Me Too, Flower! Episode 13 Recap

This episode of Me Too, Flower! left me strangely unmoved. The interesting writing, great acting, and lovely directing was still all there, but I felt a bit like I was being manipulated to feel something that didn’t need to be felt. With Jae Hee pulling the rug out from under Hwa Young and then smacking her upside the head with his declaration about his future with Perche, I felt like the remaining emotional angst was all self-inflicted and rather devoid of any tension. I watched this episode with a sure realization that the OTP will get together, and it just required them to push through their issues and make it happen.

Once again Bong Sun is gun shy about a future with Jae Hee, while he turned into a “I’ll respect her wishes” kind of bystander boyfriend. I appreciate how the story continues to resolve misunderstandings while focusing on the more pertinent problems. In this case, it’s taking two steps back because Jae Hee and Bong Sun had gotten to the point where they realized how broken they are individually and the strength and completeness they gather from being together. I still enjoy the drama greatly, but I think the writing ought to eschew the forced separation and spend more time on watching the healing process unfold.

Episode 13 recap:

Jae Hee accepts Hwa Young’s unreasonable demand that he break up with Bong Sun before dismissing the lawsuit. His ready agreement leaves her asking if he’s sure? He’s sure, but the requirement is that he wants to hold the press conference. Hwa Young calls for a lawyer to come tomorrow. Jae Hee leaves Hwa Young with a reminder of what she promised to do.

Jae Hee and Hwa Young arrive at the press conference, with Jae Hee alone walking up to the front and sitting down. He looks tense, and Hwa Young remembers Dr. Park diagnosing him as having a fear of people. Jae Hee remembers that as well, but he also recalls Dr. Park encouraging him to step outside his comfort zone. He remembers his promise to Bong Sun on his video conference earlier, the memory leaving him even more upset. But he steels himself and starts the press conference, introducing himself as the co-owner of Perche.

Jae Hee goes straight to the fake robbery allegations, which is when the parking lot manager lures Hwa Young away claiming that a crying Ah In is here to find her. Hwa Young worriedly rushes off, ending with her locked in a storage room. Manager apologizes but he was under orders from Jae Hee to keep her diverted from the press conference.

Jae Hee tells the media that the bag was indeed stolen, but he was the culprit. He did it to increase media coverage of the event, but he didn’t realize it would cause such outrage. He gets up and bows in deep apology while the reporters get in a tizzy with this new bombshell. To atone for his mistake, Jae Hee will henceforth quit his co-owner position at Perche. He will also use his personal wealth to cultivate the next great fashion designer. Hwa Young throws shit inside the storage room, seething that her evil plans have been totally thwarted.

Bong Sun is zoned out while at work. Suddenly another officer calls everyone over to read the news report that Jae Hee orchestrated the robbery himself. Her colleagues are upset at Jae Hee, but Bong Sun speaks up for him, explaining he didn’t do it.

Hwa Young has been released from the storage room and she confronts Jae Hee about what he did. She claims that she can’t forgive him, but he can’t forgive her. When the company gets back on track, he wants them to go their separate ways. Their destiny ends right here. Hwa Young screams at a departing Jae Hee, demanding to know how he can do this? She bitterly asks how he can do this to her? Easy. He just did it.

Jae Hee goes to wait for Bong Sun outside the precinct. He looks peaceful and calm. When Bong Sun walks out, Jae Hee asks her to get in the car, using the news report to win some sympathy points from her. On the drive home, Jae Hee slowly breaks the ice when he sees her looking at the interior of the car, explaining that it’s too cold to ride a motorcycle today and he wanted her to be warm when he drove her home. She compliments the luxury car, but declines his offer to drive her in the future in it. Outside Bong Sun’s house, he asks her one more time whether it can work if he disposes of all his trappings that she can’t handle?

Bong Sun doesn’t answer, only suggesting that it’s hard for him just discard what he worked so hard to achieve. Jae Hee wryly teases that he’s turned silly because his girlfriend is silly. Money, power, that woman, Bong Sun asks if he can really throw it all away. He can, what he throws away he can just build up again. Except for Bong Sun. She is his one and only. Bong Sun isn’t moved, because if he asked her the same question, she wouldn’t be able to throw away what she has. Being a police officer isn’t just a job that puts food on the table. It’s become something as important to her as nourishment. On the surface she bitches that she’s burned out, but in truth it’s something she can no longer live without.

