Me Too, Flower! Episode 10 Recap

Any of you figure skaters? One of the prettiest moves on the ice is the spin, a symphony of turning mixed with body movement. A spin starts off slowly with a wide body stance going into it, but as the skater picks up momentum the limbs are pulled tighter and tighter, ending with a whirling dervish on ice that finishes with a sudden stop. That is the trajectory a good drama must take, and that is exactly what I am seeing in Me Too, Flower! This story continues to turn tighter as the writing hunkers down with each subsequent episode, allowing the characters to dig into their issues and move forward in confronting it. Episode 10 had clarity for me, illuminating the source of the major conflicts in ways that make absolute sense and elicits our empathy. M2F burns so hot with all the intensity that watching it actually makes me shiver it’s so good.

Episode 10 recap:

Bong Sun points her gun at Jae Hee, who doesn’t blink an eye and tells her to decide if she wants him dead or alive. But he doesn’t want to die like this and leave her all alone. The arrival of the police chief ends this madness and the gun is jerked away from Bong Sun. Jae Hee doesn’t break eye contact with Bong Sun this entire time.

When the chief demands an explanation from Bong Sun, Jae Hee grabs her hand and drags her down on their knees to apologize for causing this all. Chief tell him not to come anymore and create trouble here. He agrees, which is when Bong Sun runs outside and Jae Hee follows. Everyone wonders what is happening? Maru mumbles that it was clearly a lover’s spat.

Bong Sun paces back and forth at the park, trying to find the words she wants to say. She reminds Jae Hee not to be presumptuous and kneel that easily. She starts to list all his lies, about living at the factory, the bag in fact belonging to him, and his cheap monthly rent. He nods his head like an errant school boy. Bong Sun finally calms down and tells him to explain himself, she’s willing to listen.

Jae Hee cops to the lies and apologizes to Bong Sun. He never meant to intentionally lie to her. An apology now is not enough for Bong Sun. She wonders why a rich man like him has to pretend to be poor? And why is he messing with her in particular? There are plenty of rich girls around him, so why is he choosing her? Is it for fun? Is he tired of eating steak and wants some bean paste soup now? Jae Hee looks stricken but Bong Sun tells him to stop giving her that look.

How can Jae Hee be feeling more wronged than her? She’s the one stabbed in the back here. In one day her world turned upside down. Right now she’s using every ounce of control to keep herself from flipping out. If it wasn’t for the other officers restraining her back there, she’d probably have blown his head off already. Jae Hee argues that he’s Seo Jae Hee. Even if he’s not Kim Jae Hee in name, he’s still the same person. Does he need to explain more? She snarks that he’s still got the same glib tongue that can explain everything away.

She doesn’t care about his explanation, other than they are over. Starting right now, it’s over between them. Jae Hee stops Bong Sun from walking away and demands to know why she can end it so easily. She’s not such a casual person. Bong Sun’s retort is that compared to Jae Hee, who is as light as a feather, this is nothing. He asks her to take it back but she won’t. He makes her look him in the eyes while asking if she can really live without seeing him every day? Without him, can she survive? Bong Sun says yes. Without food a person can die. But without seeing a person, no one can die. Bong Sun shakes off Jae Hee and leaves him standing there.

The officers at the precinct read about Jae Hee true identity online and are so shocked and impressed. They call him a slick smooth talker who can’t be trusted. Maru says he would have shot Jae Hee if it happened to him. The older officers are pleased their Bong Sun is about to become a Cinderella. Bong Sun returns and warns them never to mention that bastard otherwise they are dead.

Dal looks at the new car given to her by Hwa Young. She scoffs at the car, Hwa Young underestimated her if she thought a car can buy Dal. Bong Sun thinks back to Hwa Young and her lies about Jae Hee. The other officers leave the precinct and run into Jae Hee outside waiting for Bong Sun. They encourage him to make it work.

Bong Sun walks out and ignores Jae Hee but he follows her and continues to explain. Bong Sun stops and asks one more question. Actually she asks a litany of questions about Hwa Young – who she is, how does Jae Hee know her, when did they meet, what is their real relationship, why did she invite Bong Sun to the show. Before Jae Hee can explain, the reporter walks up asking for an interview. Jae Hae tries to brush her off but she’s persistent. She calls him a public person now but he retorts that he doesn’t work for the government so he’s no public person.

Dal walks back to the car and thinks back to Hwa Young asking Dal to break up Jae Hee and his girlfriend. Dal wonders what the weapon she has is, but if she has a weapon that means she has power. If she can get rid of Jae Hee’s girlfriend and take her place, she can get everything she wants. There is no reason she can’t have what that girl has. Dal gets into the car and call Hwa Young. She has some conditions to discuss before agreeing. Dal excitedly drives off in her new car.

