Me Too, Flower! Episode 12 Recap

OMG whut? Seriously drama, you want to go there? Someone give me some blood pressure medicine. What happened to the rich emotional drama with tons of conversations and loads of understanding? Suddenly we’re dealing with lawsuits and a near complete breakdown of trust. Episode 12 of Me Too, Flower! was a hard episode to watch. Hard because I really feel so bad for Bong Sun even as I understand why Jae Hee is so frustrated all around. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place (so he thinks) and can’t make one clean break to pursue a future he so desperately wants.

Because Jae Hee can’t dump Hwa Young into the nearest landfill, she’s free to continue scheming and plotting to destroy Bong Sun. And that is what she’s out to do, destroy Bong Sun emotionally and professionally for daring to reach for her Jae Hee (and being the woman Jae Hee loves). What’s good about M2F is that everyone knows Hwa Young’s off her rocker, what’s bad is that no one is stepping in and sending her to the loony bin. I say enough is enough. If she’s not muzzled soon, I’m buying a ticket to Korea to slap me a bitch.

Episode 12 recap:

Bong Sun calls Dal’s cellphone but is unaware that the man answering on the other end is her boyfriend Jae Hee. Oh boy, this is not going to be good. Both Jae Hee and Bong Sun look curiously at their respective phones, an inkling that the voice on the other end sounded familiar, but not drawing the final conclusion. Hwa Young walks over to Jae Hee, and I’d be remiss in not pointing out how horrific she looks with her hair in tight corkscrew curls. She’s like the Queen pretending to be Snow White while dressed as a tranny. Hwa Young points out that Jae Hee’s friend is here, and he scoffs at the rich guys he used hang out with. Hwa Young wants Jae Hee to get close with those guys and in with the rich daughter of this bakery enterprise family.

After Jae Hee walks away, Dal returns and asks Hwa Young why she’s pushing Jae Hee towards that rich daughter when Dal is around? Hwa Young matter of factly says Dal is not the right material and is just temporary anyways. The woman by Jae Hee’s side at the end will not be Dal or the woman he’s dating right now, it will be someone like that rich daughter. Now she’s taken to pimping out Jae Hee! What the fuck is wrong with this crazy bitch? Dal mutters that the girl merely got lucky to be born into a rich family, what’s so good about that?

Dr. Park tells the rich daughter that these new fancy bakeries lack the sensory allure of a family owned joint and suggests the kitchen exhaust be pointed towards the street to lure customers in with the scent of baking bread. Jae Hee ribs his rich friend for failing at another business, which makes everyone there uncomfortable. Hwa Young comes by to introduce Dal, who gets a name card from the rich guy. When the rich daughter asks for Jae Hee’s name card, he says he doesn’t have one. Hwa Young tries to smooth things over but he just walks away.

Suddenly Dal ex-boyfriend arrives and proceeds to start belittling Dal. She tries to pretend she doesn’t know him but he reveals all her lies when she was trying to land him. Dr. Park steps in and asks him to stop because this is not the place for such a conversation. The douchebag insinuates that Dal is trying to hook Dr. Park, which is when Dal tries to leave. Too bad she runs into the server carrying drinks. Apparently there is a law in K-dramas that a woman in distress suddenly goes blind, because the guy was in plain sight and hard to miss what with his giant tray he was carrying. But oh well, Dal continues to be embarrassed. This is me so not feeling sorry for her.

Dal picks herself up and runs outside to try to hail a cab. Jae Hee sees her all flustered and feels sorry enough to give her a ride. Hwa Young asks Dr. Park why he stepped in back there. He’s a decent human who doesn’t feel right watching a person get shamed. Hwa Young thinks Dal is that type of shameful person. Her words are so condescending that even Dr. Park is stunned, asking why she thinks like that? Because she is batshit insane, Dr. Park. You’re the shrink. You ought to be able to diagnose her. Hwa Young gets a call from work that the handbag theft story is back online.

On the drive home, Jae Hee tells Dal to keep living with pride and her head held high. He answers a call from Bong Sun and tenderly says he’s on his way. She’s cooked an entire dinner for him and asks how much longer. He says soon if there is no traffic, and he’s looking forward to eating her good food. Dal asks if that was his girlfriend and he says yes. She notes that he’s like a different person with her, very affectionate. Dal looks painfully jealous.

Bong Sun sees that she is out of eggs but Jae Hee wants to eat an egg roll so she heads out to buy more at the neighborhood market. Jae Hee pulls up outside the market to drop Dal off. Dal asks Jae Hee to talk to her with the same affectionate tone, confessing that she intends to steal him away. Jae Hee laughs it off, thinking she’s just being flip. Bong Sun walks out of the market and sees Jae Hee by his car. She’s happy and walks towards him when suddenly she sees Dal getting out of the car.

Jae Hee tells Dal to get out and when she does, she pulls him in for a forced kiss. Are your muscles just for show, Jae Hee, and you can’t even push a slip of a girl off you? Even after he pushes her off him, she steals yet another kiss. Again, Jae Hee, please keep your mouth secure from repeat attacks. After Jae Hee pushes her off one more time, he turns around and sees Bong Sun standing right there having seen everything.

A stunned Bong Sun collapses on the street and drops her eggs. Dal calls her unni, which is when Jae Hee and Dal finally realize who Bong Sun is to the other person.

Jae Hee and Bong Sun go off to talk. He tries to explain that he was just driving Dal home after the party, and Dal’s interest in him is purely one-sided. Bong Sun says Dal is her non-blood related sister. When Jae Hee asks why she’s never mentioned a sister before, Bong Sun quietly replies that Jae Hee never mentioned before that he lived with Hwa Young. Touche. Jae Hee explains again that he never intended to do anything with Dal and he was just taking her home.

Bong Sun asks if Jae Hee was the one who answered the phone earlier, and whether he’s taken Dal back to his place which is why Dal wore one of his shirts home? Oh fuck, this does not look good. Even I would draw the same conclusions as Bong Sun. Jae Hee says nothing happened, he just took her home to change. Bong Sun tells him to be quiet, she’s finally making all the connections now. This is clearly not the first time he’s taken Dal home, plus he must be the person who bought her an expensive bag.

