Wild Romance Drops Second Hilarious Teaser

Next Wednesday is going to be a throwdown for primetime K-dramas with three new offerings premiering on the same day. I was planning on watching the sageuk with pretty people, but will now add the goofy Wild Romance to my plate since the second teaser just released is starting to grow on me. I like that this drama has no chaebols, likely no birth secrets, disease, or trauma, and generally appears to be a straight up rom-com with a heavy dose of the comedy to start everything off. It’s endearing to see both Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young go all out on the physical comedy element since you can’t try to look all dainty or too cool when the story calls for the absurd.

Lee Dong Wook is looking mighty fine as a baseball player, mostly because he looks relaxed in character and not his usual uptight emo character type. I like.

Second teaser for Wild Romance:


Wild Romance Drops Second Hilarious Teaser — 12 Comments

  1. Wild romance and moon embraces the sun(I think thats the title) are the ones i am going to watch. I love Kim soo hyun and i find jung ill woo enjoyable to watch. For wild romance i love the writer who wrote alone in love. I watched this drama this year and it was very interesting though a little slow paced but very touching. I loved all the characters. So i can’t wait till all these dramas air and i hope for the best. I hope 2012 is a great year for dramas.

  2. So, Wookie IS the main reason I’m sold in this “drama” can we still call it like that? Just wonder???

    Back to Wookie, yeah he is the definition of hotness!! If hotness needed a poster he WILL be there!! LOL

    So like you Miss K, I’m gonna watch this, not only because Wookie is megaextrasuperduperextremely HOT, but this “drama” is hilarious!! I mean is a mad rom com!! And as a rom com lover, this is a keeper!!!

    BTW love that there aren’t secrets, or chaebols, or she is the orphaned maid daughter on the father side….Yuck!!! Really???? LOL

  3. I’m so there… LDW? You betcha. Baseball uniforms? Absolutely. I’ve decided that not even ugly hair will keep me from this.

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