Bong Sun and Jae Hee sit on some steps and she notes that he’s someone who has reporters tailing him. She thought they had so many similarities, when in fact she was trying too hard to find the few similarities that were present. They like each other not because they have so much in common, it’s that they tried to find so much in common to justify liking each other. Bong Sun liked him so much, she never stopped to think they could be quite different. That was her own fault.

Jae Hee tells Bong Sun to stop over thinking everything. He started making money when he was still a kid, and then he started the company. He doesn’t want to stand before the public as the figurehead for the company and there is no such need for him to do so. He went to park cars because he was curious about how the company was run.

Then he met a bossy and brassy young female cop in the nearby precinct. That cop liked him so much despite him having not a penny to his name. And that cop made him act like an idiot which is why he likes her. All that has happened right now is the truth coming out before he has a chance to tell her.

Bong Sun gets up to leave and Jae Hee offers to take her home. Standing ten feet from each other, Bong Sun points to this distance as what separates them. She tells him not to get closer, but he keeps walking forward to show that it’s easy to bridge the distance. Bong Sun keeps taking steps back while Jae Hee walks forward. She tells him to stop. All she wants is warm rice and soup, and she thought that he was the same. But now he’s not the person she thought he was.

Jae Hee wants to know what she wants him to do then! Does she want him to die? Whatever she wants, he’ll do it. Bong Sun shakes her head and says she wants none of that. She just shakes her head and calmly says she’s given up. They have nothing in common. Bong Sun leaves Jae Hee standing there just looking at her.

Hwa Young meets with Dal, who wants Hwa Young to stop ordering her around and start asking her nicely. That is her sole condition. Hwa Young is fine with that, noting that her bossiness hurt Dal’s pride. She tells Dal that pride is a weakness. She needs confidence when she is with Jae Hee. Dal will start model training tomorrow and get a brand new wardrobe. Dal asks what weapon Hwa Young thinks she possesses. Hwa Young says Dal will know when the time comes. Hwa Young notes that Dal needs a lot of work to shed her brash and poor exterior. Cue makeover scene (from hell).

It’s nighttime again and Bong Sun leaves the precinct. There is Jae Hee, ready to pick her up. She was serious about wanting to break up, so he needs to accept it. Jae Hee says he’s not joking around either. Bong Sun gets on the bus and Jae Hee sits down in the seat behind her. He leans forward and keeps apologizing adorably to her. He even pokes her repeatedly on the shoulder while saying I. Am. Sorry. over and over. He playfully grabs her arm and tells her to forgive him.

When Bong Sun puts head phones on, Jae Hee takes one and puts it in his ear. She turns around annoyed so he uses his gloves and makes cute gestures with accompanying puns to get her to laugh. While walking home, Jae Hee continues following Bong Sun and trying to get her to talk with him. He hilariously runs into a pile of trash because he’s walking backwards in front of her.

Bong Sun goes home and slams the gate in Jae Hee’s face. As Jae Hee walks away, Bong Sun’s mom arrives and passes him outside, noticing him. Bong Sun’s mom unloads food in the kitchen for Bong Sun and asks if Dal is seeing someone lately. Mom saw a man outside. Bong Sun asks what mom thinks of that guy. Mom says he was handsome and seemed kind. Bong Sun smiles at that description of Jae Hee but then shakes that thought away.

Mom asks Bong Sun to introduce a boyfriend if Bong Sun has one. Dal returns home carrying bags of new clothes. Bong Sun asks if she charged more items on her credit card? Dal says it’s all presents but Bong Sun doesn’t believe her because the items are so expensive. Dal spits out that she signed a contract with Perche and she’s a professional model now. Mom is happy for Dal and asks Bong Sun about that company which signed Dal. Bong Sun says the company is alright.

Bong Sun follows Dal up to her room and asks why Dal loves money so much. Dal says she wants to match up, and thinks Bong Sun secretly wants the same thing. Bong Sun sits in her room eating ramyun and drinking beer, content with that.

Jae Hee arrives at Dr. Park’s office and notices the broken vase still on the ground. Dr. Park is going to leave it there until Jae Hee replaces it. Jae Hee says he’s not afraid of things like social circles, he just dislikes it. He’s decided to go to work tomorrow. He wants to try it himself. Dr. Park is happy for him. Jae Hee wants to know why Hwa Young exposed his secret and asks Dr. Park for his objective opinion.

