Man of Honor Episode 18 Baby Recap

Episode 18 of Man of Honor got better in the sense that more stuff happened. But considering one major scene involved Jae In’s barely recovered formerly comatose mom stabbing Woo’s dad’s arm while looking like a rabid beaver, then perhaps it’s not so good. Though it was excellent for the lulz-factor. Yes, this drama has officially gone off the rails, as plenty of dramas have done before. Fairy beggar grandpa was acceptable since he was introduced so early, but grumpy shoe shining tent grandpa who is secretly wealthy is such a 13th hour add I’m just dumfounded. It’s too late to kidnap my precious PIE and Min Young from this pit of insanity, so I shall ride it out with them. Everyone finally knows everything now (at least 6 episodes too late), and their reactions are all as expected.

Episode 18 baby recap:

Jae In rushes into the hospital room to find it empty. She’s once again too late to find her mom. When In Chul arrives, Jae In takes out her frustrations and anger on him, accusing him of orchestrating all these despicable acts. He manages to restrain her long enough to explain that her mom is fine and is on her way to Geodae right now (despite Jae In biting him to try and get away). Kyung Joo calls In Chul to alert him to the board meeting getting moved up to this morning, so Jae In’s mom must rush to arrive in time.

Young Kwang and Young Do watch as board members arrive at Geodae for the board meeting called by the Chairman, and Young Do is told about how Jae In signed papers for In Woo’s dad in exchange for the deed to the noodle restaurant. Jae In apologizes for biting In Chul while he drives her to Geoday, and we see her mom is barely hanging in there.

In Woo’s dad stands before the board and announces that he got the consent to transfer all shares owned by Chairman Yoon. That means those shares are now available to be purchased, and of course he intends to buy it up so he lawfully owns Geodae going forward. He gets no dissent so he announces the board approval of his resolution, and that is when the door to the conference room opens and Jae In’s mom is wheeled wanting to cast her opposing vote. She announces her identity as the wife of the former Chairman Yoon and a current shareholder of the company.

Everyone finds out Jae In’s mom is alive and here at the company. In Woo’s dad and Jae In’s mom move their pow wow to his office. She vows to not let him get away with his evil future plans and he will get retribution for causing the death of her husband and making her daughter an orphan. He snarls and snarks that there is nothing she can do to stop it. The vote passed already. He derides her for being so pitiful and weak.

Jae In and In Chul arrive and they hear screaming from inside the office. Kyung Joo and others are worried about what is happening inside. In Chul barges in and everyone sees Jae In’s mom stabbed In Woo’s dad’s arm with a letter opener. That made me laugh so hard. She managed to hoist herself out of the wheelchair and take a few steps forward to grab the weapon.

In Woo’s dad shoves Jae In’s mom off him and she lands in a heap against the wall. He’s assisted off by his minions for medical treatment, while Jae In walks up to help her mom. Mother and daughter tearfully reunite, while Young Kwang has arrived and sees the moment. Jae In’s mom is rushed back to the hospital after she passes out. Her condition is serious so Jae In cries while Young Kwang holds her as they watch the doctors tend to Jae In’s mom.

In Woo’s dad is also getting treated for the wound on his arm. Turns out In Woo’s dad is also being treated by the sleazy doctor at the hospital, who mentions some problems with the medication In Woo’s dad is currently taking. In Chul finally connects the dots that In Woo’s dad is indeed quite ill from the chest and breathing pains he noticed before. Which would explain why In Woo’s dad is in a mad rush to get the company affairs in order and hand it off to In Woo.

In Woo goes to speak with Jae In but she’s not in the mood to deal with him. She’s furious he lied that her mom was dead. If he had told her the truth, Jae In thinks she could have prevented this from happening and her mom wouldn’t be back in critical condition again. She doesn’t want to see In Woo until (and if) her mom wakes up.

Young Kwang pulls In Woo aside to have their obligatory face-off. This time Young Kwang has the upper hand, asking In Woo how he can face Jae In after what In Woo’s dad did. In Woo pretty much says Young Kwang’s dad is no better. But Young Kwang is certain that he can give his life for Jae In – whether in exchange for her getting her original life back or as a sacrifice to save her. Can In Woo? I suggest Jae In find a new guy, one who doesn’t have a daddy that did her wrong.

The prosecutor is pleased to have finally found Jae In, safe and healthy. Team Young Do discusses all the crazy stuff that happened at the company today, what with Jae In being the daughter of the former Chairman. Tell me about it. In Woo’s dad wants In Chul to find out who has been the turncoat on his side telling Jae In’s mom what is going on. He’s standing right in front of you, In Woo’s dad.

In Woo’s dad is back to plotting around the return of Jae In’s mom. Jae In tries to confront him but In Woo pulls her aside, correctly telling her that now is not the time for head-on confrontations. He apologizes but she’s still pissed. Young Do meets with Young Kwang and they conclude that boatloads of money is the only thing that can stop In Woo’s dad now. They need money to buy up the shares so it doesn’t fall into In Woo’s dad’s hands.