She likes being good at her job, and earning the approval of older officers in her dad’s generation. She can’t give up her job. She wants to become an officer of a higher rank than her father before she retires. If she can’t give up her job, she can’t ask Jae Hee to do the same. Jae Hee explains that he’s fine with it. But Bong Sun is cynical and thinks Jae Hee will grow to resent her. Jae Hee may claim he can fill up his life again, but even Bong Sun knows that it’s not as easy as he’s making it out to be.

Bong Sun moves to get out of the car but Jae Hee grabs her arm. She tells him to let go. She’s tired, and sick of it all. Bong Sun pushes his hand off and gets out. Before going inside, she compliments him on being so cool in front of the reporters today. Thank god he’s still the Jae Hee she knows. Jae Hee sits outside and look like he’s holding back a river of tears. Bong Sun, on the other hand, goes inside and starts sobbing.

Dr. Park starts his employee counseling session and finds out Bong Sun’s friend is pretty happy these days without those rude customers around. Dr. Park flirts with her, confirming that he’s still single. Afterwards he goes to see Jae Hee and ribs him about pulling this stunt, thought he thinks this might do Jae Hee good in the long run. However, he can’t compliment Jae Hee on doing well in terms of taking the blame for Hwa Young. This was a prime opportunity for Hwa Young to own up to her actions. If this happens earlier, she can deal with it better. Jae Hee confirms that he’s planning to split the partnership with Hwa Young when the company gets stronger. He wonders if Hwa Young will be fine. Dr. Park laughs and says Hwa Young doesn’t need Jae Hee to worry about her.

Dr. Park goes back to his office and finds Dal doing jazzercise inside and all her clothes are strewn around. She complains that his snores kept her up, while he complains that she farted all night. Dr. Park grabs the vacuum and tells her to clean, so she starts by trying to vacuum his scarf. He grabs a designer pump and uses it to threaten to her. She calls him on his bluff so he bends it in half. Dal reluctantly cleans while Dr. Park holds a pair of Louboutins hostage.

Maru and Bong Sun go to investigate a series of petty tire thefts along a row of bicycles. Bong Sun decides to stay out all night keeping surveillance of the bike rack. Maru arrives to keep her company, worried that she’s pushing her physical limit by working so hard. Bong Sun finds out Maru and his crush is still slowly developing their affection for each other. Maru tells Bong Sun not to worry, he’ll make the move when the time is right. Bong Sun resumes her surveillance and the bitter cold leads her to remember when Jae Hee brought her heat packs and made her laugh. Her nose starts to bleed, always a sign a heroine is exhausted.

Jae Hee is at the office and does his rounds to see how business is. He hears from the parking lot manager that the number of cars are slowly increasing day by day. Suddenly there is a small fender bender right in the parking lot, which involves rich baker’s daughter getting rear ended by the drunken crying chick from episode 1, who is clearly drunk. Bong Sun and Maru are called out to Perche to handle this drunk driving accident. Jae Hee stands awkwardly to the side while Bong Sun goes to handle the situation.

Rich baker’s daughter calls Hwa Young and then turns to give Bong Sun her statement. Bong Sun asks her to come to the precinct with them to complete the report. She doesn’t look comfortable so Jae Hee reluctantly offers to go with her. At the precinct, Bong Sun measures drunk crying chick’s blood alcohol level at 0.092 and books her. Bong Sun thanks rich baker’s daughter for her cooperation and allows her to leave. Rich baker’s daughter walks up to Bong Sun and hands her a box of chocolates for her hard work on such a cold day.

When Maru asks Jae Hee to stay and give his witness statement, Jae Hee retorts that he didn’t actually witness the accident. Maru is annoyed and asks why he came along then? Jae He turns towards Bong Sun and tells her to take care of herself in such cold weather. That is what he came here to say. Jae Hee deposits rich baker daughter with Hwa Young and moves to leave. Hwa Young asks him to walk around the shopping floor with the lady but Jae Hee curtly declines and heads to his meeting with the lawyer. Turns out the public wasn’t hurt by the deception so no one is filing suit. The lawyer hands Jae Hee a file, confirming he’s prepared what Jae Hee asked him to do.

Hwa Young goes to see Jae Hee and asks why the lawyer was here? Could it be that Jae Hee is looking to transfer his shares? Hwa Young informs Jae Hee that she intends to change their model to a professional one to raise the brand image and resurrect the company. Hwa Young cuts to the chase and wants Jae Hee to consider getting the help of rich baker’s daughter, whose daddy is loaded and she clearly likes Jae Hee.