Dr. Park explains that Hwa Young sees Jae Hee as her husband – someone she can rely on, get along with, and she wants to keep by her side. Doesn’t Jae Hee already know that? He had an inkling, but he likes someone else, so that is what is inconveniencing Hwa Young. To Hwa Young, Jae Hee is her son’s surrogate father and went through a lot with her, but now he’s getting stolen away. Jae Hee sighs, asking what he’s to do? Dr. Park tells him to be a man and handle everything even if the world were to collapse. Jae Hee doesn’t know if he’s that kind of guy.

Jae Hee arrives at work in his rich man persona. He hands his resignation letter to the parking lot manager thanking him for the time working there. He thanks manager for yelling at him every day, which cured his fear of getting yelled at. Hahaha. Working at such an expansive parking lot, it’s also cured him of his fear of violence. But he has even more phobias, so he wants manager to continue to berate and care about him in the future. Manager lets out a sigh of relief when Jae Hee informs him that he doesn’t have a black list.

Jae Hee walks upstairs and chats with all the employees, encouraging them to work hard. He walks into Hwa Young’s office and tells her not to look so surprised. He’s not here to visit with her and asks to see the file she is holding. Jae Hee notes sales don’t look good but they are in it for the long haul. Jae Hee doesn’t want a name card or an official position. He just needs an office and will continue to do what he’s done. Working outside at times and continue with his design work.

Hwa Young informs him that she hired an official model for the company, and it’s someone Jae Hee already knows. As Jae Hee walks out, Hwa Young thanks him and also apologizes. Jae Hee reminds her that they are still in a state of cold war. Jae Hee is shown to his office and he looks around. When he turns back, Dal is in his office all dolled up.

They note that both are them are looking quite different. He compliments her on doing well at the show and giving him a pleasant surprise. Dal says she has more surprises up her sleeve. Jae Hee shakes Dal’s hand, but she won’t let go right away, noting that people sure can pull surprises.

Dal shoots pictures modeling the bags. Jae Hee is in the studio with Hwa Young watching this photoshoot. Dal tries to look sultry and get Jae Hee’s attention. Hwa Young watches Jae Hee and is pleased Jae Hee is watching Dal intently. The photographer tells Dal to focus better and present the story to captivate the audience. Jae Hee assesses Dal as doing well and having potential.

Jae Hee is dropping off Dal before his own dinner engagement, and asks Dal for her thoughts on discovering her formerly ordinary boyfriend is actually wealthy and famous. What would her reaction be? Dal would thank the lord and thinks 10 out of 10 women would feel the same way. Jae Hee says there is such a woman who feels the opposite. Dal says that woman must be either faking it or pretending to be saintly.

Dal tells Jae Hee to end it if he has such a woman besides him. Being with someone like that is of no use to him. Jae Hee isn’t so sure, and has no such intention. Dal puts her hand under his chin and turns Jae Hee’s face towards her, telling him not to be so presumptuous. Jae Hee looks at her but doesn’t say anything. Dal quietly slips her cell phone into Jae Hee’s suit pocket.

Bong Sun tells her story to Dr. Park, who supports her reaction to a guy who dared to lie to Office Cha! Bong Sun is more and more mad at the guy who strung her along in a series of lies. Dr. Park says he would never do anything like this. Bong Sun confirms everything is over, so Dr. Park asks if they ought to celebrate.

Bong Sun is in no mood to celebrate since it’s no different than getting dumped. Dr. Park is surprised to hear her say that, since he thought she did the dumping. Bong Sun finally confesses that she’s afraid of getting dumped. She’s afraid of ending up all alone. She knows getting dumped is inevitable with a guy who has it all. What does he see in her? So she ended it first before that could happen.

Bong Sun gets up to leave and Dr. Park pulls her in for a hug. He asks her why she is doing this when she likes the guy so much. All humans experience fear, so don’t let that stop her. Whether it works out or not, she should give it a chance. She likes that guy, doesn’t she? After giving it a chance, if it still doesn’t work out, perhaps she can come to him. He teases her and she laughs.

Jae Hee walks into Dr. Park’s office but sees him hugging a girl, so he quickly tip toes out of the office. He wonders when Dr. Park managed to sneak in dating a woman? Bong Sun pushes Dr. Park off and asks why he’s hugging people randomly. Does he like hugging sick people?

