Shin Se Kyung Reunites with Yoo Ah In for Six Dragons Flying, Time to Relive the Fashion King Ending Madness

I now like Shin Se Kyung, so it pains me to hear her getting cast in a new drama that serves to bring back memories of one of her biggest flop projects (and performances) to date. Shin Se Kyung just wrapped The Girl Who Sees Smells for SBS but must love the grueling drama shoot and the network because she turned around and signed on as the leading lady for upcoming SBS sageuk drama Six Dragons Flying. She’s taking on the role that was initially offered to Baek Jin Hee, but Shin Se Kyung‘s casting seems even more apt since the Dragons production team worked with her already in Tree with Deep Roots.

Six Dragons Flying already has its male-centric cast of six dragons, with male leads Kim Myung Min and Yoo Ah In holding down the method acting fort. Shin Se Kyung’s character will have a love line with Yoo Ah In, which immediately flashes me back to the craptastic SBS drama Fashion King where they first worked together to terrible awful results. The chemistry was all wrong, the acting was over-the-top from everyone, and the writing in that drama was the absolute pits. It was all capped off by the most ass-backwards WTF drama ending in the history of bad drama endings. May or may not be THE worst but is definitely one of the worst. Maybe Dragons will finally wash this stinker off their plates. Continue reading

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