Man of Honor Episode 7 Recap

Yet another satisfying episode of Man of Honor, propelling our leads into direct competition and interaction with each other, all the while the wheels the fate continue to spin, revealing more people are in the know about all the secrets and lies. Now that the story has settled into its groove, I realize that I really wouldn’t like it nearly as much without Park Min Young and PIE delivering such likeable, warm, and charming performances, individually and with each other. It’s like I have a date with the two of them twice a week, and the story is just along for the ride.

Episode 7 recap:

A young boy is hogtied and locked in a crate. He cries and bangs on the sides. The crate lid opens up and we see that it’s young In Woo, and his kidnappers tells him to blame his dad for what is happening to him. The lid of the crate is nailed shut as In Woo cries out in fear. The doorbell ringing reveals adult In Woo waking in his living room from this nightmare.

In Woo opens the door to find a smiling Jae In, who introduces herself as his personal nurse. In Woo calls his Mom and finds out that Jae In wasn’t sent by her. He hangs up and wonders if his dad sent her, to which Jae In pipes up that Seo In Chul sent her. In Woo mutters that his parents have sent tens of nurses over these years.

In Woo asks Jae In what ailment she thinks he has that he needs a personal nurse? Jae In was told In Woo is taking meds for his depression, and when he becomes severely frightened he will have spastic twitching. In Woo asks if In Chul told her all of this? All Jae In knows is that In Woo was seeing a psychiatrist for the past 12 years but stopped recently. In Woo is pissed In Chul divulged his medical history.

Jae In tells him not to worry, she’s here to help in. In Woo wonders if she’ll hold his hand and vow to fight his demons with him? Jae In smiles, noting that once she accepted this job, her motto is to do her best no matter what. In Woo nods and then leans close, asking what they should start off doing? Perhaps a kiss, or maybe then can go straight to bed. He insultingly says that the only thing a woman does best at is that. Ugh, you are such a pig, In Woo.

Jae In smiles wryly and asks if he pushes people away like this in the past? She clenches her fist and reminds herself to be patient and endure. She turns around to talk with In Woo, who just reaches right in and kisses her. ARGH, I hate you, In Woo!!! He turns Jae In around and pushes her down on the sofa, telling her he’s the type to do whatever he wants.

He won’t let her go until she apologizes and takes back what she said about treating him like a patient and stop meddling in his affairs. He wants her to beg him by promising she will walk right out that door and never come back. Jae In refuses to budge, saying In Woo’s problems are even deeper than she realized. She tells him to face his situation head on and admit he’s sick. Is he that scared of admitting he has a problem because he doesn’t want to appear weak? In Woo punches the sofa right next to Jae In’s head and screams at her to shut up. They stare at each other until In Woo hears his father’s voice coming out of the phone.

In Woo gets frightened when his father gives him until the count of three to answer the phone. In Woo grabs the phone in time. Dad reminds him that today is the deadline for the submission of the job application, and not to forget it. Dad wants him to submit it personally. In Woo starts twitching as he tells his dad he’ll do it.

Jae In watches him with a concerned look, asking if he’s alright. She reaches for him but he quickly scoots back, and then runs off to the shower to sit under the water fully clothed. He takes his medicine and huddles in fear as he continues to twitch. Jae In stands in the living room staring at where In Woo ran off towards.

In Woo’s dad hangs up the phone, calling In Woo lazy. Mom comes in and wonders if her husband sent someone to take care of In Woo. Dad’s not happy with the news getting out, but tells his wife that he sent someone dependable and trustworthy to take care of In Woo. His wife warns him not to trust In Chul too much, which is when In Chul arrives. Before leaving, In Woo’s dad tells his wife not to coddle In Woo too much, that is also not good. Before In Chul leaves, In Woo’s mom warns him to change his behavior of doing things behind people’s backs, because that is pissing her off.

