Written and Video Preview for Episode 8 of Man of Honor

Man of Honor really tries my patience, doling out the story at its own pace regardless of what I may want. I’m not griping as much as I’m just whining because I really want to see more Young Kwang and Jae In adorableness. Watching the three leads finally interacting on a more consistent basis makes for great conflict and plot progression, especially when you place them in the mysterious job application progress Young Do and his crack team has assembled. I’m pretty sure the two guys will end up getting hired, but will Jae In end up joining the team as well?

Written preview for episode 8:

With Jae In’s encouragement, Young Kwang gains the confidence to re-take the test. Due to In Woo’s jealousy over Jae In’s encouragement towards Young Kwang, In Woo’s continued obstruction causes Young Kwang to be at the brink of elimination.

On the other hand, Young Kwang’s mom discovers that her husband had been sending money to the orphanage for Jae In for the past 17 years. This leads to Jae In possibly getting kicked out of the house again….

Video preview for episode 8:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 8 of Man of Honor — 6 Comments

  1. Grrr I really, REALLY want to see when Mom and the family finds out about what the dad did. That he kept quiet about Jae In and hide her because of the ramem shop, and made Jae In suffer all this time just because of his own greed.

    Let’s see…

    • I agree! I bet a part of her is just jealous of Jae In. One of her own daughters is a lazy bum while Jae In works hard for them.

  2. there are 2 possibility, Jae in will get kicked out by Young kwang mom, but then she will stay at In woo place, hmmm… its going to be very very interesting, kekekeke… Or Young Kwang mom did trying to get rid of her, but Young joo with all her purpose will make Jae in stay at their place and Young Kwang and grandma will trying to keep her. I’m not sure what will be the one that happen next.. Btw thanks for the preview ockoala..

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