In Woo’s dad goes to see rich grandpa but is turned away by the assistant who says grandpa isn’t in at the moment. Turns out rich grandpa is pretending to be shoe shining grandpa and is currently hanging out with Young Kwang at his shoe shining store. Young Kwang shares his worries with grandpa, that he needs a lot of money right now to save the girl that he cares for who had led a very sad life and is in a dire situation right now. Grandpa finds out In Woo’s dad’s plot and that Jae In is alive.

Young Kwang goes to the restaurant and tells his mom everything that has happened. He rushes to head back to the hospital to take care of Jae In, who is holding a vigil by her mom’s bedside. Mom looks sad to know Jae In’s mom is in critical condition again, while Grandma can only give money to Young Kwang so he can feed Jae In. Jae In sits at her mother’s hospital bedside and cries. She finds out from the prosecutor everything that happened to her family was likely caused by or the result of In Woo’s dad’s wrongdoing.

Young Kwang arrives at the hospital but thinks someone is following him. He discovers it’s a man who has been told to bring Young Kwang to meet someone. Turns out rich grandpa wants to see Young Kwang. Rich grandpa asks why Young Kwang is here to borrow money with only the words in his mouth? Grandpa tells Young Kwang that if he wants to borrow money from him, he needs to bring a guarantor (or guarantee).

Jae In walks into In Woo’s dad’s house and proceeds to lay down the gauntlet with him. In Woo’s dad continues with all his million and one lies about Jae In’s dad causing the ruin of the company and how he took care of Jae In’s mom in the hospital for the last 17 years. Jae In is through with his lies and vows to make him suffer like her family suffered. She will never forgive him. In Chul watches this with a pleased expression. How come no one ever notices In Chul making these devious plotty expressions all the time?


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  1. Well…is the bright side of this the fact that the plot is moving forward? Okay, maybe not exactly forward, more like zigzagging madly from side to side…but at least it’s moving…right? I’m trying desperately to find something positive here, but all I can come up with is that it’s almost over. Can it get any crazier? Maybe if secretly-rich-shoe-shining grandpa suddenly morphs into fairy-homeless-guy grandfather. Where did fairy-homeless-guy godfather go anyway? And why hasn’t he come back? More importantly, where did all the whimsical charm of the first few episodes go?

  2. I am just glad to be reading two baby recaps for this week’s episodes! Thank you, ockoala!!

    I am not sure if the revelations of the plot developments can be considered good or bad? Or maybe it can be both, hahaha~! I have to say that I am getting a chopped plot developments and I am losing my passion for this drama!! Why are they doing it to the great cast that we get?! It’s a bit disappointing and frustrating! ~~*.*~~

    After reading your baby recaps, I am not sure if I should spend time on this two episodes since I didn’t get the chance to download and watch them yet.

  3. Thanks for the baby recap Ms Koala!
    Agree that the show is madness as compared to M2F which seems to have more heart at the moment…
    But still hope that you’ll enjoy watching the drama as much as we enjoy reading your 2 cents worth!
    Cheers 🙂

  4. OMG!
    There is no way that actually watching this: one major scene involved Jae In’s barely recovered formerly comatose mom stabbing Woo’s dad arm while looking like a rabid beaver could make me laugh louder than your description!

    Thanks for recapping and sorry you have to so I don’t!

    I usually like when things go off the rails, too. Maybe I’ll marathon one week end when I have nothing else to watch which will be… never.

    • That is also my guess…because I remember during the scene when Young Gwang has fixed his tent…they sat inside it and he was remembering his dead son…something like that… : D

  5. I actually pleased to see what happen in this episode, everything is revealed.. I think before Jae in and her mother can take revenge, In woo dad’s will be dead because of his illnes (chest pain = heart attack). I do love PIE in this drama more than he was in Cinderela Sister, so from the bottom of my heart I love this drama to pieces, Thanks for the baby recap Ockoala, I hope you still recaping this drama.
    I am sorry but I have to say this, the OTP here in MOH is more real than in ‘Me too, Flower’ drama, as much as you love yoon si yoon and Lee ji ah in their character, but still when I look at them together, sighhhh… I don’t know, seems like I see a boy with his sister or his mom,and there is incest going on there.. hehehe… sorry gals.. it makes me hard to ship them..

    • Agreed!!! – about the Cinderella Sister reference! He was seriously abused in CS!!! At least here – well up to the last 2 episodes – there were character developments and the OTP moved along quite well.

      In CS – what frustrated was the “stuck in a rut/going around in circles which started around Episode 6 and lasted throughout save the last episode!!! Really – a face palm/head desk drama that one!!

