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Another week arrives, and with it two more new episodes of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. With no confirmation from MBC on the rumored extension, this means the drama is now in the second half of its run. I expect the story is start kicking into high gear, and the actors to all step it up a notch or ten as necessary. I want Wol to regain her memory soon, because dragging out her memory loss is a waste of perfectly good story left to tell after she figures out who she is and what happened to her. Same goes for the brothers Lee, with Hwon needing to stop being so passive-aggressive with Wol, and Yang Myung deciding to live his life with courageous conviction in fighting for what he wants instead of taking the high road and then moping for years about it afterwards.

Written preview for episode 11:

Wol still has no memory of her past. No matter how Hwon questions her, Wol can only answer that she does not know. Hwon continues to miss Yeon Woo. He takes out her final letter to him and reads again about how she is waiting for her father to bring her medicine which will make the pain go away and she will never see him again. Hwon starts to suspect the circumstances of Yeon Woo’s death and launches an investigation. He discovers that Yeon Woo’s grave has been touched, and her corpse is no longer in the coffin.

Bo Kyung has grown jealous and hateful towards Wol. Under dire circumstances, Wol is pushed out of the Palace and sent to live in the Infirmary (care house for contagious diseases and homeless patients). Yang Myung finds out through his source the infirmary where Wol is residing. Hwon is curious about Wol’s life after she is thrown out of the Palace. He disguises himself and leaves the Palace to check on her. He sees Yang Myung together with Wol, making him so angry that he summons Wol back to the Palace.


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    • sorry mz koala..forgot to say thanks..i’m just so excited to read the preview…
      thanks for the druggie you’re feeding us to ease our withdrawal symptoms…..it is so addicting that the refresh button is being used all the time…..going crazy waiting…

  1. I am reserving my comments on this coming ep. Hopefully there’s more to offer than the preview itself. Agreed with ms. K that it’s gotta be moving on to the next chapter or it’ll just loses its charm. Thanks again for the translation

  2. hrmm.. thank you koala unni… I do hope Wol regain her memory soon… I do not want it drag till episode 18…. I am still waiting for that passionate kissing scene… =P

  3. wow ms K totally agree with you 100% they need to step up Wol’s memory loss and recovery if not the whole drama will become a drag….once it step up for sure more excitement and more fire expected from our leading characters….

    yeah can’t wait to see the real chemisty between YW/Wol and LH…hope ep 11 and 12 will bring out their hidden chemistry that we have been trying to see….and been longing to feel as well…

    million thanks again to u ms. K….God bless us all..

  4. wow… been stalking this site for like, forever… thank you so much for the written preview…

    “He disguises himself and leaves the Palace to check on her. He sees Yang Myung together with Wol, making him so angry that he summons Wol back to the Palace.”

    -made me smile like an idiot.. hehehe…

  5. I have been continuously checking out evry website and search engines for updates… I bow to you koala… with my hands held up high… thanks a lot… now I will have to wait 2 more nights or around 60 hrs to see the story in video (even just with the raw sub… eng sub later) again… kamsahamnida…

  6. I think Wol will not regain her memory until Hwon discovers the truth. So I think we need to be patient. I know it’ll be boring if they drag the story. I have a feeling that it’s not until ep 15 we will get the climax of the story.

  7. This is not the official preview but one that was written on a naver blog. The MBC preview for Ep11 has just been released which is somewhat totally different from this.

    P.S. If King Hwon gets jealous simply by seeing Wol and YM together, it sounds quite ridiculous of his behaviour.

  8. Thanks for the preview. Eases my anxiety & curiousity. Poor Wol sent away again. If YW sees her mom she might recognise her. Hope Hwon will find out the truth soon & help YW remember. He should use his power to protect her.

  9. Anybody know what happened to the hairpin (the one Hwon gave her on her deathbed he named “the moon that embraces the sun”)? I can’t concentrate on my work right now because I keep thinking about what happened to it. Is it still in storage at Yeom’s old house with the rest of her stuff? Or was she buried with it? I have this nagging feeling it’s gonna be connected to Wol getting her memory back. Because Wol in possession of a hairpin meant for a queen = one of the best reveals of identity ever. Sorry for the off topic comment, just thought about it when Ms. K mentioned wanting Wol to regain her memory already :D.

    • yeah i aggree how could he let it happened.. i guess it will serve him right when he see wol and Yang Myung together…hehehe
      now we can see a very jealous King…it makes me wonder what he will do….can’t wait for the next episodes…..wednesday come now!!!!

      • tell me about it.. i can’t wait to see KSH jealous!!

        and two eps per week is devastating!! After you’re happy to finally watch the first ep after waiting for a week, your craving gets feeded with another episode… then you have to wait for another week… AGAIN ugh!!

  10. Thank you Captain K!
    U know how u spoilt us with the chapter 13& 14 Of the novel – any urge left in your fingers and your fast brain to … Hmmmm … Translate some more …. ??? Hi4x …..

  11. Many viewers said that Jansil knows Wol is Yeon U but I do not think so I think only 3 persons knew Wol’s identity, the old man( I think he is working in the palace) that help to dig the grave shaman NK and Seol,somebody tell me if I am wrong.Thanks.