Bong Sun and Maru are at the convenience store when Maru remembers he saw rich baker’s daughter in the newspaper before. Bong Sun thinks Jae Hee is a good match for that lady in looks, wealth, and breeding. Maru goes to pay for an item and wonders why the cashier never says anything. When Maru turns to leave, the cashier suddenly talks, pointing out that Bong Sun has collapsed on the ground. Dal is leaving Dr. Park’s office since she’s sick of being his cleaning lady. Maru calls Dal, who actually looks worried to hear that Bong Sun has collapsed.

Dal helps Bong Sun home, the entire time Bong Sun just keeps calling her a bad woman. Dal puts Bong Sun in bed and goes to make food. The rice cooker is empty which surprises Dal since Bong Sun is such a rice-a-holic. Maru goes to see Jae Hee and tells him that Bong Sun fainted from dehydration and malnutrition. He wants Jae Hee to go see Bong Sun, but Jae Hee refuses since Bong Sun has no connection with him anymore. Maru is pissed, but Jae Hee just invites him out to drink.

Jae Hee asks about Maru’s family and hears that the puppy became a cop to follow his father and brothers footsteps. Jae Hee asks Maru what he would do if someone threatened his family? Maru would go into battle with his family. Jae Hee sees that Bong Sun is currently struggling with outside forces butting up against the things she holds dear. He wants to respect Bong Sun’s battle. Maru thinks Jae Hee ought to be what is most important to Bong Sun. Jae Hee laments that his sway over her is limited to the tossing of a lovingly prepared meal. Jae Hee doesn’t want this, but if he continues, she will only be more exhausted in this constant battle. Maru scoffs at how complicated Jae Hee is making all of this, reminding him that love is love. Jae Hee smiles wryly and continues drinking with Maru.

Dal cooks rice and prepares a simple meal for Bong Sun. She puts it all on a tray and takes it up to her room. Bong Sun refuses to eat, so Dal has to force her up to eat. Bong Sun reluctantly gets up but asks Dal if she poisoned the food. Dal retorts that she poisoned it. Bong Sun eats despite every item being overcooked or badly cooked. Dal gets a call from their mom and reveals Bong Sun’s health scare.

Jae Hee stands outside Bong Sun’s house but makes no move to knock. Bong Sun’s mom arrives and asks Jae Hee who he is. She introduces herself as Bong Sun and Dal’s mom and asks which girl he’s here to see? She notices he looks worried so invites him in to see Bong Sun. Jae Hee excuses himself politely, but calls Bong Sun’s mom “Mom” before leaving.

Mom cooks a delicious jook for Bong Sun and holds up a spoon to feed her, wondering why Bong Sun got herself into this state. Mom reveals that “that guy” was outside just now, and called her “Mom” before leaving. Dal pouts while Mom is pleased Bong Sun has such a great guy. Bong Sun confesses that they broke up, and tells Mom to ask Dal the reason. Mom asks but Dal refuses to tell. Suddenly Bong Sun’s dad arrives and immediately launches into a rage to discover that Dal was the step-daughter.

Dal hides behind Mom, who takes full responsibility. Dad starts to drag Mom outside while the two daughters cling to the parents and tearfully asks why they have to be like this. The room full of wailing women finally calms Dad down, and he sits with the two daughters. Dad asks Bong Sun why she allowed outsiders to live in his house. Bong Sun says this is her house, because she’s protected it since she was young. The reason she didn’t leave with her mom was because she was worried about leaving her dad all alone.

When Dad remarried, she didn’t follow him because she was afraid her mom would come back. But if her mom came back and couldn’t find her, she might leave again. Mom cries to hear this, quietly pounding her chest in agony. To Bong Sun, this is her house and home because she protected it. Dad leaves, laughing while he gets in the car at Bong Sun worrying about other people when she can barely take care of herself.

Bong Sun allows Dal to stay until she’s used up the money she paid Bong Sun, though Bong Sun grouches that she’s keeping Dal under her supervision so Dal can’t go outside and do anything bad. Bong Sun allows her mom to stay the night, and gives her encouragement to make some ban chan for her. Dal goes to Bong Sun and reveals that nothing happened between her and Jae Hee, and the only woman in Jae Hee’s heart is Bong Sun.

Dr. Park is at the office when he hears Dal’s voice, which he chalks up to a hallucination. But when she calls him again, he looks up to see Dal standing in from to him, offering to keep him company for lunch. They dig into jjajangmyung, with Dal wondering if a person born with a golden spoon like Dr. Park eats food like this. Dr. Park says the golden spoon is quite heavy and a big portion of his patients are people who are under heavy pressure to maintain the spoon. When Dal pries into Dr. Park’s private life, he refuses to divulge his past, which leads Dal to storm out since she thinks he’s not interested in finding out more about her either.

