Kim Sun Ah is Classy and Sultry Modeling Watches for Armani

If I were a stoner and bandied about using their lingo, I’d call these set of pictures of Kim Sun Ah for Armani “righteous”. She looks classy, womanly, and sophisticated, just the right combination to model some watches for the European brand. Her last project, the movie Fighting Spirit with Kim Joo Hyuk, was a modest success at the box office during the Fall season.

She’s not an actress known for working nonstop, so right now she doesn’t have a project lined up and might stay that way for awhile. In terms of modeling watches, which is usually awkward since the hand had to be highly visible at all times, Sun Ah manages to pull it off perfectly. Her poses draws my eye to her pictures, and then I linger to look at the watch afterwards.

[Credit: Armani Korea]


Kim Sun Ah is Classy and Sultry Modeling Watches for Armani — 22 Comments

  1. She looks indeed very gorgeous =)

    But I have to say that at first I couldn’t tell the woman in the picture was Kim Sun Ah. Only after reading the title I was like ‘Hey, it is Kim Sun Ah!’

  2. Wow! The first photo is the best. I feel like I’d want to buy that watch too as Kim Sun Ah looks perfect with it! Yeah, she looks very sophisticated.

  3. She is beautifull!!!

    Talking about her, I’m watching City Hall, so far episode 8, Loving it and loving it a little bit more!!! It is a great drama + comedy+ romance + dirty politics = great show that you will enjoy and fall in love it!!!

  4. at first glance (first picture) i thought it was yoon eun hye. kim sun ah looks good here but she needs to put on some weight.

  5. She is not the most beautiful actress, but she’s nonetheless gorgeous. Her pose is just captivating. Here is a woman with character, personality and charm…

    Kim Sun ah and Lee Yo Won are holding their own courts… Maturity makes them more appealing, just like good wine.

  6. I hate to say this but either those pictures are really touched up or she’s wearing super thick makeup… The pictures don’t really look like her >__<. All her beauty lines have been cropped out or something. But then again I really like the poses. Really elegant and sophisticated ^___^. Ah when Kim Joo Hyuk and Her went on running man, I laughed so hard ;). They seem to be really comfortable with each other. Not excited about the movie, but I'll definately give it a try because the two are adorable. ^__^

  7. whoa i couldn’t even tell it was her at fist. but gorgeous nonetheless. however, i think her weight loss made her hands seem super large in comparison to her tiny arms. especially in that 5th photo. i can’t help but stare at it and think how odd they look. okay maybe i’m just weird.

  8. Heavy make up does not do justice to her, i thought she looked good with light makeup.
    why does she have the same pose in all the pics?

  9. I agree that she looks beautiful here but… she really needs to gain back the weight she lost for Scent of A Woman. Her arms are frighteningly thin as they are already, and after the photo retouch, they look sickly thin. SUN-AH HWAITING!!

  10. Is it just me or are some of these photos incredibly photoshopped (the color ones more than the b&w)? Which is just ridiculous, because everyone knows Kim Sun Ah is a gorgeous gorgeous woman with no need of it.

  11. hey~~once i only like her..and i watch city hall after i saw ur post about how good the story was and i was like..woow!!and now she is my fav actress!! love the pic ^^

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