Young Kwang knocks on Jae In’s door and adorably says he’s coming in. He opens the door and peeks inside to find it empty. He looks around, wondering where she went. Jae In sits outside In Woo’s building thinking to herself. She excitedly picks up Young Kwang’s call, who isn’t happy she had to go work that early without even eating breakfast. He wants to talk with the coffee shop owner to demand extra money since Jae In went to work so early. He reminds her to eat, and she smiles and says she will.

Jae In hangs up the phone and then takes out her key necklace to look at it. She remembers the fairy beggar promising her three wishes will come true. Since her second wish was to become like Florence Nightingale, and In Woo is a patient who needs her, she tells herself to go back and keep on fighting. In Woo walks out and sees the apartment empty, wondering if Jae In gave up so easily and ran away already, despite all her fancy words.

Jae In comes back with food and tells In Woo that she is a nurse and won’t give up on any patient. Plus In Woo doesn’t have an incurable disease, and she will not reveal this secret he wants to keep hidden. She offers him a sandwich while eating one herself. He looks at her for a few moments before handing her an application for Geodae. Since her patient is about to enter that company, as his nurse she needs to apply and stick to his side. Jae In looks stunned.

Jae In meets with In Chul and shows him the application, noting that she’s been rejected in the end. In Chul takes the application and tells Jae In that In Woo is actually keeping Jae In around in a roundabout way. Jae In doesn’t think the company will accept her since she’s just a nurse. In Chul reminds her that In Woo’s phobia can be triggered anywhere and he needs someone by his side at all times.

In Chul knows In Woo has a bad attitude and doesn’t listen to anyone, but In Chul really wants Jae In to take care of him. In Chul knows that if it’s Jae In, In Woo will listen to her. Jae In asks why, and In Chul says that even a guy like him (cold and hardened inside) was affected by Jae In. In Woo is like In Chul’s  real younger brother and he needs Jae In to take care of him for two months.

In Woo’s car pulls up outside Geodae while Jae In holds her application and can’t believe she agreed to this in the end. We see a flashback to the scene where Young Kwang submits his application as well. In Woo walks up and submits his application, telling himself that he will be rejected coolly by this lame company. Jae In submits her application while wondering if she might get accepted. She tells herself that no matter what happens, she’ll do her best for the next two months.

Team Young Do meets with In Woo’s dad and hands him binders of all the applicants. Dry Dae Sung informs In Woo’s dad there is a total of 1293 applications, including the backdoor applicant Seo In Woo. Everyone looks a tad uncomfortable at Dae Sung stating the obvious. In Woo’s dad looks uncomfortable, before asking if Young Do intends to select 2.

Young Do doesn’t want to do any written exams, but will have an interview that he will personally conduct. In Woo’s dad asks how he’s intending to interview all 1293 applicants. Young Do says he’ll interview 100 at a time, but he needs 10,000 bricks from In Woo’s dad for the interview process. We see 10,000 bricks being carted into a ballroom and assembled.

In Woo’s dad is interested to see what Young Do plans to do. He asks In Chul if the person taking care of In Woo is working out, because he needs In Woo to pass the interview otherwise he’ll lose face. Hong Joo says she doesn’t know what the bricks are for, but will allow Young Do to narrow 1293 applicants down to a dozen or so easily.

Young Kwang’s mom expertly prepares noodles at the restaurant. She plates a bowl for Young Jwang, who asks what this is? Mom says it’s a new dish, a seafood noodle soup. Without their dad, the restaurant needs new ideas to stay in business. She wants Young Kwang to try it and give her honest feedback. He wonders when she had time to invent this. He takes a bite while his mom watches anxiously, telling her the soup is super spicy but very delicious. It will surely sell well.

Mom hopes that if their noodle can be featured on TV, it is sure to sell well. Young Kwang asks if Mom wants to be TV? Mom says everyone can still have dreams, and she tells Young Kwang not to give up on his dream. She wants him to beg Coach and ask to be taken back. She will earn the money the family needs.

