Moon Geun Young Studying Abroad in New York City for Two Months

So near, yet still so far away. Namoo Actors just issued a press release that basically confirms the fan speculation in recent days that the ever lovely Moon Geun Young has left Korea for a short study abroad experience. She’ll be in New York City until mid-November as she takes English classes and does what any twenty-something living in Manhattan does, namely enjoy walking around the city in the Fall and soaking up the only-in-NYC ambiance.

Fall is my favorite season in the city (moreso than Spring), so I’m sure she’ll have a great time in a wonderfully rich and diverse new environment. This does pretty much mean her name is out of the running for Jang Geun Seok‘s Love Rides the Rain (not that she was ever in serious talks since she was his last drama co-star and Korea doesn’t immediately pair people back together so quickly), whichΒ Han Hyo Joo has supposedly turned down, and the grapevine chatter has the role going to an actress from SM Entertainment.

If you’re living in New York and want a Moon Geun Young sighting, she’s taking classes at a language school in East Village (I know the name but don’t want to post it because I hate having people loiter around her school). She’s also been spotted in Central Park, looking like any Asian college student living in the city.

I love how even a celebrity can be anonymous there. When I was going to school in the city, Utada Hikaru enrolled as a freshman and I pretty much saw her around campus being all normal. Part of me wanted an autograph, but the sane me just let her be the normal college kid she obviously was looking to be. I still visit the city a few times a year, so this only means imma planning a quickie Fall trip to see my Geun Young in person. Hope I won’t be tempted to put her in my pocket because she’s so cute.


Moon Geun Young Studying Abroad in New York City for Two Months — 39 Comments

  1. mgy is one of a kind artist to prioritize her study… she has a dream!!!! good luck, may all your aspiration on your study come true, for sure everybody will miss her, all we can do is to pray for her success and happiness!!!!

  2. Good Luck and Have fun studying MGY. 2 months? surely you will be missed. Lovin your drive to learn more and for prioritizing always education. Hope one day you will inform us that this study is in preparation of your next project…
    Magpapaparty ako! ^_^

  3. Wow, Hikki in person? That’s awesome ^^
    MGY is awesome, all the best to her =D Personally, New York isn’t all that special to me. I don’t know…I mean, it has its unique flair, as does every city, and parts of it are really impressive and pretty, but it doesn’t make me want to be there a lot or something ^^’
    I wonder if Jung So-min would go well with Jang Geun-seok. Somehow I don’t see it, but I do wish she’d act in a drama again ^^

  4. I want to run into her in NYC…that would be so cool! She seems so sweet and cool! πŸ™‚

    On the Geun-Geun couple front…have any of you guys seen the Knee-Drop Guru episode with JGS?! He supposedly admitted to liking/showing interest in one of three females that he’s had a scandal with…although he didn’t tell the girl πŸ™ The 3 ladies are: BoA, Park Shin-hye, &….Moon Geun-young! I’m inclined to think that it was MGY! Ha!

    They need to get together…it’d be so sweet! πŸ™‚

  5. Love MGY, one of my favorite K-actresses, I wish I could do that but in korea, learn the language and stalk all my favourite stars lol

    and yay, I didnt know HHJ turned down LRTR with JGS, the plot sounds a bit depressing and boring

  6. I miss Geun Young already πŸ™ but yeah it is for the betterment of herself and achieving a dream. I wish she will have a normal study life in NY and enjoy the most out it. I look forward when she comes back she will act again.

    Captain, say our hellos to our cutie Moon when you visit her. πŸ™‚

  7. The nice thing about living and working in nyc is anonymity. When you see a celebrity and he/she knows you recognize them, they say “Hi” and you say “Hi” and keep walking. I’ve seen actors riding the subway…so I hope MGY has a nice experience during her stay here.

  8. i bet she’ll be taking in a lot of inspiration and head back to Korea as an even better actress (as if she isn’t already that good). her career choices really make me root for her more!^_^

  9. I wonder which star would force you to rethink this I-won’t-bother-him/her-attitude.

    Of course we all love MGY for being talented and down-to-earth (and cute) but if, say, you saw Kang Ji Hwan shopping like a normal ajusshi, are you going to ignore him? πŸ˜€ Or will you be tempted to give a little wave?

  10. Hehe… come to New York and find her (casually of course) πŸ™‚

    I always wonder if I would recognize people when I walk by them. There are so many people in New York and when I’m actually in Manhattan (as opposed to the other boroughs)… I’m going somewhere so I’m not even paying attention to the people around me. They’re always something going on in NY and lots of celebs.

    I hope MGY enjoys herself while here. I’m sure she will… it’s fall! Ok – not quite yet, it was super hot and then just last night, it turned cold… so fall is coming!