Jae Hee tells Bong Sun to just trust him. LOL, Jae Hee, sweetie, this is Cha Bong Sun we are talking about here. This woman wouldn’t trust Mother Theresa unless she first proved herself. Bong Sun quietly answers she doesn’t trust him. These misunderstandings and concealed truths have been happening too many times now, too many instances where she’s discovering something shocking about Jae Hee. His job, Hwa Young, and now this. Why does it keep happening? Is there anything else out there?

Bong Sun insults Jae Hee as one of those despicable rich guys on TV who attend parties with models on their arms. Jae Hee, who we can see is increasingly unable to handle this line of attack from Bong Sun, warns her that if she continues talking this way, he’s not going to take it. Bong Sun asks what other women are out there he’s dallying with? Like Hwa Young said, Bong Sun really doesn’t know Jae Hee that well. Jae Hee asks if Bong Sun would rather trust others than his word? If she doesn’t believe him, then who will believe him?

Pushed to the limit, Jae Hee angrily declares that if his woman doesn’t trust him, then he doesn’t need this woman. He tells Bong Sun to do whatever she wants. Bong Sun pushes him before walking away, with an added bonus of calling him a despicable bastard. Wow, when these two volatile and strong-willed people fight, the sparks are so hot it can burn if you get too close. Jae Hee stands there completely frustrated, which is when Hwa Young calls Jae Hee back to the office to handle the now widespread news about the bag theft.

Dal is packing when she thinks back to the note that she picked up addressed to Bong Sun signed J. Bong Sun walks in and wants Dal out right now. She asks Dal when she started meeting Jae Hee? Dal says before she moved into this house. When asked what she did at Jae Hee’s place, Dal says they slept together, but Bong Sun doesn’t believe her, still trusting Jae Hee despite what she said to him. Dal calls Bong Sun the hypocrite for disdaining Dal’s candid ambition to land a rich man when Bong Sun is doing the same thing.

Dal insults Bong Sun, saying Jae Hee won’t like her much longer after he meets more rich women. They start tussling, with Dal saying it’s Bong Sun’s fault for not having control over her own man, while Bong Sun accuses Dal of being the interloper. Dal says Jae Hee came onto her first but Bong Sun doesn’t believe her because Jae Hee says otherwise. Why don’t you shut your trap, Dal. Bong Sun tells Dal to enjoy that asshole because she’s done with him. Dal confirms she can take Jae Hee now and Bong Sun says good riddance to them both.

Bong Sun goes back to her room and starts to cry. OMG, my heart, it’s breaking for her. This is so wrong. She wanted none of this, she didn’t ask for Jae Hee to come disrupt her life. Hwa Young should burn in hell for being so evil and selfish. Dal keeps packing and vows that she won’t let Bong Sun beat her.

Jae Hee informs Hwa Young that he has a plan on how to deal with the bag theft scandal – admit and apologize. She refuses but he tells her that denial will only blow things up more. She refuses because she’s worked so hard to build this company up. Jae Hee says they will deal with this together, but Hwa Young asks for one day to think of a different solution. After Jae Hee leaves, Hwa Young appears to get an idea and she calls her lawyer.

Jae Hee goes to Bong Sun’s house and runs into Dal at the front gate since Dal is leaving. He ignores her but she stops him to ask if he really likes Bong Sun that much. Even that rich daughter is a better match than someone like Bong Sun. Dal asks if she doesn’t have a chance with him. Jae Hee just glares at her and shakes her hand off. Dal leaves, muttering to herself about Bong Sun, that at least she’s loved.

Jae Hee sees Bong Sun throwing all the food away and asks her to talk.ย He calmly repeats that nothing happened with Dal, he doesn’t have any feelings for her, and he didn’t know she was Bong Sun’s sister. Bong Sun doesn’t need to hear anymore. Jae Hee keeps asking if she really doesn’t want to know more? He warns her that if she dares to say they are broken up one more time, then it really is over between them. Bong Sun is tired and wants to sleep. Jae Hee says he trusted Bong Sun and covered for her, why can’t she do the same for him?

Bong Sun looks confused but Jae Hee says he covered for Bong Sun revealing to the reporter about how the company orchestrated the bag theft. Bong Sun says she never told any reporter. But she’s sick and tired of Jae Hee entangled with Hwa Young. Jae Hee screams that there is nothing going on with Hwa Young! Bong Sun tells Jae Hee to do whatever he wants and she leaves. He shouts back the same angry words and leaves.

Jae Hee goes to see Bae ahjusshi and asks if all women are like that? Bong Sun continues to throw food in the trash. Dal sits in a jjimjalbang eating eggs and thinking back to Hwa Young’s request for her to break up Jae Hee and the woman he likes. She finally realizes that the secret weapon Hwa Young mentioned was the fact that she and Bong Sun are sisters. Bong Sun is at the shooting range with her fellow officers. She can’t concentrate so she misses all her shots. She thinks back to Jae Hee telling her to do whatever she wants, he doesn’t need a woman who doesn’t trust him.

The officers are at the police health center doing exercises. Bong Sun finds out Maru’s excellent shooting came from being born into a police family. Bong Sun asks if he will use his sharpshooting skills to off someone for her? Maru is upset her relationship is so dramatic, waffling between hate and love all the time. Bong Sun eats lunch by herself in the lunchroom and picks at her food. She’s glad it’s over because it was too good to be true. She tells herself that nothing is more important than food and starts devouring her lunch the way she used to.

Dal storms into Hwa Young’s office as she’s meeting with her lawyer. Dal confirms Hwa Young already knew about her relationship with Bong Sun. Too bad because Dal considers Bong Sun like a stranger to her. But what she can’t forgive is Hwa Young setting her up. One day she will reveal everything to the world. Hwa Young tells her to go ahead, but then she wants the car keys back then, and the modeling contract is also over. Sensing Dal is still under her grasp, Hwa Young wants Dal to continue until everything is completely over between Bong Sun and Jae Hee.

