The Tight-knit Cast of Office Girls Reunites for a Reunion Dinner

I have hundreds of beautiful headers all created by talented kindred spirits in the drama watching field and it’s a joy for me whenever I click on AKP to see which headers pops up. I hope it is for you, too. Some dramas (or actors/actresses) have more headers than others but the frequency by which I encounter them is by sheet happenstance. Which made it really weird last week when I kept getting Office Girls headers. And not just OG headers, but Roy Qiu and Alice Ke headers and I love them both so I was wondering if it was a sign either or both was coming back to drama land. Alas that is not the case (as far as I know), but instead something wonderfully poignant happened. The cast and crew of the biggest SETTV hit in years Office Girls had a reunion gathering last weekend and I chocked up with how happy that made me. The most highly rated SETTV Sunday night prime time idol dramas in the last ten years have been (1) Fated to Love You, (2) Autumn’s Concerto, and the totally unexpected hit (3) Office Girls. I actually had the most fun watching OG because I was recapping it and because it was genuinely funny and low on angst for the majority of its run. By the end the production threw in random roadblocks that dragged down the zippiness but in hindsight the overall product was definitely greater than the sum of its parts including the weakest ending segment. It was definitely the best character Roy has ever played, and I wish SETTV hadn’t called in a favor from him to do Miss Rose and thereby ruin all the great chemistry from OG by throwing him in a lackluster production he clearly didn’t have the heart for. OG remains the longest running SETTV Sunday night drama at 25-episodes which meant the cast spent over 6 months together including celebrating birthdays and holidays and more. At the reunion dinner, Alice brought now-boyfriend Kun Da but otherwise it was all OG cast and crew including James Wen (awwww) and newly minted Golden Bell Best New Actor winner Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao). Missing was Patrick Li and girlfriend Janel Tsai as well as second female lead Tia Li from Dreamgirls who is still trying to shake off being the third wheel in the horrid breakup between Roy and Tang Yan. If ever there was a relationship I never cared about before, during, and after, that one was it. And if any girl is brave enough to date Roy then deal with the consequences. He’s still my go-to comedic+angst TW-drama actor extraordinaire and I hope he comes back with a TW-drama in 2014. I’ll take this as a sign to do an OG MV walk down memory lane and it’s a sweet sweet ride indeed. Continue reading