Video Preview for Episode 15 of Me Too, Flower!

How fast time flies, since it’s time to say goodbye to yet another drama. As much as the last few episodes of Me Too, Flower! have been unable to tap back into the crackling intensity and great character and story development of the first half of the drama, I find myself really jazzed for the finale. I think I love Bong Sun and Jae Hee so much that I’d be plenty pleased if they got their hard earned happy ending together regardless of the late stage narrative bumps it took to get there. The spoiler stills for episode 15 and the preview are all just icing on the cake, leaving me already smiling cheek to cheek. Plus I spy a moment where Jae Hee is going to get jealous over Bong Sun’s love of Pink Chicken, and that is something I’ve been waiting 15 episodes to see.

Preview for episode 15:


Video Preview for Episode 15 of Me Too, Flower! — 21 Comments

  1. Oh my God… I’m so happy for BS and JH…
    I can’t stop smiling after watching the preview.
    And now, I’ll be waiting for the raw video and your recap Mrs. Koala.

  2. 0:22 in the preview killed me. *lmao*

    I’ve never seen a fictional character look more jealous of another even more fictional character. XD

    I’m still in episode 5 and am definitely looking forward to the finale. I’m a little apprehensive about the episodes leading up to it, however … they don’t sound promising. But I will try my best to enjoy them. Bong Sun and Jae Hee (especially!) have already shot up in my list of favorite K-drama characters and beloved pairings so I want them to be happy at the very least …

  3. Ep 15’s preview looks so cute. After live streaming tonight I will start from ep 1 🙂

    I started from ep 8 after you started recapping and got hooked to the series. Last week’s storyline tried my patience but all is forgiven because I do love a guy who is caught in bed 2 times in one episode. Once with the dad and once with the mum 🙂

  4. I’ve been looking out for the preview since like forever and am glad it finally came out!! Yes! Tonight will watch the raw and then eagerly wait for your recap soon!

  5. nyaaaa >,,,,,< and soo sad it won't be 16…:(
    aaaaa OMGosh…I really become obsessed with this drama and story and main roles *…* It's been awhile I was so excited for drama..since Secret Garden …GREAT GREAT GREAT DRAMA!!! me too flower <3 I will rewatching it many times when it ends!! @.@

  6. nyaaaa DON’T WANT to end 🙁 this drama IS AMAZING!!! Best drama I watched *.* and..I can say it’s better then Secret Garden!!! awww soo love BS and JH!!!
    they killed me with 14 episode ending *.* but I am happy in the preview of 15 she is safe ^^ and smiling with him 🙂 hahah what’s with bed scene xD awww WANT TO WATCH 15 episode!!!!! I am dyng really >,,,< and soo sad it won't be 16…:(

  7. Cute and sweet : At last… 🙂
    Pillow reconciliation 🙂
    Maru as the truthful oppa guarding the door 🙂
    Jae Hee settling scores with Pink Chicken : ” Miane Bong Sun, i think i accidently ripped your poster, then burnt it, then threw it by the window … ” 🙂

  8. I was thinking about what BS said a while back that you can die from not eating food, but a person won’t die from not seeing another person.

    She nearly died on the roof and it was JH who saved her. She would have died if she had not seen him. So her premise is now false and JH becomes as important to her as food… Let the romance start again…

      • LOL Jomo – with you too.

        Sad it’s ending. but so glad to see it’s going to be a sweet cruise to the end.

        – Last thing I do before bedtime – caught the ep 15 preview as it came out so I can sleep easy

        – First thing I do now @ wakeup – caught the summary ep 15 recaps on Soompi. All sounds good though more BS-JH would be even better == would love to see 10 mins of him stewing over Pink Chicken!

        Now I am going to pace around until the ep is uploaded.
        Going to miss this couple = no more BS and JH! 🙁

        THANKS for goodies Ockoala.

      • Yes, I’m right there on that same list. Happy for the happy ending, sad to see it go. There’s something special about this drama that I’ll always remember. A word that comes to mind is real. The coming together of two people with psychological baggage, their finding common ground, growing together through their love for each other, and in doing so, finding a home in each other.

        I look forward to seeing YSY and LJA in their future work, even together, though I know it will not be quite the same. They did a wonderful job in portraying Jae Hee and Bong Sun and will remembered by many of us in years to come.

  9. Awww. it made me tear up… thanks for posting the preview. I’ve been dying to watch the final episode. I just wish that the show could have been good completely towards the final leg… I started out eh with the first epi and gradually grew to love it and love the couple so much… maybe the most out of all the couples in the now 25 dramas I’ve been watching since I got slammed with the k-drama addiction this summer.

  10. It hurts to say good bye to great drama M2F, the best drama I ever watched for 2011. Look forward to watch YSY and Ejiah as a couple again in another new drama soon.

  11. Conflicted again! I love to see the ending but hate it when it actually comes because now I can’t wait for the next one. I really loved this drama and will enjoy it over and over again… but may skip some of the hurty parts. Can’t wait for the recap now!

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