Preview for Episode 1 of Wild Romance Brings the Funny

Okay, count me in. The preview for episode 1 of Wild Romance is out, and I chuckled repeatedly despite my better judgment. This things look funny in a Three Stooges sort of way. I don’t think it’ll be anything deeper than two bone-headed enemies falling in love in between pratfalls and peccadilloes. My koala sense is telling me this will end up being a drama with little to no plot narrative, but coasting on character interactions and chemistry. I figure I’ll watch until I don’t enjoy it anymore, and if I’m lucky, all the wacky will coalesce into something that works and I can enjoy it all. Lee Shi Young‘s awful hairstyle has really stopped bugging me anymore, because she’s just owning it and not letting it overwhelm her great comedic chops. Same with Lee Dong Wook‘s pornstache. I’m actually loving his annoyed and pissed off expressions in all the previews.

Preview for episode 1 of Wild Romance:


Preview for Episode 1 of Wild Romance Brings the Funny — 16 Comments

  1. ok, didnt understand a word (no subs, yo!) but im mainly watching this for lee si young, who i have always liked 🙂 i really liked her in playful kiss, even though she was an antagonist but hey, she owned it!
    I’ve never liked lee dong wook but since he is the main lead, ill give it a try. Oh man suk, loved his role in WBDS and had to do a double take when he came in Whats Up? and his wife in this show, don’t know her name, she was in CH and sign and i thought she had decent acting skills. So….on with the show!

  2. Dear Koala,
    How have you been?
    Although I didn’t put any comments recently, I visit to your blog almost everyday.
    Wishing you and your family have a “Very Happy and Peaceful New Year 2012.”

    I am interesting in this drama. Hopefully make me enjoy to watch it.
    After PK I am still waiting for Jung So Min/our heart oh hani’s new drama. I don’t know when she’s going to start new drama. Same as Kim Hyun Joon. Hope for good news from them in 2012.

    Thanks for giving us always lastest new of K dramas and TW dramas. I am still enjoying to visit your blog as usual.

    Wishing you all the best in 2012.

  3. YAAAAAAAAAY! Thank you for giving it a try, Miss K! I’m sooo looking forward to the comedy! Considering how frequent and how good LDW’s aegyo has gotten since hanging out with Kim Sun Ah after Scent of a Woman (it was all over their Me2Days), I’m glad he’s finally taken on a goofball roll! YAY! Looking forward to watching and reading recaps!

  4. Can’t bear to see anyone else with that ‘stache besides CSW…looks like a poor imitation…hope he gets rid of it. Anyway, Miss Koala, will rely upon your good judgment about this drama…So many dramas, so little time…

  5. she looks so damn cute:D
    i mean even with this hairstyle she manages to look feminine with her mimics:D love her! in the past I was actually a bit biased about lee shi young but she captures my heart with her acting:D

    i was gonna die from wookie’s smile in the hot spring scene:D

  6. Could anyone be lovely enough to translate this trailer? Or maybe direct me to the translated version, pretty please ^^
    Yay for LDW in a non-angsty role! I’m going to love this show 😀

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