Jae Hee walks in and asks to be introduced to his hyung’s girl. As expected, both Jae He Hee and Bong Sun look stunned to see each other there. Bong Sun tries to walk past Jae Hee but he grabs her arm, asking her what is going on? Bong Sun shakes him off and storms out. Jae Hee follows, asking why she is here? He wants to know her relationship to Dr. Park. Bong Sun asks him to go first, and Jae Hee says Dr. Park is just like a real brother to him. Bong Sun says Dr. Park is her boyfriend. She’s sorry for two-timing him with Dr. Park, and that is the reason she’s breaking up with him. Jae Hee doesn’t believe Bong Sun is a two-timer. Too which Bong Sun apologizes for misleading him, so now he knows what it’s like to be lied to and not know the true nature of a person.

Bong Sun leaves and Jae Hee rushes back to Dr. Park’s office demanding to know how Dr. Park knows Bong Sun? Jae Hee says Bong Sun is the woman he likes and pushes Dr. Park to find out his relationship with her. Dr. Park says Bong Sun is his patient, and asks what the hell Jae Hee did to make her cry. The tears she’s shed is enough to fill up the Han River. Jae Hee demands to know why his girl is crying to Dr. Park.

They start yelling at each other, with Jae Hee demanding to know what Dr. Park said to elicit Bong Sun’s tears, and Dr. Park yelling that he can’t break patient confidentiality. Dr. Park finally gets annoyed and pokes Jae Hee in the forehead. If Dr. Park knew Bong Sun was Jae Hee’s girl, he wouldn’t have given her a discount. He wants that money from Jae Hee’s pocket. Jae Hee looks flabbergasted.

Bong Sun sits down at her desk and moans about how embarrassing it all was. She can’t believe she said that. Jae Hee and Dr. Park go drinking, with the former wanting to know when Bong Sun started seeing Dr. Park but he reminds Jae Hee they agreed to not discuss Bong Sun. Jae Hee keeps wanting to know what is bothering Bong Sun she needs to discuss with a psychiatrist.

Dr. Park asks if Hwa Young knows and Jae Hee confirms he told her already. Jae Hee sincerely wants to know what is on Bong Sun’s mind. Dr. Park says everything she shares is a worry, and Jae Hee is her most troublesome issue. Dr. Park tells Jae Hee to treat Bong Sun well. After finding out his real identity, she’s been having a hard time.

Dr. Park asks Jae Hee not to leave Bong Sun alone. No matter what happens, make sure she’s not all alone in this world. Jae Hee is annoyed Dr. Park knows this about Bong Sun. Afterwards, Dr. Park goes back to his office and sits down on the sofa. He mumbles Bong Sun’s name and is glad he at least told her for once.

Jae Hee is drunk and crouched on a street corner when Dal’s cell phone rings. He answers and Dal pretends that she left her phone with him by accident. Dal calls him oppa and realizes he’s drunk and tries to flirt with him as being cute when he’s drunk.

Suddenly a cop car flashing its siren drives by and Jae Hee starts using Dal’s phone to call the dispatch asking for Officer Cha to be sent to him. He lies that he was driving drunk and caused an accident. When asked who this Officer Cha is, he says she will become next year’s Detective Cha, and also his wifey. LOL, so cute!

Bong Sun grumbles about this drunk looking for her. She and Maru pull up to find drunk Jae Hee sitting on the side of the road. When Maru asks what he’s doing here, Jae Hee points to him and says “baby….go home!” Ahahahahaha, OMG that is hilarious, considering Yoon Si Yoon is even more of a babyface than Ki Kwang.

Jae Hee tries to hug Bong Sun but she pushes him off. When Bong Sun tells Maru to take Jae Hee home, the baby declines. He doesn’t want to always clean up their mess. If they want to bicker in public, don’t drag him into it. Maru leaves and tells Bong Sun to take care of the situation. Jae Hee grabs Bong Sun by the legs and doesn’t let go.

Bong Sun helps Jae Hee to the patrol car. When she’s trying to put him in the car, he pulls her in for a quick kiss. She handcuffs him but he uses his handcuffed hands to encircle her. He asks to go to her house, and then tells her never to cry in front of another man. He appears to lean in for another kiss, but then passes out on her shoulder.

Bong Sun drives Jae Hee home, pulling into his luxury complex. Too bad Jae Hee hurls on Bong Sun at that very moment, so she ends up following him up to his apartment. He’s got his head on her shoulder in the elevator and is happy, telling her not to leave tonight. Bong Sun takes him inside, asking why he’s living in a bag factory when he has such a beautiful home.

Bong Sun deposits Jae Hee in his bed and goes to the bathroom to clean up. Bong Sun washes the vomit off her patrol jacket and sets it on the sofa to dry. She takes inventory of Jae Hee’s gorgeous apartment, walking around to look at all the expensive items. Jae Hee is in the bathroom washing his face to wake himself back up.