      • Yeah you tell me about it, in CS first PIE love MGY and approaching her while she refuse him over and over, then he flew away somewhere and back again with I dont know “the mission” ?! if you can call it, but the truth is there is no mission at all!!! he just need to dissapear for one or 2 episodes, LOL… then she finally give in, then he bertrayed her bla bla, and its her time to dissapear and finally re unite again… hahaha… its the most ridicilous love story I ever heard, well aside from Athena of course.. LOL…

  6. Thanks ockoala unnie! Oh dear, really couldn’t go on with this if not with your recap. Really not excited as before…

    By the way, nice header. This is an off-topic again and since I saw this cute header, may I ask, about Black and White, which I finished this morning at past 3am (Gosh. Then went off to the uni at 7), what do you think is the ending (the romantic side)? I really do think that these two in your header ended up together, but it wasn’t clear on ep24 but it was, I reckon, on ep23 when Xi Ying was about to get the chip info from the computer whiz and when Pi Zi said that he only cares for the present now and then they embraced telling themselves that “we’ll be fine” (not to mention when Zai Tian said in the hospital, after Xi Ying was nearly killed, that he won’t allow another person that he cares to die). But I do think that Ying Xiong would really end up with Chen Lin (but Chen Lin likes Pi Zi although I don’t really think it’s ever reciprocated). This is kind of frustrating because that bit wasn’t clear (or maybe it was just implied but really didt see it. Wonder if I got lost in translation). This is the best Taiwanese series I’ve ever watched (after Mars, which is very interesting as everybody has a psychiatric problem – with a hot Chen Ling). Black and White has unexpected twists and turns that I am always blown away (with acting, with yet another revelation, or with the immense darkness of it all, or with just pure hotness of the actors). It just has so many surprises that I really felt that I was being hurled back and forth (I’m only a spectator, what more with the characters, so I empathise with the two, and yup the best bromance ever!!!). Thanks for your recommendation! First time to watch Mark Chao and he’s awesome! His acting was awesomely superb!!! Xiao Ming is also hot in here even Cheng Nuo heh…

  7. thanks koala for the great baby recaps..i’m just watching MOH for a few past episodes..i think till episode 8 only ..but the rest i’m just waiting for your recaps..:-)..

    can’t wait to see Jae In and Young Gwang happily together even the plot is not moving much…actually this is my 1st comment here after being silent reader for a few years and i’m very appreciate for all the recaps.

    good job koala…thumbs up..:-)..btw..i’m wondering if you are korean or not?? even my life is very busy with a lot of assignments,test and my final year project but i feel like missing something if i’m not open your site for 1 day..haha..keep on doing good job koala…:-)

    Amrina..Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia..

  8. i love Park Min Young so much that i don’t even care about the story..and now i started to like CJM and LJW and all the casts of MOH..all i can say is wow!! they are all good actors..sometimes boring but no matterwhat i will still continue supporting and loving this drama…thank you Koala for the recaps

    • I’m with you on this one, PMY is my girl and I happen to grow the love for CJM, LJW as well.

      But it’s so frustated seeing the talents have been wasted in such a drama. It begins with the baseball scenario that Young Kwang who was so eagerly fighting of getting back to his very best again. Isn’t that was his dream isn;’t that what his beloved father who traded his own dignity & pride for money to have the noodle shop to support his family and pushed for his son to pursue the dream (why started with something so good but then harshly dropped it down dead!!!).

      Or even with Jae In, a lively young and rather enthusiastic nurse wannabe , she even adding this to one of her 3 wishes but…when and how is she going to adhesive that, now the drama is in it’s 18th ep!?

      It was okay to get her to help In Woo with his illness……then I’m still confused is that In Woo’s going to get better because of Jae In’s nursing ability or love or whether he’d even get better at all?

      I’m not a writer, but in my only viewer opinion who has such high hope for this drama. I think there was so many directions that the story could have gone to, like when Jae In was looking for a part time job, instead of having her working in a cafe, why not in the hospital where her mum was in….then somehow linking that for her to work up to be a better nurse & gets closer to her mum, etc.

      By this 18th episode, I’ve forgotten how Young Kwang was a baseball player and Jae In was a nurse wanna be (sigh)!!!

      The whole job interviewing thing, I can understand the purpose of that but it’s just been dragging on way too long and has eaten up the quality of the storyline, I think!

      I’m scratching my head watching as the drama goes on and moan a lot but I’m still a die hard fan, just like Koala this is my baby. I’ve been here since its beginning so will definitely stay with it till the end (sigh).

      Big thanks to Koala for the recap :). x

  9. When you watch K-drama, don’t take it seriously…just relax and enjoy it, sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all, just go along , as long as you like the OTP……….

  10. The good news is the rating of AGB and TNS is
    up to about 14-15 points.

    IIt is not so dragging as that before!
    and more story is told in the episode.

    Thanks to Ockola’s baby recap.
    It is now a concise summary.

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