  11. she issssss?? I can’t wait to accidentally bump into her now….it’s funny ‘cuz I was around Bk and Manhattan all summer and now that I’m not there, my biggest Kdrama girl crush is….will have to make a trip down there just for this in the upcoming weekend…i don’t think I can promise not asking her for her autograph though…lol

    • on a completely different note…Noooooooooo!!!!! I dont want any SM actresses on that drama with JGS…just thinking about Lee Yeon Hee or any of the SM idols with him makes me want to break into hives….I apologize to her fans, but LYH’s acting drives me batty..however, I think there’s a good chance she wont be doing this because she will bedoing that new movie with Jo In Sung, the only other actress under SM \ who will be appropriate for this is Go Hara, while she’s not very good, I did find her cute and charming in Who are you? and would have liked her a lot more if it weren’t for the crazy mess that was Heading to the ground….and I’m so sad that Han Hyo Joo may not be doing this, I was really looking forward to her pairing up with Jang Geun Suk and doing another melodrama

  12. Love her, if I had a chance I would like to see her and maybe ask for a autograph xD

    Btw, Han Hyo Joo did refuse the role? So there is still hope for Jung So Min?

  13. Well Well Well. I too am taking a trip up to NY to see fam this fall. But I doubt I’ll go to the city–I make it a point to stay away as long as I can *shudders at horrid childhood trips there* Heheh. But I mean, I didnt get to see TOP sooooo. But i really wont go so it looks like once again im so close yet so far away as you are lady K. though this time ill be even-closer still far away. tsk tsk tsk woe is me.

  14. So happy that she is on US soil. I keep wondering if it has anything to do with an upcoming project. I read her pr person met Richard Gere and well my imagination is running wild. They say the boys are guarding the door to her classroom. She is so lovely, she has them going gaga over her.

  15. Jung So Min is currently preparing for a play for her school, the performance being at the beginning of October, so I doubt she will act in Love Rain.
    I’m actually kind of glad she is doing a play. It requires acting chops to pull if off, and she’s got them.

    MGY! I would stalk you and make you my big sis, but I don’t wanna be known as a crazy ol’ fan.

  16. Want to see MGY, but don’t want to seem like a crazy fan. I’m actually planning two trips to NY this fall, so maybe if I’m in the area I’ll see her. Guess it will be another year or so before MGY does any projects, but it’s good that she’s getting an education in the meantime.

  17. OMG.. I hope I see her in POMODORO… Does she eat pizza? We hang out there a lot.. This is where we Asians meet the Caucasians.. cool…

  18. I hope Geun Young enjoys her time in the city, I was only there for a short period of time for an interview at NYU but it was a wonderful city, I really need to take a trip there to visit a few friends one of these days.

    As for Love Rides the Rain, I hope to god that the SME stuff is meaningless chatter and not actually true. There isn’t a single actress from SME that can act even decently (Go Ara, Lee Yeon Hee, and SNSD Yoona are beautiful and the camera loves them, but they are so awkward on screen and very stiff in terms of acting) so if the PD adds one of them when there are so many up and comer female k-actresses, I will lose quite a bit of respect for the guy because with SME backing those people, they already have all the promotion and exposure they can ask for, these lesser known but much stronger actresses like Jung So Min, etc, could use their breakout role already. As much as I adore Jang Geun Suk, with the possible attachment of an SME actress, I have suddenly loss quite a bit of interest in this drama.

  19. To captain and everyone on US especially on NYC, you are all sooo luckyyy.. i do hope u can take a pic with her and share it with us.. coz i missed her so bad already.. >.<

    as Lovr Rain leading lady, i also hope it's not gonna be an idol especially.. coz i don't think they will portrayed the character good enough..

  20. I’m from NYC and would totally love to meet Moon. Don’t think the chances are high though considering it’s quite big and quite crowded especially in East NYC.

    I’m also very curious who’s going to be the female lead in “Love Rain”, heard the PD chose the actress but what’s taking so long for him to announce it.

  21. jie jie!! I’m gonna ba in NYC this october for the SMTown concert! I dunno if I have anytime left fangirling SuJu that weekend but a chance encounter with GY will be a precious moment! *fingerscrossed*

  22. On a totally different note: I was watching Won Bin’s “The Man from Nowhere” and I, as always, am awed by his acting. I wish MGY’s next project will be with someone that matches her acting caliber like Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Jang Hyuk, as lover, brother, ahjussi or whatever. It doesn’t matter if they are much older because she looks good and makes everything look perfect with everybody. I do hope it’s Won Bin though, I think he practically saw her grow up.

  23. wow she’s really close to home for me . & the fact she’s studying abroad for 2 months is awesome . good for her :]

    “I love how even a celebrity can be anonymous there. … Part of me wanted an autograph, but the sane me just let her be the normal college kid she obviously was looking to be.”

  24. i want to see moon geun young…i miss her. i want to see her in a new drama..lee sung gi would be her perfect partner for a new drama…i want to see her in a character that is twisted like on a “flowers of evil” manhwa character..i don’t know why but moon is in my head everytime a remember that manhwa…maybe because i think she’s the only one can give justice to that character….please update us about moon geun young.<3

  25. I love moon geun movies, she is very funny and a beutiful actress. I love her acting hope to see more movies of her and good luck on your studies

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