Update on Inborn Pair as Chris Wu Joins the Drama for an Extended Cameo

I’m still watching the daily drama Inborn Pair (literal title True Love Looks for Trouble), a breezy and sweet contract marriage confection with warm family moments and a great steady pace. While I’m not interested in the secondary characters beyond the delightful OTP played by Annie Chen as Song Yi Jie and Chris Wang as Ke Wei Xiang, the gradually developing relationship between the two leads remains believable and sincere. There is no sudden falling in love, but rather the honest trajectory of two people who got off on the wrong foot with a series of misunderstandings slowly getting to know each other. So far I’m entertained but not emotionally invested. Until this week.

Unbeknownst to me, one of my biggest Taiwanese actor biases showed up in an extended cameo role as Yi Jie’s ex-boyfriend. It’s none other than Chris Wu (of Autumn’s Concerto and Zhong Wu Yen fame), and his presence immediately ups the emotional stakes. Sadly for the OTP shippers, he smokes Chris Wang’s chemistry with Annie. There are suddenly some stakes and sizzle in this drama, and I couldn’t be happier. I actually cried in one of his scenes with Yi Jie, he brought so much bubbling intensity and longing in just a few looks. Swooning here.

Yi Jie and her college law department elder Chao Dong Yang meet cute in the library, where they separately see a male student feeling up a female student and both launch into action. I love how their sense of justice leads to immediate mutual camaraderie.

Doesn’t hurt that Dong Yang is insanely hot. Yi Jie is immediately smitten. Exposition in earlier episodes tells us that Dong Yang, who Yi Jie now refers to insultingly as Zhu To (pig head) to everyone around her, suddenly disappeared six years ago without any explanation, leaving Yi Jie heartbroken and confused. It was during her bar exam period so she ended up failing it then. We all know Yi Jie’s attempt to take the bar recently also tanked because of her leaving the test badge in Wei Xiang’s car.

They see each other for the first time when they are representing opposite sides of a case where a customer to a bakery claims to have bit into a bun with a screw in it and now wants NT 2 million dollars in compensation.

Clearly Yi Jie is not happy to see Dong Yang again, whereas he seems shocked and tentative around her. But not unhappy to see her.

He’s surprised she’s representing a big corporation now. Didn’t she always believe big corporations were evil and greedy?

She tells him that people change, and her old beliefs were simply the ignorance of a young person talking. Dong Yang doesn’t think time changes everything. Emotions perhaps doesn’ change, only accumulating more with time. Yi Jie snarks that he’s still as glib as ever. But wasn’t the person who changed the most, and the fastest, him?

Dong Yang is about to explain something when his eyes light on the wedding ring on Yi Jie’s hand. His face just freezes.

Dong Yang asks Yi Jie if she’s married? Yi Jie smiles and holds up her wedding ring and announces that she is married, to none other than the President of the corporation that is involved with this injury lawsuit, Ke Wei Xiang.

Dong Yang smiles ruefully, congratulating Yi Jie on marrying into a rich family, and becoming a pampered wife.

Yi Jie reminds him that people do change with time.

As Yi Jie turns to walk away, Dong Yang grabs her, wanting to explain about six years ago. But Yi Jie cuts him off, asking him to let her go since she’s married, and no longer in interested in hearing any explanation.

In my opinion, these two are about three seconds away from making out. But alas, Dong Yang respects Yi Jie’s wish and releases her.

His sad smile just breaks my heart. My gut feeling tells me their situation was a redux of the My Name is Kim Sam Soon storyline, with Dong Yang leaving Yi Jie because he was sick, and needed to go abroad for medical treatment and he didn’t want her to worry. There have been hints that he’s just recovered from something.

Dong Yang can only watch Yi Jie walk away, unable to say anything because it’s already too late.

I just want to comfort his sad sad gorgeous profile.

Let’s not forget the OTP. Still as cute as ever, and getting along marvelously now that their fake marriage is on track and chugging merrily forward.

Wei Xiang, who has met Dong Yang simply as the lawyer representing the plaintiff suing his company, hilariously notes that he has this odd feeling that the lawyer dude seems to have been born solely to be his opponent. Yi Jie has no response to that observation, which is accurate in more ways than one.

Annie is a lucky gal indeed, to be able to act with adorable playful Chris and now hottie emo Chris. Inborn Pair was always just good, but now I’m fairly salivating for each new episode. Not sure how long Chris Wu’s cameo run will last, but with the ratings for the episodes jumping since he joined, it might be as long as they can drag out his storyline with Annie. I think there are tons of material to run with his character, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Yi Jie give it another go with him and this time end it properly when she realizes that it’s not meant to be and she actually loves Wei Xiang,


Update on Inborn Pair as Chris Wu Joins the Drama for an Extended Cameo — 46 Comments

    • The Chinese wear their wedding rings traditionally on the middle finger. The ring finger is called the “nameless finger” in Chinese, hence no rings are ever worn on it, and definitely not the wedding ring. It might sometimes now, depending on the person since Western culture has the wedding ring on the fourth so-called ring finger.

