MoonSun Releases Three Official Posters

The official posters for The Moon that Embraces the Sun have been released, and my initial impression is a big fat meh. The poster on top is boring, the standard have everyone stand in a row and do their own pose presentation. Plus the colors really remind me of The Princess’s Man and the background image of the moon and the sun look fake rather than cool. Not sure why Jung Il Woo appears to have ginormous feet (or maybe he always did and I never bothered to look down there), but his expression is exceedingly odd. Neither happy nor sad, but rather like he has gas. I like Kim Soo Hyun‘s expression and posture, but hot diggity why does he still look like a kid playing dress up! I’m so worried now….. Better start praying to the drama gods, because I want so badly for this drama to be awesome.

I like this poster the best, but for the fact that even in print Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun appear to have no chemistry. She looks like his older sister. This poster evocatively captures the distance between their characters, but the expressions on their faces show familiarity and affection. I don’t dislike Han Ga In, but I find myself playing a game of “substituting the actress” when I look at this poster. In my mind, the ladies I picked (Moon Geun Young, Jung So Min, or Park Bo Young) look so much better up there opposite Kim Soo Hyun.

This poster does nothing for me. The moody effect of putting Han Ga In behind the paper screen is cool, but placing it in the exact same shot as the above poster just takes away the visual uniqueness of this shot. There are slight differences, but I would have preferred this image to have a different backdrop.


MoonSun Releases Three Official Posters — 24 Comments

  1. I have to agree with you, unni. I’m not a huge fan of the Kim Soo-hyun/Han Ga-in pairing to begin with – I’m all for Jung So-min in this role. I thing she’d do a better job, AND she wouldn’t look like his aunt. But here’s hoping they work with what they’ve got and hit this one out of the park.

    • I had dinner last night with some folks, and the universal opinion is that Han Ga In should have dropped out. I’m nicer than others. She’s not quite looking like his aunt, more like an older sister. I’d dig JSM in this role big time. But eh. It is what is is.

  2. lol i think you are just over analyzing it way too much :p just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! with such an attractive and talented cast this drama just cant go wrong..IT BETTER NOT GO WRONG! *thinking of the trainwreck that was marry me mary*
    since its based on the novel by the same author who wrote SKKS, i expect it to be just as addicting!
    for me the last poster is totally beautiful! i loved it <3

  3. Thanks for posting these.
    The JIW head looks like it was badly photoshopped onto not his body, although those do look like his hands.

    • “although those do look like his hands.” —>woahhhh!! The sureshot familiarity, Jomo you never fail to impress me!! bahahahaa

      • LOL! When I made the fanvids for FBRS, I spent a lot of time looking at his hands. I love how he uses them. 🙂

    • LOL. After taking a second look at the first poster, I did notice that JIW’s head was absolutely photoshopped. If the actor’s profiles are to be believed, JIW is 183 cm while Han Ga in is only 169 cm. That doesn’t seem to be the case in the poster… Perhaps he was still busy filming FBRS while the others were doing the photoshoot.

      • I agree with you, everybody in this poster seems to have the same height and that not true which proves it to be photoshopped.

  4. I like to think of it as “City Hunter” , had no to low expectations of the show and then it surprised me. Therefore I don’t get disappointed. With the author who wrote SKKS and a talented cast my approach is a wait and see.


  5. I am worried too…still finding the pair a bit odd. Hope they ve great chemistry or else the whole thing can get messed up!
    I totally would ve loved to see ur ladies instead of her but oh well, ve my fingers crossed, all for Kim Soo-hyun! ^^

  6. *praying fervently to the drama gods*

    I am going to not worry about this until we see them on-screen… And also, JIW looks like he’s super nervous or something… o.O

    KSH fighting!

    • JIW seems to me like an actor who’s very thorough and methodical in his approach to acting. I haven’t read/watched any of his interviews but for some reason his fat pencil case during the script reading gave me this illusion. Perhaps with no decent gap b/w FBRS and this one must’ve left him no time to thoroughly prepare for the role as he’s done in the past and he may be a little nervous taking this sageuk role!!

      But, I find it bewildering why would they take HGI (from the comments she’s not great actress) and mess up the acting-front of the drama and plus she’s older than him….i really like JSM in PK! gahhh, but what’s done is done!

      • Oh I meant that his stance made the character look nervous – his character is pretending to be a playboy – maybe related to that? 🙂 I’m sure he’ll kick butt!

        I have never seen Han Ga In in anything, but I know for sure I would have cried tears of joy if Moon Geun Young took this role.. Sigh.. But you’re right – what’s done is done!

  7. I’m hoping it will all work out – like the Lee Ji Ah and Yoon Si Yoon pairing in Me Too, Flower.
    Don’t hurt me, but I sort of wish JIW and KSH would swap roles, but then again JIW’s role is that of the older brother….

  8. Thank you for posting. I have a question, does the belt on the King clothes suppose to be very loose like that? I like the one in TWDR more. Which one is more historically accurate?
    Well it doesn’t lessen my enthusiasm for the show though, crossing all my fingers here.

  9. I know it’s annoying to say this but, I wanted Jung So Min so much to be the main girl…

    Like you for me Han Ga In seems like his older sister… and Ga In acting worries me. I bet she will have that blank face all the time, and people won’t bother because she is ”pretty, pure” MEH.

  10. I say that all posters look very pedestrian and everybody just have this very lost look. It like everyone did individual shots and then they were all Photoshop together. I really hope the drama can be enjoyable to watch, the weakest link is Ga In, yes she is pretty and all that, but acting is not her strongest points. In relation to her chemistry with KSH I just don’t see it; I agree they look like bro and sis. Maybe if she was pair up with Il Woo then maybe they could have pull it off, but KSH still has that baby face.

  11. I like the second poster… However, even though HGI is pretty in the poster. I am holding judgment until they come out…Please kdrama gods make this awesome saejuk drama and not screw up….

  12. I really want to watch this drama, but if Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In end up having negative chemistry, I don’t think I’ll be able to get through it.
    I really don’t want to be saying “what if…” every time I see a scene with the main girl in it.

  13. OCKoala Quote: “Not sure why Jung Il Woo appears to have ginormous feet (or maybe he always did and I never bothered to look down there”

    Dear, isn’t there a saying about big feet???? And, you really never bothered to look “down there?” REALLY?

  14. I admit that HGI isn’t the strongest actress out there, but for some reason I have a soft spot for her. So I’m really hoping that she’ll prove us all wrong.
    Also, I have to problems with the age gap between KSH and HGI since HGI has a youthful appearance (she only looks about 3 years older than him IMO).

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