(weird) or have an amnesia or something? but i still want KG and MW to be together. it was right there, right there and *poof* again with the intense ending! still waiting for eng subs of the last episode to be downloaded. EXCITED :O

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