Dal goes to see Dr. Park and asks for his professional opinion, but first reluctantly thanks him for sticking up for her yesterday. Dal shares a story about a hungry beggar girl and the biscuit selling ahjumma who tempts her with food. But she purposely throws the food on the ground first even though she can give the beggar a clean one. Dr. Park says the choice depends on the beggar girl’s beliefs. Will she refuse to eat, or not care about the dirty food and eat it to stave off hunger. Dal asks how she should choose? Dr. Park says she needs to figure out what her principles are instead of asking others. Dal gets up and wheels her luggage inside, telling Dr. Park to watch it for her.

Maru and Bong Sun are at the convenience store and she notices him staring at the girl working behind the counter. On the drive back, Maru is in a super happy mood, whistling and smiling. Bong Sun wonders how Maru is in love so soon. He says not yet since he hasn’t even spoke to her. Bong Sun tells him to turn the car around and she’ll help him. Maru declines and wonders if Bong Sun is fighting with Jae Hee recently? Bong Sun says love is just too complicated.

Bong Sun and Maru pull up outside of Perche where protesters are waving signs decrying the company’s behavior in hoodwinking it’s customers. Bong Sun suddenly realizes that the reporter at the party managed to set a trap and get her to reveal the truth about the bag theft. Bong Sun realizes she did in fact reveal the truth, albeit unknowingly. Jae Hee arrives at the office where the employees are all gossiping about the scandal. He finds out that the arriving vehicles have dropped by half in one day.

Dal looks at a poster of herself and thinks back to what Hwa Young said. An employee comes up asking Dal to sign, which surprises her but she quickly signs. She reminds herself that this is a great opportunity and she won’t let it pass her by. She runs into Bong Sun, who asks where Dal is staying now. Dal lies that it’s a good place but Bong Sun knows it’s at the jjimjalbang. She tells Dal not to eat too many eggs since she’s prone to farting.

Bong Sun goes to see Jae Hee, who is stunned to see her. He starts first and apologizes to her for the other day. Bong Sun says she made a mistake in front of the reporter, who pretended to be an employee of the company and got the information from Bong Sun. He says it’s no big deal now, he’ll handle the aftermath. Bong Sun leaves but gets a call from her superior that Perche has filed a lawsuit against her for spreading false rumors about their company.

Bong Sun storms back into Jae Hee’s office and asks if he’s the one who filed suit against her? If not, then it’s Hwa Young. So this is what Jae Hee meant when he said he would take care of matters. Jae Hee asks what lawsuit but Bong Sun tells him to ask Hwa Young and leaves. Jae Hee can’t reach Hwa Young in person or on the phone. Dal is meeting with Hwa Young and says Bong Sun considers the relationship over. But Jae Hee appears to be head over heels for Bong Sun so it’s going to be hard on him.

Dal correctly notes that Hwa Young’s plot to split up Bong Sun and Jae Hee stem from her being unable to have Jae Hee so she won’t let anyone else have him. Hwa Young tosses a cup of water in Dal’s face and then calmly hands her a napkin to dry herself. Dal won’t do anything more to Bong Sun and Jae Hee, but she wants her modeling contract to continue otherwise she will go tell Jae Hee. Hwa Young tells Dal to tell Jae Hee, but she’ll end up losing her modeling contract in the end. Dal is now on the same boat as Hwa Young.

Bong Sun reads in the papers about the Perche lawsuit. She tells her superior that she did nothing wrong, but he says to let the courts decide. But she might end up being fired in the worst case scenario. He asks if she can settle with the company. Jae Hee runs back home but still can’t find the Wicked Witch anywhere. Bong Sun returns to her precinct and sees her daddy waiting for her. He’s furious and starts raging at Bong Sun while her captain restrains him. Captain wonders what’s gotten into that Perche boy, suing his own girlfriend. The captain says Bong Sun’s dad was his sunbae when he first joined the department.

Bong Sun’s suggests that her dad is not worried about her, but worried about her tainting his legacy. Bong Sun wonders why he’s so disappointed in her when she came from him. She’s been an adult for the past 13 years and doesn’t need him lecturing her now. She leaves him there and walks away. Bong Sun comes home to find her mom cleaning. Mom wonders where Dal went but Bong Sun doesn’t have the energy to explain, only saying Dal is staying with friends now.

Bong Sun goes out and ignores a call from Jae Hee. He wants to schedule a press conference for tomorrow. Dal goes back to Dr. Park’s office and tries to brazen her way in to spend the night, but he kicks her out. She sits outside in the cold and he predictably softens and lets her back in. Both of them spend the night in his office since his apartment under renovation. She warns him not to drool over her and he says he can’t possibly be interested in her immature ways.

Jae Hee goes to the precinct and finds out Bong Sun has left. The precinct chief asks to have tea with Jae Hee and confesses that he doesn’t like Jae Hee. Since he’s shown up, it worries him when he sees Jae Hee and Bong Sun together. They are from such different worlds. Jae Hee says he will work hard, but the chief asks what type of working hard entails filing suit. Jae Hee promises to dismiss the lawsuit. The chief knows that Bong Sun isn’t the type of person to spread rumors. Now word has spread all over the police ranks and Bong Sun might even be suspended or fired. He asks Jae Hee to consider what he is doing and how his actions affect Bong Sun.

Jae Hee finally gets a call from Hwa Young and he looks pissed. They plan to meet back at the office. Bong Sun goes to see Hwa Young and barges past the employees into her office. Bong Sun never knew Hwa Young would go so far, she’s not even a human being anymore. Jae Hee still trusts her now, shouldn’t she be grateful. Hwa Young is fine with sacrificing Bong Sun for the sake of the company. She suggest Bong Sun confess to save time and money. The company is Jae Hee’s life’s work, shouldn’t she be fine sacrificing herself for him.

Jae Hee storms in and yells at Hwa Young for daring to suggest such a thing. He turns and asks Bong Sun to leave. She’s not back down, asking how dare they treat her like this. She’ll walk to the end with them, and see how they turn her into a guilty person. Bong Sun walks past Jae Hee and says they are completely over now. Jae Hee asks to talk later but Bong Sun has nothing else to say to him and leaves.

