Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Man of Honor

Oh holy heck yes! Man of Honor is rolling along at just the right speed for me, and I get the feeling the production knows the overarching story it wants to tell without throwing in everything but the kitchen sink sometime down the line. I’m thrilled that the drama appears to not shy away from Young Kwang and Jae In’s confusion over their sudden new relationship pushing up against their natural attraction to each other that was planted long before this long lost siblings nonsense. I figure that if In Woo knows Jae In’s real identity, he must also know Jae In can’t possibly be Young Kwang’s sister, so that might be a way this misunderstanding gets cleared up. Who knows, but I’m dying to find out.

Written preview for episode 9:

In Woo is stunned to discover that Jae In is the deceased Chairman Yoon’s daughter. On the other hand, Jae In has returned to Young Kwang’s house, and in order to change Young Kwang’s mom’s mind, commences a big strategic battle.

Even though Young Kwang tries valiantly to treat Jae In like his younger sister, but every time he sees Jae In, he becomes troubled because he feels emotions for her that exceed that of siblings.

Preview for episode 9:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Man of Honor — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting these!

    Noooooo! I am fighting the OTP attraction happening fast!
    I want an isosceles love triangle – where both boys have a shot…She has to begin feelings for sad rich tick boy, who has to covet her right back. We know PIE will win, but not until the very last minute, please!

    In the old days, I would gird my heart for the eventual pain of SLS. Recently I have become a glutton for SLS punishment. I crave it.

  2. not really into this show i know you will kill me but find the main couple a bit boring i love love ojakgyo brothers best show on at the moment love uee and joo won you should take a look and the ratings are really high

  3. Thanks for posting the preview ockoala.. I wish they found out soon that Jae in and Young kwang doesn’t really related by blood that they are not brother n sister, so they can start their romance immediately.. Can’t wait for tonight..

  4. So just started watching Man of Honor because I couldn’t resist the OTP. Love them! I’m only on episode 3. Does everyone stay in the dark about Jae In’s real identity for a long time? Basically, are we going to be dealing with faux incest? If so I need to prepare myself. This preview and the comments seem to suggest this is coming…

  5. Hi Captain,

    Thanks much for this preview. I continue to love both the OTP and how the story is unfolding. 😀

    P.S. When you have a free moment, please visit us at the GSI forum. On the second to the last page, I posted a request for your permission/approval for a mini-project that I and some of the forum commenters are planning. We hope you approve. Thanks! 😀

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