Bong Sun walks around and opens the door leading to the courtyard that connects Hwa Young and Hae Hee’s apartments. She admires the lights strung on the trees before walking into Hwa Young’s apartment. She calmly looks around when Ah In walks out and asks Bong Sun who she is. She asks Ah In who he is and finds out Ah In is seven years old.

Hwa Young walks out and thinks Jae Hee must’ve brought her here. She tells Bong Sun that this place is her home. Bong Sun turns to leave when Jae Hee rushes into the apartment. He looks worried while Bong Sun once again has her steely face back up as she walks past Jae Hee to leave.

Thoughts of Mine:

Dr. Park’s role in this drama feels like a narrator of sorts, the Greek chorus of a K-drama if you will. He illuminates the inner thoughts of the three main leads so we’re spared the need for the characters to sit in the dark and talk to themselves. We have accepted that as part and parcel of the K-drama exposition, but really no one does that unless the person hears voices. Dr. Park fulfills that role, but his presence isn’t forced in M2F because the three main leads are indeed that emotionally frakked up they need to see a psychiatrist.

Through Dr. Park, we confirm that Bong Sun’s main issue remains the same – the fear of abandonment. It’s not so much Jae Hee lying about his net worth, which she can get over, but it’s the sudden chasm that has formed between them because of what the truth represents. Bong Sun keeps talking about how she’s forcing commonalities between her and Jae Hee because she likes him so much. She’s both right and wrong. The commonalities she’s discovered between them happened when he was poor, all the hurt he’s experienced mirror hers in many ways. The differences are their current station in life, but inside they are the person their common childhood molded them into. Jae Hee is not an entitled brat who is now a rich adult, he’s as comfortable with the have-nots in life as Bong Sun is.

But Bong Sun is right to worry that Jae Hee’s current station in life makes him a risky proposition to give her heart to. If he’s rich, he’s going to have more options, and more likely to discard Bong Sun for something better down the line. Like her parents traded each other for better-suited spouses, leaving Bong Sun the victim of a failed marriage. In Bong Sun’s mind, poor Jae Hee is so similar to her that they can create a simple life whilst clinging to each other, with no other alternatives and distractions. Even if rich Jae Hee is the same man inside as poor Jae Hee, the circumstances create a different level of risk for Bong Sun.

Even with Dr. Park encouraging her to face her fears and take a chance with Jae Hee, it’s something easier said than done. Whereas Jae Hee says his choices in life stem not from fear but from dislike, therefore he can elect to do something (such as going to work for the company and becoming a recognizeable figure), Bong Sun admits her deeply rooted fear is still in control. It’s hard to describe, but if we imagine the thing we are most afraid of and then coming face-to-face with it, I’d freak out in a millisecond and need rescuing. That is the level of fear Bong Sun experiences with the risk of dealing with abandonment again. It’s psychological, but it’s real to her.

I continue to love Jae Hee more and more, for wanting to be with Bong Sun with such conviction. In front of her, he has no posturing or pride. He has no doubts or hesitation. He wants her, and it’s only a matter of how to convince Bong Sun to give him another chance. Like I said before, I really don’t think this drama needs Hwa Young plotting to separate the OTP. I get Hwa Young’s jealous anger and feeling of having her favorite toy taken away, but having her actively plot against Jae Hee makes her evil when she needn’t be. She can simply express her disapproval and continue to be her snotty condescending self towards Bong Sun and that is plenty enough from her.

The OTP honestly can torpedo itself in multiple ways through their own emotional landmines, and I’m looking forward to the drama addressing each and every one of them. Now that Bong Sun knows just how close Jae Hee and Hwa Young’s odd personal and professional relationship is, we’ve got another consideration for Bong Sun to mull over. Even if she and Jae Hee are together, he’s forever tied to Hwa Young through his guilt and his love for Ah In, which should never be severed in any situation. Ottoke? Bong Sun and Jae Hee are both are so quick to feel that jealousy is always lurking beneath the surface. It makes their every interaction a cacophony of sparks that capture what it’s like to witness the spectacle of a passionate love blossoming.


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    I think the actors are really good in this drama, and the characters feel real. But I don’t think that Hwa YOung is treating Jae Hee as her toy, he is just her pillar and she does think she need him (when she doesn’t really), and is afraid of him leaving her. I HATE her acting the way she does, scheming and everything, but I don’t believe she sees him only as a useful tool either…

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    • Hello, my friend, Drina, who is also obsessed with this show!

      (How do you consistently do the different cases and numbers? It is hard enough for me to type correctly!!!)