Jae Hee wants Hwa Young to dismiss the lawsuit. She refuses despite the fact that she perpetrated the fraud in the first place.ย Hwa Young will only dismiss the lawsuit if Jae Hee breaks up with Bong Sun. If he breaks up with Bong Sun, she will dismiss the lawsuit under the pretense that she is forgiving Bong Sun. Jae Hee refuses because this still makes Bong Sun seem culpable. Hwa Young says this way Bong Sun still keeps her job. Jae Hee looks at Hwa Young and says he will break up (with Bong Sun).

Thoughts of Mine:

Grrrrrr. I can end my commentary with just that, because my growl channels the rage, frustration, and anxiety we must all be feeling. Hwa Young pretty much went off the deep end in this episode, shedding any pretense that she was a decent human being. Even Dr. Park wondered if she was becoming a monster (answer: yes, and it’s too late for her to transform back). I do wonder if the writer is making her so batshit evil to give Jae Hee a good reason to cut ties with her by the end of the drama. If she was just this disapproving and controlling figure in his life, he’s still be weighed down by his guilt towards mother-son that he can’t ever have a clean start with Bong Sun. And those two cannot sustain a relationship with Hwa Young hovering around, even if she weren’t actively plotting against them. She’s like that creepy mother-in-law with an Oedipal complex towards her own son and resents the daughter-in-law for being able to marry her child. Ewwww.

My heart and my logic was 100% with Bong Sun on this one, and I was pleased that she wasn’t completely distrusting of Jae Hee. She’s rightfully confused and hurt (who wouldn’t be) watching Dal kiss him, and that only adds to a steady stream of secrets and lies she’s encountered with him. We the viewer know Jae Hee is sincere and not at fault with Dal, but to Bong Sun he’s just the guy who’s waltzed into her life and stole her heart in a very dangerous way. Their argument after Bong Sun saw the kiss was amazingly real. Her hurt and distrust, his anger and impatience. Aren’t those the personality traits that have dogged those two their adult life and form the crux of their emotional problems? The writer brilliantly shows that the couple’s fight falls into their emotional hang ups.

Dal pisses me off even though I think the drama wants to redeem her in the end, and maybe even give her a love line with Dr. Park. Right now she’s pond scum to me, a woman who will sell her soul, pride, and compassion to achieve her materialistic dreams. Dal’s anecdote about the beggar girl was all wrong. That girl was starving. Dal is like an average girl who doesn’t have the money to buy an expensive coat. One is a necessity, the other a luxury. Selling out her sister’s happiness at the expense of her own selfish dreams makes her a piece of trash in my view. Hwa Young may be the mastermind, but Dal is now a willing accomplice. While she does display glimpses of hesitation, in the end she still chooses the path that inflicts pain on others. I hate people like that.

It’s funny how Bong Sun and Jae Hee, who are suffering in different ways from their childhood traumas, never hurt anyone purposefully. They go out of their way to treat people right. They are good people who deserve happiness, which is why Hwa Young’s actions tear me to pieces. I can’t believe she would argue that she would sue Bong Sun over spreading false rumors, despite the fact that she perpetrated the fraud in the first place. Her logic escapes me, and I’m glad Jae Hee is starting to see her for what she has become. He can’t possibly continue to make excuses for her anymore. It frustrates me that Jae Hee won’t just step forward and announce and take responsibility for the bag theft and absolve Bong Sun of any guilt. Who cares whether Hwa Young agrees or not. He’s also part owner of the company, and she’s gone behind his back and done plenty of things without his approval. But that would require their partnership and friendship to be irrevocably damaged, and he might not be ready to do so yet.

I said before that the plot devices in M2F hold no interest for me, and the Great Bag Theft of 2011 is like the undead plot device that just won’t go away. I’m fascinated watching Bong Sun react to one bombshell revelation after another, and seeing Jae Hee man up to protect his woman. This drama has the good kind of angst, one that may be dramatic but flows true from the personality of the characters and makes me care about what might happen to them if the situation is not resolved. I firmly believe that Jae Hee and Bong Sun can solve any and all misunderstandings with more kissy kissy and less talky talky. Bring back the kissy, writer-nim, and stop making Bong Sun cry and Jae Hee all stressed out.


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  1. As I watched this episode, I was thinking, gosh so is lawsuit the official must-have item in a kdrama now??? I think the lawsuit plot keeps haunting me this year in various dramas…sigh

    Hwa Young is now an official loony… how can she blame this whole f*cking issue on Bong Sun re this faked theft as she was the only schemer responsible for that??

    I think the biggest hurdle for Bong Sun, as always, is her sense of insecurity; and this is what Jae Hee has yet to offer her. (I think she still trusts him but the insecurity is just too strong for her to bear at the moment) Oh and having a control-freak-monster besides Jae Hee is also a BIG no-no. It is perhaps the most frustrating episode of M2F to watch; and seriously if Jae Hee can’t think of a way to say adieu to Hwa Young (perhaps by sending her to some asylum) even after all these ridicule? I don’t know what to make of…

  2. Wow, when these two volatile and strong-willed people fight, the sparks are so hot it can burn if you get too close. That’s right…they fight like a real couple with their emotional hang ups and their relationships aspect is brilliantly portrayed by the characters.

    This woman wouldnโ€™t trust Mother Theresa unless she first proved herself. LOL true true! This episode recap is so awesome..THANK YOU!

  3. Thanks for the recaps! really start to hate Hwa Young. How can she go to that extent to hurt someone she love?! Pity Jae Hee and Bong Sun~~ T.T

  4. “Iโ€™m buying a ticket to Korea to slap me a bitch.”

    Can I join you when you do this? I just love to do it so much myself… Once again. muchos gracias madam K for this recap…been refreshing your site every hour since forever…hehehe
    I also love this show a whole lot and it pains me to know we just have 3 more episodes… waaaahhhhhhh am curious to know how everything will be resolved…My personal wish? Kick Hwa Young to Mars and let her stay there for good… huh she can be the the Queen of the monsters there,,,suits her new hairstyle so much!!!!

    • @mizweng talking about the hairstyle, lol, I was thinking the same too. Guess that was how the drama was trying to tell us, little changes around the characters transform their personality or reveal messages to be told.