      Also, in Chinese tradition, women wear their wedding ring on their right hand and men wear on their left hand. You can see Yi Jie wears her wedding ring on her right hand middle finger.

  1. Surprisingly, I’ve kept up with Inborn Pair every day. Although the storyline is generic, it’s lighthearted compared to the chaos in my life. I admit that I skip numerous scenes, but they’re just filler scenes that don’t have much significance to the overall drama.

    I’ve loved Chris Wu ever since his performance in Autumn’s Concerto. The emotion he displays is so vivid and real. I feel like I’m looking at a beautifully executed masterpiece. I hope Dong Yang stays longer than Luo Yun (I dislike both the character and the actress). It’s great to finally witness some competition for Yi Jie since she’s always the one getting jealous.

    • Chris Wu is just a MUCH better actor than Chris Wang. You can see him pulling more out of Annie as well. I hope he sticks around as long as possible. And I also hate Luo Yun in the same ways. C.Wu has stolen the show from the male lead in any drama I’ve watched with him. He’s long overdue for a romantic leading man role.

      • I’d definitely watch that drama. Drama gods, now that Ethan and everyone else is the army…isn’t it time for him to getting a leading role????

      • Its high time he gets a lead role…amean c’mon he is not just a pretty face, he is an excellent actor!

      • Isn’t Chris Wu in “The Fierce Wife?” This was where his talents were discovered! Like his acting, facial expression, not overpowering but still carries the emotion and intention.

      • then pleaSe let him act in that role then give comments…there must b reasons why he’s Not cast as the male lead!!! That’s precisely Y he was cast as a supporting role?!!

  2. I never knew his name but loved him in Autumn’s Concerto! I haven’t seen him around though. If he was the main lead in the drama, may be I could’ve watched it. I am not a big fan of this lead.

    The story though seems like something light and breezy to pick up. Might check it out…

    • Don’t force yourself… u might not like watching the show while wishing that Chris Wu was the male lead. Anyway, Chris Wang started off as a supporting actor in another drama. I guessed the image the director is trying to portray suits him in inborn pair therefore he’s chosen.

      Chris Wu’s image is more the mature faithful Or big bad type therefore unless there’s such a role for him, he can really “wait lonG lonG” for a break. There’s a lot of actors with similar images ;(

  3. Does anyone perhaps know where I could watch this? With subtitles of course πŸ˜‰

    I am in love with dramas with a contract marriage storyline πŸ˜›

    • I had no idea you’re still watching this. I love this series. At first because of the adorkable grandparents. They’re so cute. Later on, I totally got invested into Yie Jie and Wei Xiang. Yeah it’s a very typical marriage contract, but it’s well-written and you see how they’re both slowly getting attracted to each other during the series, but are both so oblivious to it.

      WX’s even leaving comments now of making the marriage real, but YJ thinks he’s joking. And his little jealousie’s, especially when he discovered that he’s not the pig that YJ’s always drawing. It’s so cute. There’s no overacting, just a typical shy guy falling for his wife.

      Viki has subs but it’s only for a couple of episodes.

      You can find the episodes in youtube in Mocaca’s channel here (he divides each episode into 4):

      or in Inborn Pair’s Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/inbornpair#g/u

      There’s no subs, but you can find the recaps here:


      • woah! thanx for the link of the recap. i’ve been watching this daily like crazy in sugoideas though i don’t understand mandarin. lol yeah viki is way behind and to top it all, most of the videos are uploaded in daily motion and are labelled private therefore cannot be watched. *sigh*

    • @ chubachuchu

      I think they started recapping from ep 10 or so which is so nice of them. I wish I could watch with the subs too but I’m not sure when viki will be able to keep up with the episodes.

      I’m surprised we’re almost halfway through the story already. Maybe because it airs 5x a week, I didn’t notice we’re at ep 38 already.

      • thanks to you. i never though i would be this interested in watching this considering it’s 80 episodes. i hate long series and this is the first time i’m doing this.

  4. Both Chris (es) are good. If I were Yi Jie, I wouldn’t know what to do. They are both gorgeous men. One is past love & the other is present love; practically, I guess I might as choose the present love since I were already married, no need for more trouble for another divorce and then remarry. Hehe… J/K. Moreover, i concur with Ms. Koala & Ms. Anh that it’s a meant to be marriage. Past love is history and it means gameover.

  5. i am loving it so far.. but I only saw the episode with chris #2 where he first appears. I haven’t seen the most recent episode yet.