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    Best line: Cue makeover scene (from hell). Soooo true.

    It would almost be better if they decided to make them bumbling foes, rather than serious ones. Like in Snatch. Falling over themselves to try to put together their evil plan. We ALL know it isn’t going to work!

    Did you catch Super B’s black cape when JH visited her in the office? What.was.that?

    If I weren’t already toast for YSY, tonight would have done it.
    He was every good and cute apologizing K hero in history. Reminded me a lot of Samshik, though.
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    • I also love how beautifully symbolic that gun scene was, and how it highlights the self destructive tendencies of both characters. For JH, he’s finally found a connection in the world, and nothing else matters anymore – he would rather die than let go of this connection. For BS, it’s a conflict of whether to pull the trigger and to kill the dream of ever belonging once and for all, or to let it live and mock her as another one of her failures.

      • Wow! That IS a beautiful symbolism. The writers of this drama are really awesome, aren’t they?

        Great observation on this drama’s similarity with Shakespearean tragedies. Funny, I actually am having thoughts of a very sad ending for this drama too. Jae Hee’s guilt seem impossible to overcome and so he and Bong Sun may never end up together. The only thing that’s keeping me optimistic is this is K-drama where anything is possible. 😉
        Thanks for sharing your views…I think I’ll revisit Othello this coming holiday. 😉

      • Yeah, the only thing giving me hope of a happy ending is that this is supposed to be a rom-com, and not a melo 🙂

        If you do revisit Othello, HW’s role kind of reminds me of Iago… she’s the catalyst the sets in motion the sequence of events that prevents JH or BS from being able to step back and think things through, and forces them to react instead to every single thing that happens.

    • Othello! I was just thinking that Hwa Young and Iago are a lot alike, in that no one can ever pin down an exact reason for Iago’s actions, and that he’s just a personification of evil, and I can’t really understand Hwa Yonug’s motivations. I know, intellectually, that it’s because she’s very possessive and considers Jae hee to be “hers,” but that just doesn’t seem like enough of a reason for her to go about this whole elaborate plan. I feel like she could sabotage their relationship without bringing Dal into it. Like Jomo mentioned above, the whole “evil plot” thing has shades of comedy in it for me, because I just can’t take it seriously. The ambiguous nature of Iago’s motives worked in Othello, but I don’t know if it’s working for me with Hwa Young.

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    Thank you. Thank you very much for this recap. What a wonderful comparison to the spin move of figure skating. I’m a fan of the sport so I was imagining Michelle Kwan or Evan Lycek do those awesome spins as you described them…Indeed, as the figure skaters brings their arms and legs close to their bodies, the spins becomes tighter and faster, and more exciting to watch. What a wonderful way to describe how this drama’s plot is unfolding. Bravo to you Captain! 😀

    Cheers for Maru for acknowledging (and maybe conceding too) that JH and BS have something going already so he left them to resolve their “issues” ;-). What a good guy!

    I was hoping Dal would not go to the “dark side”. But since we’re only in ep 10, I guess it’s inevitable. :(.

    Cheers for Dr. Park for advising Jae Hee not to leave Bong Sun. But jeers for him too for hugging Bong Sun. Good thing Bong Sun pushed him away. By the way, what did Dr. Park mean when he said “at least she told her once”? What did he tell her?

    A hundred Cheers for Jae Hee, who continues to be adorable even when drunk! 😉

    Equal number of Cheers for Bong Sun who despite being hurt by Jae Hee’s lying, was still willing to seek out and listen to his explanation.

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    Thanks again Captain. (^__^)

    • Dal can be redeemed from the dark side. She wavered at first and also, she still does not know who the other woman is.

  10. Thank you for continuing the recap. Your first screencap *gulp* that was hot, I was holding my breath..aaand he passed out on her shoulder..aishh *face palm* my reaction was like watching a football world finale. But Bong sun’s face shows her feeling to the poor guy, it’d be awesome if she..I dunno..stole a quick kiss maybe…or just brush his hair with hers. ^^

    And I agree with your comment about HY. She has a good motive to be a b**** so she doesn’t have to act like one. I hope the writer will do more scene like the storytelling scene she had with her son. It shows her vulnerability and regret that she knows she’s being a b**** but she can’t help it. It gives more layer to her character and make the conflict more heartfelt. That will make JH’s reluctance to just run away with Bong-sun more reliable.

  11. I have literally been visiting your and dangermousie’s website several times a day for at least a year and you always have some lovely new goodie posted each time I swing by! I realized I have to show you some love and not let your obsessive efforts go by unnoticed. 🙂 Thank you!!

