Movieweek Magazine Publishes Actor and Actress Cover for its 500th Edition

It’s the 500th Edition of Korea’s Movieweek magazine, which coincides with the periodical hitting it’s 10th anniversary of publication. To commemorate this occasion, Movieweek has two special rotating covers, one featuring “the actresses” and the other naturally featuring the “actors”. It’s a black tie and ball gown affair, which is fitting since the magazine it hitting quite a momentous milestone. For the actresses cover (above), we have Ha Ji Won, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Min Hee, Gong Hyo Jin, and Jung Yumi. I don’t think the dashing actors will mind I’m hiding them behind the cut, because ladies first is what gentlemen would naturally offer. The five actors gracing the mens cover are: Cha Seung Won, Kim Yoon Seuk, So Ji Sub, Go Soo, and Ha Jung Woo. If I was picking a dodgeball team, these 10 actors and actresses would be the A-team.

I don’t have all the individual pictures from the inside pages of the magazine, just a few from the actors and actresses I personally adore and follow. I love how all the actresses are wearing a variation of a gold gown for the shoot, while the men collectively rock the tux to the max. Rawr all around!

[Credit: Movieweek]


Movieweek Magazine Publishes Actor and Actress Cover for its 500th Edition — 24 Comments

    • Yeah she definitely is! But am not digging her pic here…she’s got beautiful eyes but they are all hidden coz of the heavy black eyeshadow and fake eyelashes! But overall, she is sure looking gorgeous!

  1. Wow, Ha Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin are showing some awesome attitude in their individual shots! I’m stoked that they included Jung Yumi, because she mostly does edgy, indie roles (and she’s great in them) instead of mainstream.

    I can’t comment on the rest of the men, because…Cha Seung Won….in a tux…*ogles*

  2. I love how Ha Ji-won is standing as the centerpiece for the front cover shot. She looks so beautiful, with a quiet confidence, elegance, and almost regal aura. Absolutely stunning. As long as she continues to sport a shorter hairstyle, she should always keep it back behind her ears. She has a beautiful jawline that should be seen, and her face is showcased all the better for it.

  3. I was going to comment that I prefer the actresses’ photo because they look like they were photographed together, whereas the men look like they were photoshopped in. But on closer look, the women look photoshopped together as well. Having all of them gather would have been epic, but I’m sure almost impossible.

  4. Gong Hyo Jin …. she is gorgeous with her own style … different look !
    Cha Seung Won … also have a different “tie” style ….
    Both of them are fashionable ….. GREAT !

  5. CSW gorgeous!!!!! love his looks… as always 😛 he outshines the other men
    ha ji won looks amazing… also kim ha neul … love the actresses’ pic so glamorous

  6. I love all of them but yes, definitely Ha Ji Won stands out among these group of fashionably and gorgeously looking young women..and CSW, SJS and GS really know to carry their superbly cut suit into their bodies!!! great photoshoot!!! hope to see GS, SJS and HJW in one pic it sure be a nice casting for one great kdrama in the future!!!! congratulations to this magazine for their milestone more power and better features and write ups too!!!

  7. Jung Yumi is actually my favourite on the actresses cover. She’s got something so fragile and kind of…elfin about her!! ^^

  8. Gong Hyo Jin looks really cute with short hair and her long legs is a killer.
    I love Ha Ji Won’s pose, she’s the queen eh? 🙂

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