Jae Hee takes Ah In out to eat and they play a game of “the pretty noona”, where Ah In finds a pretty girl and Jae Hee sketches her as inspiration. He gives Ah In a test to find at least 10. When Ah In finds the ladies too quickly, Jae Hee grabs his camera to take a picture since he can’t sketch that fast. Which is when Ah In spies pretty noona Bong Sun walking down the street. Jae Hee freezes when he sees her. Even Ah In recognizes Bong Sun as that police officer noona who came to their house the other day.

Jae Hee takes a picture of Bong Sun, who really is looking quite fetching. Bong Sun walks into the cafe across the street and joins a man who is already sitting inside waiting for her. Jae Hee watches this matseon date from his perch across the street. Bong Sun’s date politely introduces himself and asks what she would like to order. Bong Sun says curtly that she wants beer, so the date orders beer with her. He compliments her on being really beautiful, to which Bong Sun replies that she knows that already.

Jae Hee watches Bong Sun down her beer, muttering that a woman on a matseon date shouldn’t drink so much. Bong Sun asks her date if he already knows about her parents being divorced and then remarried. He doesn’t answer and she takes it as he’s ready to bail. He’s not, and tells Bong Sun it’s not a big deal if she doesn’t think it’s a big deal. He has a good impression of her, especially since she can hold her beer. Jae Hee watches as Bong Sun and her date drink and appear to be getting along. Bong Sun leaves the cafe with her date and Jae Hee can only watch her walk away.

Jae Hee is back at the bag factory and he goes through his camera until he gets to pictures of Bong Sun. Poor Bae ahjusshi is coughing from catching a cold. Jae Hee offers to head out and buy him some medicine. As Jae Hee walks down the alley, he suddenly sees Bong Sun and her date walking home together. Jae Hee’s first reaction is to hide, but he turns back and walks right past Bong Sun. Which is when Bong Sun’s date tentatively reaches for her hand, and then holds it tightly in his. Jae Hee and Bong Sun pass each other, the former looking pained and the latter looking determined.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m glad Dal returned to the good side and told Bong Sun the truth that nothing happened between her and Jae Hee. I loved seeing Hwa Young so thwarted and having to deal with her well laid plans going off the rails. I adored Jae Hee for standing up for Bong Sun and for doing the right thing. But I was really uncertain as to the source of the conflict between Jae Hee and Bong Sun. Likely some mistrust, some class considerations, and a whole lotta self-inflicted misery. I’m not sure if Jae Hee agreed to break up with Bong Sun at her request or to placate Hwa Young (probably the former but used to his advantage with the latter), but I find their breakup devoid of suspense and instead just feels like a place holder to create some separation anxiety. What I did love were the family breakthroughs that happened, with Bong Sun finally telling both her parents what she’s been hiding away all these years. Still love this drama, but it’s not looking to be a perfectly smooth landing. We’ll get our happy ending, but the final stretch might be rather rocky with flying debris.


Me Too, Flower! Episode 13 Recap — 48 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recap!! i’ve been hitting the refresh button for 6hours….
    Oh….Me Too Flower, how i love thee characters even though your plotline suck.
    i have to agree with you, koala that they seem to be dragging the plot and needlessly adding been-there-done-that-a-dozen-times conflicts. All these wrenches that they’re throwing into the mechanism can seriously tire the characters and make me concuss.

    Today’s episode felt draggy and i caught myself thinking “are we done yet?” a couple of times. Really…..i expect BS to resist a bit and i understand that her main concern is JH not being able to leave baggage-HY, but come on…….kiss and make up already. i’ve sat through 4 episodes of character introduction, 8 episodes of angst and barely got 1 episode (collectively) of kissy-kissy. It really is getting on my nerves. Normally, we’d either be ramping up or be on the down side of the hyperbole in dramaland by now but this is a mexican wave…. =.=”. Bad planning PD, bad planning. I still love JH and BS, though.

  2. thanks for the recap koala… i been browsing the net all day long for this recap since i don’t understand korean… thanks again… i hope bong sun and jae hee finds a way to be together again despite of all the trials…

  3. i had been hitting d refresh button too…just to read “thoughts of mine”
    Like koala, i love that Dal is coming back to the good drag abit for OTP but im ok cuz i sometimes wan them to suffer for an epi.
    However, today highlight to me is the family breakthrough.First time this year i cry for KOREAN DRAMA. So sad hearing Bong Sun speaking out her true heart.
    Cant wait for tmr epi…thanks for the recap

  4. Thanks again for the recap koala! I always enjoy reading your thoughts. I know the writers are just creating a little more “drama” for JH and BS before the finale. I’m ok with that as long as they get their happy ending with sweet kisses. 😀


  5. Thanks Ms. Koala for this recap. (*^__^*)

    I find this episode rather subdued despite the Bong Sun’s family face-off scene.
    Maybe this episode is the calm before the big storm; I’m guessing HY will try one more evil scheme to get JH back.