  12. I love this drama! i already said that, but reading the recap after seeing the raw episode is soooo good <3 I was sure you will enjoy it! Thanks for the snapshots with HJ and BS, so sweet!

  13. I finally had to de-lurk after so long…

    Thank you Koala. Since falling down the rabbit hole into kdramas nearly 3 years ago, have followed dramabeans and yourself, thundie and softy avidly. Often I felt the desire to join in discussions but with so little knowledge it’s easier to read and learn and occasionally squeal at the screen “THAT is what I’m talking about!”.

    But your recap of Ep 8, the introduction therein and now finally your incredibly perceptive comments at the end of this episode have pushed me over the edge, to write here and say a sincere thank you to you for all of the effort you put in (how the hell do you update so much woman?!) and for being touched so deeply by Ep 8 that you had to write, which is exactly how I felt. It truly is a perfect episode and this whole drama has hit me in a spot I didn’t really know I had.

    I’m so pleased for Lee Ji Ah and she is really so incredibly beautiful in this drama, she is positively glowing and with Yoon Si Yoon who has again BECOME Jae Hee so wholeheartedly, you can no longer see anything but the characters and that is the biggest testament to their achievements.

    The way you outlined Bong Sun’s issues as now being the same as Jae Hee but also so different, was incredible and helps me to understand and appreciate this drama further in ways I would never think of.

    By the way, listening to Taru and reading Ep 8 is an absolute killer. So piercingly lovely.

    So thank you. And please just know there is a person here in England following you, feeling his addiction even more deeply through your effort and work (and now and then squeaking in delight if no one is around, when she kisses him back with such ferocity, or when he holds the gun unwaveringly, or when they overcome their fears enough for them to both say “Me too”).

    6 days… sigh. Maybe I’ll try pushing on with Coffee Prince.

    *passes another Red Bull*

    Muito obrigado. Arigatou. Kamsahamnida.

  14. I agree with your assessment but I always wonder and I know this is fantasy but it happens in real life too, I wonder why guys never get to know exactly the type of girl they like if they took the time they would know what they could do and what they shouldn’t do, for example bong Sun has so many issues and she is emotionally scared and JH saw one of her moments when she said she hated herself why he didn’t tell her the truth, he fessed up to lying about being rich and apologized but that wasn’t the end of the lie there was a part that he hid, why? he knew she wanted the truth why not telling her he is in that woman’s life out of guilt, bong su is not the type of person to forgive easily plus with all her issues she was hurt and he hurt her many times already, if it wasn’t someone with different issues maybe this lie is not big enough but she has a problem with trusting people, now how is he going to tell her that he lied to her again…. I don’t get it.
    I love kdramas but I dislike the drunk scenes or the bathroom scenes (people farting or using the bathroom, if I was ten years old and a boy maybe I would find the humor in it) but I hate vomit scenes more than anything, if I smell someone’s vomit or imagine it I vomit myself… they are disgusting and distasteful, I count the drunken scenes and that is how I like my dramas the less scenes the better, this one has had at least six of them. I can’t believe anyone would think that it is romantic to wash up your guys vomit off your clothes or a girl vomiting and not running to wash up her mouth with astringent, I vomit and wash my teeth at least four times before talking to people. I would have grabbed that vest and throw it on the garbage I wouldn’t put my hands on it, not even gloves, and I would wash my body with alcohol or hand sanitizer. When are writers gonna get it that it is nasty, just what I always wanted a hot looking drunk to undress, who remembers that scene in drunken to love you when the guy vomitted and there was some left on his face and she cleaned it and he didn’t wash up, I was sick for two days after that… It ruin episode 10 for me which was otherwise very nice and solid.

    • i agree with you. i hate toilet jokes and i could not understand the necessity of using them just to relay to the viewers that the drama feels more realistic…

  15. Thanks for the recap! To be honest, I liked the drama when it started out but then I kinda lost interest not understanding what’s going other than the big overall… Your recaps have revived my interest in it again, so I’ll rewatch it properly from the beginning WITH subs and also check out those episodes I’d missed. Also, I’m liking Cha Bong Sun a lot more in the recent episodes. Less loud and I think Lee Ji Ah do better with the low-key acting performance, feels more genuine 🙂

    Btw, I just read the “Me Too Flower” has been cut down to 15 episodes 🙁 That sucks big time! Some people say they don’t mind how long a series is as long as the ending is done well and all but the thing is there’s pacing to consider. If it was planned for 15 episodes form the beginning, then there’s no worries but a sudden cut down like this can really mess that up. When has a cut down NOT lead to a rushed ending? They’re probably in the midst of shooting next week’s episodes… Le sigh.

