Daito Shunsuke: My Gift from the J-dorama Gods

While it may seem like I’ve got dibs on so many charismatic and talented young actors, it’s totally not so. Everyone feel free to MINE someone first, but it’s not my fault I locate hidden gems before everyone else. For example, I plucked Li Yi Feng out of English viewer obscurity and mined him in my first ever Sunny Happiness post before the stampede started. Same goes for Daito Shunsuke, who has rocketed from the left field of my J-dorama radar and landed front and center thanks to a scene-stealing turn as Ootori Kyoya in the live-action adaptation of the manga Ouran High School Host Club. Seriously, my tomodachis, he’s MINE. Feel free to enjoy this picspam post though, but please no pawing.

Unlike my other J-bias Yamapi, Shunsuke is not a Johnny, with an onscreen resume and screen presence that reminds me so much of Oguri Shun. Transitioning easily between bombastic in-your-face performances (like both of them did in Crows Zero) and reserved and controlled (Shun in Hana Yori Dango and now Shunsuke in Ouran).Β The boy is the real deal, proving in dramas like Ouran and Tumbling that he’s a guy’s guy who can showcase a convincing bromance, and in his limited but potent interactions with Kawaguchi Haruna in Ouran, showing me that he’s a certifiable romantic male lead just waiting for the right project. Japan, please, I beg of you, make it so. I need Shunsuke and Haruna in a love story. Preferably right now, but I can wait. *twiddles thumbs and starts twitching* Until then, have a Shunsuke picspam post, with a bonus OTP-of-my-heart post with Haruna, who is just too fresh and beautiful for words.

And there you have it. My job here is done. But if you need to see my boy Shunsuke in action, have some short but oh so sizzling MVs below.

Shunsuke MV:

Kyoya Mashup with Shunshuke’s previous roles:


Daito Shunsuke: My Gift from the J-dorama Gods — 37 Comments

  1. Gah. If only they don’t have 9 years of age difference, I would ship them right away T_T
    Shunsuke is soo cool, and him with Haruna is just soo pretty.

  2. COOL! I’ve always believe that Daito Shunsuke has a lot of potential! and he reminds of Oguri Shun too! ever since they played brother in Hana Kimi.. I’ve always seen them as such πŸ˜€
    He needs to be a lead! SOON

  3. *flails arms* i’ve been waiting for this post! Not that I haven’t been stalking the net myself for more daito shunsuke goodness but kyaaa this is yumm!

    i’ve got a soft spot for oguri shun and daito reminds me so much of him… but the daito gaze and smirk? one of a kind. well it’s mostly kyouya’s gaze and smirk, but heyyYY let a girl blur the lines between fantasy and reality yeah…. And am i glad he is not a johnny – that just bodes much better for a longer more varied resume – and hair that isn’t crimped to within an inch of itself….
    I’d so love to see him in a drama with Haruna just so my kyouya-haruhi ship will see the light of day.. but seriously, i’d take any good drama japan throws me with him as male lead! preferably wearing glasses.. *fans self* there aren’t many actors that look actually look hot with nerdy spectacles of the wire-frame type and not the fashion statement variety… Know what role he’d totally suit? Some nerdtastic wiley kid, ala the fantastic fukuyama masaharu in galileo, college student edition. Yes, with the glasses. Shirtless? I guess I wouldn’t mind. Throw in some intense chemistry with a suitable female and I’m all aboard.

    • His glasssssseeeessssssssssssssssss

      I could write an epic poem on how much I love him in the glasses. There are very few Japanese actors who can pull them off with the perfect amount of hotness and nerdiness, but Shunsuke has it down pat. Every time I see him in a new pair of glasses, I just think it’s better than the previous!

  4. when I was her age I had 2 boyfriends of his age πŸ˜€ Thank God mom didn’t find out about the adventures (again for a 16 gal a 25 years old guy looks like the ultimate male specially when he is that smexy) so to me doesn’t look that weird

    PS – none of the older guys asked me to do kinky things (other than kisses ) even though I bet their imagination was as hentai as a guy can get πŸ˜€

  5. LOL I actually watched his movie called How to date an Otaku Girlfriend last week cause I kinda like him too. The movie’s just okay, nothing really special but it’s still nice to watch since Shunsuke-kun’s there. XD

    • What?! Was he in that movie? *Rubs eyes* Damn, I really need to pay better attention, and those glasses are not helping! They are hiding his hotness.
      FWY, I liked *how to date an otaku girl*, I remember thinking the guy was really cute.

      • He looks cute there! ^^ You would actually notice him right away just in case it’s your first time seeing him. His guy friend in that movie is a hottie too. lol XD

  6. Yeah been waiting for this post…Shunsuke was soooo cute as Shun’s little brother. Strange that I haven’t seen any other project of him til Ouran…I guess I was too caught up in K-dramas that I somehow pushed the J-Doramas in the back of my mind….

  7. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It’s an overload of hotness and cuteness all in one.