    I am so used to this kind of drama that nothing really surprises me. However, I still love it very much. I loved Chris in AC — he was a great character. Definitely a much better actor than the other CW. But I hope he gives the OTP a run for their money and ends up being serious competition.

  6. I’m, upto around ep 10 of this drama…and even though it has some of the same cliched tropes of so many T-dramas, I’m not bothered or annoyed by it and am finding it surprisingly cute…I willl continue to keep up with it as the susb are released….so I haen;t seen Chris Wu just in here yet, but I’m surprised that I don’t seem to remember him at all from Autumn’s Concerto..then again that whole drama is just a fleeting memory now
    On a completely unrelated note…I realized that Lee Jun Ki gets out of the army tomorrow (i.e. today in Korea)…SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I think I’m going to stay up and have a mini party for myself while I refresh every K-ent new site in existence for the first release pics

  7. How I wish I could understand Mandarin and that there are subs for this drama because I would have definitely watched it. I love Chris Wu’s performance in Autumn Concerto! He’s acting was great and made his character someone to root for. I bet I would have swooned like you too if I saw that scene in Inborn Pair you mentioned in the post.

  8. I didnt really notice Chris Wu in AC even it was a very gud series, I think it was because I never like that kind of character, but to watch him in Zhong Wu Yen was a pleasure, I hardly watched any scenes without him, he was so so gud and smoking hot there…. I found him talented and so charming but wonder why hardly see him in dramas and never saw him being a lead b4, what a pity….

  9. I am stuck on ep 8 at the moment, but I need to get back to it now that Christ Wu is in. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the first few episodes, it was just so cute and sweet. The main leads were loveable too, individually and together. But my interest started to wither once the story hit the cliched tropes. The grandmother annoyed me to no end. I mean, I want the OTP to get hitched and make hot scorching love as much as she does, but faking terminal illness to coerce her grandson to go with her plans? urgh.

    • I think she really has cancer, according to the recaps. She went to the hospital to have a checkup when YJ and WX faked the pregnancy.

      One thing I’m glad about is that they didn’t drag the fake pregnancy issue but it caused YJ and WX to kiss accidentally, and neither pulled away, which was so sweet.

  10. Chris Wu has been a lead already, in the 2011 daily drama Local Heroes, a police procedural comedy. It was cute.

    He’s just due for an idol drama lead is all. I can’t wait. *drooling already……*

    • I can’t wait too. I didn’t skip all his scenes in Inborn Pair. Now I want Yijie to pair up with him.

      And I can’t stand Weixiang’s elder sis anymore. She just keeps saying that she doesn’t want to have a child, and not realising that her husband is distancing himself from her. Hai. I hope that she and her hubby can communicate better.

  11. thanks for recommending this ms koala. i’ve been watching this daily though i don’t understand mandarin at all. just like you, i’m not interested with the secondary characters. and i agree with you, chris wu has more chemistry with annie though IMO chris wang is more good looking than him. this is my first time to see chris wu and i wish he’ll stay for long to add more spice to the story. i wouldn’t mind if they end-up together though i know that it would be impossible.

  12. koala!!!

    Thanks for writing about this even though it’s a simple! love you!!!

    Yes Chris Wu was fantastic in that scene!!! Those eyes that speak SO much!!

    • oops, i meant, even thought it’s a one-off recap. Was so excited that I typed wrongly… ><


      but THANKS AGAIN! This is indeed one of the classic scenes!!

  13. I observed that those dramas which Chris Wu was cast (like AC & the current Inborn pair)& had really good comments here were those where he’s “the third party” or ex-boyfriend kind of roles. It’s not a trend yet but y do I keep thinking that he’s only good for those roles where he’s either quietly supporting the gal he loves or taking the part of a past love?!! Has he been typed cast or the image he portrays is that of a side-kick?

  14. thanks for this baby update on Inborn Pair. Chris Wu took over the scene as soon as he appeared. Maybe it is just me, but I do notice his presence was not to be taken lightly. Am glad he is on board. Chris Wang is cute [having followed his cuteness for the past 30something episode] but Chris Wu is hawt, I mean good looking with “a step above” acting chops! I hope he stays on for a while..

    Thanks to Inborn Pair for keeping me grounded while the other baby of mine called WR is taking a wild ride where the script is concern. Still no sign of OTP getting together even up to ep 12 when it ‘s suppose to conclude with ep 16. sigh!..

    much appreciate your update, dear koala. cheers..

  15. you guys have to check out todays episode 43 its so sweet . they kiss… i meant a real kiss.
    ms. koala i hope you write something about todays episode it was so nice. it just made my day and I want it to be monday again so i can watch this really cute light and bubbly series.

  16. I get lost in the inborn movie, who does Chris Wang love, it seems like his feelings get mixed up, unless he is that dumb.?? He is not a young kid in the movie.

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