    • jan shil knows because in the scene where the junior shamans were badmouthing Wol, she nearly blurted out that Wol was the nation’s mother/moon but Seol covered her mouth and dragged her away

  12. I just had a marathon of The Princess’s Man and it made me realize that this drama is overrated now – the first 6 episodes were awesome, but now I can;t find the magic anymore. HGI just killed it for me. I will keep watching it because I can’t but I will imagine someone else in the role of Wol.

    • I agree. I’m enjoying this drama, but I really wish the writing, (and some of the acting), was on the same level as TPM, or Tree With Deep Roots. It would be off the charts awesome and more like what I was hoping for. Then I’d be able to understand those high ratings a little more. Not, that I don’t enjoy it, I do…it’s just that every time I watch it I can’t help but wish it was better.

  13. hi,

    here is another text preview from MBC site credit: moon sun fb

    As Yang Myung grabs Wol’s arm as she was heading towards the King’s palace, Nokyung appears before them with a cold expression on her face. Nokyung warns Yang Myung not to entangle fates with Wol and Yang Myung ask Nokyung. Meanwhile, Wol who has gone to the King’s palace can no longer contain her tears and starts to cry as Hwon asks her countless questions.

    Nokyung punished Janshil and kicks her out of the palace. Wol who wants to fix the unfortunate situation decides to leave the palace.
    Meanwhile, Hwon discovers a suspicious part from Yeonwoo’s last letter.

  14. Thanks for the preview!
    You know, I am also getting impatient with this drama’s pace.

    Does anyone else think it would be more compelling and believable if the King would all in love with grown up Wol first and then realize she is his old dead GF?
    Whatever life little YW would have had, and whatever person she would have become, that trail of person ended.
    Wol, otoh, having been ripped out of her happy life, forced to live as a fake shaman [ironic], forced to hide her face without knowing why, still feeding her intellilect reading and forced to breathe on but not touch the hot hot King…is more interesting as a person.

    Considering he is a grown up man now, he really shouldn’t be pining after a 13 year old girl.
    That image of JIW walking along with young YW looked like a nice big brother and his cute little sister.

    • That’s one (among many) of my gripes with the MoonSun drama. In the novel, Hwon does fall in love with Wol first, long before he figures out that she’s Yeon Woo. Since he never met YW face-to-face in the novel, seeing Wol’s face doesn’t affect him. He falls for who Wol is and then suspects because the two girls have such similarities.

      Hwon and Yang Myung pining after Yeon Woo to this extent borders on the ludicrous and slightly obsessive. In the novel, YM is actually a widower as well. I like seeing them move on, and then meeting Wol reignites their capacity for love again.

      At this point, the drama is so thin on character development while coasting on hot King superficial pining, everyone except for the OTP can bite the dust tomorrow and I wouldn’t care. Which is such a shame, because a great sageuk makes you care about all the characters, even the evil ones, because they are human beings with frailties, weaknesses and selfish wants. Here everyone is reduced a caricature almost. I’m sad, the novel portended so much potential to be adapted to a drama.

      • That sounds like a better story.
        I feel bad about the wasted cast, costumes, music and setting.
        It may end up being cute and kinda OK, but that would only be because KSH is so good we don’t notice anything else.

      • In the first chapter of the novel (I read the English version from blue) It was such a beautiful first encounter of the king and YW – and the dialog between them it just kill me – their first words, the fact that she already knew who he was and the strong impression he had from this encounter – I was expecting this from the drama, not the game: ” Oh, I have a pain in my hart! Oh, I can help you easy that pain! ” “I wish I was the girl he dreams of!” – this was the stupidest line so far (sorry!).

  15. I also really need Wol to regain her YW memories. I don’t really care if the boys figure it out first and don’t tell her or whatever or if she figures it out and doesn’t tell them… I just need Wol character to be developed more and HGI to do something more with it. I don’t really mind that both the King and YM have been pining over the same girl for X number of years. I can accept that – as these two live within these constraints that keep them for getting what they really want and thus the desire to get these things might become stronger. However, I really need to see why YW is so worth it – and why when they meet this new Wol – after all these years, she is still has the core qualities that made them fall in love with her to begin with. I personally don’t really see much of that yet.

    I definitely think it would be nice to have them fall for Wol first, but I don’t feel like they have to do it that way in order to make for a compelling story. Sigh… I’m not sure what I’m looking for anymore in this drama – I just want to continue enjoying it 🙂 Looking forward to Wed. I also want YM’s character to be better developed.

  16. thanks for the preview! i am excited about reading the recaps and previews but when i watch the actual drama, i get bored. i couldn’t even finish ep 9 and 10. pining for your lost love does get old after a while, even if you’re a king or prince. i just wish they’d make everyone develop layers, and not just remain as superficial characters that i couldn’t relate to. i miss the first part of this series.

  17. Thank you for this summary. Many people wished that Hwon had fell in love with Wol before knowing she was YW. But i disagree, because the king was truly in love with YW and i think it’s beautiful.

  18. Can’t wait to find out the ending. But, my gut feelings tell me that these 2 poor souls (hwon & Wol) will end up separated. Anyone can confirm that?

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