Wonderful Radio with Lee Jung Jin and Lee Min Jung Releases Teaser Stills

I think it’s the lucky actress who has the talent to toggle between projects in film and in television in the Korean entertainment industry, and Lee Min Jung has just that perfect blend. While I worry she might get pegged as a Meg Ryan-esque rom-com film actress, what with doing Cyrano Dating Agency followed now by another rom-com Wonderful Radio. The latter film has released more stills as it nears the tail end of filming, showing Lee Min Jung in her role as a idol-star-turned-radio DJ along with her leading man Lee Jung Jin as a seasoned producer brought in to revive her sagging radio program. Let the sparks fly!

I think the pairing of Lee Jung Jin and Lee Min Jung is just one of those no-brainers. They look fabulous together and have this bright cheerful sensibility that makes you feel they are enjoying working together, thereby making the end product that much more enjoyable to watch.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Wonderful Radio bar]


Wonderful Radio with Lee Jung Jin and Lee Min Jung Releases Teaser Stills — 18 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to see Lee Min Jung back in a drama (I didn’t watch Midas). I still have to watch Cyrano Dating Agency though :).

    I think we can dub them the Jung couple :).

    • nice choice!
      LJJ’s is probably the only poster I wouldn’t mind putting up on my wall. heehee. I thought hard about that. I don’t like having faces up on my wall, and Song Joong Ki is really my biggest bias.

      thanks for the happy pill ockoala!

  2. They look like they have a great, easy chemistry with each other. LJJ was the only character I like in Runaway: Plan B, and I loved him in Bottom of the 9th With 2 Outs (which is often referred to by its unfortunately slaughtered attempt-at-an-English-translation name 9 End 2 Outs). I haven’t seen him in anything else, but those are enough to recommend him, and I’ve liked almost all of LMJ’s projects.

  3. OMGeeeeee!!!! I love these two to bits and pieces!! Lee Jung Jin is manly and hot (fell hard for him in 9 ends 2 outs and Runaway Plan B). Lee Min Jung is so pretty (liked her in BOF, totally loved her in Smile You; she shone in Cyrano and she was unforgettable in White Night). I didn’t even know they’d pair up. Am so excited!!!

  4. Lee MinJung is such a lovely and talented actress, theres something about her presence that left this lingering feel as of ive been a fan of her for a long period time.
    She make a great pairing with Lee JungJin, and i cant wait to see what this movie has to offer for us ^^

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