Teaser and Synopsis for Wild Romance

I’m not terribly excited about the upcoming Wild Romance with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young, and the first teaser doesn’t change my feelings (yet). I do hope the drama actually follows through with the baseball theme, instead of doing a bait-and-switch like Man of Honor did. Lee Shi Young’s barftastic hairdo actually looks not nearly as ugly when it’s onscreen, whereas on print it just overwhelms the frame and becomes all the eye focuses on. I enjoy a bickering duo rom-com, but the tone of WR seems a tad too slapstick for me. But who knows, with some great OTP chemistry any drama has a chance to engage my interest once I start watching. Read on for the first teaser and my translation of the plot synopsis.

Teaser for Wild Romance:

At her father’s birthday party, a drunk Eun Jae runs into Mu Yeol, the second baseman for the team Green Dreamers, who beat her favorite team. She starts a fight and beats him up. The video of the beat down goes viral and threatens the career of both of them. To salvage the situation, the world is told that Eun Jae is Mu Yeol’s bodyguard and the beat down was actually Eun Jae teaching Mu Yeol self-defense. This explanation turns into Eun Jae actually becoming Mu Yeol’s bodyguard for real. What will happen since they can’t stand each other?


Teaser and Synopsis for Wild Romance — 21 Comments

  1. woot! this is definitely my most anticipated drama of 2012! I love the writer’s previous dramas, esp Mixed-up Investiagtion Agency

    • i liked lee siyoung’s character as bu tae hee from birth of the rich. she’s really funny. i think this drama will be good and interesting. after all, it’s lee dong wook, so that’s just one helluva reason why imma stick to this one. i hope it’ll be a fantastic one. plot is also interesting.

  2. I hope at some point she gets a makeover and that hairs goes buh-bye. Look, writer-nims and stylists: I don’t really exert a lot of effort with my hair, either, but it still looks presentable and not like a dead alley cat is on my head. It IS possibly to not be a fashion queen and still have long hair. I am proof. Please adjust your character descriptions/styles accordingly.

    I think I’ll tune in to episode 1 just to see Lee Shi-young beat up Lee Dong-wook. That sounds like fun. ^_^

  3. Lee Dong Wook looks damn handsome!!! he should always have that type of moustache!! it suits and makes him look more charismatic!!! ooooh i love him!! 🙂

  4. I still have problems believing its Lee Si Young … maybe her older brother in drag…well not in drag-(s)he dresses manly enough… what was i talking about? Her hair…did he have to grow that beard and mustache so we could differentiate between boy/girl leads….???
    Whyyyy…. All in all- i like the synopsis, put the pics are killing me and this teaser just killed buried, dug up, burn and scattered the ashes of my interest…And it even has a glimpse of my half naked LDW who i adore…Ooohhh please be better then trailer. please change hairstyle…

  5. This looks a little too kooky for me, and I don’t know if even Lee Dong-wook being one of the leads can make me watch it… I probably wouldn’t be able to get around Lee Shi-young’s hair. It would distract me too much, lol.

    I’m also fairly concerned about the plot… or lack thereof. It sounds a bit like “Spy Myung-wol” (without the whole ‘marry the Hallyu star’ bit) and we all know how THAT turned out. I’m worried the writer may not have much beyond the “She becomes his bodyguard and madness ensues” aspect of it.

    Maybe I’ll give the first episode a shot, or maybe they’ll come out with a better trailer before the premier, but at this point, I think there are other dramas I’m looking more forward to in 2012.

  6. OMG. Her hair is too ugly hair. Can’t watch it. But she surprisingly can pull it off – she doesn’t look horrible (i.e. the evil girl from My Princess). The plot doesn’t interest me either – we are to believe that she is a second baseman’s bodyguard? I’m sorry but it’s laughable if he needs a bodyguard. I also don’t like her acting. I’ve only seen her in Playful Kiss and I didn’t like her.

    • I also only saw her in PK and didn’t like her much at all (thought the way she dressed up didn’t suit a uni students…) But I like Lee Dong Wook so I might give it a try 😉

  7. I will watch because it’s Lee Don Wook, and because I’m waiting for Lee Shi Young to really break out (any time now, dearest!) into a role she belongs in — she seems to have so much potential and it’s all just stewing on low heat turning into steam that disappears after briefly warming the air. The teaser and synopsis are NOT impressive, but sometimes that has led to gems unearthed. Some days I really dislike anticipating, so I’m not holding my breath on this one, but hoping for the best all the same.

  8. Anyone who’s not convinced with Lee Si-young’s acting should watch her in ‘The Birth of the Rich.’ She’s the salvation of that drama with her hysterical antics. Call me a believer 🙂

    With that said, I can’t wait to see how her character plays out in this drama.

  9. I’m just not feeling it, I mean I like both leads, but the premise of the show sounds so superfecial that I’m afraid it could turn out to be another Spy Mygoul or Lie To Me **crosses finger** hope I’m dead wrong.

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