  5. Thank you so much Captain! Love your recap as usual. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I got a kick out of 2 of your GEM lines:

    “…please keep your mouth secure from repeat attacks.”
    “This woman wouldnโ€™t trust Mother Theresa unless she first proved herself”

    I have not seen this episode yet but based from your awesome recap, Bong Sun really “got beat up” in this episode by the scheming Hwa Young and the ungrateful brat in Dal. But Bong Sun became even more admirable to me when she confronted Hwa Young about the unjust lawsuit. I was saddened to hear her confirm to Jae Hee that they are over and to see Jae Hee succumb to Hwa Young’s manipulations that he agreed to break up with Bong Sun in exchange for Hwa Young’s dropping the lawsuit…All these angst, despicable manipulations by the antagonists, and misunderstandings between the OTP should only lead to a very sweet and satisfying drama ending for Bong Sun and Jae Hee. I hope the writer is of the same mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you again for this wonderful recap. I’m counting the days now until next Wednesday. 8)

  6. Many Thanks to you Koala! I love your recaps! They’re just as good as watching the real thing. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I totally agree with you on this one.. “I firmly believe that Jae Hee and Bong Sun can solve any and all misunderstandings with more kissy kissy and less talky talky. Bring back the kissy, writer-nim, and stop making Bong Sun cry and Jae Hee all stressed out.”

    Can’t wait for them to work things out and kiss and make up. I just hope it won’t be until the last episode.

  7. Thanks for the recap.

    Let me know if you are taking contributions to go to Korea to “right slap” Hwa Young-you know set her on the right path.

  8. ”I firmly believe that Jae Hee and Bong Sun can solve any and all misunderstandings with more kissy kissy and less talky talky. ” that phrase and the meaning of it..

  9. I waited for hours to read this… Thanks so much! It was a hard episode to get through and ending like that will keep me nervous until next Wednesday. Don’t know if I can stand it!!
    I love this drama and it haunts my mind.

  10. omfg!! i really just…..UGH!! i might have to join you on that trip to Korea because i want to seriously slap Hwa Young. she needs a good slap (or three) some sedatives & to be locked in a straight jacket somewhere!! thank you for the recap!

  11. Dal “stealing’ Jae Hee is particularly difficult for Bong Sun because Dal was the same girl that replace her in her mother’s affection–or so Bong Sun thinks/thought.

    I don’t think Jae Hee should try to take responsibility for the bag “robbery.” I’m reconsidering that. I was going to say he should just tell the truth. But if he tells the truth Bong Sun still gets in trouble because she did not follow proper procedures.

    • Poor BS! How could she easily bounce back from this blow?

      I’m also trying to put myself in JH’s shoes.
      His head must be spinning. Since he is basically a very trusting person, he has no idea of how evil HY is yet. While Dal’s fatal attraction to him is real, he doesn’t know that HY put her up to it. He doesn’t know HY has threatened BS several times and told her to stay away. He doesn’t know HY set up BS. Once HY’s duplicity is revealed, he will be devasted. Poor thing!
      Let’s hope BS will be there to help put him back together.

  12. HY is so evil for breaking BS and JH! I really hate her arggghhhh!!!!!!!
    Hope to see more kissy kissy scenes for BS and JH for the last 3 episodes…

  13. Missy K, thanks again for the recaps/ post! Was waiting to read your thoughts again about this episode, and you’ve never failed! Love your thoughts, and feel utterly great how someone could compose thoughts so creatively! Thanks again, it was great pleasure to read. ^^

  14. Thank you so much for writing this recap. I love your description of HY as the sum total of all K-drama evil women: Sheโ€™s like that creepy mother-in-law with an Oedipal complex towards her own son and resents the daughter-in-law for being able to marry her child. Ewwww.
    Watching this ep in Korean ignorance was not a feast for the eyes.
    It started at defcon 3, inched up to 4, back down to 3 for about 30 seconds, then, whoosh! ended at 5.

    I am relieved that the misunderstanding involves a lawsuit. We know HY is crazy trying to puppet everyone all over the place, but this action reveals that she is foolhardy.
    Based on the evidence, the local cops, the detective, the store employees concluded JH stole it. How could this fake crime NOT be exposed in court?
    The line of questioning doesn’t start and end with “Cha BS, did you or did you not talk to a reporter at the Laun Ching party?” It’s the same reporter who overheard BS talking to HY about the stolen bag. Wouldn’t the next question be “How did the bag disappear?”
    Nobody accused the police of that. The finger of blame points back to HY no matter what.

    As much as I hate any reason to break apart our OTP, the various shiny objects: Dal, that stupid purse, HY’s glassy eyes – add up to something that cannot be resolved with a simple apology. These real life issues intruding here and now represent everything that could keep them apart if they can’t reestablish a strong trust between them.

    In her other dramas, this writer effectively separated her OTP for a good period of time. It wasn’t a couple days for KSS and WUF. Sure, we have anger and hurt feelings…but hopefully only for now.
    You said this so perfectly:Wow, when these two volatile and strong-willed people fight, the sparks are so hot it can burn if you get too close. We glimpsed that in one of the early episodes when they both went down an dirty insulting each other before BS slapped JH.
    I think time spent without each other will add to their desire to go back. When both reflect on how they felt before in contrast to after meeting the other, they will want to figure out a solution. Meanwhile, we will see BS watch JH behaving inexplicably. I will watch his pain through my partially covered eyes. I assume he’ll move out anyway, to HY’s shock and chagrin, and flashback to some of his more tender moments with BS…Oh! It hurts just imagining it.

