Ring Ring Bell Drops Cute Second Teaser

I confess that I’m going to have a hard time deciding which drama to watch first every Sunday night once Ring Ring Bell premieres against In Time With You. Each teaser snippet of Peter Ho and Janine Chang makes me smile giddily with a doofy grin on my face. The drama itself looks like an Autumn’s Concerto without the whole having your secret love child while you lose your memory bit. I always like second chance love stories, finding it realistic people may not meet at the right time, but once a second chance arises, discovers that the right person was someone you’ve already met. RRB premieres the first week of October. And in a random aside, I think it’s pretty funny that it was Mike He who had the kid in Sunny Happiness, and now it’s his co-star Janine who gets to play a mommy to a cute little one.

Second Teaser for Ring Ring Bell:

JC voiceovers: The ordinary life of a side-dish girl (i.e. someone who can’t afford main courses and only eats the side dishes).

PH: Singing the wrong direction, you idiots.

JC voiceovers: CTS, Sunday nights at 10 p.m., Ring Ring Bell.


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