Young Kwang reveals that he submitted an application for Geodae Industries today. He vows to work hard, as hard as his mom has been working inventing this noodle dish. Mom asks if he really intends to give up baseball, but Young Kwang smiles and says he will earn money so his mom can enjoy life. He is his mom’s son, Kim Young Kwang! They smile at each other.

The camera pans around and we see Jae In has been watching this scene, and she smiles to see mother-son bonding like this. She thinks to herself that this must be what it’s like to have a mother. Jae In walks out and runs into eldest sister Kyung Joo who is headed home. Jae In greets Kyung Joo who ignores her and keeps walking. Jae In rushes to catch up and the two of them walk home together.

Grandma goes to make Jae In some dinner, but remembers that she left the clothes hanging. She tells Jin Joo to take the clothes down, but lazy ass Jin Joo is doing a face mask and refuses. Jae In offers but Grandma tells her to wash her hands and rest. Jin Joo gripes about Jae In not doing anything around the house. Jae In goes to get the clothes while Grandma berates Jin Joo for behaving this way. I’d be slapping Jin Joo silly right about now.

Jae In walks to the roof to collect the laundry and she daydreams that she joined Young Kwang and his mom to try her new seafood noodles. Jae In happily digs in while Young Kwang’s mom fusses over her like a real mom would. She even peels a shrimp for her to eat. When Jae In comes home, she’s warmly greeted by the two sisters and Grandma. She sits down with the two sisters and they joke and spend time together. Jae In smiles at her own daydreams, until she realizes that perhaps this is not possible.

Young Kwang asks her what is not possible, but she says it’s nothing. He knows that Jin Joo has been attacking Jae In again. He grabs the basket and starts taking the clothes off the line. He tells her that his arm is longer, and he did all the laundry for the three years he lived in the dorms. They laugh with each other. Young Kwang asks if Jae In has demanded extra money from her boss? If the boss won’t give it, Young Kwang will go get it for Jae In.

He tells Jae In to tell her oppa (him) if she’s being mistreated anywhere and he will take care of her. Jae In nods her head and says yes. Kyung Joo walks out on the roof and sees Jae In and Young Kwang collecting the clothes. She thinks back to her asking In Chul why Chairman Yoon’s daughter would mistakenly think their dad was also her dad? In Chul asks her to use her smart mind and think who could have been the person to abandon young Jae In?

Kyung Joo realizes that In Woo’s dad had her dad abandon Jae In. In Chul reveals that Kyung Joo’s dad was the driver in the fatal accident, and then subsequently had to abandon Jae In. Because he continued to help Jae In behind the scenes, that led to Jae In believing him to be her father. Kyung Joo asks if perhaps her dad’s death was also not an accident.

In Chul says he heard In Woo’s dad with her dad talking on the phone that night, about Jae In. He knows In Woo’s dad will not give up when he’s decided on something. Kyung Joo grips her glass tightly as she makes the connection. In Chul reaches over to grab Kyung Joo’s hand, telling her the reason he needs Jae In is because she is the only weapon they have against In Woo’s dad. Kyung Joo thinks that if Jae In goes after In Woo’s dad, her family will also be affected. In Chul says Kyung Joo’s dad is also a victim in all of this. He tells her not to worry.

Jae In’s mom cries out “no, no….” and the wakes up in the hospital bed. Her prosecutor sunbae is by her bedside, and Jae In’s mom immediately asks where her Jae In is? Her memory tells her that Jae In must still be in the car. She begs for her Jae In to be found. The prosecutor closes the door and tells Jae In’s mom that the accident was 17 years ago.

The prosecutor then leans down and whispers a series of things to Jae In’s mom, which we don’t get to hear. Jae In’s mom looks stunned and her eyes fill with tears. She tells herself that this can’t be real. The prosecutor tells Jae In’s mom that she has to accept this truth. She can’t let anyone know yet that Jae In’s mom is back, so all the nurses and doctors are on their side. Jae In’s mom cries out for Jae In. We see Jae In looking out her window as she says goodnight to the sisters at the orphanage, and to her mom.