  15. love ya koala …. jus how our thinking correlates to each other is amazing,… neva hav i found a person who jus agrees with me all along….. hey your descriptive ways of enhacing ur emotions leads me to wonder that u can indeed turn into a novelist…. if u hav a plot in mind… ur recaps r jus awesum!!!
    lov bong sun n i mma goona stick with wateva decision she is goin to make in the future epi… jae hee needs to get himself sorted soon or i dont think i will be able to hold on to me ‘love ‘ for him anymore ;(

  16. Thankyou so much for the recap yaya!!

    This has me wondering though, the events that are being played out are exactly everything that Bong Sun ever feared would come out of their relationship. Last episode she said if she ever had to sacrifice the things dearest to her for his wealth then they would be over. The situation with the lawsuit and Hwa Young suggesting that Bong Sun confess in order to save the company of her boyfriend, the person she so dearly loves, but no longer trusts, reiteracts those exact fears of hers. Trust, love and pride are possibly the things most dearest to her, not any particular person or thing (lol Pink Chicken aside). Her childhood has taught her that without trust or love there is no family, and without her pride, she would not have been able to trudge through so much of her childhood to become what she is right now even though she has so many insecurities – Pride, as we are shown is something she is never willing to let go of under any circumstances unless she is actually in the wrong and in that case she will put it aside and admit her wrongs (reconciliation with her mother, arguing with the customer, telling Jae Hee immediately that she told the reporter unintentionally after their arugments. Hence, the foundation of her entire world is not based on her familial ties, her relationships with her friends, loves and workmates but is based entirely on her own survival instincts. What Hwa Young is asking her to do, is essentially that she sacrifice her pride for Jae Hee wealth and that is already established to be something she is utterly unwilling to do. She would rather break up with him than have to sacrifice herself for his wealth. I do really like how the writers tie those insecurities to every plot device and horror that gets chucked at this couple.

    I am really gunned to see how Jae Hee will handle this. I actually really do want one episode where they do not contact each other or make up then to break up again. Every single week they make up and break up… IN ONE EPISODE, and it is really kind of getting on my nerves and it is so obvious that Jae Hee as well as Bong Sun is starting to lose their faith in the relationship itself, rather than each other. Of course they still love each other deeply, but having to be in a relationship is to embrace each others emotions and at the moment after everything I think the most they can do is recognise they love each other, but being together and embracing each other’s love is just way too messy. After being on and off for about 8 episodes, I’m forgetting what it is like for them to be themselves and be left to their own vices without having to face the insecurities that they bring out in each other. I also want Bong Sun’s pink chicken visions to come back… they were so cute :3 It would have been nice I think if Bong Sun really went through with making Maru drive back to see the Cashier girl, It would say so much about her losing her own faith in love, but believing that love still exists nonetheless, although at the moment not just for her (I mean why must the entire world be in a love rut just because she is? I think her personality functions in that way, I have faith that a tiny bit of her thinks that even though she is having bad luck with love, she hopes that others will still have a chance to find a love she so desperately wants even if she couldn’t…. Hwa Young of course is off the rails)

    But also, everything that Bong Sun says is like jinxed. LOL IF THIS EPISODE WITH THE LAW SUIT HAS NOT PROVEN SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

    • So agree with all of these:
      After being on and off for about 8 episodes, Iโ€™m forgetting what it is like for them to be themselves and be left to their own vices without having to face the insecurities that they bring out in each other.
      YES! Want to see them get stronger ALONE, too.

      I also want Bong Sunโ€™s pink chicken visions to come backโ€ฆ they were so cute :3
      It would even be better if she actually gets to meet him!

      It would have been nice I think if Bong Sun really went through with making Maru drive back to see the Cashier girl, It would say so much about her losing her own faith in love, but believing that love still exists nonetheless
      Nice idea. I hope she helps Maru, too. She prolly still feels bad for rejecting him.

      • Jomo: yes it would nice if BS can meet Pink Chicken and PC is nice to her( not like typical star that ignores his fan!). I’m so protective of BS and don’t want her to be sad and disappointed again.

  17. cant wait for next ep.I’ve been following this drama lately.IT’s so goodddd
    and i love the main actress eventhough i’m a girl lol she looks freaking 20s if i dont know her age.that’s how pretty she is!

  18. Oh, I cant wait for next week. I really don’t understand how this drama is getting such low ratings when it’s freaking amazing.

  19. Question: What was the exact wording? Did JH tell HY that he would break up with
    BS … OR … did JH tell HY that he would “break up”.

    Reason is that if he didn’t mention BS specifically, then he may be meaning that he will break up with HY… Anyone know if he was specific?

    • I assumed it was that HY and JH would break up from HY’s face.
      But I was only going by context clues.
      She would have relaxed more if it were JH/BS, right? Not looked tense and surprised.

    • Jae Hee said:

      “Fine, I’ll break up.”

      HY look momentarily shocked, probably because she couldn’t believe he would capitulate that easily.

      I wrote that Jae Hee agreed to break up with Bong Sun, but he could be talking about ending his professional and personal ties with Hwa Young. It’s not clear because he didn’t refer to breaking up with whom specifically. But the use of “breaking up” typically means a romantic relationship.

      I think he might break up with Bong Sun so he can get all his ducks in order before going to beg for her forgiveness and understanding. He cannot keep dating her with psycho Hwa Young around. I think he finally sees Hwa Young for all her manipulative and selfish glory. I have a feeling wuri Jae Hee has his plan now and it will end with him and Bong Sun in a happy and well-deserved place.

      • Yes : i think the same. He needs to put Bong Sun temporarily away to protect her, and to have a free hand for his retaliation. I see coming something pretty nasty to HY’s head from JH. But i won’t shed a tear.
        No matter how, bad things happening to you certainly doesn’t allow you to screw other people lives : This is just literally INSANE. I just can’t wait for Bong Sun to realize how much he cares for her, and how far he is willing to go to prepare their happy future together. :).

      • Thanks for clearing that up.
        God, I hope you are right about him finally understanding the dark things HY has done and is willing to do.
        It makes sense that he has a plan now that everything WE know, he knows.
        Understanding the insults back and forth between everyone in this episode, even with the less than perfect subs, had me “oohing” and “OHing” more than when I watched raw.

        BS really is right about everything she is saying!

      • I’m placing my bets that HY is thinking that he is breaking up with BS, but in reality he is breaking up with HY. I see what you are saying about the language, but Dr. Park also mentioned to JH that she sees him as her husband…

        What if JH decides to walk away from it all and go to court with BS and testify against HY.

        I think the writers will go a different direction than the audience expects. … but I could be mistaken…

  20. I think that JH’s real ambition is not HY’s path, but instead to be like his mentor, a highly recognized master craftsman living a low-key life doing what he loves but making a comfortable living doing so.