    There’s really something about him that manages to be sexy as all get go, while still pulling off an attitude that says “take me home to meet mother.” Which as far as I’m concerned is the best kind of man. I want someone who they would approve of, and then for them to never know what goes on when they’re not around. *whistles*

    It’s almost a shame he’s already signed up for next years Taiga because I bet casting directors are chomping at the bit to put him in something else. Sigh. While we will all go crazy from not seeing him for a full year, the Taiga will do nothing except make people want him even more. I’ll just have to be okay with watching Ouran over and over again, and his other dramas.

    As a side note: I forced two friends to watch all of Ouran last weekend. I didn’t say anything about my love for Kyoya. We finished the six episodes and both of them had long hopped on the KyoHaru train. One had never read the comic, and she was kind of upset to learn Tamaki/Haruhi was the OTP. And they were even more sad to learn Haruna was only 16. Just gotta wait a few years….

    • i’m normally a lurker around these parts BUT omg yeshHH i so agree with that…. “There’s really something about him that manages to be sexy as all get go, while still pulling off an attitude that says β€œtake me home to meet mother.” ”

      one moment having wire frame glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, sipping tea calmly and charming the socks off the parents… and when their backs are turned, having that smirk on his face and that sexy gaze, suggesting all kinds of naughty thoughts, trained on you…..

      goodness…… you really hit the nail on the head with your observation

      • That smirk is killer. I would do the most wonderful, yet terribly unspeakable things because of that smirk.

  8. ahhh <3 My favorite in Ouran since episode 1 too πŸ™‚ I remember thinking "who's that hottie" when I watched Crows Zero, but didn't really bother looking him up. Thank you Ouran and thank you Mrs. Koala! I started Ouran thanks to your recaps, but now I'm waiting for eng subs to watch episodes before reading them all. *saves pictures*

  9. Miss Koala, I’d like to thank you deeply for introducing me to Zenkai Girl.
    I’ve been off J-Dorama scene for a year and instead strayed to K-dramaland.
    You totally revived my love for it again!

    Oh boy oh, is Nishikido Ryo drool-worthy! I didn’t notice him to be like that last time.
    If you’ve watch Last Friends before, I loathed him soooo much in that drama.
    He was sooo convincingly scary in that!!

    Now, I’m devouring his old drama, Attention Please. I didn’t know it was him in 1 Litre of Tears.

    So, once again, hontou ni arigatou!
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy your posts!

  10. Whenever I look at Daito Shunsuke, the first thing that comes in my mind is that forbidden red apple that you just want to take a bite but you know you shouldn’t *drooling*. Thanks Ms.
    Koala for this early in the morning wonderful treat.

  11. to have also played Oguri Shun’s brother…The death glare that Shunsuke used to give Shun in HanaKimi…chills.

    Thank you so much for the pics and videos!

  12. I really, really wanted to MINE him as well, but that’s okay. I’ll just admire him from afar… ^^

    I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching Ouran, but I think I’m going to check in on the episodes at random, just for Daito.

  13. You are totally the Secondary Guy Queen! πŸ™‚

    I am not much of a Kyouya/Haruhi shipper (I almost never uncanon-ship) but he is being pretty awesome in Ouran and I hope to see more of him. He can act and he looks like he’s had a meal in the recent past, a rare combo in many jdramas πŸ˜›

    • No way, Mousie! I’m hardly the textbook case of a chronic second lead shipper. I almost never uncanon ship myself. And here I concede it’s Tamaki/Haruhi because he’d pretty flail himself to death if he doesn’t have her to ground him.

      I merely find super adorable second male leads BEFORE they become super amazing male leads and MINE them early. πŸ˜€

  14. Now I’m so screw….. I try so hard not to fangirl actors, musicians, celebreties because it takes so much time and effort. uffhh… whatever, Daito Shunsuke, you got me. I would be your fangirl slave for eternity. lol ;D

    I swear he is such a perfect charming bad boy, 40% angel-60% demon, I just love it.

    I’m pretty new to the whole dorama, k-drama scene, well more like Asian dramas in general. So I haven’t see any of his other roles, but from the Shinsuke mv above it looks like he is a actor with range and has play some very intersting characters.

    Btw in that video Shinsuke is doing some backflips and I’m going gaga with how amazing and flexible this boy is.

  15. Surprisingly this has been a pretty decent year for J-doramas…it’s been years…literally years since I’ve watched more than one currently airing J-dorama. While Ouran is too campy for my taste, thank you for doing the recaps and thus piquing my interest to stumble upon Daito Shunsuke πŸ™‚ I pretty much am watching Ouran for him now…and have my squee moments whenever Kyoya and Haruhi interact with each other. While I would love to see him in contemporary drama next…I’m still pretty excited about him doing the taiga with some of my favorite J-actors!

  16. Maybe they’ll do the Yamapi-Maki thing and give them a drama together next!! ^^ Preferably one with a kiss, even if it’s stiff as a brick XD (I’m still a bit bitter about Kurosagi. Why have chemistry and then not do anything with it?)

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