It’s morning time and we see Jae In and Young Kwang hurrying up and getting dressed. Mom and Grandma prepare breakfast, but neither has time to eat has they rush out of the house to head to their interview at Geodae.

In Woo gets ready to head out for his interview. He runs into his dad downstairs, who wonders what kind of suit In Woo is wearing. He warns In Woo not to embarrass him, because he allowed this never before open application process just for In Woo. His son lowers his head and says yes, able to control his stutter this time.

In Chul tells In Woo to do his best before walking away. In Woo’s mom says she can’t wait to get rid of In Chul, so she needs In Woo to step up and become his dad’s right hand man. She wants to know how the personal nurse In Chul found is working out? In Woo hesitates before saying he needs to leave now or else he’ll be late. Mom thinks the person appears acceptable.

Jae In and Young Kwang check in at the company lobby and then proceed to run into each other. Both realize they are holding an application number. Which is when In Woo walks up to them, also holding a number. In Woo and Young Kwang are stunned to each other here. Commence three way staredown, which In Chul witnesses from above.

The first group of applicants are brought into the ballroom containing the bricks. Young Do walks up to the podium and announces that the interview will start. Young Kwang drags Jae In aside and asks what she is doing here? Jae In can’t really explain without giving away In Woo’s medical condition. Young Kwang starts raising his voice at her, so she just says she’s applying. Jae In says Head Nurse has ruined her reputation at all the hospital and she can’t find a hospital job.

Young Kwang reminds her that he promised to earn the money and pay her back so he wants her to quit and go home now. In Woo walks up wondering why Young Kwang is yelling and ordering Jae In around. He heard she got fired from the last hospital because she was dating Young Kwang, so is that rumor true then? Both Young Kwang and Jae In simultaneously say it’s not true. In Woo thinks Young Kwang has no right to order Jae In around then.

Suddenly the first batch of applicants storm out of the ballroom, all griping about this ridiculous interview. Group 2 is brought inside for their interview. All three of them look down at their interview badges and discovers they are all in group 13 together, the last group. In Woo wonders why they are even doing the interview together.

Young Kwang says Jae In won’t be interviewing, telling her to go home. In Woo asks Jae In if she is going home then? Jae In softly says no but refuses to look at Young Kwang. In Woo smirks while Young Kwang tells Jae In to do whatever she wants then. He stalks off to pout.

In Woo says Young Kwang is acting just like the son of the driver, explaining that his dad used to be In Woo’s dad’s driver. Young Kwang used to boast that he would beat In Woo, but he never could. Now he’s even applying at In Woo’s dad’s company for a job. He wonders if Young Kwang has no pride.

Jae In speaks up for Young Kwang, asking if a driver’s son can’t have dreams and pride? In Woo asks again whether Jae In and Young Kwang really aren’t dating, to which Jae In insists they don’t have that kind of relationship. In Woo says it’s clear they have some type of relationship. Jae In says she’s Yoing Kwang’s fan, ever since he hit that home run. In Woo laughs to her face about that. Young Kwang stares at In Woo seemingly joking with Jae In, especially when In Woo points at Young Kwang and keeps laughing. In Woo looks up and sees In Chul looking down at him.

Young Kwang’s mom is at the noodle restaurant dealing with the landlord demanding the store back since they can’t pay their rent. Mom is brash and says she doesn’t have the money but tells landlady that she’s run their restaurant for the last 10 years in this crappy location. She tells the landlady to be more generous and learn to help others.

The two women start screeching at each other. Mom says she won’t pay the rent or return the restaurant. Landlady says Mom’s attitude is what caused her husband to die. Grandma can’t even believe landlady would say something like this. Mom throws food at landlady and chases her out of the restaurant. Grandma tries to reassure Mom not to listen to the landlady’s crazy talk. Mom goes to wash dishes but she can’t help but be hurt at what the landlady said. She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her tough attitude.