  21. this episode made me so angsty. the characters’ emotions rubbed off me and left me with a heavy heart the WHOLE day.

    sigh. why does the writer have to raise the stakes so high? i hate to have to see JH or BS suffer.

  22. I’ve also just realised… Dr. Park actually never connected the dots between Dal and Bong Sun… (or if he did I did not remember reading about it) so somewhere down the line I’m expecting scenes between the 3 of them … I am very interested in how they turn out as unbeknownst to Bong Sun, Dr. Park, who I think is probably the one person who thought of her in her best light always and a person who she actually learnt to trust without any pretense is now connected to all the characters and mainly the characters that is the cause of Bong Sun’s worries. I think that although Bong Sun will not trust Dr Park any less, just knowing that he knows Hwa Young (related to her no less), knows Dal (and is letting her live with him) and is Jae Hee’s Hyung I think is enough to urk her into not revealing so much about her true feelings in her sessions as she previously use to, purely because it feels awkward for her to do so out of the preconceived notion that now he knows who she is tlaking about, he will treat her and judge her differently. Of course we will not actually know but it goes with Bong Sun’s character to think in such a negative way.

  23. THANKS as always, for doing these recaps. This one was particularly insightful, and totally resonated with me.

    Very frustrating episode, yes.

    >>> Because Jae Hee canโ€™t dump Hwa Young into the nearest landfill”
    Lmao. My thoughts too. And not only is HY bat-shit crazy, she’s also plotting like some evil mother. Like seriously, how’s HY the loony going to put her all consuming jealousy aside if Jae-hee actually marries that rich bakery daughter?

    But I am not as forgiving as you towards Dal. She’s headed for that same landfill in my books.
    Dal knows what she’s doing and yet like a steamroller she’s still going after Jae-hee. Bad enough you know the guy’s totally involved and smitten with his gf. Bad enough you know later that girl is your sister after you forcibly kiss him (right after hearing his tender phone conversation too. sistahood?).

    And after you know he’s your sister’s guy .. (nevermind the fact that you’re also shamelessly sponging in your sister’s house and she actually didn’t throw you out before) … you still have the utter gall to ask JH if “you have any chance”?
    WTF????!? Does this girl know decency, conscience … does she have any shame?

    >>> sweetie, this is Cha Bong Sun we are talking about here. This woman wouldnโ€™t trust Mother Theresa unless she first proved herself.
    >>> Wow, when these two volatile and strong-willed people fight, the sparks are so hot it can burn if you get too close

    As always their reactive reactions to each other makes this drama very real. I like their acting, even if I am not liking the script much at this point.

    My sympathies TOTALLY lie with BS.

    JH has been so mysterious, always being discovered with one deep dark secret after another. He isn’t honestly forthcoming with those revelations too – he’s always being discovered first, then have to justify and explain his way out of his shit holes.

    Enough is enough.
    Their love isn’t that long that BS can feel totally secure in their relationship and his feelings. Add all the emo-baggage from her previous relationship + family background too. JH knows all that about her and what she’s been through – it’s much asking for her trust and delivering the ultimatum that he cannot be with a woman who can’t trust him.

    Who knows what’s what anymore? He asks for trust but has he really earned it, other than asking BS to trust him each and every time?

    • Honestly, how do you tell someone that you killed their husband and you are playing surrogate father? I can see how JH hold back for fear that he would lose this girl he is really falling for because she is so volatile. And then when she learns about the death, there really wasn’t a lot of time for them to talk. I figure he might have told BS all kinds of things over that dinner that was ruined by Dal.

      • BS has come clean with all her securities and hangups.

        There’s many a way to package an incident. He could have talked about it and why the responsibility to mother and son, tone it down and then gradually came up to the real reason when he felt ready – felt BS was secure enough in their relationship to accept it.
        JH I feel though is holding back (and I see it really as his issues, not bec he’s trying to protect BS from the shock) … and whenever an issue blows up, he tries to sway her – either by the kissy-kissy (not that we’re complaining) or by some dramatic manipulation.

        She does all the understanding and forgiving – what does he contribute other than asking for ultimate absolute trust from her? Trust must have a base … let’s just say I don’t feel it’s fair to ask of absolute trust from BS (given her background and history which he knows about) when their relationship is not even that secure and established.

    • ” My sympathies totally Lie with BS” and so on and so on….
      I’m hundred percent with you on this one, asking someone to just trust you wholeheartedly without you being honest to start with…. I think it is a bit too much!!!
      I’m losing my sympathy for JH…. and start thinking if I was BS, what would be my reaction to all his lies ( well.. may be not totally lies but hiding the truth… isn’t it the same thing???).

      • opps sorry typo – meant *IN-securities in post up there.

        @ mamadua:
        I put myself in BS shoes too … and I think it’s asking A LOT out of her to absolutely trust him, or it’s breakup.

        It’s been a whole series of one incident after another with him. and asking for her to understand and trust or the ultimatum … break up. It’s just unfair to BS.

        Dal was just the last straw – who can blame BS for putting pieces of the puzzle together, and coming up with 2 + 2 = 5? The pieces all line up and adds up to some kind of picture for her.

        To BS’s credit – she already trusts JH to a LARGE extent (like choosing to believe him, over Dal’s lies (despite the shocking kissing she witnessed). For someone who prefer to believe in Pink Chicken than real life … I feel she’s already given a lot to this relationship.

        Though we the viewer know it’s NOT the complete picture … but really JH hasn’t done anything much to set his own records straight. I see it as just escaping and avoiding, rather than manning up. It doesn’t all have to come out in one go … but at least we should see some attempts and efforts (zilch)

        Like, for eg – if he secretly has two secret children tucked away somewhere, would it be that surprising at this pt?? Just part of his mystery man package.

  24. I can’t agree more about your commentary about all the characters.. JH is lying to himself when he protects Hwa Young’s craziness. I hope, he starts to see her the way she is (which is insane).

    I also liked Bong Sun’s reaction, totally believable. She doesn’t completely mistrust him, but all the clues, his shirt ad stuff, makes it kinda hard to overlook it. I just think JH is pitiful, it’s not his fault but he is not really actively trying to stop it either. How can Dal kiss him twice?!? Speaking of which, Dal is not a sympathetic character. Bread does not equal expensive bag.

