New Stills from Fashion King with Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung

The upcoming cable K-drama Fashion King continues filming to prepare for its March premiere. It can be a big ole hot mess or surprisingly entertaining, though the track record of fashion-themed dramas have been woefully bumpy. New stills have been released of a punky looking Yoo Ah In as a up-and-coming fashion designer, plus a first look at Shin Se Kyung. The cast went to New York for a location shoot recently. For once a K-drama about fashion actually heads to one of the fashion meccas of the world, and if it’s youth fashion more than couture, then New York is definitely the place to be. I have no expectations for this other than a casual curiousness to see what the end product looks like. And maybe check out some fashions.


New Stills from Fashion King with Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung — 15 Comments

    • from my understanding, shin se kyung is billing this drama, yuri is 2nd lead. i’m not 100% sure though, so you can correct me.

      oh and exciting that they filmed parts of the drama in nyc. it’s definitely better than just being told (in the drama) that so and so studied there or just came back from there. blah blah blah.

      AND hello yoo ah in!

  1. Fashion King is airing in SBS not in cable chanel just saying.

    btw, can’t wait for this drama eventhough I’m not into fashion drama. I didn’t have my hope so high. Hope this drama will do good in rating because it will go against Lights and Shadow and Dream High2. at least get more rating than DH2 cuz I think Light & Shadows is hard to beat with the 30 ep more in the run.

  2. waitaminute!…they were in NY??!!!!…AAAARGH!……why do i find out about these things way too late?….sigh….it’s not like I would’ve been able to stalk their shooting location to catch a glimpse of YAI with my crazy schedule anyways

  3. I think this is the drama airing after History of a Salaryman as nas election said. So no cable.

    I am really not into fashion dramas so I’ll see how this goes. Cool that they were in NYC… but not that I have any time to stalk any of the productions that film in NY (there are so many). And I’m way too old to do that LOL. But still neat that they were here.

  4. Athough YAI is a beautiful model, and has wonderful photo shoots, YAI in action takes my breath away. He and KSH both. There is a sadness and vulnerability in their eyes.

  5. ‘fashion meccas’
    please…can u and others korean site used this mecca term
    u know that mecca is muslim religious place.

    u know how disturbing and annoy when u use our islamic term for entertainment term…
    it our holy place…

    i’m a muslim and i’m hurt

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