Young Kwang sits on the bench while Jae In stares at him from the staircase. He looks over at her and she gives him a megawatt smile. He turns away still annoyed, When he turns back towards her, she gives him a scrunchy face, to which he returns her a srunchy face as well. I am going to abduct them because they are so cute they belong only to me.

Young Kwang walks away and suddenly notices three strange guys who appear to be looking at him. Before he can approach them, Group 13 gets called in for their interviews. Everyone walks in and the process starts again. Young Do walks on stage and tells the applicants to look around at all the bricks. Each brick represents 100,000 won. Everyone is given a bag, and told to put into the bag the quantity of bricks that they wish for their annual salary. What they put in within 5 minutes will determine their salary.

The time starts and everyone walks over to start putting bricks in, everyone except for In Woo, Jae In, and Young Kwang. Young Do looks at Young Kwang, wondering whether this useless but prideful young man can change his life. Young Kwang walks over to put bricks in, and Jae In follows suit but she doesn’t put anything in. In Woo kicks his bag away. Hong Joo wonders if Young Kwang will pass. Young Do doesn’t know, all he can do is bring Young Kwang to this point. Hong Joo asks who entrusted Young Kwang to Young Do, but Young Do refuses to say.

Jae In finally picks up one brick and looks at it. Young Kwang puts 35 bricks in, which will equal what he needs to pay back Jae In. He picks up another brick and looks at it. In Woo’s dad asks about the interview process, and In Chul reports 1200 applicants have already been eliminated, and this final group is being interviewed right now which includes In Woo. In Woo’s dad wonders how can that be, since it’s not even lunch time yet. What is Heo Young Do up to? In Chul asks if he wants to personally take a look?

Young Do tells the applicants to carry their bag of bricks up to the roof, and they can only use the stairs. From this moment on, they need to carry their bag of bricks up to the roof without anyone else’s assistance. He wants everyone to use their own skill to carry their annual salary up to the roof. Only those who get up there within 10 minutes will pass. Everyone else will be eliminated.

We see all the applicants trying to drag their bags up, most of whom give up right there. We see each brick is about 2kg, so 30 bricks would be 60kgs. In Woo’s dad notes that a person will be carrying 60 kg and climbing 33 floors in ten minutes to pass the test. Dae Sung says only 7 people so far have passed this test.

Young Do and Hong Joo sit on the roof waiting for people to arrive. Hong Joo notes that Kim Young Kwang’s bag appears to be quite heavy. In Woo walks over to Young Kwang and smirks over the fact that his bag is quite heavy. It appears Young Kwang is about to be eliminated this early in the game. Young Do says that pass or fail will be Young Kwang’s fate in life.

Thoughts of Mine:

This drama reminds me of a spiderweb with many strands that interlock in various places, tying the characters and their fates together. I don’t think the design is creative, but it’s intriguing enough that I remain interested in seeing how things continue to develop. I like the pace, which doesn’t force character emotions but rather lets it build with time. Many characters have only pieces of the puzzle, and how it’s assembled together will determine if this drama has any legs.

Because MoH is a drama not aiming for realism, it allows the characters to be quirky, eccentric, intense, whatever the personality attributes that make them pop onscreen. I love Young Kwang’s intense pride which colors everything he does. Even his affection for Jae In grows because he wants to take care of her, because he’s now her oppa. He keeps going forward with the job application because he wants to pay her back, and he’ll carry 35 bricks up to the 33rd floor because that is how much he needs to earn for the debt.

In Woo really is complicated and a pitiable character, yet I don’t want to pity him because that would cast him as a victim. He is and he isn’t. I think he is a survivor, trying to make do in truly screwed up family life. I admire how he keeps trying to win his father’s validation, and hurt for him when he’s fear and insecurities rear up and his medical condition is triggered. It doesn’t appear he has any friends at all, and it’ll be nice for him to find a friend in Jae In.

