Moon Geun Young Posts Selca and Updates of Her Life in NYC

Moon Geun Young has been studying abroad in New York City for the past month, simply learning English and living the ordinary life of an exchange student in a bustling city. I’m thrilled that she posted a detailed update on her Cyworld account a few days ago, complete with those two selcas above. Geun Young is as candid and sweet as ever, explaining her experience of living alone in a foreign city for the past month, and her hopes for the remainder of her stay. I know she’s going to fully appreciate and absorb this experience, whether personally or professionally for her acting career. Looking forward to my cutie returning to Korea and settling on a sure to be much anticipated next project.

This is Geun Young’s message for her fans posted on her Cyworld account, which I have translated into English:

Took a selca! Hahahaha…..oh, so embarrassing….. The number of selcas I took this month, including this one, amounts to four. For the remainder of the month, I vow to take ten selcas, hehe. This past month has been very very lonely and fearful, and very difficult. Humans….really do have the innate ability to adapt, to get used to new environments. Hee, now there is no fear or anxiety, just living life well. My fear of speaking English has also greatly dissipated, doing my best to keep trying. Even though I’m still lonely and have lots of longing, there are so many many people I’m missing. Even so I continue to adapt and go forward.

I’m not sure if what I will learn will reach my initial expectations, but I grasp what is before me and learn it. I’m not sure if I’ll accomplish what I had set out to do in the remaining month, but I will continue to try my best. Regardless, I want to spend the rest of the time being happy, healthy, and enjoying it all before going home. Wishing everyone (i.e., her fans) is happy and healthy…..though it appears that without me everyone is doing just fine….not sure I like that…..heh heh, y’all know I’m cool with that. For you all, I want to become an actress you can all be proud of, and not embarrass you. I will continue to press forward. I really miss you….really….so wait for me!

[Credit: Moon Geun Young Cyworld]


Moon Geun Young Posts Selca and Updates of Her Life in NYC — 19 Comments

  1. First. Yay! I love this young lady to the bones.Happy to see her again. Hope she’ll do this often. Excited to see her in her next project.. I have this feeling that her stay in NYC is related to her next project.. (assuming much) ^^ Hopefully. Whatever her next project maybe so long its MGY count me in ^_^. Thanks Ms K for the article.

  2. I wish I was still at school on the East Coast. I’d totally go to NYC on Thanksgiving break like I did last year. Man! Missed opportunities. But props to her doing something so scary – some celebs would never do it on there own even if they did study abroad.

  3. She’s so inspiring! Hope she enjoys the rest of her stay in NY, and can’t wait for her to come back onto the small screen! πŸ˜€

  4. Thanks so much Captain for this post! πŸ˜€

    I love MGY’s cy message – honest, humble, funny and wise. Her remark “Humans….really do have the innate ability to adapt” is just full of wisdom for her young age. She is so admirable!

    Moon Geun Young, as many have said already, we miss you so much. But we are happy to hear you are doing your best in NYC. Continue to enjoy NYC and learning the English language. We look forward to your return to the k-drama world!

  5. Oh, she’s so adorable. I actually feel the same way, being overseas to study and living life on my own…Thanks for this ockoala unni! Lovely. MGY will remain one of my favorite Korean actors, I guess. She’s not just a great actress but she’s also, well, like this… so sweet and endearing. Who wouldn’t love her? Oh, and about your hot header for the day, gosh, so miss these two, my favorite OTP of all time!!!

  6. Moon is just too sweet & adorable for words. Unfortuntately, even though I live in NYC I haven’t even caught a glimpse of her yet.

  7. thanks for this one… mgy is such a smart lady, at her age she knows what she wants. Studying in a foreign country takes a lot of sacrifices, especially when you are far away with your parents…. will support you Moon Geun Young… we hope you all the best!!!!!

  8. Ha! It’s that fat face, cross-eyed spastic again. Wow! What a moon face she has no wonder her surname is Moon, sure lives up to it!

    • Um. I hesitate to say this, as this isn’t my space, but calling her a “spastic” is kinda appallingly ableist. Also, insulting her for her facial structure is rather lowering, don’t you think? Your comment smacks of fat hatred. You’re just a burbling pot of tolerance today, aren’t you?

      (Ockoala-san, please feel free to delete this comment if you think I’m overstepping my bounds as a guest here. This is your playground, so please do as you feel is best.)

      • No at all. I’ve deleted this person’s constant and repeated comments in any Moon Geun Young post over the past few months. But since you responded, I’ll let the illuminating comment from @DWG stand. Because it shows what kind of person @DWG is to feel the need to throw insults and attacks at an young actress widely acknowledged as the best of her generation and a role model for those around her. We needn’t lower ourselves to the level of @DWG. Because frankly, when someone with the IQ of a primate and the EQ of Napoleon is talking to me, I feel sorry for that person and parrying back-and-forth is a waste of our time. But thank you, noozie~

    • @ DWG
      saying such things is really foul..people like you who focus too much on looks alone are insecure losers..Moon Geun Young is beautiful in her own way, she’s nice, humble and very admirable. Physical beauty isn’t everything. Her goodness, and honest character are far more important and lasting. And what I admire her the most is putting up with other people’s bad manners like you..

    • @ DWG
      saying such things was really foul.people like you who focus too much on looks alone are bunch of insecure losers. Moon Geun Young is beatiful and charming in her own way, she’s genuine, humble and qualities that are worth learning. Physical beauty isn’t everything..True beauty comes from within. Her goodness and honest character are far more lasting and valuable. And what I admire her the most is putting up with other people’s bad manners like you.!
      Anyway, nice to know, Mgy is doing fine. Hope to see her soon!

  9. How many times has 2PM’s Taec been in NYC this year? He at least should rekindle his bond w/ MGY every time he rolls in town, I mean, the girl put time out to join him in Family Outing S2. I hope she spares time to unwind and live more like a NYer. How I miss Manhattan.

  10. I love the post Captain.. thanks!!!

    I give her props for continuing to face the challenges in life for the betterment of herself. So glad she is safe and enjoying her stay in a foreign land. I look forward to her return and make a comeback.

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