Cheryl Yang is Breathtaking in Parisian Couture for Vogue Taiwan

*Speechless* I was literally slack-jawed for a good two minutes after I saw the latest pictorial of Cheryl Yang for Vogue Taiwan. This woman has graced the cover of Taiwan Vogue innumerable times, and she deserves every single cover. There is not a single model in Taiwan with her range, and as an actress she is as good if not better than the ladies who started off acting rather than modeling. I used to find her unattractive and had zero desire to watch any drama with her. Her looks are angular and not very easily accessible. But after I watched My Queen I was a fan for LIFE. She is glorious in that drama, which featured a performance from Ethan Ruan that lives on for how he managed to do the noona-younger boy romance. The story is uneven, but the performances are outstanding. I’ve embedded an MV at the end just to tempt you all. But I guarantee these pictures will leave many of you just appreciating the beauty of how couture, Paris, and the right model manages to unite all three into a creation that takes our breaths away. Every single one of these pictures is a collector’s item in how gorgeous the outfit and Cheryl looks. Brava!

MV for My Queen (set to one of my fave songs Shayne Ward’s “Until You”):


Cheryl Yang is Breathtaking in Parisian Couture for Vogue Taiwan — 14 Comments

  1. i love her in the red strapless number and with the shot taken from above.

    My Queen was the first show I saw Cheryl Yang in and I thought she was just awesomely sassy in it……

  2. WOW. She really makes the photos. It’s not just the clothes, backgrounds, or lighting. I love the picture with the white fur/lace dress. Cheryl kinda reminds of Cher from the movie “Moonstruck”.

  3. She was stellar in My Queen and totally had steaming chemistry with Ethan. It remains one of my all time fave dramas. Their kissing scenes were believable vs the usual awkward bordering on painful. I thought at the time that it was wonderfully adult drama vs the others that are supposedly tackling adult stories but in so childish ways… not sure if I explained that well…
    Anyway this solidified Cheryl to me as a great actress but I saw her first in a drama with GEnie (who played an ice skater) and another girl (who now plays the older sister in Inborn PAir) – she was good in it but the story was “meh”…she was ok in Zhong Wu Yan too but that story wasn’t as interesting and her chemistry with Ming Dao wasn’t as hot.

    What I really like about her is she comes across as a full grown, mature woman vs some actresses who just come across as girls playing dress up.

  4. My Queen was the first drama I watched Cheryl in and after that, I became a fan as well (which forced me to suffer through Zhong Wu Yan). She was great as the strong, vulnerable WS. She and Ethan had great chemistry!!

    MQ is one of my favorite all time dramas too. Though there were obvious drama pitfalls in it, but I loved how the series continued after the leads got together – felt more realistic that way.

  5. I’ve never watched a drama with Cheryl Cole in it yet, but I have a strong feeling that that’s about to change… I drooled over those dresses so much~ I literally shrieked my throat hoarse until my mother came to investigate… and then promptly followed suit. Pretty sure that the neighbours want to institutionalise us by now. Those dresses are simply gorgeous, I want them aaalllllllll~

  6. love all the dresses… i’ve been planning to watched her drama with blue lan, Happy Michelin Kitchen, is it any good?

  7. This photo spread is gorgeous. There’s just something about lace’s lovely, and I’m loving all the ultra-feminine patterns in the magazines this spring.

    I also first saw Cheryl Yang in My Queen, and I remember I really liked that drama at the time. I think I need to go back and watch it!

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