It’s clear now that In Chul knows everything about In Woo’s dad’s wrongdoings, and so does Kyung Joo after getting clued in. I’m wondering now who ran over Daddy Kim, because it doesn’t appear In Chul actively perpetrates In Woo’s dad’s evil orders. Plus I doubt he’d run over Kyung Joo’s dad, since it looks like they actually care for each other. I still don’t quite get Kyung Joo and why she’s involved in In Chul’s revenge and being all ninja with her family about her boyfriend and everything she knows.

Nice to see Jae In’s mom is fully awake and clued in on the last 17 years. I would love to see her avenge what happened to her husband and daughter, rather than make Jae In carry the burden. But what I love to see the most is for In Woo’s dad to suffer the consequences of his own wrongdoings and not involve Jae In as some vehicle for revenge. I’m more interested in watching the three youngsters deal with their personal and professional hurdles and fall into a complicated love triangle more than I am with any revenge plot.


Man of Honor Episode 7 Recap — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for all the MoH recaps! The initial first episode was sort of hard to watch, but I really like the atmosphere of the drama so far. This drama also is a nice progression for PMY. Even though City Hunter, the drama, was good, I felt that PMY didn’t get to do much in it. I want In Woo and Young-kwang to be friends so bad! I guess not for another 10-15 episodes.

  2. yay!!! i just love this show so much…thanks madam K for the recap…i can now watch the raw vids…hehehe now off to read your recap….va va voooooom………………. 🙂

  3. Thanks for another great recap of MoH, and always loved reading your thoughts after each episode! The building block of each episode is laying out to be a good foundation of this drama! Now, I am off to watch the raw episode 7. Thank you! ^^

  4. Yup so im eating my words right now…this drama rocks!!!…its a zillion times better than baker king.

    I love the drama conflict and all these plot threads that are being revealed a little at a time, and im loving the relationship between our leads and minor characters.

    Thankyou so much for the recap

  5. poor Jae in.. she really want a family.. or a mother.. its difficult to be alone without family, I will be very jealous if that happen to me, but Jae in is a very positive person, I admire her character. I really really hate In woo dad’s, how can he did this to his best friend and his family, Im sure the reason why Young Kwang dad had so many debt and still live in poverty although In woo dad gave him a lot of money is to pay Jae in mom hospital bills and give money to Jae in in secretly.

  6. Thanks koala for the recap. MoH it’s a weird drama. The story is so messed up but the delivery is charming. The story isn’t really original, heck In Woo – Jae In reminds me a lot of PTB. And so other part of the stories that looks like roughly scraped from other kdramas.

    Even so, I’m still intrigued of how everything will unfold. I hope Jae In mom is the one who will drop the bomb and give us some makjang goodness.

  7. Thank you so much for this ockoala unni! At last I finally had the time to really read this! I’m in a place where they keep on asking for papers when I’m not even taking up journalism, jeez! And then there’s work… time for kdramas really is getting thinner and thinner. Still halfway of ep6…I’m just so glad for your MoH recaps! Kamsamnida!

    Wow, In Woo is such a brash! The nerve! But yeah, I do feel sorry for him (at times whenever he has those tics, but sometimes, nah…but when you said that maybe it would be a good thing that he would have a friend in Jae In, yes, I guess that would be nice. He’s just nasty on the outside but really broken inside). I can’t wait to see the part of Jae In’s imagined scenes. It would be so cute to see Mom doting on her… Really feel so sorry for Jae In. I really hope she be with her real mom soon, but I’m guess I’ll see that on the last ep. I couldn’t crack Young Do. Is he a supernatural being? But he has worked at the company for how many, five? Does a supernatural work that long? He looks powerful though. I mean physically, on the 6th ep, I think, after In Woo’s press conference, they met at the hall and showed his skills in martial arts, and the way he talks, it’s always not natural, or maybe he’s just weird. I don’t know. In Chul and Kyung Joo…I don’t know anything about these two either. Yes, it’s a messy tangle of web. Now, I’ll move on to the ep 8 recap! Thank you again!!!

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