  16. Along with other playground-addicts before me, I also want to express my thanks for your translation and insightful thoughts on this much-awaited episode.

    I just wish to add an extra opinion: at the very end, Hwa Young tells Bong Sun that this is “our home” (“wuri jibe” in Korean). Her stare has me think that she is slyly implying that this is also Jae Hee’s, who then potentially a father and a husband in the eyes of BS. Fortunately Jae Hee showing up in the room has me hope that the intended misunderstanding does not last much longer.

    • Oh yeah, she did that on purpose, evil woman that she is.

      I’m kinda glad HY finally showed her true colors to JH with her surprise reveal.
      That may have made JH rethink his “I’ll stay with you until AI is grown” promise.

      He doesn’t have to live with him to be a good uncle.

      • yeah.

        an evil schemer as she is, she doesn’t want JH to be taken away from and does all sorts of evillness to the extremes.

  17. I discovered that you’re recapping M2F on dramabeans, so I came to have a look… Must ssay I love your recaps of this show! So insightful… I especially like your comments and that ice-skatingcomparison is really fitting!

    Wow… how did this episode manage to be so sweet, tragic and funny all at once?
    I hate to see Jae Hee so crushed again, because once again Bong Sun found something out that he didn’t have the chance to tell her about yet. And for Bong Sun it’s pretty sad as well, just as she started to let her guard down a little bit.

    Somehow I loved the interaction between Hwa Young and Dal. It was pretty funny when Dal suddenly became Dr. Park, insisting on honorifics. Given Hwa Young’s rant about how she hates pretty young women, that scene where she plays dress-up doll with Dal is sooo ironic. Isn’t Hwa Young playing with fire here? What good will it do her if she succeeds to distract Jae Hee from one woman just to throw him into the arms of another? I’m sure Dal wouldn’t back off and Hwa Young’s plan might well backfire in that case. Could be fun to see how she reacts… But then that would mean Bong Sun gets hurt AGAIN and spiting Hwa Young isn’t worth even sacrificing one sweet moment between her and Jae Hee.

    Jae Hee’s persitence to go running after Bong Sun and pestering her was a nce way to show that he is indeed still the same person as in the beginning. He basically went back to doing what he did when they first met. And oh my, the Bus scene! So cute! Love how Jae Hee basically made Bong Sun campaign for forgiving him. When he held her arm up I pictured her from episode 1, only this time her (reluctant) cause is accepting Jae Hees apology and her adversary is herself 😀

    But…did they REALLY have to make Bong Sun stoop so low as to lie about betraying Jae Hee with Dr. Park? Does that even make sense? It’s pretty sad and disappointing, considering that one of her greatest strengths so far was her surprising honesty and trust concerning Jae Hee. At least she finds it equally hard to believe that she really said that. And the face-off between Jae Hee and Dr. Park was pretty epic.

    “Afterwards, Dr. Park goes back to his office and sits down on the sofa. He mumbles Bong Sun’s name and is glad he at least told her for once.”
    Didn’t really get this one… does that mean he actually likes Bong Sun for real? As a woman?

    • I think that when she lied about Dr. Park Jae Hee didn’t believe her but it was a way to prove a point, BS did it so he could understand how painful it was for her to be lied and deceit, if you notice he didn’t press that fact with the Dr. he was curious as to why she was there but not because he was jealous, after he find out that she was a patient of Dr. Park he was concern. The writing on this drama is really solid.

  18. Thanks again for the awesome recap!
    I do like your thoughts about the characters.
    This drama is simply one of the best for this year, but sadly
    it looks like we’re going to have one less episode till the finale comes due to the low ratings! I hope there’d be a spike next week to continue with originally planned episodes


    And I thought I sold my soul to Ojagkyo Brothers… apparently they left a tiny bit of it behind only for it to be snagged by Me Too, Flower D:

    • Also you do a wonderful analysis of the drama, I’ve thought the same things too but I could never put them into words eloquent enough that my own ears won’t bleed so thankyou 🙂

  20. Seriously,Jae Hee acting CUTE IS AMAZING! While watching episode 10,I had putted a facial mask in my face,so I couldn’t laugh but when I saw Jae Hee acting cute while saying “I’m sorry” I couldn’t resist and started laughing like crazy!So I putted another another one and started watching it again and when he was drunk and said ” baby,go home” I started laughing again and ruined my mask AGAIN! I was thinking@ Fuck this shit! Jae Hee is adorableee hahaha

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