    Also, why did I get the feeling Bong Sun has given up on Jae Hee? First, she told Jae Hee that she cannot ask him to give up everything he has since she herself cannot give up everything she has. Although this sounds very generous of Bong Sun, to me it also sounds like Bong Sun did not want Jae Hee to fight for her anymore and she did not want to fight for Jae Hee either. Then, Bong Sun told Maru she thinks the rich baker daughter is a good match for Jae Hee. She sounded like she has already resigned to the fact she and Jae Hee are from different worlds and therefore cannot be together.

    I am still hoping that Bong Sun and Jae Hee will end up together by the final episode. But what if Bong Sun insists on not having Jae Hee give up his current status in life and she the same, can they still end up together? What possible reason(s) can persuade Hwa Young to give Jae Hee his freedom and stop being “Cuela Devil”? Can this drama writer’s previous penned drama My name is Kim Sam Soon give us any pattern or clue of what the ending might be? I don’t think I will like an open-ended kind of ending.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode’s recap. Thanks again! 🙂

    • MNiKSS/WUF spoilers avast!

      I can tell you neither What’s Up Fox? nor MNIKSS was resolved early.
      I think that is why I liked them so much.

  6. Thank a lot for the recap, been waiting for a week (that feels like eternity)…
    It’s dragging, yes.. and it’s still 2 more episodes, right?

    I’m so proud with BS. She has steeled-heart. If I were her I don’t think I’d be able to handle her problems. And the stolen bag case is a really important part of the series since it succeed to make JH sees the true nature of evil bitch HY and decided to end their relationship. It doesn’t affect the company (sigh) and the case is just stopped like that.

    I’m happy bcoz finally BS gets love from her mom and stepsister. Dal in unsuspectingly honest about JH sincerity towards her onnie. She gave up! Yaayy! I don’t know why Dad acting so full of rage, anger and emotion coz he also takes part in his wedding destruction.

    My anticipation towards the story is still high, hope the writer will gives us such a satisfactory ending. and bring the OTP their happily everafter.

  7. Once again I’m thrilled that how you’ve written the recap and thoughts. I was feeling strange after the watching the episode last night, but couldn’t tell what it was until I read your article and YES, that was it! I’m getting worried about their ending that it won’t be too impressing, and feel like another “no more story to tell” ending in making. (Not too sure if my sentence make sense, but it’s literally how I felt). The only highlight for this episode was Dal’s confession to BS and BS’s confession to her parents. Other than that, I think it needs a little oumph in it.

  8. Having been somewhat disappointed with the ending of Flower boys Ramyun Shop, I was hoping that Me Too, Flower would continue to Wow! me until the end. Although I do think it is dragging a bit, it still none the less keeps me hooked and rooting for the OTP. I have to say, the internal conflict/ emotional baggage that each of the two leads have to deal with are, IMHO, really well done. Although I feel for Jae Hee’s guilt over the accidental death, everytime I watch Bong Sun’s parents, I almost cry with pity for her… Her Dad especially is a piece of work and not in the detached, manipulative cheabol way but in the really scary unpredictable abusive/violent way. |It is a wonder she grew up sane at all. Abandonment Issues? She may have actually have a worse deal if her father had stayed with her.

    It’s such a shame that these two crack dramas only appeared at the end of 2011… for most of the year I’ve been wondering ‘Is it me? Has my obsessive K-drama addiction finally come to an end?’ Thankfully, having had the fire re-ignited for FBRS and M2F, I can safely conclude it was just the mostly sub par 2011 drama offerings. (Plus I was burned by the May cluster of dramas in which I was soooooo looking forward to and which dwindled to a single drama actually worth watching… *damn you hindsight*… and of course for my particular kdrama addition… way too many sageuk).

  9. It’s been many months since I have “felt” characters as much as I feel these two. They are so wonderful in this drama. It can’t come fast enough, but when it’s over I am going to feel so depressed again…..

