Roy Qiu Cuddles with a Baby and Turns Koala Into Mush

Wow, I think my ovaries just exploded. Metaphorically, of course. There is just something about a really smoking hot guy being all warm and cuddly with a baby that turns me into mush. Add to that said guy is Roy Qiu, and I’m pretty much toast, with a side of bacon and eggs. Since wrapping Office Girls, Roy has been keeping mum on his next project, though he is still planning on entering a race to satisfy his race car driving cravings. These latest pictures of Roy+friends’s baby comes courtesy of his manager. The TW press is reporting that Roy is planning to strike while the iron is hot and do two more dramas in 2012, one Taiwan and one China. I’ve tried all three of Roy’s C-dramas and left shaking my head at all three.

The Daughters was like a makjang weekend K-drama with Baron Chen stinking up the joint as the lead while Roy was off with his own annoying storyline. Waking Up Love is the most pointless remake of Prince Turns into Frog ever, and I still don’t get the fan-ship over Roy and Tang Yan. And lastly was Invincible….which I am ashamed to admit that I finished watching the whole brainless mess this past weekend. I watched it last year and stopped after a few eps because it was simply a really obvious commercial masquerading as a drama. But since it’s got Hu Ge and Roy together in one drama, and I miss them both, I decided to dive back in. Oy, so painful, but so much pretty. Thank Heavens I always have Office Girls.


Roy Qiu Cuddles with a Baby and Turns Koala Into Mush — 22 Comments

    • that’s a hospital nursery area

      Yes, he’s hot holding a baby …… honestly, Office Girls is truly the first drama of Roy’s that I’ve loved end-to-end.

      • Me, too! But I always knew he was special *pinches cheeks* I lasted through all of Woody Sambo for him. And all of Easy Fortune Happy Life.

  1. cute! can’t wait for more of his dramas…and that’s right that he should keep doing dramas since he’s pretty popular right now

  2. honestly…roy was fine…but i couldnt stand baron chen……………………i dun see that guys acting chops at all

      • hahaha. Poor Baron. He seems to pout quite well though. Has nice luscious lips. I love Roy though! Xie Fu An should have picked him over Blue!

    • Awwww … be nice to Baron, he’s doing the best that Daddy’s money can buy ……

      yeah, he sucks, always.

  3. My metaphorical ovaries joined yours, unni. ~fans self~ Ah, Roy. If you weren’t so patently my Koala-unni’s, I’d steal you away from her. ~sneaks off to see if she can snatch Feng Feng while unni’s preoccupied with Roy~ ^_~

  4. OMG! My Qiuty Roy. He is adorable. Thanks Ms. Koala for this post. Yeah I also back tracing for the Qiuty Roy after OF, I have just finished The Girl in Blue, My Daughter, and Waking Love Up. I love him most in Waking Love Up; he looks the most handsome, really manly, sssooo cute. Awe! I’m drooling even looking at his photo and think of him. Hehehe…

  5. Oh I share your feelings. I sat through the pointless Prince Turn into Frog remake – only for Roy. When I read about the Roy-Tang Yan shippings, I checked out My daughters…which was makjang but not unwatchable…but it was so obvious that Baron couldn’t act to save his life and his wishy-washy character made it worse. I couldn’t stand to watch Baron’s loveline and would just focus on Roy’s….but even his went to hell the moment his ex gf showed up. I watched Unbeatable/Invincible because of Roy/Hu ge and omg was that a blardy boring drama….I still haven’t finished watching….and I dunno if I’ll ever do…
    Sigh…please choose a better c-drama Roy…that’s too much torture for this fan of yours

  6. That pic will forever turn me into mush.
    You u’ve watched the 30 hour long Shampoo Ad! ^^ What still linger with me is: HG let me down, he has no chemistry with anyone exc Roy and I dunno if it’s because Roy has been in almost entirely crappy dramas since forever, he is so comfy in it and did a surprisingly impossibly good job with so much heart with his character, untainted by the poopy writing he’s swimming in. HG OTOH, was totally sleepwalking and just earning a paycheck. i really can’t fangirl him fr then on.

    I did go and watch mins of Roy’s only period venture after I’m done with OG, Painted Skin. So gorgeous, so please my pretty go do a period! When Baron was (again) so horrible in his Butterfly Sword, seeing Roy in my head in his char did make me go for it for another ep.

  7. Haha~ I thought I was the only one who’s crazy over hot guys with babies! I guess it shows their fatherhood side ba~
    Here’s another hot future father:
    I liked The Girl in Blue a lot!
    I hope more great scripts come Roy’s way!! He has such great talent, I thought in OG, he couldn’t show even more of what he got!
    *support support*

  8. Actually I watched Waking Up Love without watching Wang Xi Bian Qing Wa, and I must say that I was actually tempted to finish the drama rather than the time I watched Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa and decided to never pick it up again because the actor was ugly and the acting was the kind of over slapstick style as most taiwan idol dramas were at the time. Thus that’s the reason I get the fandom and the amount of likes, probably because I never watched the “Prince turn to Frog” drama.

  9. I just seen OG recently. OMG , i was a mum with two daughters, you know what, i think……i should……….FALL IN LOVE to you ROY CHIU. can’t stand your dimple, your smile, when you nod, owhhh

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