  25. I really hate the plot about a missing bag, is not as dramatic as they made it seemed. People won’t go to the store because they hid a bag? Well, I thought this was a strore for selfish rich people, remember the lady that wanted BS and the clerk to kneeled knowing that she was in the wrong? So, how come now they are so caring? They could’ve thought about a more serious matter but in any case this is a romantic comedy and they needed to separate our couple since they spent a lot of good times together already, but God it is frustrating to see this is the thing that breaks them up, his lies or the fact that she thought he was kissing his sister wasn’t good enough, it has to be about a scheme to make the presentation more dramatic. I love the writing so far, there has been some details but so far has been solid so I hope it doesn’t take the last four episodes to solve it. About Dal, well, she is really not Bong Su sister she is either a step sister or a half sister, (I don’t remember) so she doesn’t see what she is doing as a serious sin but yes she is a very selfish and materialistic girl and she deserves to be alone working at an ice cream parlor not the doctor. I believe that HY really hates Jae Jee she is not in love with him, deep down she blames him for what she lost and she has to have a breakthrough in order to set him free. Some times I feel that she really killed or secretly wanted to kill her husband.

  26. By the way, was there a little meta in there with the bakery conversations of the last two eps?
    He asks HY “Is the bread in this bakery any good?”
    And he asks rich girl, “You have all this money, why open a bakery?”
    I wonder how many memories smelling that place brought back to YSY.

    • Hi jomo! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I was immediately reminded of “Baker King” drama too when I saw banners/signs for a Bakery shop. I kind of watched the last part of this episode first without subtitles and had not read yet Captain’s recap so I did not know about Hwa Young’s rich girl friend opening a bakeshop. But then I also remember the “Baker King” drama was from KBS, which we all know is a competing station, so I was a little puzzled why M2F writers chose to use a Bakeshop. Would it be less effective, if the rich girl owned a clothing shop as well? Whatever…I was thrilled to be reminded of “Baker King” since that’s where I first saw and was impressed by YSY’s acting chops. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I enjoy reading your analysis and comments above. Thanks!

  27. Wanna watch it immediately.. It’s so hard to watch kdramas without sub. Really frustrating:((
    but thanks to you I think it will be much easier,

    I long to scratch HY’s face, grab her hair, punch her, kick her, slap her until my hands feel burned,, she’s evil bit*h, hateful, scheming, possessive, loony, childish, brat, creepy, blablablablaa….uuugghh! I wish she wud die soon, (but what will happen to Ah In?)

    my heart is enrage just by reading the recap, Ms. Koala… I feel sorry for both JH and BS. How can everything turns to be like this after all the cutesy between the main couple in previous episode? So angsty….
    It won’t be easy for me to watch this episode.. But still, the story already trapped me in. So, let it be… Que Sera Sera:P

    Damn…now Thursday feels like centuries… I’ll wait patiently (LIAR) for you to recap the next episode, Ms. Koala.

    BS – JH, i hope sweet adorable ending for you, people… You guys deserve it!

    • I’ll excuse you this time, head ache and all, but usually, I would say, “Chicken!”

      (It is a good episode, really! Yes it is angsty, but the dialog helped put each character even more into focus for me. You get to see the scales start to fall from JH’s eyes as far as HY.
      HY finally letting her true self be seen to everyone. When JH tells her to drop the lawsuit, “It’s HER (BS) fault things got to be like this.” Oh? It wasn’t your unilateral scheme to have the purse stolen? Hmmmm?
      Which is kind of what JH answers, but she says, “Chiro!” “Motae” like a little kid.
      Then this: “If you want me to drop the suit, break up with her!”
      How, exactly, does that do any good for the company? For the customers?

      Perche announced today that one of its founders, a man who had been hiding his secret identity from his cop girlfriend that we are suing for defamation even though we orchestrated a GRAND LARCENY theft to boost interest in our company, broke up with that girl. Everybody, drop your picket signs, allow us to valet park the rich people’s cars so they can come back and shop. The other founder, that tall lady you see parked all over the neighborhood staring her laser eyes at the pair – the one who actually stole the purse – trusts that this strategic move bodes well for Perche’s financial outlook.
      BS, as usual, keeps trying to tell JH how it looks from her point of view, and why she sees this as just another shovelful added to the wheel-barrel of bullsh*t she just cannot take from him anymore!)

  28. This must have been one of the most distressing episode in this drama !! I’m so frustrated I can’t concentrate on my finals !!! seriously, how on earth can someone be as selfish and materialistic as Dal?!
    Another thing that’s bothering me .. how come Dr. Park never suspected anything ? I mean, isn’t he supposed to be a psychologist ? how could he not sense that his sister is insane ? I feel like his character isn’t strong enough …
    I want to scream of frustration!

    • Thanks! We needed a reminder!

      I just love watching the director here, being all close to LJ, as a security blanket through the intimate scenes. Among other things, he directed The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and Queen of Housewives. I may have started to crush on him, too.

  29. I’m going to collect some ammo ( rotten tomatoes to be precise ) at the Bachelor Veggie Store.
    Then i’ll come back and shoot all i can at the Duo from Hell. I need a punching ball, and an anger management session. Urgently.

  30. Koala-nim , ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Can you make an article that this drama has their own apps in apple’s app store.
    Search ‘mbc ๋‚˜๋„ ๊ฝƒ’ and you’ll find it. Let’s increase the rating & people who upload it,!
    Make MBC realize that ๋‚˜๋„ ๊ฝƒ has a lot of fans ;))
    Hope you can make an article about that app.!thank you ;)) let’s spread the ๋‚˜๋„, ๊ฝƒ!’s love <3

  31. I’m totally skipping this episode. Ep 11 was painful enough.. Dal and Hwayoung have been out in my book as of ep 10 and my discontentment with this drama will disappear only if they pay for all the pain and suffering they inflicted on Bongsun and Jaehee.

  32. Good Evening Captain! ๐Ÿ˜€

    The banner this evening is awesome! Thank you very much!
    That prayer before dinner scene is my favorite scene of MTF so far.
    Thanks much again. (^__^)

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