  10. I actually like this drama because with most of dramas either in Spanish or Korean or whatever I can tell what route they are taking and what strings they are pulling to make us feel agravated and hooked, this one is so fast paced I think I am watching a two episode drama instead of a 15 or 16 one… Maybe that is the reason it didn’t had the ratings they covet so much. This episode continues tomorrow with the same format I guess a new conflict to resolve next week which is the last one, the only thing left is was JaeHee really responsible for the death of HY husband, I had the feeling she was going to come to the conclusion that she used him and depended on him too much and that the guilt trips she was inflicting upon him had to end, we can see that will not be the case so the only thing left to free him has to be something like she was in a way responsible for what happened to him. But like I said this drama is not predictable so I don’t know where it will go from here. I agree with you though the separation wasn’t because HY demanded it, that reason doesn’t match the writing of the drama it is a cheap way of getting them separated, I think their own fears and doubts and inside conflicts is the real problem as of why they got appart and they have to have an epiphany of some sort in order to get together(in a way it reminds me of the world they live). I am glad I started it, this drama, when they changed the lead I thought that it was just a publicity stunt because the drama wasn’t good enough but I am glad I gave it a chance.

  11. Am I the only one who is rather satisfied with this drama so far? well, I do have a complaint; the kissing of Kim Dal with Jae Hee left a bad taste in my mouth, and in the first episode, omo, it simply was so slow and boring that I almost gave up watching it. But, other than that, I am kinda impressed with this drama. To be honest, this is the only drama that I watch at the moment, while dropping the so-called fancier dramas like Flower Boys from the Ramen Shop or Thousand Days of Promise (gonna watch it later, tho, when the sub is completed).

    Maybe I am a little too old here, and maybe that’s why I don’t really care of any “fan service” from the drama, you know, the happy ending thingy and stuff. So, as long as the story is convincing, it is good enough for me. Unlike some viewers who hate the “makjang” from Bong Sun’s parents, I do find it important for the character building of our heroine. And not to mention that these problems of the parents are real (enough). Problem that Bong Sun’s Dad facing , I think, it happens in our older generation, when good guys in the police dept can turn into a monster at home, simply because of his frustration for doing the right thing, without having any recognition from the office/people for so long. And how he vented his frustrations to his family is so typical in our older generations in the army/law enforcement family, IMO. And the mother who got sick of it and preferred to leave such painful man, was also really “powerful”, she left an abusive husband. I think this drama is about Bong Shun, (the flower that was written in its title) so, I don’t care if she can’t have a lovey dovey scene anymore with Jae Hee, as long as her life goes into a right direction.

    And big thanks Ms Koala, you’re such a lifesaver. God bless you!

    • I agree with you! The idea of Bong Sun leads her life in the right direction is so important in wrapping up this drama. I am also totally satisfied with the story. However the romantic side of me still hoping for the happy ending with the OTP.

      • While this stage of the drama is draggy, I think the insecurity bred in BS is very real = which is why this episode is perhaps necessary for her to resolve all the issues within herself.

        This is a girl who believes in nothing but rice when the going gets tough.

        I don’t mind this episode, agonising though it is. I actually prefer the originally-fiesty stubborn BS her to stand firm, re-think her options and reject him for the moment. (Unlike the idiocy that was Lie To Me’s Yoon Eun-hye’s ‘pathetic ‘standing on her own feet and journey of self-discovery’ ….. only to inexplicably come back WITHOUT any logical flow).

        I would rather it make sense for her to be confused, and sort herself and her baggage/uncertainty out. Rather than sway like pliable-putty everytime JH apologizes or does some grand gesture (thepassionate Ep 6 kissy-kissy that we miss, or wank her wrist in some police station high-drama).

        Dal was only the catalyst that tipped the uncertainty iceberg. I think BS’s never been totally excited over JH’s newly-discovered identity.

        While yes, after the initial anger she did somehow manage to self-talk herself into accepting who he is (like justifying/consoling herself about all the new lifestyle and luxury she’d be able to afford etc as she was explaining toJH (in that yellow-painting wall scene) BUT ….
        Despite the self-talk …. I don’t think BSs ever been entirely comfortable with the idea (esp given her own family background issues, and all the emotional history she’s been shouldering).

        So this eppie, in a way makes sense. She needs the space, even as he doesn’t. (And the dude’s pretty impulsive and reactive in a way she’s not). While gold-digger Dal would be in 7th heaven with new chae-bol discovery, grounded BS’s a different cup of tea. She’s not in love with living the Cinderella fantasy.

        HY – can we start digging that landfill pit for her already? My only hesitation would be poor Ah-in.

    • No, I am satisfied too, it is a beautiful drama… this drama closes 2011 with a bang for me, I had six favorite dramas this year, four including this one climb up my top 20 list and dethrone some of the ones in the higher place that had been there for years, so it was wonderful.

