Written and Video Preview for Episode 25 of Office Girls

Final episode of Office Girls coming up! Really, I’m serious, not another feint. Episode 25 will wrap up the half year long journey we’ve taken with Xing Ren and Zi Qi, filled with laughter and sweetness. Some hiccups and feet dragging occurred along the way, but nothing that would ultimately destroy my affection for this sincere drama aimed at encouraging the courage to love and the desire to better oneself. I’ll miss the OG gang terribly when it ends this weekend. Due to my busy schedule, I probably will end up recapping episodes 24-25 together at some point, but suffice to say, I’ll likely always look back fondly on this drama which never tried too hard and always added a dash of cheekiness to everything.

Written preview for episode 25:

Jing Shi department is surrounded my paparazzi. Turns out it was Kai Er’s earlier plot which has exploded. The ugly news reports directed at Xing Ren come out one after the other. How can Xing Ren escape danger this time?

Facing President Qin and the VP of HR, Kai Er can only come clean. She reveals everything she did to set Xing Ren up. The normally good tempered President finally can’t stand it and loses his temper at someone he normally appreciates and values. What will happen to Kai Er?

Zi Qi cannot hide the expression of happiness of someone in love. Xing Ren’s eyes are filled with tears. Did something happened between the two of them regardless of they value love? Wedding bells ring. Will the bride wearing the wedding dress on the red carpet be Xing Ren?



Xing Ren gets chased by the paparazzi. Zi Qi tearfully apologizes to Mama Shen for failing to protect Xing Ren. Mama cries that she knows how good Zi Qi has been to her Xing Ren. Zi Qi watches the dinosaur dance, and the dinosaur points to the distance, where Xing Ren is standing.


The paparazzi ask Xing Ren if it’s true she targeted Zi Qi because she knew his real identity, and now wants NT30 million as a break up fee. Kai Er reads the news and apologizes, she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. If she sincerely accepts responsibility, can everything be fine? Zi Qi takes over the department store. Xing Ren voice overs that everything that happened between her and Zi Qi, she will remember and keep it in her heart. The good and the bad, she will treasure it all.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 25 of Office Girls — 12 Comments

  1. Tks, koala. I remember there was a bridal gown shot some time earlier rite?? A time jump is all we need! ZQ/XR go!! Hope the show goes out with a bang!

  2. Office Girls -Team – you have done a remarkable job in creating this tv series. Each and every episode was remarkable and meaningful.

    Ms. Koala – am eternally grateful to you. I have been watching this series from Manila, hardly understand Mandarin and heavily relied on body language. I am extremely excited to see the Big Finale. Will be missing the whole gang.

    —- Xie Xie for the beautifiul journey….

  3. Gosh, I’ll miss this show. I didn’t think I would love an OTP more than the one in Drunken to Love You, but Roy, honey, you are something special. 🙂

  4. I marathoned this drama starting last weekend when I fell ill and have finally got through all 24 episodes. I can’t wait to see the ending, although I know what it will be. Roy is quite a charmer, isn’t he. One to look out for in future. As for Alice, not sure about her. Not sure if it was her character or if it was her.

    As for Manager Shi … O.M.G. I need to see more of his antics in another drama, stat. 😀

  5. thx ms koala.. my most most fav drama from 2011… and also the only drama i’ve followed right from the beginning until the end, for a half year long.. it’s been a long run and i’m kinda said to bid farewell to the OG team. 🙂

  6. I will miss Patrick Li the most, probably, because he always managed to deliver the fun and the ad-lib and keeping his composure all the while. His interactions whether on/off-screen with Roy Qiu are real gems to me. The latter is such a discovery for me as he is able to convey so much through his facial features. His stares in particular were incredibly convincing and “hot”.

    In the previews above, I am so fond of him meeting formally with Mama Shen on the rooftop, then playing like kids together just a little while before he starts crying. And oh, these tears. TT

    This has been such a pleasant, endearing, hilarious and entertaining journey which will come to a closure in a few hours. A wistful feeling might rise amongst OB viewers, such as myself. 🙂

    Looking very much forward to reading your baby recap, Mrs Koala. 😀

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