  12. Thanks for the recap as i am reading cum crying~ gosh! what a sad episode! I really pity Jae Hee … it really hurt! My Poor Yoon Si Yoon!!!

    But i support Bong Su decision as Jae Hee is totally a stranger to her… she really dunno when is real and when a surprise will come again. I dislike this kind of surprise… I am glad that she no longer that emotional anymore ^^

    • that would actually be mindblown.. cause at this point I don’t think she is taking Jae Hee’s announcement of him leaving the company seriously that why she is doing everything she can just to break him as without even Bong Sun and leaving the company, WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES HE ACTUALLY HAVE? and to Hwa Young material possessions are what make her look grand, wealthy, high class and elegant. Without those, her identity is rather … fuzzy. So naturally I would think that she thinks he would be the same (though deep down I think she is just grasping for straws at this point and ignoring everything)

    • I sincerely hope not! I love the idea of BS is trying to get on with her life and having a date. I also love the idea that there is some one out there who is interested in her without any connection to HY. To me this is more realistic than a typical story where the leading lady cannot see other man, this way she will come to realization if her love for JH is strong enough to overcome their differences.

  13. OMG, just finished ep14 and it was awesome! It’s another week of waiting again, and it’s the final episode which I loathe too as it’s the end… Missy Ockoala, look forward to read your updates on ep14. I hope you too enjoyed as much as I did! Thanks for all your hard work and masterpieces

    • Finished ep 14.

      Sorry, do NOT share the feeling of “awesome” about this.

      My take = too many coincidences in 14, for it to be believable for me. And I really want to believe. Did plot have to go there?

      Will reserve my comments until later, more people have seen this ep – interesting to hear Ockoala and other insights.

      • Not Fair! You guys understand Korean? I watched it too (ep 14) but it’s hard trying to figure out just from facial expression, actions and gestures without understanding a word! So I’m just going to wait until Madame K makes a recap before I voice my opinion! Hint hint!!

  14. Kind looks like they are going for the 15 episodes 🙁 and trying to wrap things up as fast as they can D: and god bless your recaps koala, you make my thursday/friday nights 🙂 🙂

  15. OK. Now i’m really sure something’s going wrong in the script area.
    I thought it was just me, so i checked the 30 seconds teaser, then the 6 minutes long trailer on YT. I suggest you do the same so you can tell that maybe i’m the problem here.
    See the tone, the pace, the background music, the situations : straight Rom Com right ?
    I still clearly remember what hooked me in the first place. Or was i dreaming ?
    Now let’s just look on this blog at the recaps and screencaps starting with ep 9 :
    ep 9 : Angst.
    ep 10 : Angst for the main part.
    ep 11 : Angst with a bit of comedy.
    ep 12 : Angst.
    ep 13 : Not watched yet but from i can read here : Angst and OTP separated.
    Last scene introducing ep 14 : Angst announced.
    What The Hell ???
    Am i the only one feeling cheated and lost ? This is just too much for me.
    Sorry writer, but i can’t follow you there : First i didn’t sign for melodrama, secondly you can’t sell sugar for 8 eps then lime for the 6 following eps : It just doesn’t work. Three, if the fans pleading for lighter material all over the web weigh nothing for you ( and we are the only ones supporting the drama if you didn’t notice ), then i’m not going to defend you anymore.
    I’ ll stay in the ship til the end because of the wonderful job done by all the actors ( BTW : For the chemistry to be effective, wich is the strongest point of the drama, both leads have to act scenes together ), but once the show is completed i’m sorry and proud to declare i will recut my own version.
    I never EVER thought of doing such a thing before. And i never certainly thought i would have to learn how to use editing software. But here i will. Maybe i should thank you to make me acquire new skills. Bitter laugh.
    I even don’t wait for happy ending anymore. I’m sure it’s gonna be a 3 minutes scene from outer space in the best case.
    Dear Koala readers, i’m sorry to explode from anger right in your face, but i really can’t stand this anymore. I just don’t understand.
    Sorry and thank you.

    • While I agree that angst level is high, I don’t think romcoms can avoid it.

      No matter how light and breezy a show starts, it will get dark and heavy in order for the lovers to earn their happiness. I can’t think of any romcoms that didn’t have a few angsties in a row.
      And you, viewer, has to suffer with them. It is part of your job description…somewhere…I’ll see if I can find the manual.

      But I happen to love the angst. I do. I do. Every tear wrenching moment of “Can you see you belong together?” “Why don’t you admit that you LOVE him?” “Why are you letting him walk away with your heart?”

      This is NOTHING! Rien! Go watch What Happened in Bali. ( I feel like we had this conversation before, Mystisith… did we?) There you will find enough angst to drown an army of Hello Kitties.

      • This is probably where we disagree Jomo. You see, my favorite drama of all time, the one that makes 10/10 for me, is Secret Garden.
        ( Quite ironic that Ha Ji Won plays equally in Bali… )
        ” spoiler for those who didn’t see it yet. ”
        Se Ga has 20 eps; and yes, there is a bit of pain and tears : 1 episode and a half to show the bitchy mother in law mistreating the girl, and another ep where the hero ” sacrifices ” himself, choosing to let her live in his body while he decides to ” take ” hers which is in coma state.
        That’s it, and that’s enough. I actually cried while watching it, because it’s coherent in the story, and very well acted. Then, by a ( good ) twist in the story, we go back to romance AND comedy again, and i never felt like there is a fracture in the story.
        ” end of spoiler “.
        That’s what works for me. This is just the good blend. And i felt as much connection with the characters than in M2F. Both characters have their fair share of psychological trauma in Se Ga, and the end is not even the perfect happily after that i like so much, but there was a unity in tone and in the treatment of the characters, from A to Z.
        Next, noone tried to trick me with a candy to slap me in the face after. In M2F, i feel like 2 different writers penned from ep 1 to 8, then the following ones. I have seen What’s up fox and MNIKSS, and i don’t remember feeling so frustrated and sad, maybe cause i didn’t have preconception or expectations ( didn’t see any trailer then, just started because it was labelled Rom Com and because of the male leads ).
        I’m angered with M2F also because the promotion didn’t show it would go that way. I insist on the fact that it was sold as something light and fluffy, when It is not. I don’t feel entertained anymore, i feel trapped and unhappy, like if i had bitten in a good looking apple that was rotten inside. I care for the characters, but it’s mostly because of the exceptional cast who is, on a side note, not used to his full potential. There is some waste here : I don’t support the live shooting system, but if it’s useful for only one thing, it’s that you can adapt to what happens on the set. And here we have that wonderful romantic chemistry and the hilarious situations and dialogues allowed by a character who blows her top in daily life situations. Those are unexpected blessings, and i just can’t understand how the writer didn’t feel the urge to use it : I drool and giggle just thinking of it.
        I know that some viewers including you Jomo enjoy that gravity in the stories, and it’s fine. No problem.
        But not me. I don’t need to suffer crucifixion hand in hand with the characters to empathize. In fact, i hate that very much. This is just not why i come to dramas.

  16. Thank you for the recap!
    I actually woke up at 3am and decided to to read this because I was dying to know what BS was saying in the car.
    I like what happened. I like that JH still has not given up on her. I like that BS is suffering without him. She should suffer. She needs to think about all the good parts about him, not just her fear about him.)
    I like that HY finally GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED! (And it’s not Jae Hee.)
    I love that fact that even though BS was lower than she had been in a while physically, that she stood up to her dad and protected her mom.

    BS’s argument that JH should not give up everything, because she couldn’t do the same for him? Well, what about if he only gives up a little, and they meet half way?
    Why is she not thinking about that?
    Anyway…Still love the show. Does anyone know where to get those little dolls from the MBC website that is all in Korean?

  17. this is the result of taking off 1 episode from its original plan of 16 episodes. the story goes awry that makes one wonder on what direction is it going to take in order to get to the end point…

    • @Emily – you are spot on. That is such a big mistake/plot inconsistency that totally pissed me off. He is supposed to be messed up all bottled up mysterious dude with a past and it involves this accident causing him to only want to drive a MOTORCYLCLE but nonetheless cute and hot at the same the time. Did they just suddenly forgot that? or think that viewer is that idiotic not to notice this huge inconsistency? Or maybe they all agreed to keep driving the motorcycle because of the cold weather… Anyway, I hope this rebounds and make a great comeback. I hate that they lost the ‘cuteness’ and suddenly went all pouty.

    • The peaceful smile on his face as the camera pans by him in the car that he finally worked through his guilt issues with HY, which released him from the anxiety of killing her husband when he drove that truck, so he can drive again.

  18. Thanks a lot koala! I wanted to watch the drama, but there aren’t any subs yet, and i was dying to know what happened. So I went to plan B.

  19. Oh, I’m late to the recap! So… I didn’t watch this episode because OCKoala said it didn’t look too good. Now I’m glad that I didn’t. I would have been yelling at the screen.

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